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  • IAMT & Mr. Drost 05/28/2016  9:25pm

    Hey y'all!! So last week I applied to IAMT and my audition was SUPER bad because I had just gotten over strep throat so Mr. Drost offered lessons to me & the first semester as a "trial". This originally seemed really sketchy because now I would have been paying him to train me privately AND for IAMT but I was willing to give it a shot until I realized that I have been paying Columbia tuition for 2 years. So, I responded to the email that it would be irresponsible of me to have two vocal coaches while paying rent and tuition (which, I think, is reasonable) and that I did not want to stop with my current coach because she REALLY IS A GODDESS. I've worked with A LOT of teachers over the years and I have yet to meet someone as talented and patient and dedicated as she is.

    BUT Andrew Drost's RESPONSE to my email included:

    "I am disappointed that you are going to pass in an opportunity to come and work with me....I teach 20 students who are on Broadway and countless others who are out in the big regional houses....I am one of the best voice teachers in NYC and I am offering you a chance to get some better information.....I will even give you a no charge lesson to give you some vocal tips....if you are remotely serious about pursuing a career in Musical Theatre you need to look for teachers and mentors who are actually going to help you.....and when a professional teacher of my calibre offers you advice and critiques, you should listen, rewatch your video to see what you can improve..."

    I literally didn't reject him because I didn't want to take his lessons. I was actually interested in taking his lessons. I just didn't have the money. Again, I pay rent and tuition. If I had more money, I would have definitely gone to his lessons. But that response was so condescending and unprofessional that it literally made me want to vomit.

    SO, I'm not saying Drost is a bad dude or unprofessional, but I AM saying that this is how he is when you reject his offer. me...seems super shady, to say the least.


    Ew. Anyone who thinks they are the best for you without actually knowing you for more than an audition is WRONG.
    What a pompous sounding jerk if that's the exact wording he used.

    texicalyorker 05/28/2016  11:28pm
  • NAB: Nose Job Changed My Life. 05/28/2016  1:53am

    Warning: extreme cynicism.

    Me: 5'6, size 4, brown-eyed, attractive-from-certain-angles singer/dancer type.

    I've booked some tours and some understudy AEA work, and some tv/film as well. I kept getting cast as Latina or Italian characters because of my eyes, which seemed odd considering I'm Irish. But something wasn't adding up.

    A year ago I got accidentally copied on an email from a commercial client- "Cute but her nose is a problem, who else do you have?"

    My nose wasn't even that bad. I'm Irish so the tip was wide, and it curved down when I smiled. But I started having flashbacks to various callbacks, being looked up and down, squinted at, and dismissed. Over and over I said to myself "meh they want Elle Woods whatever" and told myself I just had to accept who I was. I was in the final running for a Disney Cruise track twice, and cut both times at the last second. I kept getting to that stage where all 5 people at the end could do the job...and then losing.

    A did an entire year of research on RealSelf. Looked at tons of pictures, and found a doctor in LA that does amazing noses. I saved up, flew out there, and got it fixed.

    6 months later, BOOM. I'm the busiest of all my friends. My nose was standing between me and all of the roles in my type. I'm doing a ton more tv and film. My confidence has skyrocketed.

    The year I spent doing research has made me pretty good at spotting nose jobs. They are rampant even in musical theatre, and since I'm now one of them, I sit in final callback rooms full of girls with perfect noses who exchange looks, knowing we've all had it done and are all sitting there partially for that reason.

    For anybody who's on the fence, do your research, but just do it. Pick the best doctor and pay the big bucks since it will live with you forever. Just watch TV for a few minutes and realize that audiences now expect that from their stage actors too. There are plenty of exceptions, but I was tired of holding out hope I'd be one of them. Now I'm in the circle of symmetrical faces and it's unbelievable what the industry looks like from this side in comparison. Best decision I've ever made. The difference in my marketability is so ridiculous that I've made the money back in tv/film/modeling work already within a year!

