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  • Drop the mic, ya'll.

    coffeeexpress 02/08/2016  11:03am

    You know what's fucked up? That a valentine's day ad remained on my screen for 30 seconds before I could read the article. #metaphorformylife #single #andmingle

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/08/2016  11:22am

    I've actually learned to enjoy Valentines Day, as this is my 7th year single for the holiday. I buy half priced chocolate and a bottle of champagne. For me. And do whatever I want.

    Ok...who am I kidding. That's a normal Tuesday. But really I don't hate it. Pink hearts do it for me

    Bailee1416 02/08/2016  11:50am
  • NAB: Terrible Keys to Play In 02/07/2016  11:47pm

    How much will an accompanist hate me if I come in with music that has six sharps? It's rare sheet music that I can't find in any other key, so I'd have to pay for it to be transposed and transcribed. And besides that, I like how this key fits my voice. But as someone who also plays an instrument, I know that throwing six sharps in front of someone is kind of shitty.


    Would it be possible for you to cross out the six sharps and replace them with one flat? It's only a half step lower.

    bwaylvsong 02/08/2016  12:01am

    True, but I don't want it to look messy. And then I'd have to go through and change any/all chords written above. Ergggg. Been a long time since I did that. I'm wondering what accompanists think (not that your input was invalid).

    texicalyorker 02/08/2016  12:12am

    Several things: First, I respectfully disagree with bwaylvsong. If you change the key, you'll also have to change any accidentals. And, on top of that, crossing something out and writing over it (or next to it) is very visually confusing when you're reading music...especially if you're sight reading.

    So, quick questions: How difficult is the song? Like, is this a simple, classic ballad with fairly standard chord changes and few unusual rhythms? Or a contemporary up tempo with lots of accidentals and complex structures? If it's more along the lines of the former, it should be okay. But anything even slightly might be setting yourself up for failure.

    And then: How often do you foresee yourself using this song in auditions? If the answer is often (or even relatively often), it's probably worth just sucking it up and paying for someone to transpose the music for you. It may be a chunk of money at first, but if you think this song could book you work, then it's worth the investment. And if you don't think that it's worth the money to get it transposed...well, then it's probably worth just not singing that song and finding something similar.

    TenorGuy 02/08/2016  1:42am


    TenorGuy 02/08/2016  1:55am

    If you have any friends who are accompanists, I would suggest asking them. If not, feel free to send me your sheet music (or a sample) to my username and I will happily tell you if it is troublesome to me.

    My general feeling is that if you are an accompanist in NYC, you had better be able to sight read anything. And I mean ANYTHING. As long as the singer and the pianist are in good communication, it should be fine. And, as a composer, I can tell you that keys make a difference. The entire intention of a song can change based on the key, so if you're able to keep all your work in the key you already have it in, don't change it.

    MotherMonsterApproved 02/08/2016  3:22am

    MMA: In the best case scenario, every audition accompanist could play anything. But in reality, sight reading while also following a singer is an incredibly difficult and rare skill...even some brilliant pianists aren't great at it. And even the ones who are fantastic at it are bound to mess up every once in a while, especially on a day where they're playing hundreds of auditions. So choosing a song that's relatively accompanist friendly is just about improving the odds that you'll have a worry-free audition.

    And of course I don't mean to imply that we should only choose simple music for auditions. We have to assume that any accompanist will be able to play just about anything...within reason. But handing someone a piece in F sharp major with tons of accidentals that changes meter between 7/8 and 12/8 is just setting the accompanist and therefore yourself up for failure. I think the OP is smart to consider the key of this piece. If it's a relatively playable song aside from the key, it shouldn't be any problem. But if it's somewhat difficult to play on top of being in a difficult key, it's not going to be an ideal audition piece.

    TenorGuy 02/08/2016  9:14am

    @tenorguy: for sure. I work pretty regularly as an accompanist and pianist, and know that a great pianist does not a great accompanist (or even sight reader) make. It is a specific skillset, and I was just relating my POV that New York accompanists should be able to sight read, though I know there is the rare nyc accompanist that is not great at it.

