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  • Bob Cline address 07/31/2015  11:16pm

    AEA posting gives Bob's address as 888C 8th Ave. Its a UPS/mailbox store, different from the 676A 9th Ave one. And when I went to drop off a p/r they don't seem to know who he is. (Plus his website has a typo [2676A 9th Ave]. Anyone know which is correct?

    Past Tense

    Well, half an answer. the 676 address is closed but folks over at 888C don't have him as a client there.

    Past Tense 08/01/2015  5:56pm

    It's the 888C one. That's what he listed personally on the EPA contact today.

    sosayethi 08/03/2015  12:17am
  • NAB: LaDuca Newbie 08/01/2015  11:41pm

    Hey all.

    First of all, I'm fairly new to this site and it has been super useful for me. I'm a West Coast lady, but this always makes me feel like I'm connected to NY, so thanks!

    Anyway, just got my first pair of LaDucas (!!). I've talked to couple of people but just wanted to poll the peeps on this site -- seems like getting rubber on the soles is the way to go. Does the heel need to be braced? Someone suggested this, but someone else with a pair said that it wasn't really necessary. I'm not a serious dancer by any stretch but obviously want to make these babies last as long as possible. Any other tips about caring for/extending the life of the shoe is appreciated!


    If you're going to be dancing, I personally think the rubber sole will inhibit you. I know I wouldn't be able to turn in them, but everyone is different.

    As far as bracing them, maybe if you have 3" heels. I have two pairs that are 3" without braces and have never had an issue. And one pair is about 7 years old.

    Hope that helps!

    littleeagle 08/02/2015  2:38am

    I would most definitely not do rubber. If you ever have to dance in those shoes on Marley floor, you aren't going to be able to turn at all.

    CantaloupeOak 08/02/2015  2:49pm

    My theory is that if Laducas were meant to be altered after buying them, they would have already came that way. I got my first pair rubberized and I couldn't dance in them so I personally regretted the decision but I did use them as a non-dancing character shoe. But since Laducas are a dancing shoe, I would vote no to doing anything to them. Just my opinion.

    Fizzy14 08/02/2015  2:53pm

    First of all, I'm a HUGE Wing fan, and am this in LOVE with your username. I don't rubber because I like to "feel the floor". I know plenty of dancers who prefer to rubber, it's completely a personal preference and doesn't hurt or extend the shoe. Heel bracing is the same. One huge peice of advice: wipe out the sweat from your shoes. Sweat will really warp the leather. Enjoy your new shoes and welcome to an obsession that will take away your rent money!

    KayBee 08/02/2015  10:37pm

    ive never thought about this before, but I'm sure someone on here knows the answer.... Is it possible to UNrubber them once you rubber them?

    r6 08/02/2015  11:26pm
  • NAB Dorothy Palmer Talent Agency 07/31/2015  7:34pm

    Anybody had experience, either negative or positive, you mind sharing with the Dorothy Palmer Agency (Val specifically)?



    prescribepeace 08/02/2015  10:44pm
  • NAB: Theatre Donations 08/02/2015  8:32am

    I've been to charity events where tickets to Broadway, City Center, off-Broadway shows, etc. have been raffled off...

    I'm organizing a charity event now & would love to do this because we have a huge theatre audience. Does anyone know how this process works, to get 1 or 2 tickets donated? Thanks!!


    I've only heard of tickets being donated by a producer or creative. The big names attached to Broadway shows have specific seats reserved for them for all or certain performances. When the date approaches, if the VIP hasn't indicated they want the seats for that performance they are released to the public to buy at a premium. I have heard of VIPs donating their house seats for a specific date (ei. Jerry Mitchell's house seats for Kinky Boots). I hope this helps!

    flan 08/02/2015  10:12pm
  • Equity Membership 08/01/2015  10:17pm

    Hi all! So I have been offered and accepted an Equity contract. The contract, however, doesn't begin for another month, so officially I'm not yet Equity. Just wondering when I should add it to my resume for audition purposes...anything I book will start after I have my card.


    Add it now! And congratulations! And welcome!

