• Ragtime @ WBT @ 10/21/2013  10:10pm

    I know that they are still having an open call in the city after today's auditions, but if anyone could post any info on callbacks/offers as they happen, that would be great!


    Where are today's auditions?!

    102hot 10/22/2013  1:42pm

    Are we sure this is a Westchester Broadway audition?

    Smactor 10/22/2013  5:39pm

    I'm 100% positive. I went yesterday in Westchester...

    anabthequeen 10/22/2013  5:41pm

    WBT now rents out their space for a separate non-equity company for a show or two per season. I think Ragtime is part of that... Not sure how much the producers of WBT have to do with it.

    Alf 10/22/2013  5:45pm

    I'm positive that Ragtime is being presented by Standing Ovation Studios which is the company that produced In The Heights earlier this year. So yes it is Westchester Broadway Theatre. They were seeing equity and non equity last night. My friends went.

    don'tmakemesing 10/22/2013  9:18pm

    Good to know! I know they have rented it out to non equity productions in the past year so I assumed it was the same since they haven't had any required equity auditions. It's confusing when a theater invites outside productions like "standing ovation studios" into their space.. If it were standard Westchester broadway, they wouldn't have to preface it with "a standing ovation studios production."

    Alf 10/22/2013  9:44pm

    Yeah, it's basically two different producers, but this one is not by the main producers of Westchester Broadway. This "standing ovation" just perform there. And because of that, for equity at least, it's a different contract altogether, it's not under the same Dinner Theatre contract...or so I understand.

    mchs 10/22/2013  10:20pm

    Information on Standing Ovation Studios & the production of Ragtime they are producing at WBT.

    Lighthouse Youth Theatre offers a wide variety of theatre arts programs for the young performer.

    Standing Ovation Studios (S.O.S.) is a brand new, state-of-the-art studio space in Armonk, NY. Home of the award winning Lighthouse Youth Theatre, S.O.S. is proud to offer daytime fitness and dance classes for adults, daytime mommy & me and talented toddler classes, youth acting and dance classes, musical workshops and performances, private voice and music instruction, and a brand new after-school rock band program.


    keepitlive 10/23/2013  10:21am

    Thanks for the clarification I guess, but I would really just like to know when someone gets a callback.

    anabthequeen 10/23/2013  10:43am