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  • NAB: How to be seen for AEA gigs when you're non union 10/24/2016  3:22pm

    Hi all, I have some new classes for fall. A webinar for non union peeps wanting tips and advice on submitting for Union jobs and dealing with EPAs and ECCs. I've been there and done it. Some other stuff too:


    Polly's classes are awesome. After taking her Actors Access/submissions class I started getting MANY more Cmails and appts via e-mail. Totally worth it to check out her workshops.

    EddietheDog 10/24/2016  4:39pm

    I second this! Have taken all of The actors friend classes and saw my career take momentum! I recommend these to everyone! Polly is IN the game actively and knows what's going on!

    BPST69 10/24/2016  6:09pm
  • Telsey Casting Sides Madness 10/21/2016  11:53pm

    Telsey Casting needs to get their sh!t in order when they freaking give people 30+ pages of sides 4 days before an audition and then 9/10 have those people read 5 pages and are done. I mean it's freaking insane! The music sides aren't even clearly marked in terms of where to start and where to stop, whether you should do dialogue. At the very least, say, "be very familiar with this side and slightly familiar with the others..." They are doing themselves a HUGE disservice casting this way. They are finding actors that can work quickly, but in a 6 week Broadway rehearsal process will not get any better potentially. It's just freaking sickening to me. No actor in a Broadway show has to learn 30 pages in 4 days. It's not even the pages, it's the character, the story... I mean why hasn't this been addressed after years of them doing it!


    I mean, they're not the only ones. Every cruise line I've been in for in the last two weeks has given us 3-5 songs to learn....and then had us sing the same 16 bars we sang in our initial audition. It's totally frustrating (and a waste of my printer ink!) but it doesn't affect them so they keep doing it.

    texicalyorker 10/22/2016  12:44am

    "it doesn't affect them so they keep doing it"
    Exactly! Or, to be frank, they don't realize that it affects them so they keep doing it. That said, I have found Telsey to be one of the less actor-friendly offices in my experience. In the words of a CD from another office, "with them, you're lucky you're getting sides for the right show."

    bwaylvsong 10/22/2016  1:08am

    I remember I was in for them for Rock of Ages and had to learn a crazy packet of music/sides, etc. And the opening song is cut with dialogue, etc. No guidance. So, of course I was nervous and bombed. But, they gave me no director or what to expect. Instead they said "can you sing this part, read this part, and then cut to the end?" Like, sure, but maybe gimme a heads up?

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/22/2016  1:13am

    Any EPA at Telsey is a waste of time. You basically sing for the Janitor!

    Gagainsider 10/22/2016  9:11am

    While I understand the sides madness, and I do agree to a point about Tesley being the least actor friendly office (I mean its namesake was never an actor so...) I have to disagree about this janitor comment...there's been a couple EPA'S in which I've been in front of that specific shows' primary CD and the rest usually seems to be Cesar and he's far from a 'janitor'.

    Showbizdreamer 10/22/2016  9:44am

    Also...the comment of 'no one learns 30 pages in 4 days on Broadway'--not true. My friend got a vacation swing track in Les Mis last spring and was taught the whole show in two days...

    Honestly, if they give you a lot they know it's a lot (they're humans). They're expecting you to show you've made choices, and are having fun. If you're trying to be 'perfect' you're doing yourself a disservice in my opinion.

    AFTC 10/22/2016  12:30pm

    AFTC I hear you. I agree they probably expect that. Still, this business is so competitive that I imagine most actors are going to simply work extremely hard to get ready, because they know they next guy is going to be doing it. No one in their right mind can expect to be perfect even with weeks to prepare... even on opening night.

    If they just want to see if you enjoy yourself, maybe don't give so much material to figure that out, or ask an actor to an early call to focus on one side to start with and be familiar with the rest. If they're literally seeing if you're just "right" for it and don't expect you to do what it really takes to prepare something to the point where it has the kind of specificity that a rehearsal process allows... Say that... Say, you don't have to memorize... Even then a lot of actors will...

    You're right when someone is going in to a show already running sometimes learning a lot of material quickly is actually the point. However, when it's a new show, this type of thing shouldn't be what's typical and it is. I know that it's hard to schedule things for busy artistic teams, but the casting director can be already thinking of people to see, finding out what material will be given and sending those things out ASAP.