    Thia 08/01/2015  10:54pm

    (if you have signed the contract, you are free to go to AEA and start the relationship immediately!!)

    Thia 08/01/2015  10:55pm

    same thing happened to me when i was equity. I put at the top of my resume "equity as of (date contract starts)". You can't start reaping the benifits till that contract is signed anyway.

    needadrink 08/02/2015  11:27am

    I think "AEA as of xx/xx/xx" is a good way to make it clear.


    Shoot me an email at when you get a chnace.

    Sid Solomon for Equity Council - #SIDforAEA 08/02/2015  6:34pm
  • Today's Heartache 07/31/2015  8:51pm

    Today really hurt my heart.

    I had a great audition this morning, and it really lifted my spirits, after a roller coaster week of auditioning and not much to show for it. I was in a funk and I thought I was coming out of it.

    I saw a friend for lunch and that made me very happy too!

    Then, I got to work. I'm a nanny between contracts, and a pretty damn good one, if I do say so myself. I'm certified in education and caregiving, and tutoring, and allllll the CPR and safety stuff. And on top of all of that, I feel a vibe with kids and we get each other. I've always loved nannying and particularly this job. These little girls lift my spirits in such amazing ways.

    I made a mistake today, and let some time get away from me, while I was helping with the kids' laundry, and I came a few minutes late to the bus pickup from camp. The mom was already there to meet me, because she gets off early from work on Fridays, and instead of showing concern for an out-of-character tardiness, she proceeded to berate and scream at me in the street.

    So there I am on East 86th, completely apologetic, but also feeling frustrated because I messed up one responsibility for the sake of another. It's not an excuse AT ALL, but I feel strongly that mistakes happen and this was an honest one.

    I finished my shift at their apartment, but before I left, I got screamed at again, because once wasn't enough "to get her point across". I came home on the bus completely bereft and devastated. I now know: I have to quit a job that I love, because we will never see eye to eye. Nannying is fucking HARD, and if she can't see how I bust my ass every day to care for her kids and improve their lives, then I can't stick around and be the brunt of someone's rage. I stood up for myself today, but she didn't truly hear me.

    I'm not sure that I even know what I'll do next. But, I miss the theatre so much right now, and I'm at a loss in my safety job -- I just need a change.

    Thanks for listening. I just wanted to reach out a hand to someone. Anyone.


    I'm so sorry :( I'm right there with you! On paper my day-job is great...but it is soul sucking...ESPECIALLY during this dry spell (gig wise).

    HOWEVER, if you really do want a change of pace...I'm happy to refer you to where I work. It's retail, but it's steady money and great benefits. Let me know and we'll connect off of AU.


    AFTC 07/31/2015  9:44pm

    As a nanny-actor myself I SO feel you!!

    I often get yelled at for not doing things that I was never once asked to do, and I don't know about you but I'm way underpaid for the amount of work that they have me do.

    I get by because I really truly love the kids, and whenever I want to quit, I think about how much I would hate other jobs.

    Chin up, tomorrow is another day and you'll feel better!! :)

    itwillbeme1day 07/31/2015  10:12pm

    This is hitting me hardcore right now. I am so so sorry this happened. It is demeaning and unfair and tremendously upsetting no matter how much you tell yourself you didn't deserve that. I have been in this position before, and I am basically in the exact position now.. I don't have an answer really, as I am struggling with whether to leave something that feels really abusive, or just put on my armor and take the money and run. Ultimately, I want to be that person who does not stand to be spoken to like that or publicly embarrassed in such a way. You are owed an apology. If you end up leaving, know that there is an abundance of opportunities around. I should take my own advice... It's not easy. Or maybe it is actually so easy and we are overthinking it. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to say I am so sorry that happened, and I totally feel you. Have a tall glass of wine. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

    benny 08/01/2015  12:33am

    Y'all are truly making me feel better. Thank you for your love and support.

