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  • NAB - Lace Fronts on Broadway 09/20/2017  3:28pm

    This keeps me up at night.


    No really, my gay ass sits and thinks about this. It confuses me so. Every vlog the girls sport lace to their eyebrows. Someone please.

    PLEASE. Explain this to me.



    This bothers me too

    Dance_3looks_10 09/20/2017  9:31pm

    This also bothers me. When they move their face, you can see it!!! @Broadway PLEASE.

    ScreltersAnonymous 09/21/2017  4:11pm

    The shorter the lace, the shorter the life of the wig. When you trim lace, it leaves an unfinished edge. If that unfinished edge is right at the hairline, it is much easier for the sewn in hairs to fall out. If the lace is 2 inches long, the unfinished edge would have to fray 2 inches before any hairs will fall out. These wigs need to look bomb 8 shows a week, so its not practical to trim the lace to the hairline. Then you have to constantly repair the wig because it will be much more likely to shed. The audience is also much further away from an actor in the theatre than a camera for film is, so they can get away with keeping longer lace to protect the wig without the audience thinking, "Why does Glinda have a sheet of lace glued to her forehead?"

    GiveMeLaducasOrGiveMeDeath 10/23/2017  1:34am

    The shorter the lace, the shorter the life of the wig. When you trim lace, it leaves an unfinished edge. If that unfinished edge is right at the hairline, it is much easier for the sewn in hairs to fall out. If the lace is 2 inches long, the unfinished edge would have to fray 2 inches before any hairs will fall out. These wigs need to look bomb 8 shows a week, so its not practical to trim the lace to the hairline. Then you have to constantly repair the wig because it will be much more likely to shed. The audience is also much further away from an actor in the theatre than a camera for film is, so they can get away with keeping longer lace to protect the wig without the audience thinking, "Why does Glinda have a sheet of lace glued to her forehead?"

    GiveMeLaducasOrGiveMeDeath 10/23/2017  1:35am
  • no auditions this fall... like wtf... 10/23/2017  1:18am

    i've seen simliar threads, but god damn man. not only has theater been dead for me for months now but i havent gotten shit through my reps for film/tv in a while either. i'm not in a class right now cause i'm tired of spending money on shit, but i dont know what to do anymore, what do you guys do? one can only self submit before there's nothing left to self submit to....

  • NAB: best acting through song teachers 10/21/2017  10:25pm

    Hi! I'm looking to get better at acting through song, and would love to know who your favorite teachers are! Thanks for any help :)


    David Brunetti!

    Lizaspiritanimal 10/22/2017  9:49pm

    Ryan Scott Oliver & Lindsay Mendez have this great program called Actor Therapy thats all about building your book/acting through song, and the more times you take the class, the cheaper it gets. They also bring in their actor/director/casting friends from time to time AND you have the possibility to be asked to perform @ 54 Below for them! Great networking and resume builder too.

    caffeinedreamer 10/22/2017  9:55pm

    As someone who has done both Actor therapy and David Brunetti’s class if you’re looking to actually work on material in a meaningful way, go with David’s class. You get way more time to work, and the work is stuff that you can do outside of class as well. It’s a technique class.

    Actor Therapy is not.

    Icanseeyou 10/23/2017  12:11am

    Is actor's therapy really a "resume builder?"

    Smactor 10/23/2017  1:05am

    People have discussed this before. Essentially, because it's so oversaturated now (like most one-on-ones or pay-to-plays in the city), no, it's not some super impressive resume builder. It's the same as taking any of the growing studio classes. Lindsay and RSO aren't casting directors so while they might be able to get you slots in their 54 Below concerts, it's not necessarily going to be any kind of career advancer. If you wanna get close to those two, sure, maybe give it a go. But don't expect it to make you shine just via your resume.

    eroseb 10/23/2017  1:17am
  • NAB - Male Touring Hints 10/22/2017  6:24pm

    Hey y’all!

    Going on my first National tour soon, and I was hoping to get men’s opinions in some good things they brought. I know the other posts are mostly catered to women (because lord knows there are more female actors than male actors).

    I know some of the basics and have read up on the online backstage helpful hints... but I’m curious if anyone has something they realized second time around, or constantly wished they had thought of before they left...



    Nothing really? I'd say just pack more lounging/bus clothes (gym clothes type of stuff) than you think you'll need. You'll go out here and there, but mostly you'll want to be comfy.

