• purplepancakes


    retrograde 07/29/2013  6:04pm

    Submitted mine today. Haven't heard anything yet.

    Broadwaylady30 07/29/2013  6:46pm

    The deadline is tomorrow if I remember correctly, so maybe we'll hear more after that. I emailed them with a question as well, and never got a response -shrug-

    ProfessorSnugglebutt 07/29/2013  7:57pm

    Deadline is tomorrow by 9pm. So I'm sure we will hear after the deadline. Break legs!

    poopie 07/29/2013  8:52pm


    carpediem 07/30/2013  3:50pm

    There is no callback date listed..are we to assume that they will cast from videos? COnfused :/

    jada17 07/30/2013  4:41pm


    poopie 07/30/2013  8:29pm


    retrograde 07/31/2013  3:09pm


    carpediem 07/31/2013  11:27pm

    Shameless bump...

    Broadwaylady30 08/01/2013  1:55am


    AuditionKarma 08/01/2013  10:50am

    For what part? When did you hear? Thanks!!

    retrograde 08/01/2013  5:33pm

    me too.

    blahblahblahblah 08/01/2013  6:06pm

    When did you guys get your videos in? Hoping they're giving out appts in order of received :)

    retrograde 08/01/2013  6:08pm

    auditionupdateissocool, what role?

    retrograde 08/01/2013  6:28pm

    I don't feel comfortable saying---but not the same one listed above.

    blahblahblahblah 08/01/2013  7:22pm

    Got an appt too.

    poopie 08/01/2013  9:27pm

    Any Martha appts?

    r6 08/01/2013  9:33pm

    did anyone get an appt without pretaping?

    dancertrack 08/01/2013  10:38pm

    post if you hear about additional callbacks/more taping after today!

    blahblahblahblah 08/02/2013  4:21pm


    illcoveryou55 08/02/2013  6:56pm

    Did he say anything about callbacks to anyone in the room??

    poopie 08/02/2013  6:56pm

    All he said to me was there's a chance they'd ask me to learn a song from the show and send it in. Did anyone else get any more info?

    BTW: Nicest guy ever, right? :)

    whimsical 08/02/2013  7:09pm

    ditto to you @whimsical

    blahblahblahblah 08/02/2013  7:15pm


    illcoveryou55 08/03/2013  8:31am

    @whimsical--did you end up getting a song?

    blahblahblahblah 08/03/2013  10:33am

    (I haven't heard anything re sheet music to record)

    blahblahblahblah 08/03/2013  10:34am

    He said the same to me in the room as well. And he was so nice! Has anyone received a song yet?

    poopie 08/03/2013  12:59pm

    Nope, nothing yet. Let me know if/when you guys hear anything and I'll do the same.

    whimsical 08/03/2013  1:33pm

    nothing yet here either. let's keep each other posted!

    blahblahblahblah 08/03/2013  1:44pm

    Anyone? Anything?

    illcoveryou55 08/03/2013  4:31pm


    Spidermum123 08/03/2013  5:21pm

    bump.....? anyone get a song?

    blahblahblahblah 08/04/2013  12:37am


    blahblahblahblah 08/04/2013  11:27am

    Heard there are callbacks in LA this week. Anyone else hear this?

    DRW 08/04/2013  12:12pm

    callback stuff sent out

    1461 08/04/2013  9:05pm

    Are you referring to to LA callback stuff or the music for callbacks after appointments?

    Spidermum123 08/04/2013  9:10pm

    Bump! Details please on the callback info. Thanks!

    poopie 08/04/2013  9:11pm

    can someone clear this up?

    blahblahblahblah 08/04/2013  9:34pm

    music for taping

    1461 08/04/2013  9:52pm

    1461-when did you get it? and when is the deadline to send it to la?

    blahblahblahblah 08/04/2013  9:55pm

    like 2 hours ago, deadline tomorrow 9AM

    1461 08/04/2013  9:57pm

    what role? through your agent? or did you submit on actors access?

    blahblahblahblah 08/04/2013  9:59pm

    1461- can you not be so vague please and just explain the details so some of us can understand what's going on?

    poopie 08/04/2013  10:05pm

    I also got a song to record through an agent on saturday. @poopie, it seems like any weekend song recording callbacks (or whatever the hec you call them) would be out by now, so maybe other details aren't necessary?

    rchowder 08/04/2013  11:00pm

    Do either of you mind saying for what roles?

    Hey123 08/04/2013  11:08pm

    anyone else told they were getting a song and did not get a song?

    blahblahblahblah 08/04/2013  11:15pm

    It is necessary when people are looking for information such as when you got the call back, what roles etc? And I was told that in the room but haven't heard anything ..oh well good luck to the rest of you :)

    poopie 08/04/2013  11:26pm

    Has anyone received an offer?

    Hey123 08/06/2013  10:11am

    Bump - offers?

    HarlemDude 08/07/2013  1:35am

    Haven't heard of any offers yet.

    Heard they were seeing people between the 4-8 so assuming all offers will be given between now and the 9th.

    any one else heard otherwise?

    hannam313 08/07/2013  4:57pm


    Hey123 08/09/2013  2:29pm


    illcoveryou55 08/09/2013  4:59pm

    Bump? Anyone?

    la2nycexpress 08/11/2013  10:58am

    Haven't heard of anyone getting offers yet.. Anyone else?

    hannam313 08/11/2013  12:11pm

    don't rehearsals start tomorrow?

    illcoveryou55 08/11/2013  12:42pm

    @ illcoveryou5508 not that i know of--where did you see/hear that?

    hannam313 08/11/2013  12:52pm

    @illcoveryou55 not that i know of--where did you see/hear that?

    hannam313 08/11/2013  12:57pm


    illcoveryou55 08/11/2013  1:09pm

    nothing yet. i think we'll know by tomorrow

    1461 08/11/2013  3:00pm


    illcoveryou55 08/12/2013  10:24am

    Anyone heard of any offers yet?

    hannam313 08/12/2013  3:16pm


    1461 08/12/2013  4:23pm

    Assuming they would have cast by now...but still haven't heard any updates of anyone getting an offer. Anyone hear of any news?

    hannam313 08/13/2013  1:27pm

    Friend of mine that I'm currently working with was offered and accepted.

    nycharliebrown 08/13/2013  2:51pm

    @nycharliebrown any idea what role/ when?

    hannam313 08/13/2013  3:07pm

    Martha has been offered and accepted.

    shrewsinger1030 08/16/2013  4:48pm

    Any one know about heather chandler or Veronica?

    hannam313 08/16/2013  5:00pm