    What really caused me to launch this post was getting an audition for a regional theatre that had the most expertly laid out sides and music. There are many other casting offices, and regional theaters that give their actors ample time to prepare and really make specific cuts for them on sides, music and offer clear instructions about what or how to prepare. It just seems like common sense, is just tremendously helpful, and allow those theaters and actors to all have the best possible audition experience... It's common sense in my mind. If i'm still missing something, let me know. I would like to learn, because at the end of the day I hope that I'll have other opportunities to go through this process again... I just wish it could be better for all parties involved.

    PavementGrinder 10/23/2016  4:49pm

    Having fun? Because Les Miz is a hoot.

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/23/2016  10:50pm

    To quote Lindsay Levine,

    You don't have to learn all of the material because someone else will and theyll book the job.

    Icanseeyou 10/24/2016  12:21am

    Funny you quoted Lindsay, because she was the one who told the class I was in, "we know it's a lot, and we don't expect it to be perfect, we expect to see that you've made choices"...

    And yeah...have "fun", meaning: enjoy the opportunity to create in your audition. Even with material that has painful circumstances (like "Les Mis", shade queen), as an actor you should enjoy living in that moment.

    AFTC 10/24/2016  5:08pm
  • NAB - Pre-Professional UPTA Numbers 10/19/2016  12:17pm

    Has anyone heard about getting a spot on the pre-professional day for UPTAs yet? Do we know when they will come out?


    Bump on this

    TheTerminator 10/19/2016  4:41pm


    coolkid231 10/20/2016  12:31pm

    Bump! And I also think sometimes they don't come out until November 1st?

    youngscrelter 10/20/2016  2:18pm


    coolkid231 10/21/2016  4:32pm


    coolkid231 10/22/2016  1:45pm


    coolkid231 10/24/2016  4:53pm
  • Bitch Work 10/24/2016  7:15am

    What do you hate about being a performer? What would you pay someone to do for you?


    Reading racist/elitist shit from trolls on audition update.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 10/24/2016  12:11pm

    ^^^^ You're hilarious!!! LMAO you should be on SNL!!!

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/24/2016  1:23pm

    If you're looking any SERIOUS answers...I hope you know you opened Pandoras Box.
    Many things.
    1.Getting up for an open call that these days are turning into their own shit show and even at those there's a chance of not being seen.
    2. Being told to 'be different' and 'stand out' to make people remember you...for the audition. When in reality if you don't show EXACTLY what they want RIGHT won't move forward, and even if you do, you're still going to be put right back in that little box they were wanting anyway.
    3. Not being given a chance even by people you've worked with because they don't give you the courtesy of watching your submission and STILL went with someone who they've never worked with before who had the financial means to travel to local audition 100 miles away because they still prefer you come in person...EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW YOU.
    4. Lack of transparency in casting. If you're not looking/things are already cast, just say so.
    5. How I have to hustle for my 'day jobs' just as much I have to for this CAREER.
    6. How much it needlessly costs to live here.
    7. How talent doesn't seem to matter one damn iota.
    8. The lack of knowledge of the biz and plain all around cluelessness in SOME people and yet they still seem to work more than others who are just as good...but have actually put in the work and extra effort to LEARN and not be clueless.
    9. UNRELIABILITY. It's ironic that a business that needs the MOST reliability is teeming with the LEAST reliable people.

    I could write a boom. Now, don't say I didn't want you about Pandora.

    Showbizdreamer 10/24/2016  1:48pm

    ^^^ #8 and #9... A-fucking-men.

    random8 10/24/2016  1:54pm

    even today.... the sweeney cast all transferring from london, broadway faves, and 3 ensemble members. don't tell me the majority weren't cast in advance. why have 3 days of EPAs??? this is the kinda of stuff that makes me hate being a performer.

    galliegirl 10/24/2016  2:08pm

    ^^^actually I know one person in that who's very much not from the London one, just posted it on their FB. Just thought I'd throw that out there. But absolutely the overall sentiment still stands.
    However I also did learn recently that those three EPA's you see when casting a new production (basically anything that not already running on Broadway) are required. The problem is....SAY SO. List roles that are already cast as cast for goodness sake. Or ANYTHING that's already cast...JUST.SAY.SO. Obviously the call still has to happen by Union bylaw, but is there some secret rule somewhere saying that things can't be list as cast or offer out??

