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  • Audition Accompanist 10/30/2014  4:41pm

    Getting our ducks in a row for our New York call this winter and our MD does not want to play auditions this year. The last time we hired an audition accompanist it did't work out quite as well as we wanted. I figured you all would have a slew of people you liked working with. I will call AEA if I need to, but wanted to start here. Best Suggestions?


    Yan Li.
    Absolute effing rockstar, and the utmost professional.

    YanLi1412 (at) gmail dot com.

    J1 10/30/2014  5:25pm

    Eric Svejcar
    David John Madore
    Michael Hicks
    Ryan Cantwell
    Brad Gardner

    AuditionUpdate 10/30/2014  5:43pm

    Aaron jodoin is awesome. Also Sarah Statler,

    I also work as an audition accompanist, you can get my info from Tom and get in touch if you'd like.

    MotherMonsterApproved 10/30/2014  9:25pm

    Eddie Rabin and Rachel Kaufman are my favorites! :-)

    PineapplePrincess 10/30/2014  11:21pm

    David John Madore! He's the best! Makes every actor feel comfortable and is cooperative, helpful, and collaborative with the creative team. Friends on both side of the table have raved about him. A great optimistic positive presence in the room. You can contact him at

    Roderick 10/30/2014  11:58pm

    Kyle Branzel.

    kschmeltz27 10/31/2014  10:52am

    Joshua Zecher Ross is my personal favorite.

    Icanseeyou 10/31/2014  11:05am

    Some of my favorites (though *not* a complete list! Sorry if I left any of you other wonderful accompanists out!) :

    Brad Ross
    Rachel Kaufman
    Jon Delfin
    Brad Gardner
    Eric Svejcar
    Michael Hicks
    Jody Schum
    Eric Ebbenga
    Mason Griffin
    Adam Wachter (especially for pop/rock shows)
    and of course Jasper Grant
    (though I don't think he plays many auditions any more)

    Thia 10/31/2014  11:31am

    I second Joshua Zecher Ross. He's a genius.

    jaylady 10/31/2014  11:44am

    I third David John Madore!:)

    FairyPerdita 10/31/2014  11:18pm
  • NAB - NY Unifieds contact info 10/31/2014  4:46pm

    Hey, Tom, I haven't received a list of companies in attendance and how best to contact them. Am I the only one? Is the list still being compiled? Just want to check in about that. I really enjoyed the event!


    Sent it out on Tuesday. Email me on Monday and I will make sure you get it.

    AuditionUpdate 10/31/2014  10:37pm
  • NAB - Happy Elf! 10/30/2014  9:57pm

    Anyone in Happy Elf traveling from NYC and staying in the hotel next weekend? I would love to have a travel buddy!


    I was offered a role, but because of the timing and non-pay and travel, I wasn't able to take the job. I would love to hear how it's going - they were very nice people and if they could pay, I'd love to work with them one day. Have great shows!

    alwaysabridesmaid 10/31/2014  3:19pm

    why would u take a job that doesnt pay?

    dopplegang 10/31/2014  10:25pm
  • PSA- Elevators at Equity Building 10/31/2014  1:17pm

    On Monday, they will be changing the elevator system in the Equity building. The elevators themselves will no longer have buttons in them, and you will instead press the floor you want on a touch screen just in front of the elevator bay that takes you to the higher floors.

    There are a bunch of auditions that day, including two big ones at Equity. I have no idea how fucked up the elevators will be on Monday, but I encourage you all to plan for the worst and give yourself an extra fifteen to twenty minutes to get where you need to be.

  • NAB - But a SPECIAL in the VOICE STUDIO! 10/25/2014  7:25pm

    hi all!

    I have been told by several singer/actors that some positive things have been said about my voice studio here. I thank you!

    As a NOVEMBER SPECIAL I am offering an hour consultation for NEW SINGERS TO ME who read it HERE on Audition Update!

    This consultation will address what is going on vocally, what you need next; and then we go through your book to see what is fitting and what needs tailoring and what should go - and some NEW suggestions!

    I am offering this HOUR CONSULT SPECIAL at $30 OFF my regular fee.

    If you are interested, email me with your head shot and resume for more info!

    Keep your head high, your hair out of your eyes and REVEAL YOURSELF in that audition room!

    Susan Eichhorn Young

    Susan's the best!

    dfulcher 10/26/2014  10:57pm

    You will not regret it! Susan is gifted.

    ehobo 10/27/2014  6:33pm

    just giving this a gentle bump - as the special goes on throughout November!

