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  • The Palace Theater in the Dells Diverse Casting? 08/14/2018  11:15am

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to ask if any of you have any experience working for this theater, and if so, are they good with casting people of color (ALL colors...) or do they mainly cast white? Don't want to waste my time with auditioning if so...Thanks in advance


    They will pass on 100% of the people of color who don't bother showing up because they assume they aren't wanted.

    Don't shoot yourself in the foot. If you know in your heart that you are right for something or could bring something amazing to a role, even if you are a nontraditional choice for that role, or a choice inconsistent with that theater's casting up. Always.

    moosetracks 08/14/2018  1:22pm

    i think the Palace Dells is turning over - Bob Cline just took over casting and apparently they have new housing. I think what we know of "palace dells" past is not going to be relevant any more so we should start with new eyes on them!

    galliegirl 08/14/2018  4:01pm
  • NAB: NYGASP 08/13/2018  5:59pm

    New to the city! Have an audition for NYGASP in a couple weeks. Anyone know what their reputation is like/how they are to work and audition for?


    Close-knit crew. I have a number of friends who have worked there. A great way to get your equity card! No horrors stories that I know of, just the usual quirkiness/fastidiousness that comes with any G&S society.

    cclpiglet 08/13/2018  9:04pm


    extremelynoneq 08/14/2018  3:07pm
  • NAB: Website with Resources for Actors 08/14/2018  3:04pm

    My initial question is: what websites do we, as actors and artists, have that provide interesting articles and information for us? Broadwayworld and Playbill are great, but they mostly provide cast lists for shows and promo stuff for broadway. It doesn't feel like there's a great resource for information and entertainment for theatre professionals.

    I ask this because I have a series of articles on nutrition and exercise for touring actors that I wrote, that's full of interviews with touring actors in all different companies, and I'd love to get them published on a website somewhere so they can be helpful to a wider audience than my own personal blog, but I just don't feel like I know of any websites that really produce content like that. Am I mistaken? Any insight here?

  • Anyone worked with Annapolis Shakespeare Company? 08/14/2018  1:41pm

    Specifically as a non eq? There’s nothing on Gig & Tell for them.

  • Appointment on AEA Website 08/13/2018  12:06pm

    Any tips on how to get an appointment on the AEA website? They are literally gone within 30 seconds. I always get onto the page, select a time quickly and it’s already gone. Try for a few more times and then all of the slots are gone. Do I have to go on multiple devices? Or my computer instead of phone? Any tips at all would be helpful. Thanks!


    It's a shit show. Be glad you got in without an error message.

    You cannot be on 2 devices or will be kicked out. There is no secret the system is just not built to work for us in any way.

    ontherise 08/13/2018  7:24pm

    I was at the Alabama Shakes EPA this morning. (I'm an AGMA Scourge, to riding the Dawn Patrol is what I do.) I spoke to 3 or 4 Equity members while i was there. None of them had been able to secure an appointment online. One had actually gotten in queue, with 17 people ahead of him. By the time he got through, no appointments were left. Both of us were mystified as to how that could have occurred.

    SusanCD 08/13/2018  8:32pm

    Agreed. Refreshed the page today at exactly 12noon, only two slots were left, and then when I clicked on one, they said that appt was gone too. They should only do 50% audition slots online and let the remaining 50% be manual signups. That would be more fair and equitable (it is "Equity" afterall). So frustrating that everything has to feel like a Hamilton lottery experience. It doesn't serve anyone in our community to make audition signups so chancy and cheap -- it's not helpful to the actors, casting directors, or the creative team.

    heyyoungworld 08/14/2018  1:32pm
  • Anything to know about Paul Fouquet? 08/11/2018  11:15pm

    Anyone have any insight about auditioning for him? What he likes/hates/whether he says anything at all when you enter the room?

    ospiteohell afraid. Be very afraid.

    Kidding (sort of) but in my experiences, every time I audition for him, he makes me feel like I’m imposing on his time (even though I have only auditioned for him via appointments he presumably gave me), and will often give a ludicrously log amount of material to learn, and only have you do 1/4 of it at best.

    Again, these were my personal experiences with him, but, while I’m ranting, I will say he is hands down my LEAST favorite casting director I have ever auditioned for.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 08/12/2018  8:55am

    He can be terrifying in the room, but he's a pretty great person irl, so mixed bag, but don't eff up or he'll never call you in again.

    LaVidaLoca 08/12/2018  10:30am

    Yeah. He’s a douche.