    As to the OPs original question however, playing in F# is not terribly difficult, and since there was no mention of accidentals or meter changes I would think it would be fine. And as I said, I'm happy to look at it (or anyone's for that matter!) and give my input.

    MotherMonsterApproved 02/08/2016  9:46am

    I'm with you. And it's very cool of you to offer to look at people's stuff!

    Just as a silly side note: I grew up playing piano, but stopped taking lessons pretty young, so I still play, but I'm pretty mediocre. So my litmus test for audition difficulty is this: If I think I could play something reasonably well after several weeks of working on it, an audition accompanist should be able to sight read it. Haha!

    TenorGuy 02/08/2016  10:37am
  • musicalwarrior

    Oh, that's right, today is the Season Finale of the NFL show!

    MissKait08 02/07/2016  2:06pm
    MotherMonsterApproved 02/07/2016  8:02pm

    The straight oscars interrupted the Beyoncé show....

    Rain On my Parade 02/07/2016  10:22pm

    The half-time show was all kinds of awful.

    Was the budget slashed this year?

    Where were the surprises?

    Why does her new song kind of suck?

    Why did Chris Martin just kind of stand in the background while Mars and Beyonce had an awkward dance battle?

    Why is Bruno Mars still pimping out that song?

    Aktin 02/07/2016  10:35pm

    Because the song is amazing and Bruno fucking nailed it?

    thejollyraja 02/07/2016  11:59pm

    ^YUP. He actually surprised me. He was one of the best parts (next to queen B)

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/08/2016  12:40am

    @rainonmyparade, I'm pretty sure the Oscars are the "straight Oscars". The Superbowl is far more diverse too.

    MotherMonsterApproved 02/08/2016  3:26am

    The super bowl was more diverse than the Oscars...

    5678AND 02/08/2016  8:44am
  • Day of sign ups- ECC 02/08/2016  12:44am

    Is there any reason that Non union folk can sign up for an ECC list on the day of, but union have to wait and make a line? Just curious.
    Yes I know I should should go to AEA at some point the week before, but 1.) I'm lazy 2.) sometimes I can't 3.) etc. etc. etc.

    Would just be nice if a call was at 2, and I could go and sign up on the day of Men's ECC list in the morning or something.


  • NAB: Two minutes, two songs-- EPA? 02/07/2016  9:59am

    Wanted to get a consensus: I know we have two minutes in the room for EPA's. For these whole season cattle calls, is it ok to sing two 16-bar cuts rather than one 32 even if they don't specifically ask for it? I notice some mention it in the breakdown, others don't.



    Here's what you do: Be prepared to either do one or two cuts. Then, when you walk in, say hello, then ask, "I'd love to sing two 16 bar cuts instead of one 32...would you mind?" If they say they don't mind, go for it. If they say they'd rather hear one, do that. As long as you're succinct, pleasant, and confident when you ask, only a huge jerk will have a problem with you asking.

    Side note: I think it's easy to forget that an audition is a collaboration between us, the accompanist, and, yes, the folks behind the table. In most cases, people behind the table WANT you to asking a quick question is rarely a problem. That includes, "Do you mind if I do two 16s?", "Do you mind if I sing something from the show?", and "At the intitial call, I sang [song] you want to hear that again, or do prefer a ballad this time?" Again, as long as you're asking something meaningful, doing it nicely, and not wasting anyone's time, it's not a problem.

    TenorGuy 02/07/2016  10:41am

    ^^^^^ sound advice

    BFAinServing 02/07/2016  11:24am

    Thanks for the posts!

    baseball-dude 02/08/2016  12:01am
  • Taxes - specific to tour 02/05/2016  9:51pm

    Hey hey, so I usually do my own taxes but they've been more straightforward in the past. So I was on tour twice this year, and after I left NYC. So I'm claiming as a partial NYC resident... So now they want to know which jobs I want to claim in NYC. Turbo tax wanted to claim all my restaurant stuff (obviously) but both the tours' tax info is out of NYC but I wasn't working in NYC with that job.