    I'm tendering my resignation as we speak.

    sosayethi 08/01/2015  10:35am

    Hello! I am so sorry to hear you got treated that way. I am a nanny too and it can be hard. I just wanted to say you deserve to be treated with respect no matter what work environment you are in. If she truly did "yell" at you (like screaming), that is completely unacceptable. I know it can be hard to find a good job, but I encourage you to stand up for yourself. When you quit, let her know the way she talked to you was not appropriate and that is not a way to treat another human.
    Also, in the future don't accept that kind of behavior. They need you as much as you need them. You take care of their CHILDREN for god sake! They should treat you well if only for that reason.
    I don't know you personally, but am sure you are a hard worker and take pride in all you do. You deserve better. Maybe this is the universe's way of getting you out of a bad situation and into better work environment somewhere else! Sending you good vibes! Hang in there!

    singinpretty 08/01/2015  11:42am

    Thank you all so much for reaching out. It really has turned my weekend around to hear from each of you!

    sosayethi 08/01/2015  4:58pm

    Apply to work for a babysitting agency instead! You clearly have experience and are a wonderful person who cares about the kids they watch! Many agencies are hiring right now, including Artist Babysitting. These agencies protect sitters, and tend to be flexible with performers!

    ash 08/01/2015  6:16pm

    I can second Artist Babysitting. I've worked with 30+ families through that agency and never once have I been yelled at by any parent, and any time I don't feel like I'm a good fit for the family, I can use the company as a buffer so things don't get uncomfortable. No matter what happens no parent has a right to scream at you, especially in public, and I'm so sorry you had to experience that.

    Selaban 08/01/2015  7:01pm

    Gotta go for the other side here... So the kids got off the bus, and you weren't there? How old are these girls? Because if your job was watching my kids and you left them on a NYC street corner, I would be livid, too. I'm sure you had the best intentions, and I'm sure it didn't feel good to be yelled at (and I have heard the UES parents are crazy), but I do hope going forward watching children, that you don't let that happen again. If I'm mistaken, and you arrived before the bus got there, then I can see why the mother's yelling would upset you. If not, I'm sorry, but I wouldn't have yelled at you; I would've fired you.

    not_me 08/01/2015  8:27pm

    Not_me -- I understand that point of view, too, and it's totally valid. It was a mistake, no matter what. And I'm sure there will be differing opinions on whether it's a forgivable one. My thought is that if it happened once in over 300 bus pick ups, it's an honest mistake. The child had other supervisory adults present, so I'm thankful it wasn't a dangerous situation. But I could also see how it may be a fireable offense to some, and maybe it would have been, if I hadn't resigned first.

    Even if that were the case, and my employer had wanted to fire me on the spot, the professional thing is to say, "Let's talk about this privately." If she had given me that common, professional, and expected courtesy, she could have torn into me as much as she wanted, once we were alone. Bosses do that all the time, and often it's warranted. I wouldn't have enjoyed it, by any means, but I believe no one screams at the guy who effed up the fiscal numbers at his 9 to 5, in front of the whole floor of cubicles. It's just my take on it, but of course, I could be wrong.

    I totally see your point, and I appreciate you being devil's advocate. It gives me more to think about, and I truly appreciate it.

    sosayethi 08/01/2015  11:04pm

    even parents are a little late sometimes, god knows mine were. I could see the mom being a little miffed but that reaction seems uncalled for.

    dopplegang 08/02/2015  10:13am

    ^^seconding dopplegang.
    Life is full of inconsistencies. That's what makes it beautiful, and that's what makes it a struggle sometimes.
    Regardless that you are a nanny - let's put that aside. You are a human being. Anyone that disrespects you like that is not understanding that you are a fellow human with equal amounts of emotions and responsibilities. We do not treat others with disrespect (or we shouldn't, though it happens all too often).
    I'm sorry the mom yelled at you like that. Were you in the wrong for coming a few minutes late? I suppose so. But was she in the right for handling it the way she did? Absolutely not.
    You treated the situation with humility, humbleness, and fortitude.

    I also second babysitting agencies. I'm working through one right now and it's amazing. If I got treated the way you did, it is so easy to call up the agency, explain what happened, and get switched to another family.

