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  • Gregg Baker Management 05/24/2015  8:14pm

    Anyone represented by Gregg Baker Management?
    Or know of the company?


    I have been with him for several years now and I've been very happy. He works very hard for his clients.

    lampshade 05/24/2015  11:29pm
  • NAB: Task Rabbit 05/24/2015  6:23pm

    I am currently applying for Task Rabbit, but the thought of it is still unsettling for me. I was wondering if anyone else is a Tasker and can talk to me a bit about how safe it really is.


    I was a tasker last year for a while, until they changed the way things are done and I got busy and didn't like it anymore. But as for your talk about safety, I never felt unsafe. Everyone who uses the site is background checked, you can report sketchy situations and the people I encountered were always amazingly nice. I once did a task where I sat in a guy's (beautiful) apartment for 4 hours waiting for a furniture delivery while he was out and got paid like $50-60. For sitting in an apartment on my computer. And I didn't feel unsafe for a moment. The company looks out for it's taskers.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/24/2015  7:48pm

    ^ Do you mind if I ask if you are male or female? I've thought about being a Tasker, but as a woman I'm very wary about meeting up with any strangers, especially if it's in their home, for whatever reason.

    (Also, your username is awesome. #sansaforpresident2016)

    bowe123 05/24/2015  11:06pm

    Female. Totally get it. And thank you. :D #SansaStarkDefenseForce

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/24/2015  11:24pm
  • Burger Guru 05/24/2015  12:08pm

    I kind of wish I was looking for a restaurant job. These people sound awesome...


    I recently quit my restaurant job and vowed never to return but I am very tempted to apply to this one...

    ....Damn you.

    bowe123 05/24/2015  11:08pm
  • NAB - Inwood? 05/24/2015  6:57pm

    Hi all! Looking for some insight on Inwood. I'll be coming off tour and moving back to the city within the next year, and I'm just thinking ahead. I've only lived in Astoria, but I'm considering other areas. My budget is under $900/mo with roommates, and you can definitely get that in Astoria, but you don't get much bang for your buck as far as square footage is concerned. I'd love an apartment with space and natural light, and every time I see someone post pictures of their Inwood apartments on Gypsy housing, I feel a pang of jealousy.

    My main things are--
    1. safety (I'm a woman who does not like being catcalled...inevitable to a point, but it's not too frequent in Astoria, and I'm wondering how common it is in Inwood)
    2. close proximity to Subway (5min walk, preferably)
    3. nearby groceries, and hopefully the post likes to send care packages #dontbejealous

    Any advice/opinions you can offer would be great! I posted asking about the Heights and Harlem once before and I got a LOT of responses and opinions that were SO helpful (I decided those are probably not the neighborhoods I'd like to live in). Now I'm wondering if I should be looking a little further north, or if I should stick to what I'm used to in Astoria.


    Hello! Actress writing from her Inwood apartment right now! I love this area. I pay $665 for my share of a three bedroom apartment. I have a spacious bedroom and livng room and a kitchen WITH A DISHWASHER. I am about 10 feet from the A train at 207th street. it is the beginning/end of the A line so I almost always just walk right onto a train, and know when it's leaving. You can also doze on a train and not worry about missing your stop-it's the last one. From 207th, it's about a half hour to midtown.
    I have once or twice been cat called, but have like you said, that's unfortunately common anyway and it was always during the day with other people around, so it evens out. There are always people around, lots of families, so. Many. Dogs. There are so many pet supply stores here for some reason. The post office is down the block, as is a library, and a ton of restaurants. There's a grocery store across the street and Target is a 10 minute bus ride or subway ride away. There are beautiful parks, if that's your thing, and the Cloisters are nearby and that's cool. I really enjoy it here. The only downside is the commute can take awhile at night, when the a train stops running express/less frequently, but the positives outweigh the cons. : D

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/24/2015  7:43pm
  • Reel 05/23/2015  11:07pm

    Is a self-made tape better than nothing at all? I know they look slightly unprofessional but is it better than having no reel at all?

    Particularly thinking about film/tv.


