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  • The Price of Thomas Scott @ Pearl Studios 10/11/2018  11:26pm

    Any callbacks? Also does anyone know if they are doing callbacks for the smaller roles?

    Don’t tell me to fucking smile

    Supporting*/ Minor roles please excuse me lol

    Don’t tell me to fucking smile 10/11/2018  11:27pm

    Bump. Anyone get callbacks?

    growforme 10/12/2018  12:03pm


    isaimo 10/12/2018  5:04pm


    moreworkplease 10/12/2018  9:40pm

    after attending the epa i had an appointment thursday. they were seeing all roles that day. anyone hear back after that?

    nemichan 10/13/2018  10:51am


    isaimo 10/14/2018  11:26pm