    It almost makes me mad looking back, the patronizing way people used to look at me when I announced I was an actress. "Oh really?" As if they were surprised. As if they thought I was a liar, or worse, delusional. "I bet you're funny!" Now why on earth would you think that?

    Now it's "Oh wow good for you." "What movies?" "My friend is an actress do you know her?" I got instantly invited to a cruise audition by the female casting director when we were introduced IN A BAR. It is a haves and have-nots world, where the haves fix all the things that aren't perfect and the have-nots repeat daily affirmations in the mirror.

    "Dance 10 Looks 3...."

    SteveRogers 05/28/2016  7:11am

    ^I'm DYING

    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/28/2016  10:09am

    Like literally about to get fired from my job because I'm laughing so hard.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/28/2016  10:10am

    I am thrilled for you that you have noticed such a dramatic, positive shift in your career as a result of this surgery. However, there are two things in your post that I cannot let slide.


    There was nothing "wrong" with your nose before. It may have been the correct business decision for you to get a nose job, but your nose was always fine. I am not inherently anti-rhinoplasty; we work in an industry where look counts a lot and where people make snap judgments based on the stupidest shit. But there's just no such thing as a bad nose or a better nose. There are just noses.


    Hoooooooolyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiit are you fucking kidding me right now? Nope nope nope FUCKITY NOPE BYE BYE.

    thejollyraja 05/28/2016  10:59am

    Wow. Epic fail on my part. Definitely forgot HTML was a thing.
    I am thrilled for you that you have noticed such a dramatic, positive shift in your career as a result of this surgery. However, there are two things in your post that I cannot let slide.

    "I saved up, flew out there, and got [my nose] fixed."

    There was nothing "wrong" with your nose before. It may have been the correct business decision for you to get a nose job, but your nose was always fine. I am not inherently anti-rhinoplasty; we work in an industry where look counts a lot and where people make snap judgments based on the stupidest shit. But there's just no such thing as a bad nose or a better nose. There are just noses.

    "It is a haves and have-nots world, where the haves fix all the things that aren't perfect and the have-nots repeat daily affirmations in the mirror."

    Hoooooooolyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiit are you fucking kidding me right now? Nope nope nope FUCKITY NOPE BYE BYE.

    thejollyraja 05/28/2016  11:01am

    I can't with this post

    dontnobodywantno 05/28/2016  1:49pm

    Hope this post it true.

    I'm a guy with thinning hair - with a very specific type.

    If l let myself go bald, that type is gone - and all the roles I've booked, footage I've had, progress I've made with CDs with it.

    Yes - I could rebuild from scratch, but that would really suck.

    I've decided to go the wig route when the time comes - but they are damn expensive (to look good), and i keep asking myself if I'm being way too vain.

    But looks do affect the "business" sides of things unfortunately. Nice to see that it's true (if this post is...)

    actor1 05/28/2016  2:34pm

    Dude. I'm gonna change your life.

    Juror #8 05/28/2016  3:10pm

    This post is literal trash. Y'all are fucked up.

    Icanseeyou 05/28/2016  3:15pm


    I'm going to compile some thoughts but for now WOW

    Bailee1416 05/28/2016  3:26pm

    Juror 6 - yeah, I'm already using that. But at some point when you start having real bald spots, it no longer works. I also have pretty wavy hair - which is part of my type.

    actor1 05/28/2016  3:41pm

    My favorite part of this post is:

    "I kept getting cast as Latina or Italian characters because of my eyes, which seemed odd considering I'm Irish. But something wasn't adding up."

    I'm glad your nose job made you pretty enough to get cast as a white person now????

    MuchosMocos 05/28/2016  3:52pm

    But really ^^

    Moremoneyplease 05/28/2016  8:17pm

    Okay listen.

    This is your body. I'm glad you did what you wanted and that you're happy you did it. But not everybody is like you.

    I am a very atypical type. I don't really fit in anywhere, but that incidentally makes me right for a lot of roles. Not all of them are roles I want right now, but I know I will be thankful for the way I look later, when I do decide that it's time to go the mom route (lol anyone else?)