    Smactor 10/22/2017  9:27pm
  • Inviting industry folks to a show 10/22/2017  5:22pm

    Hey y'all,

    I'm in a small but cool piece that's going up in a couple of weeks for a 2-week run. I've been out of the acting game for a bit and would really love to invite some folks to see it. I have an agent but I'd like to get some managers and casting directors in there. What are steps you've taken to get people out to see your shows? Mailings? Emails? How do you know who to contact? I've never reached out to industry folks like this before so any advice is greatly appreciated :)

  • Bars / Restaurants in NYC that PAY TIPS IN CASH EACH SHIFT 09/29/2017  12:27am

    guys, I'm desperate. i really really need your help. I keep going to the wrong restaurants and having managers lie to me about giving me 5 shifts a week and how much people make, they end up wasting my time, costing me money and so much stress, and it just keeps happening over and over. Does anybody that has waited tables or bartended in the city know of any good places that pay tips in cash each shift? I cannot wait two weeks for a paycheck thats fucking taxed to death, i just can't, i'm at $0 and I can't get off of it. i have the skills to walk into a place and kick ass on day 1. Places I know that aren't hiring but pay cash are Juniper bar by MSG, JG Melon, Mickey Spillanes, Kents Ale House,....

    please guys i am beyond desperate. if anybody knows of ANYTHING. thank you.

    please please help me

    omg bump

    the only thing I can think of is to check out restarautns that only take cash (no credit card) on yelp and apply there?? you sound smart youll find something soon!!!

    525,600beyoncehours 09/29/2017  10:16am

    How close are you to Williamsburg and north Brooklyn? There are tons of busy cash-only bars around there. I feel your pain. Hoping you find something soon.

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 09/29/2017  10:51am

    i 2nd williamsburg. manhattan is too corporate. you're better off walking around williamsburg as a lot of the cash only bars might not even have websites / be on yelp. good luck man, been there myself, keep pushing through

    ogkusk9254 09/29/2017  12:00pm


    i'd love some tips on this too.. I'm in a very similar position

    strugglebus99 09/29/2017  5:27pm

    I work in Midtown and get paid cash at the end of each shift. It's great in theory, but end up owing a ton in taxes.

    Smactor 09/29/2017  5:44pm

    care to share what restaurant? super desperate here

    but can you like help tho? 09/29/2017  6:48pm

    Mickey Spilanes is looking for people. The hours make me want to die sometimes, but the easy nature is lit, you get cash tips, and can do as little or as many shifts as you want. Ranges between $135-$150 a night, which isn't amazing, but beats hoe-ing....or does it?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 09/29/2017  11:59pm

    ^^^In What world is 135-150 a night NOT amazing??? Barring the body breaking down, we could retire on that pay rate!!

    Showbizdreamer 09/30/2017  7:54am

    That's not amazing in the restaurant world, but bearing in mind that the skill set for working at that place is filling a quota of saying "yasss" 69 times in a minute I suppose I might reconsider my standards.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 09/30/2017  8:53am

    i used to make 300$ cash each shift, including monday lunch, at Black Tap on 14th street. that was last year, but i was literally make 85k a year working full time. i have friends making 150k bartending at good places in LES, its all about finding the right place. 150 a night sucks balls but its better getting it in cash instead of a credit. how you people are able to live on LESS than 150 a night in NYC is the true mystery here. thank you for the tip, i'm literally going this morning

    seriously tho 09/30/2017  10:15am

    pershing square cafe. cash every night. if you can snatch morning shifts there you'll make fucking bank.

    heyizabella 10/04/2017  11:18pm

    I work for a restaurant in the Tao group and we cash out every shift. They operate solely on seniority at their restaurants (except for the ones that just opened) so you get the least ideal shifts just starting out like me. On a slow lunch shift that is 4ish hours you make between 75-130. On my most busy dinner shift I've made $400. You never know with restaurants but you should check out Tao group

    ganymede 10/05/2017  12:13pm

    That is becoming a thing of the past. My cash only bar recently switched to Credit Cards. I still take home any cash tips I make that night, but we keep a record of them in our end of night paperwork.

    You should be keeping track of how much you make in case of sneaky managers or honest mistakes. I write down the number of CC and cash tips in my calendar on the day I worked and also take a picture of my closing night paperwork. That way, if there is a discrepancy in my check, I have proof.

    Also- with regards to taxes, it's actually better that you *are* taxed on your cash so that A- you don't owe more in a huge chunk come tax season and B- you are contributing to the social services that many people (like myself) use and also contribute to... Sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles...

