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  • Raaaaaaa 03/02/2015  9:56pm

    Has Telsey decided never ever to see non-eq again? Like, not even try? Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


    Don't kid yourself. They also see as few AEA as possible. They constantly type. I'm surprised AEA hasn't cracked down on it after all these years. It's ridiculous. Either put in the breakdown what you're looking for or see everyone. I am so tired of being told "we're looking for something very specific this time." Every. Time. If that's the case, put it in the damn breakdown so everyone's time isn't wasted.

    singingelf 03/02/2015  10:52pm

    Really? As a Noneq I get seen at most of their calls. I'm a guy so that helps a lot but honestly I don't think they are unreasonable.

    Icanseeyou 03/02/2015  11:02pm

    I used to get seen frequently at Telsey, but the last five-ish calls I have been to they have said no non-eq and no EMC outright, before sign-up for the call even began. Sometimes it has happened at calls, like Ever After, where it was totally warranted (as there was no way non-eq would get seen) and other times...for no reason at all. Sometimes afternoons are ghost towns and would have been prime opportunities to see non-eq.

    toloveanotherperson 03/02/2015  11:15pm

    Yesp. Seen this happen twice in the last few days. I was one of the few equity people there so they should have been able to see lots of EMCs and noneq. It was messed up that they dismissed everyone out of hand. There was a decent size group of us who were standing out in the cold for a WHILE on one of the really bad days. I hated to see them get sent away arbitrarily after sticking it out in terrible weather.

    LoquaciousLo 03/03/2015  7:44am
  • AB- ouch 03/02/2015  3:27pm

    When you are in a callback with only 1 or 2 others up for the role. The director says to you "no one could have done it better. That was perfect".

    And you don't get cast.


    I hear you there. Been there.

    KingJoffrey 03/02/2015  4:36pm

    Yup. For the first time in my career, it doesn't look like I'm gonna have summer employment.

    *kicks rocks*

    ineedadrink 03/02/2015  5:38pm

    I have so been there. Worst feeling ever. At least you know you killed it :)

    QuietRevolution 03/02/2015  6:56pm

    This has happened to me before too, and it is baffling. Out of curiosity, do you know if you were the last one they saw or if the one cast came in after? (Something I often wondered in my situation!) Congrats on giving a great audition none-the-less!

    krd2c 03/03/2015  12:32am

    The. Worst.

    LoquaciousLo 03/03/2015  7:39am
  • I WISH 03/02/2015  7:06pm

    i wish you could just email theaters and ask if you're still in consideration just to KNOW. this waiting game UGH


    you can...
    I do it all of the time and 90% of the time get a response.

    pillowcase 03/02/2015  8:19pm

    wait really? do you mind my asking how you phrase that if you aren't asking because of another potential offer

    theatergirl 03/02/2015  8:37pm

    I sometimes "sort of fib" and tell them Ive received an offer that might conflict, and would love to hear from them, as that contract is most important to me. If I wasnt in consideration, they just let me know to move on, or it hurries them along to act and let me know!

    LonelySaxophone 03/02/2015  9:04pm

    I second LonelySaxophone. There's no harm in telling a little lie :)

    littleeagle 03/02/2015  9:42pm

    Unless they ask you what the other offer is for. Happened to me once.

    fiscalcliffau 03/02/2015  9:45pm

    Or, just ask, without lying.
    Or, just wait.

    Thia 03/02/2015  9:48pm

    "Unless they ask you what the other offer is for. Happened to me once."

    You reply, 'I'd prefer not to say as I'm a bit superstitious.'

    I assure you they'll not press you further, because theater and politics are two professions rife with superstition at every level.

    Ron Gielgud 03/03/2015  2:55am
  • Reinventing the wheel 03/03/2015  1:55am

    So...this open call thing isn't working. I'm not in the union. So, on the off chance that I happen to get seen at a great equity call, I never feel like they're actually paying attention or considering me. A coach told me recently that I need to find a way to get directly to the creatives to audition. Well, great!! - However, there were no specifics offered as to how to do that. I know the feels about appointment crashing, so I won't even entertain the notion here. How the hell am I supposed to get ahead here when it feels like there's so much holding me back??! Can a guy just get some career traction somewhere???