    OneMoreBoy 08/12/2018  11:22am

    I like Paul. I've found that he says what he thinks and it may be less filtered -- but he isn't being mean, that's just his communication style.
    Once one knows that, I think it helps. I honestly think he wants people to do their best and present themselves at their best. E.g., I know someone he made a comment to about physical presentation (what he deemed as being messy) in a very direct way and still called them back with the expectation that they'd address it.
    Hope that helps and perhaps that explains some of the other comments... and as someone said, he's very nice away from the table as well.
    Also, I wouldn't try to read anything from his/any CD's demeanor behind the table. They ultimately all want us to be the answer to their casting needs.

    soleil. 08/14/2018  12:20am

    *oh, to clarify -- I mean if he says something you found off-putting (not saying that he always says something)

    soleil. 08/14/2018  12:27am

    I've auditioned for him many times, and have always found him to be kind, complimentary, and affable. He tends to have a stern resting face, so some may mistake that for meanness or not being interested in what you're doing. But he is a very nice man.

    And I wouldn't really worry so much about his likes / dislikes. Go in and do what you've prepared to the best of your ability. That's all you can ever do, and all that's in your power to control.

    actormcgee 08/14/2018  11:07am
  • Motivation Plz 08/11/2018  8:58pm

    Hi Guys. Here's the thing... I've been living here for 8 months. I graduated college and made the big move. I had a senior showcase experience at college (which I did well during) and unfortunately did not get signed. I got a "muggle" job to pay my bills, but I'm slowly starting to wonder... is this big city for me. With no agent, no equity card, and very limited doors for opportunity. I start to stress. I'm 23. I'm working my BUTT off trying to do this and I'm watching young girls step out of high school and land huge roles on bway. I don't want to leave this city. I don't want to give this up. I have put too much time, tears, effort into this crazy thing we do. I'm watching friends from college that moved here... move home because things aren't happening for them and I start to wonder... Is this what my life is going to be..? Needing motivation. Needing recommendations on where to get in front of agents OTHER than actors connection. Needing someone else to tell me... I'm not the only one who's struggling. I don't post on here ever but I feel like I'm drowning and there's no one near to save me. xoxo


    Growing Studio has a great agent showcase class!

    youngscrelter 08/11/2018  9:00pm

    You are not the first and will not be the last to feel like this. Hold on and push through. Not many people are cut out for this business. Ask yourself if you gave up now, would you regret it? Stay strong. Your dreams may not happen tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year. But have faith in yourself and stay confident in your dreams. Surround yourself with those that support you and your dreams and find every instance you can to perform and get your creative juices flowing. I believe in you.

    blueroses 08/11/2018  9:55pm

    8 months at 23 years old? Not nearly enough time to make that decision. This business is weird. I’ve been here 7 years and when I first moved here I was booking things left and right, BIG things. I thought I would for sure be on broadway soon. But 7 years later, and I’m just now even starting to get broadway appointments and callbacks. And the girls I was beating out parts for at the beginning have already made their broadway debuts. Moral is, everyone has their own timing and plan. Stay in your lane and don’t try to race the cars driving next to you. Enjoy the ride 😊

    Cantstopwontstop 08/11/2018  10:39pm

    At the risk of sounding patronizing, have you gone on an audition yet? If not, the best thing would be to go to your first EPA/ open call with a friend, just to get a sense of what it’s like and not feel so completely overwhelmed. Otherwise, I agree actors green room, and Primary Stages offer good classes (the latter not great for audition technique, frankly, but teachers are great and well established). At your age, I would also look into apprentice/ fellowships, then you might at least come back to nyc with some EMC points. I came to nyc in the same shoes (as did many others), and if I’m not still quite where I would like to have been by now, I did get work and EMC points through perseverance, and so will you.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 08/12/2018  9:01am

    The girl you are talking about has about 10 years of experience in acting / MT, a long resume, tens of online videos of her performances in cabarets, shows and theater camps. She had been taking classes for years, had done some stuff in NY before (readings, etc.), and if I am not mistaken had had her equity card since she was 13 or so ( not 100% sure about that last bit of information, but think so). She is extremely talented and had an amazing voice / range since the very young age. Therefore her getting this broadway show wasn’t a big surprise. I don’t know her personally, but know of her for a long time. You haven’t mentioned if you had any pre-college experience, and if so, how many years aside from college have you been in the business. I know of many more teens / young adults who are younger than you are who have between 2 and 5 Broadway shows on their resumes, and did not go to college. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the fact that they all have been around since the age of 7-8 and have years of training and experience to get them to the place they are at now. And some of them I do know personally. Instead of getting discouraged and feeling upset, keep working on your craft and audition as much as you can.