    Yes. It'll be hard to get proper film/tv auditions without some kind of reel. If you don't have any footage for a reel, start with self-taping some scenes. Just make sure you're well-lit and that the audio is good.

    bowe123 05/24/2015  11:25am

    If you're using it for Theatre then yes, self made tapes are A-ok. Show material just isn't always practical to acquire/use without breaking copyright agreements. As long as the video is clear and your performance really reflects your abilities you'll be fine.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/24/2015  11:52am

    there are film people out there who make custom scenes to build a reel for tv and film. I used and i couldn't be happier. though i know there are a few other companies as well. And if you know a friend who needs the same type thing, they will write a scene for both of you and you two can split the cost.

    KingJoffrey 05/24/2015  5:04pm
  • Rehearsal Sins 05/22/2015  12:17am

    (this is a total bitch)

    In music rehearsals today (for a well-known show), an actress next to me committed what I consider a total rehearsal sin...singing someone else's solo not-quite-under-her-breath, because that person was not 100% familiar with it and therefore missing a phrase here or there, a word, whatever. No big deal. Just learning, as this was a first rehearsal.

    OYYYYY YA'LL. This woman. This PROFESSIONAL ACTRESS, singing along in that way like she is trying to "help" the guy get back on the beat, lyrics, whatever. I am an easy-going gal, but I was about a minute away from flipping my music stand over, Theresa Guidice-style.

    Anyway, anyone else have any Rehearsal Sins that they just cannot abide?


    The excuse making!! Just GET IT TOGETHER and do what you're supposed to.

    And - I am sorry! There is always that ONE person...

    Heygurlhey 05/22/2015  12:34am

    Was it Les Miz? Oof. That's just annoying.

    AudraLupone 05/22/2015  1:07am

    Ew. So tacky. That's right up there with other actors giving you notes on your performance. The. Worst.

    BruuuceHead 05/22/2015  2:09am

    All I have to say is if I were the music director I would have shut that down in .2 seconds. This, actors giving notes, and actors directing other actors bug me. As a music director, I also Dont like being questioned or second guessed in a way that makes it seem like the person questioning/guessing thinks I Dont know what I'm doing. I used to get it more when I was MDing in my early 20s, but I'm 30 now and still look 12 so it does happen. And it also gets shut down in .2 seconds and doesn't happen again.

    MotherMonsterApproved 05/22/2015  3:16am

    I'm just here because I am living for that Theresa Guidice reference! Lol, God love her!
    ...carry on...

    CantaloupeOak 05/22/2015  8:17am

    It really bugs me when actors complain about how much money they're making on a contract. I know we're generally underpaid across the board and we all occasionally gripe or make jokes about it. But if you're gonna get angry and go on a rant every time you see your paycheck, don't take the job.

    ladyinwaiting 05/22/2015  10:47am

    When I ask the director a question and another actor answers first. My immediate reaction is "Excuse me? I didn't ask you. I asked the DIRECTOR."

    I don't say that, of course. I just completely ignore that actor and wait for the director's resp

    bowe123 05/22/2015  2:09pm

    (Cont) response, even if it's verbatim exactly the same.

    bowe123 05/22/2015  2:10pm

    After tech or dress rehearsals, when a director is giving notes, and instead of taking the note and saying thank you, the actor wants to talk about each note for 5 minutes.... Aaaaahhhh!!! Lol

    BassITone412 05/22/2015  3:16pm

    oh my god the notes thing gets me going too. the time-suck of that is so self-absorbed to me. questions are great, but if you have a zillion, ask them on your own time, not mine.

    Missdramamama 05/22/2015  4:52pm

    and yes @audralupone it was! haha, good guess. just made it all the more annoying. please stick to the soprano line you were given and hush up when i'm trying to hear these hunky dudes sing their solos. THANK YOU

    Missdramamama 05/22/2015  4:54pm

    Piggybacking on the notes sessions: People who get defensive about notes drive me crazy. I just did a production in which one of the leads was a wonderful comedian...he could come up with a bit for anything. But he wasn't good about editing. He would try a bit at any possible moment. Our director generally loved his stuff (as he should have), and allowed him to keep 90 percent of it. But when he would give a note like, "Hey, that new thing isn't playing clearly" or "There's something else happening onstage at that moment that we need to be focused on", the actor would get mopey and act as though the director had personally insulted him. It made me absolutelly nuts.

