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    LindsayMendsme 10/12/2018  8:58am


    TheseAreMyChoices1234 10/12/2018  12:49pm

    I have an initial appointment via my agent this wednesday...not sure if that's helpful to you for a timeline

    iwanttoknow 10/12/2018  3:22pm

    I guess that would mean they wait for callbacks until next week until they've seen all the initial appts..?

    LindsayMendsme 10/12/2018  5:04pm

    bump on callbacks after Friday's EPA??

    xoladybird 10/15/2018  11:47am


    blackboyjoy29 10/15/2018  11:05pm

    Accidentally posted in the audition thread too #whoops BUT anybody hear anything new about this?

    Etinarcadiaego 10/15/2018  11:46pm