    Showbizdreamer 10/24/2016  2:27pm

    Galiegirl, totally misread your post, my apologies! Pay NO attention to that first paragraph!

    Showbizdreamer 10/24/2016  2:35pm

    ^Yeah, theatres of all levels (from non-eq regional to Broadway) recycling the same damn actors instead of giving new ones a chance.

    bwaylvsong 10/24/2016  2:44pm

    amen to aaaaall of this

    zendesk 10/24/2016  3:23pm
  • Aida cruise line discrimination 10/19/2016  12:43pm

    Does anybody know why aida cruise line didn't call back any people of color?


    Do you know that for a fact? Did you sit there all day and see every single person they called back?

    There are lots of issues for PoC in this business but that's a huge allegation to make after a single open call. They have auditions all over the world in various cities/countries/etc. I think you're jumping the gun a bit.

    ‡‡‡ 10/19/2016  3:37pm

    Actually they posted on their Facebook the entire callback group and there is nobody of color

    sinfonia2001 10/19/2016  4:00pm

    Y I K E S

    ScreltersAnonymous 10/19/2016  5:28pm

    Not sure about the callbacks this week but I know of a talented African American gentleman who completed a recent contract with them.

    kitchencounter 10/19/2016  6:37pm

    That's definitely disheartening to hear about the photo, because I did see PoC in my section of the open call, so there's not the "oh no one showed up" excuse. However, I stand by the fact that this is a single open call in a single city. I think it would be more telling to do research on who they actually cast.

    ‡‡‡ 10/19/2016  7:37pm

    I know a woman of color who performs with them

    consignhc 10/19/2016  7:39pm

    I agree with ‡‡‡ that it's important not to jump to conclusions about discrimination. But the photo in question would at least imply that there was some kind of unconscious bias at play at the very least.

    Melissa Izbicki is a filmmaker who recently wrote about how unconscious bias and projection errors affect the casting process. It's a great read from perspective of someone 'behind the table.'

    "Although many roles do not specify a character’s ethnicity within the screenplay; directors, producers, and casting directors commonly read scripts and project their own expectations and experiences onto the character (i.e. I relate to this protagonist and I am white, therefore this protagonist must also be white). It happens subconsciously, and grossly limits the opportunities for minority actors. To quote Viola Davis, “You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simple not there.” And it’s true — if we project our own racial expectations onto a character before the audition processes has even begun, minorities face a huge disadvantage given that Hollywood’s elite are primarily white, straight men.

    It’s important to iterate that projection errors occur subconsciously. Meaning that directors, producers, and casting directors are not purposely perpetuating prejudice. They’re simply human. However, because we are human — and prone to error — it is paramount that we implement strategies to correct these faults.

    If we intend to overcome the “celluloid ceiling” we must become self aware of subconscious (and conscious) practices that perpetuate the existing cycles of discrimination. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes. And that’s OK… as long as we constantly challenge ourselves to correct these behaviors."


    ProjectAmIRight 10/19/2016  10:21pm

    I see this trend on MANY cruise lines!! I'll notice that there's hardly ever black women in casts, but then there's occasional token black male. It's messed up and I'm like... there is no way it's because black women aren't talented. Pisses me off.

    Foreverbroke 10/21/2016  10:56am

    My black female friend works at AIDA. Stop making excuses.

    Gagainsider 10/21/2016  11:09am

    I strive for a day when you can't count the number of people of color working for a given company with your off of the top of your head. It's 2016.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 10/21/2016  11:58am

    @Gagainsider did you NOT read the word "hardly" in my post?! Meaning RARELY, as in very few black women are cast. Excuses my tush, take a look at this white world we live in and get back to me

    Foreverbroke 10/21/2016  12:15pm

    I also strive for a day when I can piece together coherent sentences. #goalz

    Fatniss_Neverlean 10/21/2016  12:16pm

    Always something to bitch about!!! Hahaha

    Mimimarquez 10/21/2016  12:40pm

    "Stop making excuses"

    Welp, someone is clearly white.

    Brooklynboy1992 10/21/2016  12:48pm

    Regardless of whether or not they have cast people of color in the past, the question is does anyone know why they weren't called back from this particular NYC open call?