    I know that's super specific, but I'm sure I'm not the only one in this position.
    Any thoughts?


    Hmm reading that, it's either too much or not enough info. I guess the real question is, do you claim tours as a NYC job?

    iamplayingme 02/05/2016  9:54pm

    were you only given ONE W2 for the entire tour? Or were you given something like multiple 1099s for each new tour destination?

    Rain On my Parade 02/06/2016  4:38am

    One w2 for each tour, but it has a NYC address. I think the real issue is that I moved out of NYC for part of the year...

    iamplayingme 02/06/2016  5:20am

    You claim income based on where you live not where the business is located.

    So for example:
    you had an apartment in NYC form 1/1-5/31.
    You then moved to PA form 6/1-12/31.

    You would claim the income in each state for the those above time periods.

    ActorAccountant 02/06/2016  9:42pm

    from, from. typing too fast ugh

    ActorAccountant 02/06/2016  9:42pm

    Thank you! Yeah I think this year might just be out of my league.

    iamplayingme 02/07/2016  4:23pm

    Hey Actor accountant - can I pick your brain while you're here? I had acting income this year as well as dayjob income (more of that, cus my dayjob pays more) - both W2s - do I claim deductions against all of my income or like only up to the amount of acting work? Or is this far too complex to ask here....

    emuhe 02/07/2016  4:41pm

    @emhue- you need $6200 in deductions to not have the standard and itemize.
    There is no separation when dealing with w2s and deductions. So gather them up and write off away, but if you haven't spent more than that $6k (you only get 50% of meals fyi) then you don't need to bother.

    This is the biggest misconception I see. Folks put they are a performing artist and then write off dues, commission, headshots , classes, etc but the total is only $2500. That doesn't due anything for you so there is no point in listing.
    Hope that answers your question.
    And anyone else looking for tax assistance I charge under $100 and currently have open times (I do this on the side from my other full time job and auditioning). I am going to create a different gmail to not give away my anonymity shortly and will post.

    ActorAccountant 02/07/2016  8:01pm

    Thank you! I'll do some math and see what I come up with :)

    emuhe 02/07/2016  10:27pm
  • ^^^^^^^^This.
    All of this.

    MissKait08 02/06/2016  3:25pm


    showbizdreamer 02/06/2016  6:38pm

    Thank you!

    chorine 02/06/2016  6:56pm


    CompensatedPaperweight 02/06/2016  9:50pm

    I totally get this and feel like it is the same as when I'm at work and people call to find out what the wait time will be in 3 hours (bitch, I don't have a crystal ball).

    BUT, I feel like it is helpful to know if people have been to those theatre's calls before and could offer any sort of educated guess based on how things have been before. More often than not I feel like that is all people are asking for. As someone who has done audition season while coming in from out of state it can be really help in terms of whether you should come in the night before or would be safe commuting in that morning.

    So maybe it should all just be phrased as "how did this call go last year"?

    Obviously we don't have a concrete or sure answer but it's a stressful time (and a lot of people's first audition seasons), let's all be kind and helpful :)

    Sunflowersky 02/06/2016  11:50pm

    But a non-eq at a season EPA = no go. Non-eq at a big, famous theater's EPA who is doing a show that we all are dying to do = no go.

    Non-Eq tend to far better in the off-seasons. Or the smaller theaters. It's all a matter of lucky honestly.

    Aktin 02/07/2016  1:42am

    I still think it's situational. There had been some companies I got seen at two years in a row as a non eq then the third did not.

    Bailee1416 02/07/2016  3:50am

    As a non-eq and this being my first season, I don't ask to decide if I'm going into the city or not. I'm going to get up before dawn to get on the train and show up and see if I get seen.

    When there are 4 or 5 season EPAs in one day, or there are particular auditions that everyone wants to go to, I figure I have a better chance at getting seen at others. It's true that it's mostly luck. I've gotten seen at a couple EPAs already.