    TenorGuy 05/24/2015  3:50pm
  • NAB - Wedding Band 05/24/2015  1:05pm

    Hi friends!

    Getting the feelers out there - does anyone sing in a wedding band? I am hoping to have live music during my reception and would love to employ fellow gypsies. Any recommendations / leads are appreciated.

    Thanks! Happy Memorial Day, be safe! xo

  • NAB Actor's Access 05/21/2015  7:00pm

    Has anyone ever had any luck from submitting through this thing?

    The only times I have ever gotten responses from this is when I submit AND mail a hard copy of my headshot and resume. Is it weird to send a follow-up email saying "Hey, just wanted to let you know I submitted on Actor's Access. Still interested."

    I'd love to hear what people's opinions/methods are with this!


    I get a lot of appointments through ActorsAccess. But only when I go on the website every hour and apply to new jobs right's really just like an open call. If you respond too late, there are so many submissions that you will get lost in the sauce.

    jaylady 05/22/2015  8:18am

    I've booked numerous gigs (theatre, tv, film) all from Actors Access. Totally worth it.

    LittleMissMoonshine80 05/22/2015  9:50am

    Yes, you can definitely get auditions off of it. Almost everything major I've booked was from Actor's Access. That being said, make sure you have a reel or clip on there, because attaching a video will bump your submission up to the top. It makes a big difference.

    bowe123 05/22/2015  5:07pm

    Attaching a video will bump your submission to the top "pile" *if* the casting person has made the choice to sort them that way. (But, yes, generally it's a good idea to have it.)

    But, with or without a reel attached, absolutely do NOT wait to get the e-mail that says "projects match your profile"! By the time you get that, there are thousands ahead of you who have already submitted. As suggested above, check the site regularly.

    And in the notes section, point out if you have a skill or trait they are looking for. But don't write it like a letter! Only the first 10 or so words are visible *unless* someone clicks through, so just say:

    "High C!" or "Acrobatics" or "Native German!" or what the heck ever applies. Do NOT say, cover letter style, "Hi, my name is Jonie Baloney, and . . . "

    Because then all they see, right next to the name right there in bold letters, is the same few words telling them *again* that that is your name. They already know that, Jonie Baloney! Jump right in to why they should schedule YOU. :-)

    Thia 05/22/2015  5:55pm

    great advice from Thia! Aaaand I might change my name to Jonie Baloney.,.thoughts?

    sausagefest 05/22/2015  7:04pm

    Jonie Baloney.

    bowe123 05/24/2015  11:26am
  • NAB- Fall in the city 05/22/2015  6:14pm

    I just got cast in a show in my hometown that will keep me near family from August until mid-October. The question now is: do I stay at home for a couple of months until January or February, or do I go back to NYC mid-October to mid-November to audition?! Not sure if it makes a difference, but I am a male dancer, and I am AEA. Any idea what the audition scene looks like this time of year? Thank you!


    What would be the reason you want to stay home until the new year? Does that reason outweigh auditioning in NYC and lining yourself up with something for the winter season?

    CantaloupeOak 05/22/2015  11:24pm

    Well I would be spending a couple thousand dollars in NYC to be there for the month, versus spending far less staying at home. It would be worth it if I were able to book something, but if there aren't many auditions that time of year it may not be worth the risk!

    Happybuddha 05/23/2015  12:24am

    Being in the city for a month just to audition doesn't make a ton of sense to me (assuming you'd be going home again from Thanksgiving to the New Year). As you pointed out, it would cost you a couple thousand to live here for that amount of time and that just ain't worth it. Even being a male dancer, there just isn't enough of a guarantee that you'd book something. Now, if you could couch-surf for that month and not pay rent, sure, that'd be worth it. But I'm having a hard time seeing the upside to being here for such a short amount of time if you're going to leave a month later.

    thejollyraja 05/23/2015  10:05am

    Yes I think you are right raja! Thanks for your wisdom once again!