    Rain On my Parade 10/09/2017  1:41pm

    you just gotta go to more mom and pop type places. but most in NYC are so fucking corporate these days, its really realyl crazy, but most of LA, except for places in bev hills and certain areas, are still cash and more mom and pop. its really just NYC that's fucked, and corporate restaurants in general

    fuck new york 10/09/2017  3:02pm

    Walk down 9th ave from 57th Street to 42nd... There are a ton of small wine bars, and little restaurants that are not corporate at all. Go in around 4-430pm before any kind of rush starts and ask if they are hiring. I guarantee you will find something!!

    benny 10/09/2017  3:51pm

    bump because god damn do I need another job... i just can't afford anything in this city anymore its insane

    nodignityleft 10/22/2017  4:17pm
  • NAB - Changes To The EMC Program 10/17/2017  7:26pm

    All you need to know. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you've got questions.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA

    When will the AEA website be updated? Is the only source your Facebook page?

    Kinkyshoes 10/17/2017  7:46pm

    Details are posted for Equity members in the Member Portal. More info will be made public tomorrow. The public website will be updated soon.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/17/2017  7:48pm

    I'm still sitting here wonder why not all EMC received this email...or was that supposed to happen? But I guess it doesn't matter since it's already been everywhere today.

    Showbizdreamer 10/17/2017  9:10pm

    I believe EMCs have 25 or more weeks were contacted today. Those currently with fewer than 25 weeks will be contacted in the coming days.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/17/2017  9:52pm

    So it’s strictly 25 or 50? If I’m currently under 25 do I become must join at 25? Can I work until I am at 38 and few ready then and join, or potentially be stuck there until 50?

    ihopeigetit 10/17/2017  10:14pm

    Ok, opening a can of worms here, but in light of the recent changes I felt compelled to write. Initiation fees are increasing in 2018, and we as EMC members over 25 weeks are being encouraged to join to avoid the increase. I have 50 points, and if I'm understanding correctly, am now required to join without a chosen 5 year waiting period. I have been able to book work because of choosing to remain non-union for the last 2 years and working non-union. The professional work I have gotten would not have been available to me should I have joined. Few regional theatres are able to afford more than a few Equity contracts and are looking to non union talent to fill out their casts. If I now join before I make more strides in my career (booking a bigger theatre that will offer me an Equity contract) I am concerned I will be in a much bigger pool without the needed credits. In fact, if there is an influx of members coming from 25 pt EMC people, that means even more competition, for fewer available roles. I always wanted to join Equity, but now I'm not so sure. When I looked up the salaries of the leadership at Equity, here's what I found:

    Why did the Executive Director's salary jump from 45K to 221K from 2011-2012? Why is it now over 300K? Not to mention the long list of well paid positions beneath. It seems that with an influx of new members, the Union gets more money to maintain these salaries and infrastructure, not to serve and open opportunities for the actors they represent. I want to be part of the original intentions of the Union, to protect actors and fight for a fair wage, but unfortunately, the way this system exists is not working. What can we do? What helps open opportunities for producers to afford more contracts? Why would people want to join a Union when that very Union stops them from getting work? I'm sure there are many views on this, and I'm glad to hear them, but there is action to be taken, and it's not the most recent Equity email blast.

    Onefineday 10/17/2017  10:59pm

    thank you.

    capncrunch 10/17/2017  11:00pm

    There’s no union work. For crying out loud Nick Adams is doing Gateway and Buck County Playhouse!!!

    That’s how rough theater is. People like him are getting the shitty equity contracts that pay 420 a week. Less than unemployment.

    Ask your agents if you should turn union and see what they say.

    SecretAgentInfo 10/17/2017  11:24pm

    I’m non union and im staying non union. The Actors Fund said that union actors have 92% unemployment rate all year long.

    1 regional theater , 4 equity contracts and 16 non union contracts. You do the math. Is hard out there for a pimp

    Letsmakeithappen 10/17/2017  11:34pm

    Correction: Nick Adams is not famous. Just a guy with a hot body. Bless his heart, playing Phyiero to Bucks County Playhouse! #AHotBodyGetsYouGigs #420AWeekEquityBlessed

    And Ps all the ensemble at Bucks County Playhouse is non union! 300 bucks a week! #Blessed

    Mimimarquez 10/17/2017  11:37pm

    just wondering why didn't we get to vote on this? I don't even know how i would have voted, just seems like a vote might have been nice? idk?