    Okay, I'm going to bed.


    Sometimes a little luck is the best solution, and I hope some comes your way soon. In the meantime relax and chat pleasantly to anyone whom you are absolutely positive cannot do your career the slightest bit of good, because sometimes that's exactly where the luck comes from. I got my first Equity job that way- all the best.

    Ron Gielgud 03/03/2015  2:50am
  • NAB-ENT for polyp removal 03/02/2015  5:41pm

    Posting for a friend--

    SINGERS HELP . . . wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has seen one of the following Otolaryngologist: Dr. Michael Pitman or Dr. Milan Amin. Or if you have any recommendations for Otolaryngologist for a surgical procedure.


    bump...ooh. bad choice of word.

    ineedadrink 03/02/2015  8:40pm

    I absolutely love Dr. Amin... I didn't have a surgical experience with him so I can't necessarily give you an opinion on that....but he is wonderful. Him along with Dr. Branski are very calming and encouraging with their approach. I think they are some of the best... and I have gone to the ENT's at Mass Gen. Definitely up there for me! Again though this was for a consult/voice therapy... I may get a second opinion on the surgical front!

    anoneqmous 03/02/2015  9:19pm

    I went to Dr. Jahn to get my cysts removed. He specializes in singers. He's great and highly recommended in our industry

    NYtheatre 03/02/2015  9:44pm

    Dr Sulica removed my polyp/"pseudo cyst".... He's def one of the best in the biz

    Justsayin28 03/02/2015  9:52pm

    I know both and they're both great. If I had to choose between the two I'd personally go with Amin.

    jmf 03/03/2015  1:45am
  • NAB - Best commercial agents in NYC 03/03/2015  12:18am

    Hey guys! Curious about your experiences, advice, etc., on the best commercial agencies in NYC! Thanks in advance!

  • A genuine ? Re AEA status 03/02/2015  8:38pm

    So today I went to an open call and the auditor was incredibly captivated by my work. I then saw him look down at my resume, and then a dull, disinterested look came over his face for the duration. I'm not equity and I don't have a ton of credits. Do you think not being equity immediately knocks you from their consideration ITR?


    Hey there,

    Speaking from the experience of being a Non-Eq actor for three years, then an Equity actor for the last two, I have noticed a huge difference in my professional life and which casting directors take me seriously. Although I don't speak for everyone's experience, I personally found there can sometimes be a stigma attached.

    HOWEVER, I also know that my first few years, I was lacking in life experience and was super "green" to the process. After three years, I grew as an individual, found a sense of self outside theater, and found my voice inside the theater. So when I finally got my Equity card, I knew the time was right. Since then, I've booked five great contracts. I think part of that was some weird sense of validation from having my Equity card and funneling that confidence into my work. And maybe a small part, too, was that casting directors took me more seriously because I was in the Union.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Don't stress about whether or not they take you seriously. Just be so damn good that they can't not take you seriously. Maybe that casting director was judging you a little bit. But the best thing you can do is not look at it as a bad thing. Look at it as a challenge. Go and work your ass off for your next audition, go in, blow him away, and then if he still says no, it wasn't meant to be. No need for excuses, no need for "what ifs."

    Good luck!

    brdwybby 03/02/2015  8:59pm

    "No need for excuses, no need for "what ifs.""

    thejollyraja 03/02/2015  9:56pm

    Thanks! I'd also love to hear from casting directors as well and those who have great knowledge of contracts and how it works for equity theaters who hire non-eq and give them their cards if cast!

    insomniac 03/02/2015  10:26pm


    insomniac 03/03/2015  12:06am
  • Two places at once, would I be okay? 03/02/2015  11:45pm

    Okay so there is no way to tell what would happen on the day but here is my question anyway. I really just want to know what you all would do.

    A little while ago I scheduled an appointment for a theatre and it's at 10:05 at Ripley Grier.

    I just found out today that on the same day as this audition there is going to be an EPA for a theatre I really love/have worked at and they are looking to cast a role that I think I'm really right for! This EPA is at Pearl.

    Now I know they are down the street from one another but am I taking a huge risk as an EMC that I would miss my name on the list if I ran to my appointment? But what is the likelihood of them even getting to EMCs that early? Should I cancel my appointment? Is that rude? Help? Please?