    WinWin 08/12/2018  10:03pm

    Been doing this as a Union pro for 40 years, so have experience of all kinds of incredible highs and soul-destroying lows. When feeling especially hopeless, I allow myself a quiet smile and quote Wilde: 'Persistence is the last refuge of mediocrity'.

    Then I go on.

    Best wishes.

    Ron Gielgud 08/13/2018  8:31am

    Hey girl. I posted something super similar on this page a few months ago, and that was the height of my "I'm in NYC, post-grad, and literally not booking anything" phase. I was going to sleep crying almost every single night because I felt like such a huge failure. I'm almost 25, and graduated 2 years ago. But I'm realizing so much more now that, other than the 10% of people who get really really lucky right out of high school or right out of college, the 90% without that amazing luck do have to go about it the marathon way. I wasn't prepared / was naive in thinking I wasn't going to be a "marathon" person. And the slowness of it truly, genuinely surprised me. And hurt me.
    But I think the hurt is a really, really good thing. It means you want it so badly. It means you'll stay in it, even when it really sucks. And sometimes it really does. Not even being able to AUDITION...Getting turned away from EPA after EPA... I never expected it.

    I have to tell you, I finally just decided that I needed to take a break and go home for a month, just to figure out who I am, hang out with the friends and family who believed in me when I was a kid, and just re-ignite that flame. Right before I left I just shrugged and submitted my material to a few different agencies. I had a huge cloud hanging over me, and being home helped. And in the middle of my trip, I booked a meeting with a big agent. And we're now freelancing together.

    But this is literally after 2 years of nothing. Small small small off-off-OFF Broadway gigs, absolutely nothing to shout to social media about. I felt, and do continue sometimes to feel, so bad about myself.
    But I am realizing that it's literally just a business. I go to these workshops and I truly barely see ANYONE who is untalented... And some of the people I perceive as the most talented are the ones not booking. I thought when I was in school that success in the real world would be determined by how hard I worked and how much I cared. But it's not about that at all. As I'm sure you know. And it's exhausting.
    In NYC we have to go go go, 100% of the time; if we're not working at our day jobs, we're home submitting. Spending all our money on classes and workshops and the only way it feels sustainable, to me, is if we're happy. And not being able to work or audition makes me feel so depressed. I just want you to know -- I am in your exact same position and it is SO hard but I promise you, if you stick it out, small things will start to happen. And one day maybe the big ones, too. I can only send you love and tell you to keep trying. Take as much time for yourself as you need, and do it for the kid you were at summer camp when you were so in love with theatre and just knew you'd get everything you wanted someday. I think about that little girl I was all the time. And it totally does help. Hang in there.

    4329 08/13/2018  4:48pm

    I'm in tears. Honestly. Thank you everyone. Your words and stories are simply amazing. With so much negativity in this business these 5 or 6 comments make me smile. They make me keep going. They remind me of why I started. I don't know any of you... but I thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. I wish you all the best of luck. You are ALL stars on and off stage. Good things happen to good people... Thank you for being good to me. Lots of love. Thank you truly.

    5679 08/13/2018  6:58pm

    I just want to chime in to agree with what everyone else has said. I don’t think we are ever adequately prepared for what this business demands. I remember hearing everyone talking about how hard it is and “if you can do anything else, do that.” But that only made me more determined. And when I realized what that REALLY meant I was blindsided. I ultimately did give up, and got a full time job, which nothing wrong with that, but I wasn’t doing it because I was truly done with the business but because I was scared and didn’t believe in myself. I took a long break, almost 5 years, and just recently came back to it. I realized that the only person holding myself back was me. Obviously it takes a lot of dedication, being in the right place at the right time, etc, but I think more than anything that belief in yourself. And the support system to help you in moments of doubt. Honestly, your early and mid 20s are such a difficult time no matter WHAT business you’re in. So be super gentle on yourself. I also recommend The Artist’s Way to bring back some joy in creativity to your life. Sending love!

    hermionegranger 08/14/2018  9:05am
  • Telling your agent your age 08/13/2018  10:04pm

    So I know that when at an audition, you should just say "above 18" or your age range if asked your age, but how about letting potential agents know your age? (ie: an agent you have a meeting with to potentially see if they want to sign you).

    Say your age or just give your age range? And only offer up the info if they ask?


    Give your actual age, then your age range. You want to stick between 3-5 year ranges. Nothing drastic. If you’re 18, don’t say your age range is 16-35. Hope that helps!