    Anyway, I have a weird nose. My sister has been teasing me about it forever. If I had a nickel for every time I thought about getting a nose job, I would probably have enough money to actually afford one. But just because I feel like getting a nose job every once in a while doesn't mean that I should get one. My imperfections make me interesting and more marketable.

    I'm not bashing anybody who wants to change how they look, because I think that's your right, of course, but at the end of the day, you're telling us a story of a person who changed for other people, so that more people would like them, and to fit a type that they will eventually grow out of, rather than a person who looked in the mirror and truily hated what they saw looking back at them.

    If this post were at all kind and humble, maybe I wouldn't be as harsh, but, this is really sad. And it seems to me like you're trying to convince yourself it was the right choice by accumulating validation from strangers on the internet.

    Perfection is boring.

    ScreltersAnonymous 05/28/2016  8:38pm

    Also re: "I kept getting cast as Latina or Italian characters because of my eyes, which seemed odd considering I'm Irish. But something wasn't adding up."

    Does this mean that my eyes and my nose are the only reason I get cast as Latina? Here I thought it was because I'm, ya know, Latina...

    Is op suggesting I should wear contacts and get a nose job so that I can start playing white?

    So. Confused.

    andthenshesaid 05/28/2016  9:49pm
  • NAB (well, kinda AB)- anxiety 05/28/2016  2:09pm

    i've always had issues with anxiety, especially in audition settings. as of recently, i've been experiencing a lot of vocal anxiety when i'm auditioning as well as in CD classes and stuff, which has just really killed my confidence.

    i leave voice lessons with recordings of what i'd done that day, and can hear all of my hard work, and feel so confident and sure of myself, however the second i step in front of a casting table or a seminar/class, i lose every ounce of what I've worked so hard cultivating and it's really really frustrating when you KNOW what you are capable of, but nerves get the best of you in the room. then i get into some funk where i question if i have what it takes, and it all just spirals in a big circle of self doubt. i know the root of it all is nerves. i know it's something i have to work through and that taking more classes/going to more EPAs as practice should be helpful, but honestly, i don't want to embarrass myself in front of someone important.

    it doesn't happen when i'm performing onstage at all, for some reason there i feel relaxed and calm, and i've tried that "treat every audition like a performance!" trick, and it just doesn't help. if anyone has any pointers/tips/anecdotes/books/netflix binge recommendations to get my mind off of this, it would be greeeaaatly appreciated!


    Will you marry me? My thoughts exactly. Granted my anxiety and nerves have calmed down A LOT over the past year thank goodness, but auditioning is its own thing no matter what people say. I haven't found that advice helpful either. I do indeed try to treat it like a performance AS MUCH AS I CAN, or what Bob C says, a mini performance, cause even he knows and has said doing that song on stage is different than an audition, but it's still it's own art. Like you, put me on the stage, but I have a hard time sparking in the audition room. You don't have your environment around you nor are 'in character'. I know everyone will say it shouldn't matter but let's be honest, it does make a difference, and huge one. All I have to offer is, the more you do it, the less your nerves will affect you. Of course nerves can be helpful. I had a callback recently where yes I was nervous, but I could tell they were naturally being channeled correctly. Somehow, I just did what I did, I wasn't thinking just doing, and it was awesome. Wish that happened more often for everyone.

    Showbizdreamer 05/28/2016  2:42pm

    thank you thank you thank you @showbizdreamer!!! i agree with you fully! i hope all goes well with your callback! :)

    rosed 05/28/2016  3:05pm

    Xanax or Beta blockers are amazing for removing the physical symptoms of anxiety. I use to have wobbly knees and my throat would tighten. I used Xanax (sparingly) for a couple years and now I don't need it anymore.
    Better living through pharmaceuticals.