    AuditionSeason2016Sux 10/21/2016  2:23pm

    Maybe they didn't fit a shows vision? Maybe the POC who auditioned that day didn't act/song they way those behind the tables wanted them too? Who the hell knows...we don't.
    You'll NEVER find me condoning overt discrimination of any kind, but this is why this issue has SO MUCH gray area when it comes to show business. There
    I seriously doubt anyone at Aida was consciously saying "were only calling back/hiring white people" its like the log response above. Sometimes it's SUBCONCIOUSLY done. I'm not saying that's right of course. Hence why we need to make people aware of their subconscious.

    Showbizdreamer 10/21/2016  4:11pm

    They replied on Facebook and said that they are not casting Aida the musical. This is their excuse for not casting people of color. They said that they picked the best people for their cruise shows.

    sinfonia2001 10/21/2016  4:49pm

    Oh and they asked everyone to look at their photos to see that they do indeed cast people of color at other auditions.

    sinfonia2001 10/21/2016  4:50pm

    All you bitches complaining about a cruise, what about Wicked 1 Black guy, Somethings Rotten 1 black guy, 1 black girl. I can go on and on and on.

    Broadway is the same. Please. Telsey flat out knows that they have a "black track" on wicked.

    Mimimarquez 10/21/2016  6:00pm

    @mimimarquez, we'd be here all day if we wanted to play the racism-on-broadway-and-all-of-theater-and-the-world game, but this post specifically addressed Aida, so...

    Foreverbroke 10/21/2016  9:35pm

    Exactly. No one's saying it's right. We're just saying it's not the case THIS time.

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/22/2016  1:14am

    Ahhh...that was their reponse?? If they truly felt those were the best people that day...ok, I guess I'll have to take their word for it, but I WILL say that response of theirs is a slippery slope of trying to justify something that shouldn't be justified. It's ALMOST like they're saying we won't cast non caucasians UNLESS they're casting for Aida the actual musical. ALMOST. I doubt they meant it like that, but they just seem to be unaware of how that reponse comes off to others. But like its been said...we need to make others aware of how phrases and responses can come across to different peoples and groups of people.

    It's like that Wells Fargo ad...I seriously doubt they meant it as "to be an artist is just a childhood dream" but that's obviously how it came across, especially when every part of that ad had the 'artist' occupation listed as the 'yesterdays dream' and the 'normal' occupations as the 'tomorrows dream'.
    I always interpreted that ad as "dreams change and that's fine" but it's how they grouped every artist occupation as the "yesterday's dream" that made it come across as negatively as it did to pretty much everyone.

    It's about the art of subtle intuition and perception of your wording and phrasing. Of course even with that said, we STILL wont be able make everyone happy, this isn't utopia after all, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to be aware of how this all can come across.

    Showbizdreamer 10/22/2016  10:00am

    Oh I absolutely believe their response was intentionally rude. The vibe I got was LOL this is AIDA cruises, not Aida the musical aka, of course we didn't call back people of color!

    Absolutely inconsiderate response and they knew what they were saying 🙄

    Foreverbroke 10/22/2016  2:00pm

    I mean, I'm not saying their aren't things to be worked on/things to be acknowledged in this situation, but having been read the exchange, etc, I wouldnt go so far as to say they were being INTENTIONALLY rude in their response.

    These are not native english speakers, so things are going to get lost in the translation.

    WhatIdidforaPaycheck 10/22/2016  3:27pm

    I don't buy that, Showbizdreamer, I'm sorry. I don't think the answer is to be even MORE PC about what we say. It's become a bit obnoxious. Because some random person decides "Aida Cruise Lines is racist" then we all get up in arms about it, when it's not the fact. They just didn't like any of the people that auditioned. That's the fact. That's what happened. Big whoop. They calledback the people they liked. That's it. It's just stupid.

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/23/2016  11:04pm

    ^you represent such an ugly aspect of this industry. It makes me sad that this privileged mentality even exists. I know you're trolling, but fuckkkk

    Fatniss_Neverlean 10/23/2016  11:17pm

    I think it's sad we can't have a real discussion without you popping up and calling people names/trolls. I'm making a point, and it's my perspective. If you don't agree with it, that's fine. But at least give me an actual argument instead of just calling names. YOU represent the worst in people. The people who just jump on a bandwagon to fit in.