    I could probably guarantee that they would not call an EMC that early. I would go sign up, then go to your schedule appointment, and then spend the rest of your time waiting to hopefully be seen at the EPA.

    mikey580 03/03/2015  12:01am


    Sunflowersky 03/03/2015  12:02am

    If the EPA doesn't start until 10, then your sign up wouldn't begin until 9:30. So you could at least get your name down on the EMC list at Pearl, have time to run to your appointment at Ripley, and be back before they've even considered EMC. Even if you initially miss your name, you could always put yourself back down on the list as EMC. Seems quite feasible! :)

    rockyraccoon 03/03/2015  12:05am
  • Wearing LaDucas at a vocal audition? 02/27/2015  7:35pm

    I never wear mine when I go into the room to sing, but I just want to see other people's opinions on wearing your Laducas when you go in for a singing audition. I've heard so many people say not to wear them, but does it really matter? I personally would wear mine into an audition if it wasn't so frowned upon. I really feel more grounded in them as opposed to heels. Is it really that frowned upon? Just wanna see what people think!


    If you feel comfortable, wear them. I'm sure your choice of footwear doesn't even register.

    Artemis1 02/27/2015  7:58pm

    I would love to say it doesn't, but I once got a chance to see the back of my resume after it was written on (aside from it saying "not the prettiest", that was a blow to the ego), it also had the word LADUCAS written and underlined a few times. Granted, they still cast me, but I think there's some kind of stigma attached to wearing them in the room.

    jaylady 02/27/2015  8:00pm

    To the above poster wow that is quite an experience to have had!

    For a dancer having just danced, I can't imagine LaDucas being an issue. But, I have gone to singer calls and just worn my LaDucas in the room, with a dress, because I didn't feel like wearing heels. If anything, other than looking at my resume, it probably made it more clear that I am a dancer first.

    CantaloupeOak 02/27/2015  8:06pm

    Several casting directors in workshops have told me it's a pet peeve

    toloveanotherperson 02/27/2015  8:51pm

    if they are looking at your feet, then there is a whole dif problem

    BasicStar 02/27/2015  9:22pm

    I sometimes wear character shoes to a vocal audition if I am planning on also going to a dance call that day and I don't want to carry around a zillion shoes with me... but I've also heard some CDs say it's weird. I don't know. Hopefully it wouldn't really matter if they find the right person for the role.

    gryffindor 02/27/2015  9:42pm

    I don't even understand why it would be a pet peeve? If you're cast aren't you going to be wearing some sort of dance shoe in the show anyway? Or asked to come back and dance in a dance shoe? So who cares? CDs are so stupid sometimes (most of the time).

    NYCActor 02/27/2015  10:02pm

    I wear my Laducas to watch auditions, so who am I to judge?

    LaughingArtisticDirector 02/27/2015  10:57pm

    HAHA! 👍 "Like"

    123Tap 02/28/2015  4:36pm

    LaughingArtisticDirector... you are my hero. H-E-R-O!

    spunkygal007 02/28/2015  5:55pm

    Can someone just compile a list of CD "pet peeves"?!? There's getting to be too many things to remember!

    hmarie08 03/01/2015  1:08am

    LAD, I thought you hated high heels.

    redredrose 03/01/2015  1:36am

    It's a big pet peeve of mine. And I'm pretty sure I'm a fairly intelligent person. Wearing character shoes in a singer call/appointment call is a big no-no. It flags you as an amateur right away. I want to see a real person, not a costume. And if you're cast in one of my shows, you will probably be wearing whatever shoes your character would be wearing.

    JDC 03/01/2015  9:18am

    Glad to hear you say that, Joy. Whenever I see fellow performers in character shoes at non-dance calls, I get the vibe that they just don't care enough to bother. If you're getting all dressed up, character shoes ruin the entire look. And it is glaring, because the shoes contrast badly with the rest of the outfit.

    singingelf 03/01/2015  12:34pm

    I don't see how wearing $300 LaDucas I worked hard to buy myself because they support me like no other and give me confidence makes me an amateur

    prescribepeace 03/01/2015  1:03pm

    Because dance shoes are for dancing and look bizarre in any other circumstance.