    Juror #8 05/28/2016  3:08pm

    propranolol. consult your psychiatrist

    Brb2207 05/28/2016  3:53pm

    I've told this before, so those whom I bore with it are excused from the room. Especially those whose mouths are obese.

    Beyond mere talent, preparation is everything. It's true, as far as it goes. Knowing your material and how to present yourself on stage are skills that can be prepared.

    But, as you have learned, audition has elements - powerful elements - that obliterate preparation. There are huge differences between a stage performance and an audition room performance.

    While a stage performance involves other cast members, familiar musicians, a rehearsed setting and and audience that simply wants to enjoy you, the audition room is a cold box, usually with horrible acoustics and a folding table.

    The auditors, no matter how friendly, no matter how kindly they offer a professional greeting, to you they are still a murders row.

    Before you even got into the room, you heard that natural blond in line ahead of you, the little triple-threat in the electric blue dress, belt the last 16 bars of There's a Place for Us so loudly and so well that you know that people waiting for the light downstairs on 8th avenue are looking up at the building in awe.

    Then you step into the room that still vibrates with that audition and you only a few seconds to make them forget that and focus on you.

    A lousy situation, right?

    When I started auditioning, I thought that being able to sing the song was enough. But, just as you described, when I stepped into the room, it all fell apart. My walk to the piano was a fuzzy dream sequence.

    I usually forgot how to use my breath control training. Timing and pacing did not exist.

    Something took me over and wanted to rush to the end of the audition. If I did not run out of air and break on a note, I would find myself totally without the lyric to something I literally have sung in my sleep.

    The rest of the time was a giddy blur. I never completed a single audition without one or more of the above disasters. This even happened at meet and greets.

    My cure was a lucky one. I happened upon David Brunetti's 3-week course called "Acting Songs."

    I learned audition preparation techniques that also applies to stage performance. It's not complicated, but - for me, at least - it was powerful and almost immediate.

    Even before the final weekly class I killed an audition for a national tour, got a call back from one of the best known CDs in NY, aced the callback and did a great job at the final callback.

    Since then, during the past maybe 2 years, I have never blown up an audition. Yes, I have made mistakes but none fatal and they may not even have been noticed or held against me. More important, because I am so much in control of that moment, the blur is gone. I am able to file away whatever I did not like and deal with it later.

    I now am eager to get ITR. I am genuinely confident that I am going to deliver the best I am capable of. I love my own auditions.

    You may find David can guide you to the same frame of mind. If money is tight, ask him about a scholarship. He sometimes offers them. I've seen them posted here in AU.

    Break a leg.

    nevertoolate 05/28/2016  3:55pm

    Maggie Hollinbeck does awesome coachings specifically on audition anxiety. Here's a blog and her info. Get into it.

    nonequityhero 05/28/2016  9:39pm
  • (just something fun to do while you're thinking about life)

    ScreltersAnonymous 05/28/2016  9:13pm
  • Post Some Wins! 05/27/2016  8:06am

    *Finally got called in for a theatre I have been submitting for probably for 4 years.

    *got most of my stuff sorted out and my room rented for my move!

    *enjoying a normal weekend off work (for once!!) then making big money on Monday (time and a half DOUBLE).

    On a bus, PVD bound to see my bestie. This is the happiest you will see Bailee


    I had forgotten to say in the other thread, but congrats on the job!

    Now wins...bought 425$ worth of classes for June. Sadly one was unexpected but was one of those last minute postings that start the next week with limited space in the class, so I figured I'd better snap it up since I have no idea when it will be held again. A lot of moolah...yikes...

    Showbizdreamer 05/27/2016  8:46am

    Thanks SBiz!