    Happybuddha 05/23/2015  11:43am

    I'm going to slightly disagree -

    Raja: would you suggest to anyone with a "regular" job that they just go ahead and take a vacation from late October through the New Year, since they'll be on a business trip near their family right before that, anyway? ;-)

    Thia 05/23/2015  12:18pm

    If you have a killer reel and want to self submit, go for it.
    Maybe you can couch surf. I do feel like there are a good amount of auditions in the fall but I totally understand wanting to save money. Maybe, as the auditions start to pile up you can see if there's a week where you could visit a friend here and do as much auditioning as you can.

    CantaloupeOak 05/23/2015  1:22pm

    No, because people with "regular" jobs are presumably making money working. It sounds like happybuddha would be hemorrhaging money being here for that month without making it up with a day job. Now, I could for sure see coming back from October to mid-December, peacing out for the holidays, and coming back in January. But if you're going to be taking off six weeks from mid-November to January anyway, effectively spending $1500+ just to audition during an off-peak time seems seems like it has a very low return on investment.

    thejollyraja 05/23/2015  4:34pm

    I think that not counting the time between gigs as being part of "what we do" can be a mistake. Looking for the next job IS our next job after a show closes.

    Disclaimer: Raja and I have differing outlooks on "auditioning being our job" (and on money as a deciding factor or even financial security as a goal, in general), so our advice will probably never line up on questions like these. It's just two different world views. Ultimately, do whatever will serve YOU best.

    Thia 05/23/2015  8:13pm

    so you're gonna go home for T-giving and not come back till January? Why? December is often very busy with auditions in the weeks leading up to Xmas

    dopplegang 05/23/2015  8:16pm

    staying home and flying in will be cheaper than renting a room and paying for food/utilities/nights out/etc. I just stayed home for 6 weeks and flew in for the 4-5 auditions I wanted, and I still came out ahead than if I had sublet somewhere. Also, how often do you get to see home for that amount of time?

    COKE 05/23/2015  9:00pm
  • Your New Equity Council 05/23/2015  8:37am


    The AEA Council Election results were announced on Thursday, and along with a new President (the tremendous Kate Shindle), you have a new crop of Equity Councilors. Among that group are two young New York-based actors who frequent EPAs: myself and Kate O'Phalen.

    Part of the reason I ran is because I felt that Equity actors like us (those with days jobs, those at open calls, those struggling to get by on smaller contracts) didn't have enough representation in our union governance. Now, at the very least, you've got us.

    So, please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions about the union. (That goes for all you non-Eqs and EMCs as well.) You can post here, find me on Twitter at @SidSolomon (or with hashtag #SIDforAEA), on my Facebook Page at, or email me at (I'll have an official AEA email soon, as well.) Throughout the campaign I committed to being accessible. I think I lived up to it, and will continue to make myself available now that I'm on Council.

    Thanks to all of you who supported my run. Now let's get to work!

    Sid Solomon for Equity Council - #SIDforAEA


    Congratulations on your election!

    Had a quick question about dinner theater and AEA.
    Does AEA not allow it's members to wait tables/host/bar tend at a dinner theater even if it is completely the choice of the actor?

    I was reading the dinner theater agreements but wasn't sure if it was up to date or if my interpretation was accurate. Also, is it specific to regions? This would be Central region...

    The clause I found says:
    "The Producer shall not request or permit anyone signed to an Actors' Equity Association Contract
    to perform such duties as hosting, waiting tables and/or busing; nor shall his employment as an
    Actor depend on his so doing. No Actor shall be permitted to perform any entertainment duties
    not related to the production either prior to curtain, during intermissions, or after curtain down
    without the written consent of and payment of additional compensation as specified by Equity."

    Does this mean we are not allowed to from Equity and must gain their specific permission? Or is it that the producer can't FORCE service and other such duties unrelated to the production on the actor?

    If it's my choice and I want to make more money for myself, why can't I wait tables or do any other work that I choose to do that may or may not be completely germane to the production?

    Also, if this is out of your wheelhouse, could you direct me to the department to ask about this?

    Thank you!!

    losingmymind 05/23/2015  1:50pm

    Please call the main line and ask for the business rep for Dinner Theatres.

    melrobsings 05/23/2015  6:27pm

    thank you!

    losingmymind 05/23/2015  7:02pm