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/24/2016  1:10pm

    Atkin I'm just trying to do what I normally do...see both sides of what may be involved here. There's no issue on planet earth that doesn't have two sides to it.
    No one I know would CONCIOUSLY think "I'm not gonna hire a certain type of person or a certain group" today. It DOES happen SUBCONCIOUSLY, and that's what some people might to be made aware of and make it conscious. It's a subconscious bias. It's not purposeful, but humanity sometimes is still unaware of how they still tend to gravitate towards 'like' people, and 'like' has many different definitions. I just think their reponse not an ideal justification.

    Showbizdreamer 10/24/2016  1:32pm
  • NAB-missing person 10/24/2016  3:08am

    Hey everybody, I know that most of us in this world are familiar with Broadway Dance Center so I hope this was a good place to go. A beloved teacher, Shirlene Quigley, went missing this weekend. She was last seen around Port Authority on Saturday night and her phone, that she left in a store that day, has been turned into the police.

    Please click through to this link to see her picture and if you have any information contact the police. If you have it in your heart, please please please share the post on Facebook as you may be connected with somebody who does have information. If the link doesn't work you can go straight to Broadway Dance Center's Facebook page to find a shareable picture, this one that I'm posting here is from a public group called "NYC Dancers" and has a bit more info along with it than BDC's post. Her family, friends, and students are devastated right now.


    Shared! Hope she's ok!

    bwaylvsong 10/24/2016  9:36am

    I would post this on the main page!

    Jk98373839 10/24/2016  11:32am

    Thank you for sharing! And that's a good point–I'll post it on the main page now

    lululemming 10/24/2016  11:46am
  • Rent Non Equity tour is horrific 10/22/2016  4:36pm

    I mean what the fuck???? Really? That's the best shitty non equity cast they could find?

    Johnathan Larson is turning in his grave


    That's was ROUGH!! At least some AMDA kids are employed. Hahaha

    grizabella 10/22/2016  4:41pm


    That's not it. High school production realness

    Gagainsider 10/22/2016  4:42pm

    I just watched all of the clips and don't think they're horrific or even bad; just disappointing considering how many insanely talented people went to those open calls. It also seems like they're emphasizing movement much more in this production than in previous ones- perhaps some of the people who would have otherwise been cast got cut in a dance callback.

    bwaylvsong 10/22/2016  5:24pm

    I just watched the clips and my problem is with the direction. The actors seem talented enough, but some of it was overchoreographed and they all performed like fresh-faced musical theatre kids. Which isn't the style of Rent. Some of the comments say the show's great in person, but those videos certainly don't do it justice if that's the case. Oof.

    random8 10/22/2016  7:18pm

    Let's not publicly bash our peers performances. Let's bash the fact that they're severely underpaid.

    littleeagle 10/22/2016  8:14pm

    Severely underpaid? I meant you pay what you get. Community theater

    Mimimarquez 10/22/2016  9:29pm

    Fuck you. I hope someone publicly shits all over every one of your performances. What a miserable piece of garbage post. Not a fan? Fine. But calling these human beings shitty in a place where they can see your diarrhetic comments? You're shit. And you're a bully, and you're fucking pressed.

    fiscalcliffau 10/22/2016  9:56pm

    fiscalcliffau? Reall? I'm the bully? I wasn't attacking a single actor just the production. Please read your shitty post and tell me who's the bully!


    Mimimarquez 10/22/2016  9:59pm

    I was going to travel to see it because I love rent. I guess not lol

    willbeltformoney 10/22/2016  10:00pm

    SHITTY NON EQUITY CAST. Fuck YOU, my friend.

    fiscalcliffau 10/22/2016  10:02pm

    And fucking SHAME on you. Go back to your cave. What a low, low, bitter asshole.

    fiscalcliffau 10/22/2016  10:03pm

    I guess fiscalcliffau is in the cast of Rent! Hahahah go and get a drink girl! Is the fucking bitching post! This is AINT Disney!