    wontsingbeforenoon 10/18/2017  1:20am

    My biggest question are changes to the number of nonunion tours working with original Broadway creative teams and audiences having no clue about the difference. How can this be stopped? The stagehands are often union on these tours. is there a way to work with producers and make them EMC at the very least since there is no way to eliminate them (so they say)

    starbucks 10/20/2017  9:19pm

    The EMC program only applies to regional theatre contracts, so tours can't be EMC. However, in regards to broadway creative teams putting their names to non-union tours, there in fact was an agreement made back in 2002 I believe, that said no member of the SDCF Can work on a non-eq tour. this seemed like it would solve many problems, but also never seemed to be enforced (I.e: Catch me if youCan, Bullets over Broadway, Nice Work if You can Get It.) when I asked A certain elected equity official on this message board (a thread from 2016 I believe) about this (around the same time an elected equity official was controversially an assistant director on the Non-eq tour of the producers despite the whole "ask if it's equity" campaign), the response I was given was more or less "well, that's just an old rule no one remembers."

    ThisCloseToQuitting 10/21/2017  8:00am

    I am unaware of any such agreement between SDC and Equity (which doesn't mean it doesn't exist.) Do you have a source for that?

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/21/2017  9:15am
    actorsmom 10/21/2017  11:23am

    It seems that it didn't apply to ALL non-Eq tours, just certain specific ones that were an issue at the time.

    But I've said before that I think all the theatrical unions should stand together. If they're not using union actors, then they shouldn't be able to use union directors and choreographers.

    actorsmom 10/21/2017  11:28am

    @acotrsmom, that's not an agreement between SDC and Equity. That's an internal Equity rule which still exists, and is enforced.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/21/2017  6:01pm

    Enforced? My buddies in the non union Rent your worked with the original creatives. What about Bullets over Broadway non union tour working with Stroman? Lol enforced my ass. Equity only enforces rules when is convenient for the Union not for the members.

    Gagainsider 10/21/2017  6:10pm

    Is Susan Stroman a member of Equity?

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/21/2017  7:56pm

    Sid always being passive aggressive and answering with questions. No wonder by the union is failing. Always the same

    Gagainsider 10/21/2017  9:41pm

    Sid even her 2 assistants are Equity. Why are you always so condescending??

    And you wonder why people don’t want to join the union.

    Letsmakeithappen 10/21/2017  9:42pm

    Then don’t join. No one is forcing you.

    The union isn’t ‘failing’. I’m sorry it hasn’t made all your dreams come true but to place that squarely on Equity is both foolish and shows a total lack of understanding as to the business of making Theatre.

    The constant moaning about how hard it is to join followed, after the union made it dramatically easier to do so, by moaning that it’s not good enough is ridiculous.

    If you don’t think the union works for you- then don’t join. Ever.

    SteveRogers. 10/21/2017  9:49pm

    I'm super confused. I asked whether Susan Stroman was a member of Equity (I don't know the answer), and I'm being condescending and passive-aggressive?

    If you know of Equity members who are violating this rule (meaning that they are working in ANY capacity on a non-union tour produced by Big League, NETworks, or Troika, you should contact the union. Or hell, just let ME know and I'll make sure they're reported.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/21/2017  10:08pm

    Sid - Ben Liebert is Equity AND a council member and he worked on a non-union tour last year!!! Where was your concern about reporting then?!?

    coffeeaddict 10/22/2017  7:35am

    Stroman is a member of the SDC, who said they would "stand behind" AEA. maybe this isn't AEA's concern, but it seems like they did nothing to convince the SDC to "stand behind" them. Instead they allowed AGMA members to attend EPAs. Just saying, while SDC is obviously a different union, it's not like the performing unions never work together...

    ThisCloseToQuitting 10/22/2017  7:56am

    @ThisClose, yes, SDC said they'd "stand behind" Equity, but there's nothing in that document that says they agreed that their members wouldn't work on non-union tours.

    Rather, the rule that exists is an internal Equity rule that prohibits EQUITY members from participating in any capacity in certain non-union tours.

    So no, it doesn't matter that Stro is a members of SDC. If she's not a member of Equity, then we have no rule in place to stop her from doing that work.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/22/2017  8:47am

    I agree. Equity never reinforces that rule. Same thing with the Non Equity Tour of A ChorusLine, baayork lee is putting it up and she’s AEA. Nobody is doing anything. Is sad how they bend the rules for some people.

    OneMoreBoy 10/22/2017  8:48am

    I'm not sure that Baayork Lee is actually a member of Equity.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/22/2017  8:50am

    Sid? Come on? Really?

