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  • NAB: Gallery Players 07/22/2016  8:24pm

    Has anyone ever done a show with the Gallery Players in Brooklyn? I've found some reviews of their shows but am not very familiar with them. Thanks!


    Hit and miss. Evita was horrific and embarrassing. Parade was fantastic. So literally hit and miss. Is pretty much community theater

    Mimimarquez 07/22/2016  8:52pm

    It's an alright gig IF the commute from your apartment is decent, IF you're not doing anything else, and IF it's a show you really want to do. Otherwise it's just a loooonng rehearsal process for a show way out in Brooklyn.

    connectioninanisolatingage 07/22/2016  10:22pm
    actorsmom 07/22/2016  11:06pm

    Agree with what everyone else is saying except that it's NOT community theater...

    Rain On my Parade 07/23/2016  11:59pm

    They hire different directors for each show so it's a hit and miss. Like the above person said, Evita was kind of bad. But parade was good. It's a place that does equity showcase so everyone in the cast gets to turn in press kits for industry people that come to see the show. Only equity get paid and get solo dressing rooms. It's a great experience of you love whatever show they're putting on. If you want it on your resume then go for it. It's quite competitive!!!

    AuditionSeason2016Sux 07/24/2016  5:08pm
  • Question: Callback song vs. Initial song 07/24/2016  1:48pm

    Would you always sing the song you sang for your initial audition for a callback?

    I sang one song for an audition for a theater's season and was called back for a specific show and role (yay!).
    The role I am called back for is literally the opposite of what I sang -- the role is a precocious young person who sings in a more pop style (I found this from old breakdowns) and the song I sang initially was motherly and contemporary legit. Looking at clips of the production/the composer's other work, the style isn't that pop-py.

    I had asked about style and the person scheduling the audition (an Assistant, I believe) said sing anything that shows you can sing, any style.

    Should I sing the same song b/c that is what got me called back or choose something different that is more aligned with the role?

    Thanks in advance!


    Obviously use your best judgement, but if it were me, I would sing what you do best i.e. the song that got you the callback. They can always ask for a second song, and if they had an imagination the first time I'm sure they will still be able to think outside the box

    Curiousmindwants2know 07/24/2016  4:19pm

    Thanks very much, @Curiousminds!
    Your advice makes sense. And yes, that's true, they can totally ask for a 2nd song.

    soleil. 07/24/2016  4:32pm
  • NAB: SELLING LADUCAS 07/24/2016  3:36pm

    Did you miss the LaDuca sale?

    That's okay! Becaaaause I am selling a practically new pair of 3 inch, Elizabeth soft soles! Price negotiable, bought them for 245. We can discuss :) if you want them.


    Yooooo what's that size and color tho

    dinkleberg 07/24/2016  4:04pm
  • Are CDs/Theaters/etc. understanding when - 07/17/2016  11:09pm

    - you turn down a gig specifically because your gut is telling you that it's NOT time for you to get your card? No shade to AEA, truly - something in me is just telling me that it isn't my time yet.

    I'm just concerned about the people giving me this opportunity feeling extremely offended if I say no to them. I don't want to burn any sort of bridge with them for the future...


    1. You never need to explain to anyone except you (and your agent if they worked to get you this job) why you're turning down work.

    2. Now that's established: I personally don't understand why you auditioned for the job then? If your only reason to not take the work is that you will join AEA, take the job, you don't have to join ever. There was a huge thread about this a week ago and union rules were explained

    3. If you really do want to turn it down, I would not recommend saying it's because of the union because a casting director will say what I said "why did this person even waste our time then?"

    Kinda morning rambling here but you get the picture

    TheYoungMan 07/18/2016  8:33am

    Wouldn't you be able to negotiate and take the job but not the cars with it?

    Showbizdreamer 07/18/2016  8:45am

    also, you never HAVE to take your card in order to do a gig right?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/18/2016  8:46am

    Correct. You can work under a union contract, but if you never mail in the membership application then you won't join. It's illegal to force someone to join the union.

    littleeagle 07/18/2016  10:50am

    *pan to Bailee in the corner, drinking wine, pissed thay Non Eq can be on Broadway*

    Bailee1416 07/19/2016  3:11pm

    I would give my left leg to get my card. Lots of people would, get it!

    afinelifeindeed 07/24/2016  3:15pm
  • If you weren't an actor... 07/23/2016  11:29pm

    Curious to know, just for fun, what you all would be if you weren't an actor? Or: what would you currently go and study/train to be if you could as a survival passion between gigs?