    I just know that if I DON'T go into the city, then I'm definitely not getting seen. That's why I don't bother to ask.

    MissKait08 02/07/2016  9:39am

    Agreed. I've only been here two weeks and have been seen at 3 different EPAs. A big name (Book of Mormon), Nerds (Not as known) and The View upstairs (a workshop). If i hadn't gone, my chances to be seen woul'dve definitely been zero.

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  8:06pm

    No one is arguing if you don't go you won't get seen lol. Just saying it's hard to know if they will. And it's pointless asking. Just check audition update, call a friend or schlep in like the rest of the world

    Bailee1416 02/07/2016  9:38pm

    I know, that's what I meant. The people who ask if non-eq will get seen are the ones who want an easy answer. There is no easy answer in this business, sometimes you have to get up before dawn and wait all day and not get seen. And sometimes after doing that for a few days, you get some luck and get seen. But you have to put in the work.

    MissKait08 02/07/2016  10:25pm
  • NAB: EPA by appointment Question 02/04/2016  10:54pm

    An out-of-town theatre is having auditions for a play I'm perfect for but they are only doing EPA by appointments. I am union but I've never seen an audition that was EPA by appointment so had a question - if you don't get an appointment, are you able to go the morning of and sign up on the equivalent of an alternate list where they will squeeze you in if there's time, or do they run like a closed off appointment audition? I'm just trying to work out if it's worth it to schlep to the audition if I don't get an appointment! Thanks for your help!


    You should be able to get an appointment, I'm Non Eq and get "equity appointments" all the time.

    But I'm not positive about day of if you don't get one.

    Bailee1416 02/04/2016  11:21pm

    I apologize, I meant to say local equity appointments, to bensure clear

    Bailee1416 02/04/2016  11:22pm

    yes, i believe they do standby.

    coffeeexpress 02/04/2016  11:57pm

    Thanks @coffeeexpress - that's just what I needed to know!

    playground91 02/07/2016  10:16pm
  • If you're Union it'll be a headache. Non-Union? at least we get to sleep in.

    Aktin 02/07/2016  7:25pm

    what do u mean we'll get to sleep in?

    diegorcano 02/07/2016  7:27pm

    Well those theaters all hold open call days later. And the chances of getting seen at any of their EPAs is a HUGE shot in the dark. Not telling you what to do, but I'd say instead of busting your ass to get to every call to sign up and sit in a holding room all day, I'd just take the day off.

    Aktin 02/07/2016  7:50pm

    I've only seen open call for Fingerlakes on wednesday

    flyingtenor 02/07/2016  7:53pm

    That's because their EPA was last week.

    texicalyorker 02/07/2016  7:54pm

    so there's an open call for the rest other than the ECCs? or are you referring to the ECCs as the open call?

    flyingtenor 02/07/2016  8:02pm

    Noneq and EMC: there is no point in trying to be seen at the Ogunquit or Sacramento Equity calls. It won't happen.

    curtainsandblinds 02/07/2016  9:03pm

    I agree. It'll be a shitshow. Does NSMT have an open call...?

    Wackawacka 02/07/2016  9:43pm

    EMC have a good chance of getting scene at NSMT's EPAs because there are four day. I got seen last year. They also have have calls for each show that often include some kind of open call (usually dance).
    But literally no one should waste their time at any of the Ogunquit or Sacramento equity calls.

    curtainsandblinds 02/07/2016  10:11pm

    ^^^^lolz right??
    Anyways yes I've seen in the past they have bits it's not until a little later? Maybe?

    And to answer the open call question, yeah finger lakes open call is this week, I don't recall when, and Ogunquit is this coming weekend.

    showbizdreamer 02/07/2016  10:11pm

    My first part was for for wackawacka

    showbizdreamer 02/07/2016  10:12pm
  • Waiter Tax Help? 02/07/2016  9:31pm

    Anyone know anyone who specializes in doing taxes for waiters/servers? This was my first year as a waiter.