    LittlebigCharacter 08/13/2018  10:35pm

    yes, thank you so much! would you say only offer my real age info if he asks?

    mkat8 08/13/2018  10:43pm

    well you know that if you sign with them, they will need all your personal details (i.e your Bday, social sec #) for contract reason, so I dont see much point in lying

    dopplegang 08/14/2018  7:22am
  • NAB- A1 auditions 07/17/2017  11:20pm

    Anyone have a positive experience doing the A1 audition? It seems like it would be a good opportunity, but is it just a moneymaker for casting etc.?


    Was just about to post about this. Got the email today, and remembered I never really heard from too many people here as to how this went.

    Showbizdreamer 07/17/2017  11:39pm

    Right?! I think I remember a friend saying it was essentially a cattle call and that they didn't actually "prescreen" anyone. So just curious for opinions!

    dancechic 07/17/2017  11:46pm

    Well, they did "prescreen", that's what the initial submissions are. If you're not one of the lucky 125 picked to actually audition, you get your fee back. Far from a cattle call. I just want to know how successful this was in terms of people getting work. I didn't even try this last year, as I was one of the many skeptics, but my roommate was picked to audition, and he never heard anything from anyone who called him back afterward. Not saying he should have, but knowing whether or not that was common would be great.

    Showbizdreamer 07/17/2017  11:54pm

    Gotcha gotcha. Maybe they just assumed it would be more exclusive. Or I could be thinking of an entirely different conversation! Lol. But yeah- curious if anyone had anything come from the callbacks. I didn't try last time around either

    dancechic 07/18/2017  12:51am

    I got a slot last year and I found it very successful. I'm not an ensemble guy so I didn't be get as many callbacks as others, only 3, but they were at big theaters so i was happy. It ran extrmemly smoothly and it was nice that that didn't have to spend as much time going to open calls.

    Icanseeyou 07/18/2017  3:33am

    Unless they're running it differently this year, if you're a dancer, I would save your money. The combo was poorly choreographed to showcase any technique or style or performance capabilities and the room was so long that if you were placed on the left side of the room in your group of 6, you couldn't be seen by any of the theatres sitting on the panel on the right side while dancing, and vice versa. The majority of theatres attending last year didn't even have callbacks (aka were not casting anybody from this) and my guess would be that TGS disaffiliated with them because I know that a whole lot of people complained about that and feeling like they wasted their money.

    lululemming 07/18/2017  6:05am

    I know a few people who did this last year and didn't hear back from any of the theaters. If it's 'too good to be true,' it probably is (like most things with TGS).

    towel 07/18/2017  12:03pm

    ^^ I've never gotten that vibe from TGS, their classes are actually the ones I've enjoyed the most. Also, reminder that they've disassociated themselves from A1 this year, and I can't help but wonder if that is why. They're pretty good about not asking back people who have a habit of not calling in anyone in terms of theaters and agents. Then as we all asked last year...who IS technically running it this year? Because if the entities that are coming haven't been calling in people, I wonder why they're coming again. This was why I was skeptical last year and why I still am this year. These places have plenty of auditions throughout the year with people to choose from, so I feel like this is their last priority.

    Showbizdreamer 07/18/2017  12:11pm

    What audition city are the A1s in? I can't find this info anywhere

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 07/19/2017  9:12am

    If you're not a chorus dancer from (most were currently in) a top MT school, it's not worth your time if you're shooting for the top theatres that attend.
    A waste of my time and money.

    carrieunderwire 07/19/2017  11:13am

    ^^?? You're saying if you're ARENT a dancer, skip it, but lulu says if you ARE, skip it...🙃And the confusion continues...this things just seems poorly run still. Granted I know it's only year 2, but it is it that difficult to have a nicely run audition?

    Showbizdreamer 07/19/2017  11:28am

    SKIP IF YOU DO NOT IDENTIFY AS A DANCER FIRST. I've been dancing my whole life, and this call turned me away from a lot of dance calls because it was difficult as fuck. I also found a lot of the people there to be not friendly at all. You get your money back, but I will not be doing it again.

    gimmicks4u 07/19/2017  6:49pm

    I should clarify-the theatres definitely seemed to be looking for ensemble dancers (if looking for anybody at all), but the audition was not set up to showcase dancers in their best light in any way, shape, or form. It felt as if they had NO idea what to do with dancers or how to run their auditions. Dancers couldn't access the free acting/vocal coaching because of when their vocal auditions were schedule for (most of the vocal auditions for dancers were even on a completely different day than the dance auditions), the warmup was useless as there was no room to move and then it ended half an hour before the dance call began, the combo did not showcase what would be admirable for those seasons the dancers were auditioning for, and the dancers were not set up in the room well enough while auditioning to be seen by the entire panel.

    lululemming 07/19/2017  6:57pm

    Gimmicks, how can I get my money back??

    carrieunderwire 07/20/2017  2:27pm

    As they state pretty clearly, they only refund you if you aren't chosen to do it.