    Bailee1416 05/27/2016  8:59am

    My wife returned Thursday after months working out of the country on a charity project. She was supposed to be back a week ago but was refused boarding due to an identity theft that was only resolved by a fresh set of fingerprints submitted and then compared with those on file with her green card. Very scary.

    nevertoolate 05/27/2016  9:09am

    ^ oh shit, dude. That's scary stuff. Very glad it all worked out for you and your wife.

    thejollyraja 05/27/2016  9:54am

    Finally over being sick!

    littleeagle 05/27/2016  10:20am

    -Walked right into an EPA yesterday, having had an infuriating experience at one the day before.
    -Went to an event last night that I expected to be really boring but actually had a great time.
    -Seeing a show for free tonight!

    bwaylvsong 05/27/2016  2:47pm

    The burning sensation went away!

    Mover/schmactor/hummer 05/27/2016  4:16pm

    One week in the near future, I would like to announce that the LOTTERY is what I won. "I won the LOTTERY!" I'll say. Not a show's lottery. The actual physical NY State too legit to quit, LOTTERY.

    But for now, I have these!
    -Got my hiney into a kick ass dance class and still feel high on life
    -ASL studies live on, also leading to high on life
    -The Bachelorette- JOJO's Season premiered on our beloved ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is REALLY more important than the last two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody want to obsess over that with me??
    - I saved my free seamless lunch at work for DINNER and taking home sushi galore <3

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 05/27/2016  4:34pm

    Booked a gig that I'm excited about....and I have family visiting from out of town....xoxoxoox ;)

    beltress101 05/27/2016  5:34pm

    Got cast in a dream role this week :]

    It's at a super low key company, but I'm very proud of myself anyway. I was against some incredibly talented people and I'm so excited!

    ScreltersAnonymous 05/27/2016  10:50pm

    Booked a show!! 9 weeks yaaaaay

    Mimimarquez 05/28/2016  6:09pm
  • NAB- Make-up for shows 05/28/2016  11:25am

    Hey Ladies!
    For years I have been able to get away with just using my personal make-up (Which is really simple and natural) for shows; but that's no longer the case. I am woefully clueless when it comes to this stuff and was wondering if any of you have a favorite palette for eye shadows and blushes you like to use for show make-up?
    Thanks so much guys!!


    I don't know if this helps, but for shows I like to bake my makeup, let that sit for forever, and then contour after that (nose and cheeks). Any liquid concealer/ translucent powder I have on hand i use (usually both are drugstore).

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 05/28/2016  11:49am

    This is going to sound incredibly dumb, but what does "bake makeup" mean?

    SoMuchForThat 05/28/2016  1:15pm

    I tend to use MAC concealer and base for shows because I have hella oily skin and I know that it works for my needs so I'm willing to spend that money. As for anything beyond that there are absolutely drugstore blushes and eyeliners and mascaras and highlighters that get the job done (NYX, Covergirl, Maybelline, the Balm, etc). As for lip and eye palletes definitely look at Morphe-they have super wide varieties of both for really reasonable prices and incredible color payoff. Also, Sephora offers samples of everything! Sometimes I cheat the system and go into different Sephoras for the same samples (shhhh). I think the most important thing is actually using a primer and setter that will keep that makeup in place and keep your pores from eating it like mine do. Most lines make them now but I use a Sonia Kashuk primer and NYX setter because you don't need anything fancy for those.

    lululemming 05/28/2016  1:18pm
  • NAB: “Bright Star” Rush 05/27/2016  9:46pm

    Hey guys,

    I really want to see “Bright Star” this week, but I guess they don’t do the lottery, only rush. Has anyone rushed it? Is it madness? What would be a good time to jump in line for it?


    Not for nothing, but I popped in yesterday around 5pm after unexpectedly getting off work and was still able to snag a rush ticket. So based on that, I don't think it would be too hard.
    And it's a beautiful show!!! Well worth the rush!!

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/27/2016  11:29pm

    You'll be fine. It's not selling out, so I think you'd be able to get a ticket whenever, but I'd say before noon just to insure a good seat.

    I saw it and absolutely loved it. Is the story simple? yes. But Cusack is giving an incredible performance, and I loved the direction.

    Aktin 05/27/2016  11:45pm

    Awesome! Thanks guys!