    Mimimarquez 10/22/2016  10:04pm

    Calm down. Is just a troll


    grizabella 10/22/2016  10:06pm

    ...u ok

    ScreltersAnonymous 10/22/2016  10:58pm

    Y'all I normally don't feed into negative energy...but Mimi is giving me ALL OF THE LIFE I NEED. xo, gurl. xo.

    AFTC 10/22/2016  11:36pm

    Life's too short, babe, time is flying I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine / ...Thank you!!!

    Mimimarquez 10/22/2016  11:54pm

    I guess more to the point is:

    If you have this much time to spend making other people feel bad then where's YOUR stunning performing career?

    It's just wholly unnecessary. And says more about you than anyone else.

    BeMused 10/23/2016  1:36am

    BeMused: Kumbaya My lord, Kumbaya!
    Wait is actually the bitching post! I CAN bitch! #schmequity Works

    Mimimarquez 10/23/2016  9:29am

    Mimi, i sincerely hope that every time you are cut or don't get the job or are heartbroken over a casting decision that doesn't involve choosing you, you remember the horrible, horrible karma you have created, and realize that you so well deserve it. Shame on you. Get a life.

    Jennylou 10/23/2016  10:10am

    You fools still don't realize I'm trolling. Hahaha and ps bitchy cunty people work all the time. It's called life HAhaha

    Mimimarquez 10/23/2016  10:13am

    Well in that case I hope you find peace with being a miserable human being

    Jennylou 10/23/2016  10:17am

    Who's the bully now? Hahaha surprise bitch!

    Mimimarquez 10/23/2016  10:20am

    So glad Mimi and Grizabella were out of their Broadway matinees on time to post these well informed critiques! Hope your evening shows were stellar! Thanks for the input. No go warm up for your Sunday matinee and enjoy your well deserved day off! Between being cunts on AU and eight shows a week, you must be beat!

    GregGregson 10/23/2016  12:26pm

    Guys. I get we need to be all kumbaya and shit because we're all actors and have been there... but this is bad. Very bad. VERY VERY bad. Every video they put up is very bad. And it's offensive and not helpful to pretend otherwise. Maybe the choice of words are harsh... but saying something is good when it's not is NOT helpful in any way. This is called Bitching Post. If you don't want to hear people's real opinions because your skin isn't thick enough... stick to the audition and callback pages. Oh, and get a new career. I've read worse things written a high school review. Cut the shit about being offended. Grow a vagina.

    Brooklynboy1992 10/23/2016  1:26pm

    Brooklynboy1992 Thank you! The clips are bad and is our craft! We can't pretend is good. Young performers nowdays are are so PC and Disney. Like you said they need a tougher skin otherwise they will never survive.

    You guys are laughable "stop posting bitchy comments , karma is gonna come back and you won't get a show" LOL guys life doesn't work like that. And yes it's called the BITCHING Post

    grizabella 10/23/2016  1:56pm

    There's a huge difference between sharing an opinion and attacking a cast for how "shitty" they are. And as far as I can tell, nobody above has said anything about pretending that the show is good. We're defending those poor actors who are living their dreams and have worked so hard to book a job against the thoughtless pricks who want nothing more than to make other people miserable. It isn't their fault they were cast. And god FORBID a production of a show doesn't meet the standard it probably should- does this give YOU permission to bully the shit out of the cast and expose them to words that will probably ring in their heads for the rest of their careers? I don't think so. Get your head out of your ass

    Jennylou 10/23/2016  2:15pm

    Jennylou Go back to community theater. Please! Do yourself a favor. You know that bad reviews and BroadwayWorld boards happen on Broadway too? Hahaha give me a break!

    grizabella 10/23/2016  2:18pm

    Sure they do. But that's their JOB. And correct me if I'm wrong but I have NEVER read a professional review with the words "shitty non equity cast".

    We're supposed to have each other's backs. But it's people like you who make this industry a whole lot shittier than it needs to be. So thanks xoxoxoxox

    Jennylou 10/23/2016  2:24pm

    Based on the original post, i honestly expected to see and hear the worst thing I've ever seen or heard when I watched the videos from the current's not anything close to the original but you know what, It's not terrible and as much as I personally would have liked to see the 20th Anniversary tour go out Equity, it hasn't and there's not a damn thing I can do about it... but at least it's giving these non-equity folk a chance to be employed and do a show that they love! If I were non-equity, I would have auditioned for this show in a heart beat and taken the contract if I had gotten the offer. Give them a break man... Yes, I have worked on Broadway and off and everywhere in between... and I still have the utmost respect for my fellow actors (whether they're union or not) doing what they are living to do! xoxo ;)

    beltress101 10/23/2016  3:40pm

    It should be noted, Grizabella, that not a single one of them went to AMDA. Jokes are funny when based in truth.