    Showbizdreamer 07/20/2017  2:55pm

    Damn. Wish I had known that's what happened in the past before I dropped the money. Lesson learned.

    Quietkid7 07/20/2017  4:14pm

    Hi, I'm a dancer and I did A1s last year. I actually did like the combo and I felt like it showcased me well. What was nice about the dancing was that you were guaranteed to sing, as opposed to the singers who were only asked to dance if they got the go ahead from casting to do so. As far as how I felt about the whole experience, it was frustrating being someone not in school (I'm 25). I was surrounded by kids still in school, and though they claimed it wasn't trying to be Strawhats, it sure as hell felt that way. I do see that this year they've separated the college kids from the non-college people which is a step up, but I still think that it's not the best use of your money. Good theatres, but I didn't hear of a single person booking from this.

    Thunderbird 07/20/2017  4:52pm

    Bumping this from the depths because I know some of you got that TGS email too.

    If anybody has different info on this, please add!

    JCrewGinghamShirt 08/13/2018  9:10pm

    I did it this past year and found it a waste of money. I know a lot of talented people who also auditioned at A1's and hardly heard anything back. Not sure if it's because it's so early in the audition season, but I found it a waste.

    justtryintob00k 08/13/2018  10:42pm

    Got my equity card from booking North Shore at the A1s and the guy before me booked Oklahoma at Ogunquit. Also on their Facebook page they literally list all of the people who booked at so many theatres.

    Alsooooo the choreography was done by The Muny’s Resident choreographer Michael something so idk how bad it could have been. I went as a mover and not a dancer. They also had free coaching with broadway directors and food and stuff last year. I don’t think it worked having to audition in two rooms, but obviously all of the theatres couldn’t fit in one room. I think this year it’s not at pearl again

    After doing straw hats and the Midwest’s in school and UPTAs after I graduated this is by far the best group audition.

    Guru7 08/13/2018  11:36pm

    Casting isn’t paid for this so I don’t think it’s a money maker and from what I know they’re a not for profit company. I did them last year and found That a lot of companies ended up calling me back at the A1s and then calling me to finals for shows at their theatres later in the year. That really sucked for me because I don’t live in New York, but I did go to one of them and it was really nice to walk right into a final callback, even though I didn’t book it.

    I think if you’re from out of town and not in college you should pass, but if you live in New York it’s an awesome opportunity to be seen. Also loved the workshop with Marcia Milgrom dodge last year and working with the associate of hello dolly, for the price it was worth it just for those opportunities as I imagine that would be very expensive in New York

    Mistamista9 08/13/2018  11:46pm

    also I don’t know what people are talking about with not being a dancer and being a dancer. It’s very conflicting, I’m
    Not a dancer at ALL if that helps. And everyone who was working the event was so so so nice except for the guy at check in, I remember him being rude

    Mistamista9 08/13/2018  11:48pm

    It’s like any other audition. Not everyone is going to book work or get called back. MOST people won’t. Some of you are obviously hating because you got nothing from it....that’s life. Why do you expect this to be your magic ticket?

    I appreciate that they don’t have all the garbage you find at other big calls like the retelling I’d the sorry of Davy Crockkett and Missoula Children’s Theatre or Amish Bluegrass Musical number 4. If that means I don’t book ogunquit then fine, but you people seem bitter and jaded and after checking out that fbook page mentioned it’s clear people booked a lot unless they’re lying in which case that would be drammmmma

    ShelleyCarson 08/13/2018  11:57pm
  • Taft Hartley question 08/12/2018  10:47pm

    Has anyone been Taft Hartley-ed on set only for SAG to tell you there is a problem with your form, but won’t tell you or your producer what the problem is, just that they won’t be processing your eligibility? I have not had luck getting answers from them about this issue, wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar.



    Is this your first SAG gig? Have you worked SAG before or been TH'd before? THe office should absolutely give you the reason for denying the TH and if they won't call and ask to speak to someone higher up than whoever you are speaking to.

    SAG is great but sometimes they get their wires crossed and they are only human.

    ontherise 08/13/2018  7:26pm

    It was my first SAG gig, first time being TH’d. I have asked to speak to higher ups, and I still haven’t gotten an answer. I’m told my producer can resubmit if he fixes the error, but no one will tell me what the error is? It’s been so frustrating. Did things work out in your situation?

    singadingding 08/13/2018  8:33pm