    SteveRogers 05/28/2016  12:13am


    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/28/2016  12:54am

    ...Yeah? Sorry, some of us have been #werquing

    Aktin 05/28/2016  1:19am

    Like a phoenix from the non equity ashes...

    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/28/2016  11:16am
  • SMASH 05/27/2016  9:54am

    I have the sudden desire to hate/love watch Smash again in all it's glory...anyone know if it's available free online anywhere to watch?

    let me b ur STARRRRRR


    it's on Amazon Prime. I just rewatched it recently haha. I forgot how amazing the cameos are.

    Bailee1416 05/27/2016  10:05am

    Hahahaha I loved it, I don't care what anyone says!!

    I do believe it's on Netflix, but I could be wrong. But if it is, you can get a free month long trial ;)

    Showbizdreamer 05/27/2016  10:06am

    ^^^omg those cameos right??!!!! When I rewatched it a month ago, there was Lin in his short haired glory!!! But I just couldn't believe he'd throw that much shade in real life!!

    Showbizdreamer 05/27/2016  10:07am

    maybe it is Netflix. Maybe it was readded to Netflix after being taken off for awhile?

    there wasn't commercials, so I know it wasn't hulu.

    yes, the Lin cameo was GOLD

    Bailee1416 05/27/2016  10:15am

    That moment when you see Smash and your first thought is "oh snap, are we playing Smash Bros? Yes, let's do it.
    !" I am such a nerd.

    upsetwallflower 05/27/2016  10:43am

    Oh I forgot it's also on Hulu+ or at least should be still, to my knowledge, they have a free two weeks trial so you could marathon it for two weeks ;)

    Showbizdreamer 05/27/2016  12:42pm

    should you revisit, I STRONGLY suggest pairing each episode with the Vulture recap. They're magical.

    basicNAB 05/27/2016  9:42pm
  • NAB- Actor's Access "NY Talent Link" 05/26/2016  12:30pm

    Has anyone done this?

    $35 puts you in a weekly file for 4 weeks to CD's and Agents--

    specifically for those seeking representation.


    Venti BB


    Venti BB 05/27/2016  6:32pm
  • Decision 05/26/2016  9:27am

    Leading role of a play I love at a LORT A or a supporting role in a play I don't love that may be offensive, but has an off-b'way run (59e59)?


    Mind me asking which Off-Broadway?
    Either way, LORT A (Rhyme unintentional)

    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/26/2016  9:39am

    Which would help your career? Which are you more passionate about as a performer?

    HamiltonGrange 05/26/2016  2:34pm

    LORT As (of which there are very few) are heavy hitters. A leading role at a LORT A is a pretty big deal. The money's gonna be pretty good too.

    What kind of a contract is the 59E59 show on?

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 05/26/2016  3:53pm

    Off-b'way contract, eight-something/week plus possible housing stipend.

    Someguy 05/26/2016  10:08pm

    ^^Sid means more specifically the type of off Broadway. Showcase? Contract Code? etc

    Bailee1416 05/26/2016  10:26pm

    ^Off Broadway is a contract

    littleeagle 05/26/2016  10:33pm

    Oh sorry. the off Broadway house in work at either runs on a showcase or contract code. didn't realize it could just be "off broadway".

    Bailee1416 05/26/2016  10:42pm

    and the off broadway would be the "contract" code. I'm a fucking idiot. carry on.

    Bailee1416 05/26/2016  10:43pm

    Haha it's all good Bailee :)

    littleeagle 05/26/2016  11:10pm

    So, I always think about the triangle. On one side of the triangle it says "this will feed my career", another side says "this will feed my wallet", and the third side says "this will feed my soul". Which one is more important to you? Or, is there one contract that has two of the triangle points as opposed to one? Make a pros cons list. Really weigh out the pros and cons. At the end of the day (and I think you already know the answer, for you said it in your original post), which one would make you happiest?

    jaylady 05/27/2016  8:22am

    Lort A ;) Congrats either way! xoxo

    beltress101 05/27/2016  5:38pm