    GetsTypedOutAtWicked 03/01/2015  1:10pm

    Obviously I'm not in casting, but I honestly can't tell the difference between LaDucas and "real" heels, save that the LaDuca heel is slightly chunkier.

    thejollyraja 03/01/2015  1:13pm

    From a (gay) guy's stand point I'm a little torn. I don't see how these shoes make you look like an amateur. They're a testament to an investment in your career, and I don't see how that could be perceived as a bad thing.

    HOWEVER, from a fashion standpoint, it's not impressionable for your dress not to match your nude heels. The outfit sometimes doesn't look complete, or well thought out. Does that make sense, or am I just scraping at the bottom of the barrel for reasons?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 03/01/2015  1:18pm

    Let's not miss the point. It's not *just* LaDucas but any character shoes. They all look weird unless you're onstage in costume or in class or at a dance call.

    singingelf 03/01/2015  1:26pm

    I have heard this time and time again from many different casting directors that the laduca with the jewel toned dress drives them nuts. Why would you want to look like every other girl in the room? The point is to be an individual and be yourself and show them who you are rather than being this type of musical theatre machine that they see all too often. When you walk into a room casting wants to get a sense of your personality and they ask themselves the question "is this someone I would want to work with for several months". Whether you like it or not, how you dress says a lot about yourself ie how you view yourself, how you view the character you are going in for. The jewel toned dress and nude heels don't say too much. Why risk wearing LaDucas when so many people behind the table have strong opinions against them? If you are worried about being grounded there are plenty of fashionable flatter shoes with chunkier heels out there that will make you look and feel fantastic!

    anenigmawrappedinbacon 03/01/2015  2:59pm

    Can I flip this conversation a little? What about wearing boots/booties to a vocal audition? If the character is funky, casual, edgy...can one get away with wearing boots or is that just WAY TOO CASUAL? Ex: Rock of Ages, Holly from Wedding Singer...etc

    CantaloupeOak 03/01/2015  7:45pm

    Re: boots
    It might be good to get a cd's opinion. But I don't see anything wrong with it as long as they are stylish, in good shape, and match your outfit. I go to auditions for certain shows where half the girls are wearing boots (Les Miz,Peter and the Starcatcher,Sound of Music, Fiddler) especially now that the prairie boot is in style. And for contemporary shows I think it would be more than acceptable, especially in the fall and winter. Again, I'm not in casting, but I've definitely seen girls typed in and called back wearing boots. FWIW.

    Killertofu 03/01/2015  8:41pm

    I've gotten cast after wearing boots to an audition/callback -

    thebakerswife 03/01/2015  8:54pm

    If you would wear them on the street, you can wear them in an audition. Snow boots, though, seem to be a grey area.

    thejollyraja 03/01/2015  8:58pm

    Every casting director I've asked this to has had the exact same response (both newbie and vet CDs): it's a sure sign that you're an amateur. Them costing you $30 or $300 isn't going to change that stigma because they're dance shoes meant for dancing. You might as well pack an extra pair of shoes instead of knocking yourself down a peg in an audition before you've even opened your mouth.

    superoriginalscreenname 03/01/2015  9:06pm

    Wear shoes that are appropriate for the outfit you have on (and that includes dance shoes with dance CLOTHING), and wear an outfit that is appropriate for the show and role. That's pretty much it.

    Thia 03/01/2015  9:36pm

    Just to piggyback, what if you're in a dance callback and they ask you to come back in and sing/read for them? Should I change out of my dance clothes and then sing/read for them? I know a lot of people change their outfits all together.

    AudraLupone 03/02/2015  12:03am

    I think it depends on the circumstances..for both ways..sometimes I've gotten a dance callback that is literally 10 mins from the time I've sang or been given more music/sides to learn after the initial dance callback..most times I've thought ahead to pack an extra skirt to throw over my leo but sometimes shit happens. Do u spend time changing or learning the material?..Id say if you are given ample time and especially if it's listed in the casting notice, be prepared. Pack extra shit. Otherwise, I *hope* CDs understand...