    OneMoreBoy 10/22/2017  9:33am

    "This historic demonstration of solidarity between the Actors' Equity Association and the SDC justifies our secession that members must reject employment as directors, choreographers, production supervisors, dance captains or production department jobs."- Patrick Quinn, AEA president at the time.

    "SDC and Actors Equity share a commitment to ensure that our members have a chance to make a living in the theatre. Working together on this and other fronts is the most effective way to achieve this common goal"- Pamela Berlin, SDC president at the time.

    Fair enough, Sid. It does not in fact say that SDC wouldn't, but you can't deny it seemed that the two unions would work together and it more than implies that the SDC wouldn't work on these tours either. That clearly didn't happen. Is AEA solely responsible for this, maybe not. But it seems that both AEA and the SDC could have worked together to make this a reality. And it's not too late.

    ThisCloseToQuitting 10/22/2017  9:35am

    @OneMoreBoy, receiving an award from Equity or the Equity Foundation doesn’t make you a member. If you’re concerned that Baayork Lee is a member and is breaking an Equity rule, I encourage you to contact Equity about it. I know for a fact that this rule IS, indeed, enforced.

    @ThisClose, I agree that that press release from 2004 does make it seem like SDC actually agreed to something substantive. But as you said, a close reading reveals otherwise. At the end of the day, Equity can only set its own internal rules. We could certainly ask SDC to prohibit its members from working on non-Equity tours, but I imagine their response would be “Well, we’d like your members to stop doing shows without SDC Directors and Choreographers. And given that Equity has organized many many productions where ours are the only workers on union contacts, I can’t imagine we’d be willing to do that.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/22/2017  12:02pm

    Sid, I just want to say that I think you're being very polite and informative in your responses.

    If there are legitimate reasons why it's not feasible for the unions to work in solidarity, that's a real shame. But it seems that it's not so simple and that there ARE major disadvantages to Equity pursuing that, and I appreciate that you explained that.

    actorsmom 10/22/2017  12:17pm

    I don't mean to be picking a fight, but I have to ask this, yes, you are right, obviously we can't ask all SDC directors to only use aea actors and vice versa, but, it was also explicitly mentioned in he above release, that this was not to all non-union tours, but merely the ones produced by troika, big league and Networks. Which are the big three in terms of producing the non-we legs of broadway shows. Since the abundance of these tours is one of the most hot buttoned issues, especially considering many tours are starting to begin non-eq, or go non-eq while the broadway production is still running (I.e Kinky Boots), is it actually not possible to see if we can negotiate with the SDC to at least not direct tours for those three? I'm genuinely asking, tone can be hard to read,

    Also, Not to add uncecessary fuel to the fire, but Baylok Lee must have been an AEA member at one point, as she started as a performer, are we cure she gave up her membership?

    ThisCloseToQuitting 10/22/2017  2:27pm

    Sid, is there a way for me to contact you to ask a question about this? I want to clarify a few things for a future job but am not comfortable posting publicly.

    WheninDoubtMixitOut 10/22/2017  3:45pm
  • Last Call: Masterclass 10/24 10/22/2017  2:33pm

    Hi y'all!

    Amy Marie Stewart here. Just wanted to send out a last call for my vocal studio's first masterclass!

    THIS Tuesday, 10/24
    Shetler Studios

    If you've ever been curious to get another voice teacher's opinion, without having to shell out the $95+ for a full lesson, this is a great way to get an extra opinion for a little less.

    - $45 to participate
    - $35 to sing (without feedback)
    - $5 to observe

    (That second option is for folks who have a new cut, don't necessarily want to be coached, but JUST want a safe space to sing through new rep for a group with an awesome pianist. I just think it's important we have more opportunities to do that too, ya know?)

    Email to confirm your spot:

    If you can't make it this time, don't fret -- aiming to offer this the last Tuesday of EVERY month during audition season. To get details on our next one, join my Facebook group, at:


  • NAB - Ask An Actor/Real Estate Agent 10/22/2017  2:19pm

    Hey All!

    I'm creating a webseries about what it's like being an Actor with a day job as a Real Estate Agent. It exists to answer any questions people have about: Auditions/Scheduling, Getting Your License, Renting (How To), Buying/Selling (How To), Going away on contract and maintaining the job, etc. etc. etc.

    If you're interested and have questions, please follow the link below to the first episode of the series, LIKE, and ask your questions in the comments section. I am trying to build love for it before I make it truly "public" on Youtube.

    I think this could be informative for people who live in/look for apartments, i.e. Everyone.

    Here's the link:

    Thanks All!

    Joseph Redman