    Lots of hugs coming your way :)

    jaylady 08/02/2015  12:27pm

    I also hope she didn't scream like that to you in front of her child. Because I really really hope she is not teaching that kid that it's okay to treat other people that way.

    jaylady 08/02/2015  12:28pm

    I sincerely appreciate everyone's contributions. It's really given me all sorts of food for thought, and small comforts.

    I guess that's why I was most sad on Friday, jaylady. In this job, I care for two elementary-school-aged girls, but one is away at sleep-away camp. So, I only have one to care for at this time. And yes, she witnessed the whole thing and was mortified. She spent the rest of the afternoon at the park crying and apologizing to me for how her mother acted. I told her people of all ages sometimes lose their tempers and get upset in the moment, and she said, "But it's not fair that she took it out on you. I'm really sorry my Mom was so mean."

    It was a tough day on many levels, but that was probably the most heartbreaking part. These girls are just the sweetest, and I'm so sad to leave the job. But it's the principle of the professional matter that trumps my emotional involvement.

    Nannying is so full of conundrums.

    sosayethi 08/02/2015  4:10pm
  • NAB - Children 07/22/2015  3:12am

    Oh my. Just realizing that kids are now using this site. As in . . . actual school age children. As this could become very popular, perhaps there could be a separate page for child-friendly projects (the Matildas, the School of Rocks, the Billy Elliots). Might be smart, otherwise . . . . things could get a little crazytown.


    Yes. Please. Because I know I'm getting frustrated with it and ready to lash out at a child. Which is silly.

    jaylady 07/22/2015  7:53am

    Yep. The anonymity of it all definitely makes it possible for a 30-something to, basically, bitch out a tween.

    I'm still LOL-ing at the "bump your ass back to Kansas..." shenanigans...but a youth version of AU is probably smart.

    AFTC 07/22/2015  9:11am

    EXACTLY the one school of rock post WILL NOT STOP POPPING UP

    Suddenlyseymour123 07/22/2015  9:38am

    I hate to admit that I agree...this is like deja vu when facebook first had to be in college AND you had to be invited by someone already using CHILDREN are on it and frankly it's not only somewhat annoying but creepy in a way.

    showbizdreamer 07/22/2015  9:55am

    oh my land but that thread though...'bump back to Kansas" truly needed to be said, I'm not sure what I was more annoyed with, the bumping EVERY MINUTE or the true conviction with which it was attempted to be justified...there is a such thing as taking this business way to seriously...whoever that was crossed it long ago...

    showbizdreamer 07/22/2015  10:04am

    Well, she said she was 2 years over the age limit for School of Rock, which I think was 9-12, so I'm assuming she's 14 years old. So let's cut her a break. I probably would have gotten just as defensive if someone said that to me at 14 years old. :-/

    jaylady 07/22/2015  10:54am

    I agree with at @jay. As annoying as the bumps were (and don't get me wrong they were annoying and unnecessary) I think she thought posts were ranked based on how many bumps they had. Also it was her first post and people instead of saying excuse me but it doesn't work like this started typing at her in all caps.

    Suddenlyseymour123 07/22/2015  10:59am

    plus when it was finally explained to her she apologized and started a fresh post without the bumps...

    Suddenlyseymour123 07/22/2015  11:02am

    ^^ I agree, but that's exactly why the AUjr would be a good idea. I laughed when I read 'cool your tits'...but I'm also pushing 30. If I were 14 I would be upset/heartbroken.

    Because there's no way to tell how old someone you're replying back to is...we can't now expect to censor ourselves because we'll offend an impressionable. You know?

    AFTC 07/22/2015  1:19pm

    ^^ I agree completely.

    Suddenlyseymour123 07/22/2015  1:42pm

    Listen y'all. I agree. Being 14 and someone talking down to you sucks, but COME ON. Can schools start teaching a class called sarcasm 101 (102 includes a few seminars on passive aggressive memes). This is clearly an adult's website, and there should be an age consent button upon signing up. That way when someone is like "BUT IM 12 AND PUBERTY IS HARD AND WUTS AUDITIONING?!" Tom can be like "Kbye" and I can continue to make jokes such as "cool your tits" without worrying about "what tits?"