    Rain On my Parade 03/02/2015  12:16am

    I more so wonder does it matter? Like, you just saw me sweaty and gross dancing around, so I can put on a pretty dress or shirt or pants or whatever, but I'll still be sweaty and gross, ya know?

    AudraLupone 03/02/2015  12:56am

    The question is though, even if you find it a pet peeve, if a person who walked into the room was EXACTLY what you were looking for, perfect look, height, voice etc, but was wearing LaDuca's would you NOT call them back just because of that? I think most people making that decision would still call you back if you were perfect even if they didn't like your shoes. I had one of my shoes fall out of my bag on my way out the door and didn't realize it until I was at the audition and I live too far away to go home. So I auditioned in flip flops and got a callback.

    I sing therefore I am 03/02/2015  8:46am

    I sing therefore I am, I agree that if someone is amazing and EXACTLY what they're looking for, they'll overlook the shoes or any pet peeve. But how often does that really happen - that someone is EXACTLY right and perfect and a million times better than everyone else they've seen? More often, they're seeing dozens of actors, many of whom could be right for the part, and have to narrow it down. So if seeing a pet peeve gives them even a slightly negative impression, for whatever reason, is it worth the risk?

    actorsmom 03/02/2015  9:00am

    My 2 cents: I've had a few casting directors/people in the business say that you should dress for an audition as if "you're going on a first date with someone you think is really hot." If you feel your best in boots or booties, wear those. But it would be super weird to wear dance shoes on a first date. :)

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/02/2015  10:43am

    ^ yes!

    Thia 03/02/2015  7:32pm

    I want to add onto this (and would love if CDS/Directors could chime in on here regarding their opinions). How much do those clothes really matter? And what should be the preferred standard? I feel like the musical theatre world of auditions consists of endless jewel-colored dresses and heels, which honestly makes us all look like one giant herd of sheep....BUT are Casting Directors more judgemental if you don't dress up? I feel actors in plays/film dress totally different than the musical theatre world. Would you say giving a nod to the character you are going in for is best? Tomboyish character - Jeans/shirt. Country gal - cowboy boots. Hippie gal - Boho-ish. Sporty - Casual. Straight actors often prefer black and simplicity so they are a "blank canvas (Or go super method and dress/act like the parts they want)," but for musical theatre we are the rainbow-colored dresses (people shun away from black) and hot curling irons on the floor. I would think it best to give a nod to the character you would be going for, but is that off-putting to the team behind the table?

    SomewhereNextToNormal 03/02/2015  10:59pm

    I am going to repeat what I said before... And this is something that I have heard from both casting directors and directors... As much as we may hate it... How we choose to dress says a lot about how we view ourselves and how we view a character we are going in for. I have heard from Stephen Sposito that many girls going in for elphaba come in wearing the typical long black dress which he looks at and says to himself "Oh so that's how you view the character". It just gives him introspect into how you view a character. His advice, that I agree with, is, if you are going in for a character (no matter what period) dress up how that character would dress today. Be smart, stand out, show thought, show individuality, show your beautiful individual self

    anenigmawrappedinbacon 03/02/2015  11:13pm

    If I'm going in for a whole season and I'm right for more than one role, I dress like me. If it's a specific role or style of show I'm going in for, I absolutely choose my outfit accordingly.

    In regard to the original question, I actually have had multiple casting directors say that if you're a dancer, they like seeing us in LaDucas while singing. That being said, it seems like everyone behind the table a strong opinion either way, so why risk it? Of course there are the extenuating circumstances (rushed from a dance call, couldn't carry 5 pairs of shoes, etc) but I just wouldn't make it the norm.

    To feel grounded, i actually wear a great pair of 4 inch thick heeled booties. They are crazy comfy and I get compliments all the time because they go with everything and are CUTE. So coming from a dancer who would live in her LaDucas, I say it is totally possible to find an alternative :)

    littleeagle 03/02/2015  11:17pm
  • NAB - on-camera makeup 03/02/2015  1:36am

    anyone know of any good tutorials or classes to learn to do better makeup for tv/film? thanks!


    I'd be happy to help you! Tom, can you put us in touch?

    spunkygal007 03/02/2015  1:00pm

    that would be awesome!!

    dogs 03/02/2015  8:02pm