    I'd go to culinary school. I love to cook, and I have a dream of opening a restaurant that also serves as serving for the homeless; having a place where they can get clean clothes and a shower, then get a hot meal either in the dining room with respect, or to go, free of charge. Also I would love to hire homeless looking for work.

    And go!


    Nothing it's all I'd ever want to be and more. I'm the best goddamn ballet dancer at American ballet academy who the hell are you? NOBODY

    consignhc 07/23/2016  11:48pm

    I'm hoping the above response was in a jokey fashion. The absence of"tone of voice" on the internet, makes life difficult sometimes.


    I've always been interested in psychology. When I was just working regular jobs here in the city,and considering giving up all together, I pondered going back to school. I've always found it rewarding to help someone. It's been proven that empathy is a huge trait in artists, so it makes sense to hear your desire to help, as well.

    Artemis1 07/24/2016  9:24am

    Considering what consignhc was quoting, it can only be taken as joke ;) that movie is so damn quotable! Please don't say you've never seen the treasure that is center stage!! #turnoutjody

    As for me...hmmm, I do have other interests, but not enough to be a career choice, BUT I recall when I was still in grade school, I wanted to be a CSI...the actual show inspired that childhood ambition ;)
    But lately I've been thinking, I've always had a love for animals, especially the marine kind. I love the ocean and I love ocean animals. I think I'd just want to work with animals in general as a humane society member or something if I didn't love to sing as much as I do.

    Showbizdreamer 07/24/2016  9:50am

    Oh my god. I'm sorry! I should have known! I just saw that movie two weeks ago. =-O

    Artemis1 07/24/2016  11:47am
  • Cruise q 07/22/2016  5:55pm

    If you get offered a cruise contract but don't like the ports, is it douchey to email the company back and ask if there is any way to switch onto a different itinerary?


    In a word, yes. They are hiring you for a show, not for your personal vacation. A lot of thought went into the decision, such as if you are capable of the choreo/vocal part, if you are compatible height-wise with the rest of the cast, etc. Once you have done several contracts with the same company, you will be able to request which ships you want, and it's okay to turn it down if it's not what you want without burning bridges, but I can almost guarantee if this is your first contract offer, they are not going to bend over backwards to put you on another ship.

    nyc_etoile 07/22/2016  10:45pm

    Yeah, you can't pull that kind of diva crap until your 3rd or 4th contract.
    They'll take it as a cue that you are difficult and just go to the next vocalist on the list.

    Juror #8 07/23/2016  10:07am don't want to work the gig don't like 'the ports'??

    Do you know how many folks would KILL to have this be their problem??????

    Rain On my Parade 07/23/2016  11:54pm

    Hi I see all of your points. This post was in regards to a conversation I had with a friend who is not in this world (she's opera), and she wasn't understanding my point when I spoke to her. I wanted to poll the Internet and show her others' opinions. Point made.

    Mouse99 07/24/2016  11:38am
  • NYC life 07/22/2016  8:30pm

    I'm so tired of having to live in NYC to be in this career. I know it's possible outside of here, but it's just not the same work you get as working FROM here.

    Why is everything so expensive? And hot? and freaking CROWDED?!

    Ya feel me?


    Girl bye. I take the heat anyday. I much rather go to the audition in 90 degree weather then go in the middle of a fucking blizzard to do a non equity line in 20 degree weather!

    Mimimarquez 07/22/2016  8:51pm

    ^^ so you would rather NYC in the summer than winter.


    Bailee1416 07/23/2016  6:24pm

    The idea of trying to look cute and sound good in either circumstance sucks. I don't want to walk into an audition dripping with sweat. Or pealing off layers.

    Smactor 07/23/2016  6:55pm

    ^^^das why you bring yo change of clothes and a towel....