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/22/2015  1:44pm

    @fatniss I think that's exactly the point. An adult such as myself will laugh at that but as was mentioned before a 14 year old posting for the first time would be crushed and can't be expected to feel otherewise. However how r we supposed to know which is which? an AUjr. would be a great way to solve the problem

    heyheyhey 07/22/2015  1:53pm

    Follow up: can we all observe the fact that audition update usernames could be this generation's aim names? #mindblown

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/22/2015  1:56pm


    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/22/2015  2:04pm


    jaylady 07/22/2015  2:08pm

    GavincreelisREAL-lyhot (that would be my username)

    I could do this all day

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/22/2015  2:08pm

    @Tom @ADMIN do you like the idea? ;)

    Newbie422 07/22/2015  2:10pm

    redredrose WAS my AIM name.

    #unoriginal #unevolved

    redredrose 07/22/2015  2:18pm

    While I would love to see a child-friendly AU, I'd also like to recognize that this site is for generally adult professionals. I don't really feel like it's my job to censor myself for a bunch of children whose parents aren't watching who they are speaking to on the internet, you know? I was bitched out by PLENTY of adults on the internet when I was growing up.

    ScreltersAnonymous 07/22/2015  3:02pm

    mine was -spearmebaby1moretime224....I'm still embarrassed to this day

    fatboysfamousarrow 07/22/2015  3:04pm

    well @screlters With AUjr. you wouldn't have to censor yourself. Even though many kids do get bitched out on the internet it still isn't a good thing and it's annoying for us for them to be on these sites. moving them to AUjr. seems ideal to me.

    fatboysfamousarrow 07/22/2015  3:09pm

    Oh my lands, the rest of this thread just escalated in a very hilarious way!! Laughing much harder than I should here...

    And thank you Screlters and Fatniss. I believe it is needed.

    One final thought (ok maybe not) As for not knowing how old we really are so who knows who the tweeny to teen boppers are...really? I can tell just by how it's written that's it's a young-un. It didn't take me long to realize those millions of bumps in that other thread was by someone that young.

    showbizdreamer 07/22/2015  3:18pm

    I'm laughing so hard at teeny/tweeny boppers right now :'D

    hollaatchagirls 07/22/2015  3:47pm

    Although, TBH, I've seen some pretty #SoNastySoRude adults on this site, too...who ACT like teeny/tweeny boppers.

    It seems like a disclaimer would be better than a separate site altogether. That way if you're a baby doll you were warned that things might get...bumpy...and if you're an adult then you should sometimes grow up a bit. #micdrop

    AFTC 07/22/2015  4:06pm

    If you can legally purchase alcohol in these United States, raise your hand.

    ScreltersAnonymous 07/22/2015  6:29pm

    *Raises hand* PICK MEEEEE

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/22/2015  6:42pm

    *raises both hands* But I've also *always* depended on the kindness of strangers. #HelpMeImPoor

    AFTC 07/22/2015  7:14pm

    Hollaatcha-I thought everyone knew that term!! Guess it's only me!
    AFTC-fair enough, indeed we can be pretty childish ourselves, I'm certainly not immune...

    Y'all...this thread gave me some great laughs at my 9 hour shift at a very boring reception job today :,D thanks for keeping me entertained!

    showbizdreamer 07/22/2015  7:34pm

    I mean G*D DAMN I'm STILL laughing. I think I want to start saying the entire phrase in ANY situation that warrants a basic "calm down".

    AFTC 07/22/2015  10:16pm

    I was actually suggesting we have a separate page NOT only to spare the feelings of kids but to spare me from having to scroll through needless bumps and general nonsense, etc. ;)

    J-- 07/23/2015  1:31am

    ^^^HAHAAH! I think since this is the BP, plus know...what we are for living, I don't think you're going to escape utter nonsense completely ;) Now that much nonsense on the home page or CC...yeah that's annoying, I'll admit.
    My giggle for the morning! I'm back at that job today, and I may or may not read through this whole thread again just to keep my boredom at bay...only maybe.

    showbizdreamer 07/23/2015  9:41am

    Hahaha! I wasn't just referring to the nonsense that this thread has become, but just read everything in order and that's what it sounded like. Nope, I'm good with this kind of adult nonsense.