    Mover/schmactor/hummer 10/23/2016  4:06pm

    Was not great. And I'm a Renthead. Was more offended by the bland scenic design. Like, that brick wall looked like a high school production. No detail, no anything. Just a shame all around.

    Can't comment on the performers because I think we've all had those instances where we weren't perhaps giving the best we could give, but were given what we were directed to do, etc.

    But still just a shame all around. And shame on the producers for taking a Pulitzer winning musical and diluting it all.

    Aktin #1 The OG 10/23/2016  10:56pm

    I'm more offended that people are paying 80 buck to see THAT! Bless their hearts.

    Gagainsider 10/24/2016  12:13am
  • Vocal stress and care 10/23/2016  1:10pm

    Hello! Long time, no post.

    I've been having vocal problems on and off again for the past year or so, which is partially why I never come to this site anymore, since you can't audition if you can't make a sound.

    I work in a high volume, noisy restaurant (this will not change, please do not suggest it), and when it's coupled with stress, dehydration, etc etc, everything just swells up.

    So tell, me what are your favorite teas, where did you buy the steamer that you love, what lozenge do you keep in your bag?

    I need some help with self-care, here.


    Red head with no voice.


    I prefer Yogi brand Throat Comfort to the more ubiquitous Throat Coat. You can also make it last longer by combining it with a decaf black tea.

    bwaylvsong 10/23/2016  2:02pm

    Hi there...I'll share my vocal maintenance secrets with you gladly...this coming from a hard core vocalist who is usually doing the wacky, off the wall, belting, wild character tracks... and I've been doing all of that professionally for 16 years a consistently working actress... so here goes... Throat Coat or Yogi Throat Coat tea, soft ginger candies (the green bag)(they are called Gin Gins) , an emergencee packet every morning of a rehearsal/run, raw honey (a spoonful every morning) & also put it in your throat coat tea... and if I'm having major troubles, then add this concoction: to be served hot~ apple cider vinegar, raw honey, cayenne pepper & works wonders...also, drink tons of water (with lemon if possible) ...cut out caffeine (period) and I would quit the restaurant job that you're losing your voice at (if that is possible) best of luck with everything... xoxo ;)

    beltress101 10/23/2016  3:31pm

    Sorry I didn't read the part about not suggesting that you leave your restaurant job... definitely try one or all of my me, they work but must be consistent.... xoxo ;)

    beltress101 10/23/2016  3:32pm

    arnica montana is LIFEEEEE. you get them at whole foods. take 5 and let them dissolve under your tongue. After a stressful day, I'll take them before i go to sleep. then i throat coat it up, and steam. i got mine off amazon. coke is amazing for my chords. i don't know if it's the carbonation or what. but my chords will jump back to life and they feel so much better after having one. best of luck!

    peggylee08 10/23/2016  3:33pm

    Oh, and a lot of people will tell you to avoid/cut out dairy, but I find the opposite to be true when doing a vocally demanding show (as long as your technique is consistent).

    bwaylvsong 10/23/2016  4:02pm
  • NAB is there a way to have a section for agents/managers on gig and tell? 10/22/2016  11:14pm

    I need a legit agent/ manager. I have a commercial manager and he straight up told me he doesn't really have the connections for theater. I was ok with this at first bc I wanted to focus more on commercials an tv but now things have changed. I book more theatre on my own and it would be a big help to have a rep who can get me appointments for bigger things. Any suggestions. I'm non union.


    Cast a wide net. Do mailings. Do one on ones with agents. Ask friends with agents to refer you to their people. If you're non eq with no credits shoot for realistic reps.

    dopplegang 10/23/2016  10:23am
  • NAB Classes with MD 10/22/2016  1:14pm

    Just wanted to put the word out there about The Performing Project masterclass with MD Jim Lowe, coming up on Nov 2. There are still spots left, so feel free to email for more info.