    Susan Eichhorn Young 10/31/2014  11:51am
  • Auditioning: an insoluable problem? 10/31/2014  7:32am

    I keep trying to avoid self-pity parties on here, but i would love to hear people's opions on this. When I book a job, to sound pretty selfish, directors love working with me, as I am always open and ready to work and take direction really well. However, every time I book a job it feels like a fluke. Auditioning is somethig I just can't seem to get a hold of, and I've tried to perfect it, I've taken classes with casting directors audition coaches and experienced actors, and... Nothing seems to help. (In some cases, I was given material or direction that in hindsight clearly did me a disservice.) so, while I know there are a million possible answers to this, is there a solution, or should I resign myself to knowing that no matter what, I don't audition well?


    Absolutely not! Like everything else, auditioning is a skill that takes a great deal of time to refine. Heck, I'm an audition coach myself, but have my own set of problems in the audition room that don't exist in rehearsal or performance. I know exactly what I'm doing wrong and how to address it, but it simply takes time. You will definitely improve your audition technique over time, but just like it has taken time for you to refine your skill set as a performer, it will take time to refine your (fairly separate) skill set as an auditioner.

    bwaylvsong 10/31/2014  9:58am

    Being a good "auditioner" is an entirely separate skill, a skill that sometimes has little to do with showing what an actor will ultimately do in rehearsal or performance - I know people who audition BEAUTIFULLY but who will never bring anything deeper to the rehearsal process than what they showed at the callback, or who never grow during the course of a run because what they do is what they do. There are also great famous actors who are terrible in auditions, but who fortunately were championed by people who saw their actual work outside of the audition room. And even actors who are terrific in auditions AND shows may have a bad audition, particularly if they are bravely trying something new or challenging. ("Only a mediocre person is ALWAYS at their best." -Somerset Maugham)

    That being said, the more you can get your audition skills to be consistently solid, the more chances you have of booking projects and doing your *real* work. Audition classes can be helpful, but can only take you so far, because there is no way to completely replicate the strange conditions of "performing to book a job". So don't despair, just keep at it!

    Thia 10/31/2014  11:13am
  • NAB- Touring 10/29/2014  11:12am

    Hi all!

    I was just in final callbacks for a tour that I didn't end up booking, but it got me thinking about whether or not going on tour is actually right for me right now. I'm pushing 30, but won't hit my sweet spot for another 5-10 years. The tour would have paid good money and let me bank about $30k (living mostly on my per diem), but it would mean me being out on the road and away from the city for over a year.

    Had I gotten it, it would have been a touch choice. I love being in a place with so many huge opportunities. There is a big part of me that is concerned that I'd have come back to the city with quite a bit more money in my bank account, but not actually any further along in my career. I'm very much playing the long game, and being particular about which roles I accept has always gotten me amazing results. Yes, the tour would have been the best credit on my resume, but there's no telling what opportunities this coming year will bring.

    All of that is a roundabout way of saying, how do you make decisions when it's about a tour, and do you feel that it's worth missing out on a year's worth of opportunities here in NYC?


    If you could book a tour where you think you can bank 30K savings in a year - you would be crazy not to take it. Just my personal opinion, but that is a significant amount of money. I don't know any actors on Broadway Production Min. Contracts that could bank half of that in a year.

    LaughingArtisticDirector 10/29/2014  11:16am

    the way you describe it, it was a non-equity tour?

    fuzzletwit 10/29/2014  11:16am

    yes i agree with LAD. Even if it is a non-eq tour that may not do all that much for your resume, being able to bank that amount of money is an invaluable opportunity and will take the stress off when you're back in NYC trying to book better work. And you're still young, and going out of town to build up your resume and bank account is still part of the job....

    fuzzletwit 10/29/2014  11:17am

    I'm just amazed you could bank that much. I would do that in a heartbeat as would probably 99% of actors.

    We spend too much time "looking for that next gig," when we should just enjoy that we're working now.

    NYCActor 10/29/2014  12:09pm

    Maybe I'm just bad at math, but banking $30k in a year doesn't seem unreasonable at all. Let's say you make $800/week, so you're taking home about $600. That's $2400/month, which amounts to $28k/year. Depending on the per diem, you shouldn't have to dip into that much, if you are cognizant about cooking for yourself and not wantonly throwing money around.

    thejollyraja 10/29/2014  12:23pm

    Well she left out key details about what show, what tour, what company, etc. I'm not saying we need to know that, but it depends on the show.

    Beauty and the Beast looks like it pays a lot, but your per diem goes into paying for your hotel, etc. so that money goes fast.

    AudraLupone 10/29/2014  1:19pm

    Raja, I just don't see it. When I took my first teaching job I thought "Great, I will save at least $10,000 per year!" I ended up saving around $7,000 after two years.

    You never have as much money as you anticipate. Also, you have to dip into your salary - even if just for going out a bit, travel home and back, and your bills (cell phone, etc.) that don't disappear. Not to mention health care, insurance, etc.

    Save $10,000? Probably. $30,000? Wowzah.

    LaughingArtisticDirector 10/29/2014  1:49pm

    True enough. But let's look at the BATB tour, as a hypothetical scenario with concrete(ish) numbers.