    J-- 07/23/2015  10:19am

    @J yea that"s exactly how I feel. I also think that it would be useful to spare the feelings of kids but it would also spare US from 48 bumps on a post!!! (random number but u get the idea :) ) I love reading through long hilarious posts like this one with adults who won't go crazy at the sight of the word "tit". I don't enjoy reading a post of the same size with a 14 year old yelling at people for being annoyed by here 1,000 bumps.

    Suddenlyseymour123 07/23/2015  11:02am

    While it is I pleasant idea, I can't see receiving a budget to build a kids version that would receive a couple thousand pageviews a month at best.

    Also, if you were a 14 year old and there is a lame, censored kids version of something, or the balls-out, wild west version, where are you going to hang out?

    AuditionUpdate 07/23/2015  4:57pm

    ^^Truth. But perhaps there should be a disclaimer when you sign up? Sort of saying (in a much more professional, legal jargon): This website is mostly adults. Don't be surprised if you get your feelings hurt once in a while. Oh...and cool your tits. ;)

    AFTC 07/23/2015  5:15pm

    @Tom @Admin what if when you sign up you put in your age and then like 1 to 12 year olds get say a green dot next to their posts, 12 to 17 year olds get say a red dot, and 18 and up just have normal posts.

    fatboysfamousarrow 07/23/2015  7:02pm

    or you know just something along the lines to put a type of warning flag to show us its a child

    fatboysfamousarrow 07/23/2015  7:04pm

    @Tom @Admin how about that idea ^^^ :)

    hollaatchagirls 07/23/2015  10:20pm

    @fatboysfamousarrow - but how many would actually be truthful about their age? Back in the day with AIM Chatrooms, you know mama said she was over 18 when I was really 12. It's a good idea, but I don't think it would fly.

    jaylady 07/24/2015  12:23am

    Still for the kids who didn't realize it would make a difference it would work and at least it would be better then having no idea for anything. No idea will completely reveal or remove kids but at least that would make it better :)

    hollaatchagirls 07/24/2015  12:31am


    hollaatchagirls 07/24/2015  2:52pm

    sorry wrong post!! ^^^ I do this a lot more often then i should lol

    hollaatchagirls 07/24/2015  2:53pm


    yaaasy 08/02/2015  11:07am
  • NAB Resume Question 08/01/2015  2:49pm

    If you're a replacement for a role at a regional theatre, for less than half the contract, would you specify on your resume next to the role that you were a replacement, or just list it as you would any other role? I know you wouldn't indicate replacement for a longer running show, but I'm only doing this role for the last month, extension part of the run. Just curious cause if I don't specify that, would CDs who saw the show be like "I saw that show and you weren't that role! Lies!!!" I don't know, just wondering :p


    If you officially take over the role, it's yours. Just list the role. No disclaimers necessary. :-)

    Thia 08/01/2015  2:57pm

    I was questioned about an identical situation a few decades ago by someone who knew the original director of the play I stepped into. Until sufficient time and better roles led to my dropping that particular credit from my resume, thereafter I did note 'replacement' and the length of time. But ultimately the decision is yours.

    Ron Gielgud 08/01/2015  7:49pm
  • Baby's first lease 08/01/2015  6:03pm

    Hi friends! I'm looking to sign my first lease when I get back to the city! I'm excited (and scared...I hate myself) but nervous about the financial costs of the security deposit along with the first month rent up front. I'm also trying to avoid a broker fee, but keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I was just curious what kind of experiences people have had, and if anyone has ever taken out a loan just to pay for the upfront costs? Any advice is more than welcome!!! Trying to just gather as much information as possible as I plunge into this new chapter of my life. ‪#‎sublettingsucks‬

  • NAB TV classes 08/01/2015  4:48pm

    Hey guys! Any recommendations on favorite tv/film classes in the city? Looking to expand into that world