    Rain On my Parade 07/23/2016  11:52pm

    You don't have to live in NYC to be a successfully working actor...I did live in NYC for 12 years but now live in CT full time going on 6 years now...I jump on the train from New Haven and I'm into Grand Central 2 hours later..I pop into NYC now all the time for auditions. When you book a gig (for me, it's usually regional, out of town gigs) then I get flown out of Hartford/Bradley Intl. airport instead of NYC ones...and if they offer me train as transportation, then I take the Amtrak out of New Haven as well... I have a end of summer/early fall gig coming up in Boston and I negotiated my car in the contract instead of the Amtrak.... you can do that too if it's in the New England area... there is more planning to be had and the formula changes a little, but you can still be a working actor living outside of NYC and still not have to cut off all of your ties there...I just popped into the city this past weekend for a friend's concert and NYMF show and it was great... hopefully some helpful advice... ;)

    beltress101 07/24/2016  9:53am

    San Francisco
    Washington, DC
    Central Florida
    Minneapolis/St. Paul
    South Florida
    St. Louis
    San Diego
    Kansas City

    These (and more) cities are places where you can make a living and career as a professional actor.

    You don't have to live in New York or Los Angeles to make a life in this industry. You only have to live there is your goal is to get famous or rich doing it.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 07/24/2016  10:19am

    I live in Philly and I actually like it better than when I lived in NYC. I work everywhere from Richmond,VA to NYC and traveling from Philly to all of these places is easy. Plus there's lots of work in Philly. The cost of living in Philly is MUCH cheaper. For example, I live in a beautiful 3 bedroom large house in South Philly where the rent is $1400/month (split between 4 people!!). I work at my day job several days a week (standardized patient- there's a lot of that work in Philly and it's flexible)- and audition/rehearsal/film the other days. The cheaper living costs also allow me to live much better than when I was in NYC, and I think I'm working just as much, if not more. We've also been getting lots of transplants from NYC to Philly as of late. It's definitely doable in other cities :)

    Glamron 07/24/2016  11:00am
  • SoR rush 07/22/2016  3:41pm

    Anyone ever done a School of Rock rush? Or is there even one in terms of lower price tickets? Just trying to get an idea of the prices. It obviously is more popular than I realized because the full price tickets are prreettyyyy pricey.
    The theater's box office isn't picking up lolz, hence I ask here!

    littleeagle 07/22/2016  5:03pm

    I did the online lottery about 6 times before I won the there's that.

    Rain On my Parade 07/24/2016  12:02am
  • What can we do? 07/08/2016  11:27am

    What can we do as artists to be comrades to the black community? Are there benefits happening? Cabarets? Are any shows making curtain speeches in light of what's happening? How can I help beyond further educating myself?



    crashtheparty 07/09/2016  3:10am

    Actress Brie Larson has been retweeting information about various charities to donate to and activist groups that you can join :)! I found her page to be quite helpful in finding a bunch of different ways to try and help out. Thanks for bringing it up!

    Art=Life 07/09/2016  9:04am

    Ps: Oh and sorry, I know you specifically asked what we can do as artists but since I haven't heard of any theatre-specific benefits going on in the city right now, I'd thought I'd share some other info :).

    Art=Life 07/09/2016  9:09am

    Thank you! That's super helpful. I'm actually organizing a benefit, and have been looking to see what charity might be the most beneficial to give the proceeds to. :)

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/09/2016  9:20am

    The one thing off hand I can think of beyond educating ourselves is at least attempting to educate others.
    I actually had to explain BLM to my brother the other day, and it was still "But..."
    Now, while SOME of his rebuttal wasn't wholly incorrect, he still was pretty much ignoring the real problem at hand. No one is saying that ONLY blacks get killed by police, that's foolish to say otherwise, what IS being said is that their likelihood of getting killed in comparison to their white counterparts is significantly higher. The ratio is so disproportionate thanks to the stupidity of stigmas and stereotypes.
    Educating others may be hard to do, as we all know by now....offfff. But I dare say no one disparaging BLM is 'racist' per se. Just ignorant. And ignorance is waaaayyyyyy more easily cured than racism. Racism is something inherent and buried deep within years or centuries of something taught. Like that certain song from South Pacific says ;)
    But ignorance is just not living with awareness. How one makes other aware is the question. I love my family to death, but just merely living in different places, ESPECIALLY here, has made me so damn aware of the realities of the issue at hand. My family still lives in their 'inner part of Cali' white middle class bubble. It's not bad, it just makes them unaware and ignorant because they don't see what we see on a regular basis.
    I know I went on a bit of tangent, but I've been holding back a lot, because I've had no one to talk to about this...and of course if ones family is ignorant, the listening from either side isn't likely to happen to well.