    The upper end of the pay scale on that tour (according to the archived breakdown on Actors Access) is $1300/week, including per diem. After taxes, you're likely to be taking home around $975, give or take. Minus about $70/day for hotel and you're down to $485. Subtract $135 week for food and incidentals (for simple math and assuming maximum frugality) and you're banking $350/week, or $1400/month, or $16k per year. A far cry from the proposed $30k indeed.

    But if it's an AEA contract, that's a whole other ballgame. Now we're looking at $800/week plus a sizable per-diem (~$100/day or so, I think) on top of that. Yes, $75 of that per diem goes to housing, but $25/day or $225/week is completely reasonable to live on, especially of the hotel has a continental breakfast. Yeah, it gets dicey if you do a bunch of touristy shit and go out all the time, but if you're committed to making bank and are willing to be a little ascetic, you can stretch your dollar pretty far.

    On full production contracts, the money you can bank gets silly. I mean, we're talking about taking home *at least* $1000/week after taxes. That's $50k! Again, I have no idea what the details of this tour are, and if I'm way off base with my numbers, or imagining some overly-idealized scenario, please tell me. But bringing home tens of thousands of dollars after being on the road for a year seems more than doable.

    thejollyraja 10/29/2014  1:57pm

    Ahhhh OK. Cell phone bills is legit, though. But if it's an AEA contract, you're banking health weeks like a boss, too.

    thejollyraja 10/29/2014  1:59pm

    If you are in a decent Equity tour (not even production) you absolutely can pocket around $1000/week.

    tilly 10/29/2014  2:18pm

    Y'all have to also remember that with certain tours, even some non equity tours, that you don't just get per diem. You can get contingents or get paid double if the 12 hour turn around is less than 12. I know all tours are different, but my boyfriend who was on an equity tour would pocket 4,000 on just one week sometimes because of the contingency.

    jaylady 10/29/2014  2:57pm

    AmandaJ – Because I know who you are, I will speak very bluntly, because I know you are a big girl and can take it…

    Are you out of your fucking mind?
    To reiterate two points you made in this post:

    1) This would be an extremely well-paying job where you would bank THOUSANDS of dollars at the end (the actual amount seems to be up for debate, but I agree that with the right job, you can bank $30K in a year if you are smart with your per diem, but I digress)

    2) This would be your best credit to date on your resume.

    And you are considering not taking it because WHAT IF something better, which you have no leads on (at least that you have revealed), comes along. It is one thing if you are in callbacks for something major and this would take you away from that, but if no one is knocking, go make that cash.

    You can have three things in an acting gig: it pays well, it furthers your career, or it fulfills you artistically. However, you can only have 2 out of the 3 at any one time. It meets two of the criteria, so take the opportunity if it comes your way.

    AuditionUpdate 10/29/2014  4:23pm

    Tom, you're my favorite. And thank you all for your responses. I was definitely overcomplicating the issue, and $30k and a hella sweet credit for a year of my life is a total no-brainer.

    AmandaJ 10/29/2014  5:18pm

    It's totally possible to bank 30k in a year doing an equity tour. I saved that and put a down payment on my apartment. Best thing I ever did.

    bunnyboo-er 10/31/2014  10:27am
  • NAB: Hair and Make-up Artist 10/31/2014  12:07am

    Does anyone know of an affordable hair and make-up artist that is willing to work on site? Thanks!


    Check out Glamsquad

    byallmeans 10/31/2014  10:13am
  • ENT 10/29/2014  12:06pm

    Hey, I know this has been discussed but a long time ago, any amazing ENT someone recommends for singers? Not Rosemary Deslodge because she doesn't take my insurance. Thank you!

    AuditionUpdate 10/29/2014  12:33pm

    Dr. Anthony Jahn

    NYtheatre 10/30/2014  4:27pm

    One of the best:

    Mr Timbojangles 10/31/2014  1:22am

    I agree with the above poster. Dr. Sulica is awesome. Went to him a few months ago and have nothing bad to say about him and really knows about singers and vocal health.

    iPoop 10/31/2014  9:11am
  • NAB David Brunetti's Acting Songs Class Scholarships available 10/30/2014  5:21pm

    David Brunetti has a few scholarships available for his NYC November Acting Songs classes. First come, first serve. Google him, since AU says no websites are allowed to be mentioned on BP updates. He's a great teacher!


    Great class. Informative and great practice, but most of all totally nurturing.

    yolo 10/31/2014  12:15am

    run, jump, fly, but get this . . . if you put in the work, following his very well defined and do-able advice, you will be transformed. And if you don't get a freebie, but are blowing up at auditions as I was, pay for it.

    I got one of those rare scholarships last year. It made such a difference in my singing, so seriously and permanently changed my auditions that I voluntarily paid him the usual course price. He never asked or hinted. I volunteered out of gratitude and respect.

    nevertoolate 10/31/2014  2:58am