    Showbizdreamer 07/09/2016  9:30am

    I should say racism is something 'more inherent' rather than just inherent. But the sentiment still stands.

    This whole thing makes me want to just splurge and buy myself Zootopia and just cuddle up with it and a glass of wine. I refuse to let my views on others and other groups be rules by stigmas and stereotypes.

    Showbizdreamer 07/09/2016  9:34am

    I think the best thing any allies--artists or not--can do is just speak up. Call people out when you see that they don't understand the reality of what's going on. Don't just yell at them and call them racists. But really take the time to talk to them calmly and explain how their limited experiences may limit their understanding.

    Yes. It will be hard. It will be uncomfortable. But for some of your fellow Americans just living daily life is hard. Just living is uncomfortable. In fact, it's down right dangerous. The least we can do is use a little of our privilege to have an uncomfortable conversation to try to help them breathe a little easier.

    As actors most of us live in metropolitan centers like NYC, LA, Chicago and the like. But many of us have moved from small towns where family and friends still live and have never been exposed to anything outside their limited scope of America. Talk to them. Broaden their horizons. Ask them questions they've never asked themselves.

    I know these are sad and scary times. I know it's easy to feel powerless and want to give up.

    But expressing sympathy and asking "What can I do?" then waiting for the next tragedy isn't enough. Take initiative.

    Here are some great specific resources:

    ProjectAmIRight 07/09/2016  7:53pm

    Sorry if this is a can of worms, but I totally agree with you showbizdreamer, but we can only meet each other half way. My whole concern/argument, is that look what happened in Houston. And countless other times when because of these police attacks (which I agree are insanely wrong), black people have fought back by killing police. Like WTF. Have we not learned throughout history that an eye for an eye NEVER WORKS. And I feel like no one is addressing that at all. I think the original #blacklivesmatter came from a good place, but as most things with our country, we've fucked it up. So it's not that I don't support it, I think people just use it as a scapegoat.

    Also, I think, as a culture/race, the whole country needs to examine WHY this stereotype exists and how we can overcome it. I don't think it's a "black" thing at all. I think it's a "thug" thing. I think if you were walking down the street and 4 black guys were walking past you with Lacoste polos on and talking, you'd be fine. But 4 guys in baggy sweats with hoods up would probably freak anyone out. I don't think that's racism. I think that's just being cautious.

    Singin' George Seurat 07/09/2016  9:42pm

    Again sorry to open a can of worms, so if this is seen as like being a troll or whatever, please just ignore. Not my intention at all!

    Singin' George Seurat 07/09/2016  9:43pm

    No I agree with that too SingingGeorge! And you too Project :)
    I live my whole life around the concept of balance, compromise, etc. any synonym in the book, but most everyone around me is so far to an extreme paradigm that I get shunned, ostracized, lectured, etc. for it from EITHER side, and I've spent my life shunned and ostracized as it is without this...
    It seems no one can see the middle ground anymore, and THAT scares me. I'm trying to get my family to see beyond their 'small (ish) town' bubble to come to the middle ground with me, but it's gotten me into big arguments with them. I've even called them out on this as best I could without sounding judgemental, but I still get a huge tongue lashing from my parents.
    One same family member even posted that stupid article going around why BLM is dangerous...??????? When I read it could see SOME truth in it, but very little. Some people involved in BLM certainly are hateful and would rather see police dead, etc. and that NOT right either. But that percentage of BLM activists who believe that is so small, it's not worth paying attention to them. I still couldn't believe that family member couldn't see past those stereotypes and be ignorant enough to post something like that. But unless they "get out of dodge" once in a while, they'll never see all this. Living outside of my hometown is what it took for me to see it, and frankly unless we ALL do the same, nothing will change. But I hope that doesn't mean the fight stops.

    Showbizdreamer 07/09/2016  10:10pm

    But it IS dangerous. And I don't think that's being disrespectful to anyone. Cops were shot and killed. Look at all the riots it has caused, the looting, etc. I just don't think THAT is the way to deal with the situation. And that is what no one is speaking about because this country is obsessed with people picking sides. Democrats. Republicans, blah blah blah. Who cares. Both sides are in the wrong and this needs to stop. And that's the issue I have. People are trying to play the victim card HARD. I don't think, in my heart of hearts, that a cop is going to shoot an innocent man for no reason. Sure, sure sure. The reason vary and absolutely the cop might have been in the wrong. but there are so many grey sides to every story that I can't speak one way or the other.

    And for your enjoyment: The brilliant Chris Rock.

    Singin' George Seurat 07/09/2016  10:39pm

    STOP...trying to audition for Hamilton....

    Rain On my Parade 07/10/2016  1:53am

    Fatniss, if your benefit is open to the public, I would love to here details and try to attend and support!

    Art=Life 07/10/2016  10:49am


    Art=Life 07/10/2016  10:49am

    Singin' George Seurat first off nothing happened in Houston. It was Dallas. But given all the nonsense in the rest of your post it makes sense you know absolutely zero details.

    What looting are you talking about? What countless other police killing by snipers who weren't a part of the protest are your referring to? Can you actually pay attention to details?

    thelordvarysofacting 07/10/2016  1:52pm

    Sorry I don't spend all day watching the news and dissecting every detail.

    And my post was referring to ALL the police brutality of the past few years, not just this one incident.

    I know most of America likes to worry about one thing at a time, like how suddenly the Orlando situation has just been brushed aside.

    Singin' George Seurat 07/10/2016  9:07pm back to the original point of my post....

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/11/2016  10:54am

    There is an artists' organizing group called "ACRE" (Artists Co-creating Racial Equity)

    Here is some info:
    Artists Co-Creating Real Equity (ACRE)
    a monthly meet-up of artists (performing arts, visual arts, creative writing, etc), cultural workers, and cultural advocates working to understand and undo racism in our field and in our daily lives, in affiliation with The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond
    When: 2nd Sunday of the month
    Time: 1:00-3:00pm
    Where: Restoration Youth Arts Academy building within The Restoration Plaza.
    Fulton Street between Brooklyn Avenue and New York
    2nd floor in studio B

    Take the A, C or E train to Nostrand Avenue, walk one block up Fulton to New York and make a right into the Plaza. Follow the walkway path passed the Chase Bank and on the right is the building labeled 247 Herkimer.
    Facilitators: Maria

    benny 07/11/2016  3:27pm

    what's sad is that we congratulated ourselves so hard for having black people win Tonys and for being more inclusive than the Oscars, but as a community we do so little when tragedies like this strike the Black community.
    Also, "thug" is an incredibly racialized term, and your ideas are coming from racism, Singing George.

    Fatniss, I hope your benefit goes/went well! What you're doing is an awesome move, and education is always so so important.

    SarahBrownEyes 07/17/2016  4:51pm

    Just saw this event on Facebook for a BLM benefit on August 1st at The West End Lounge that I think would interest a lot of people here:

    lululemming 07/23/2016  1:35pm

    That's the one I'm organizing! Please come and support!

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/23/2016  9:43pm
  • NAB - I.T.S Models and Talent 07/21/2016  11:51am

    Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of them and if so, what their thoughts are. They just messaged me via Backstage to discuss representation but didn't really specify what for. They don't really seem to have many clients actively working in theatre, but do have some working in TV/Film.


    Bump. Anyone?

    Little_Oak 07/22/2016  7:59pm

    I have seen other people ask about this agency before. They are based out of Lancaster, PA. I currently live in Philly, am very familiar with the agents in PA, and have never heard of this one. I do not believe they are Union franchised. Some of these agents in non-central locations charge a fee to be in their website, and I'm curious if this is one of them. I've seen several people say this agency reached out to them from Backstage.

    Glamron 07/23/2016  8:26am

    I got contacted by them via Casting Networks last year. Didn't seem legit enough so I didn't respond.

    stagelover3 07/23/2016  9:05am