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  • What is MT dance/how can I get good 04/25/2018  10:38pm

    I'm feeling really discouraged. I've spent the last 8 years fully dedicating myself to modern/ballet. I'm not quite at the level to get a major concert dance contract, but pretty close. Not in NYC but another major theater hub.

    I did theater growing up, have an excellent singing voice and fit the "type" for chorus boy/handsome young male. I always thought if I get good at ballet and have good dance technique I would be able to find work. Boy was I wrong.

    I've done so many auditions this year and have not found anything. It's embarrassing to admit but I almost always get cut after dancing. 9/10 the choreography will be about storytelling/character and doesn't give me a chance to kick or turn. Even Newsies, no joke. No shade on anyone, we all have our strengths, but a lot of the male MT "dancers" I see are pretty lacking technically. Most of the choregraphers don't seem to care at all about pointed feet, placement, etc. The combos are usually very gestural or my least favorite "masculine" guy stuff. In dozens of dance calls, I haven't once done fancy floorwork, petit allegro, or a triple/quad pirouette.

    I'm just not sure how to break in. My headshot/book/presentation is good, I have a really great coach. Me ego is hurt and this is a bit of an identity crisis. I'm a dancer but it seems the entire MT world won't acknowledge it. I'm not a cookie cutter MT grad, but can sing very well and IMO dance circles around almost every guy I see working.

    I know a lot of my problem might be my ego/insecurities. In the other type of auditions I do, we usually start with a ballet barre and make cuts. I almost always stay after cuts. So I know I'm not delusional.

    Is it like that in NYC? How can I (quickly) learn to be a character "telling a story" when I'm doing simple choreography at the next Mama Mia ECC?


    Honestly, it sounds like you just need to take an acting class. Having done theatre growing up isn't enough- you have to actually study acting. Note that in the term "musical theatre," "theatre" is the noun and "musical" is the adjective. Your number one job is to tell a story and everything else is secondary. I had a very similar issue to you, except I was a singer and not a dancer. As soon as I realized that the acting component was more important than singing (and was able to actually perform as such- easier said than done), I started getting callbacks/work.

    bwaylvsong 04/26/2018  12:11am

    Agree with above! Many many casting directors will prioritize story telling over technical ability because , at the end of the day, that's what it's all about! An acting class will definitely help, but you may also benefit from taking a specifically MT dance class, at BDC, Steps or otherwise. Many teachers focus on that story telling element that you're struggling with, and can help give you pointers.

    You're not crazy- this is a completely different business than concert dance. But it sounds like once you get some real acting training under your belt, you'll be set.

    madelinepurr 04/26/2018  9:00am

    Also, it sounds a bit like if what you're looking for is a medium to show off your training and be really truly challenged dance-wise, musical theatre may not be the venue for you. There are very few shows that will truly use the depths of training you have, and if that's something that's important to you, it may be something to think about.

    But do have a look at shows like American in Paris, because ballet centered shows do exist! Even in those shows, however, you HAVE to have a strong acting base. There's just no way otherwise.

    madelinepurr 04/26/2018  9:04am

    Luckily for you, we live in a time where “dance” in musical theatre is evolving quite a bit. While broadway might not have a lot of triple pirouettes and or kicks to your face (with the exceptions of shows no dance-centered, such as Carousel), we are moving in a really cool direction, where “MT dance” is defined in many different ways. There’s no way to compare Andy Blankenbueker to Justin Peck, or Kelly Devine to Warren Carlysle- but I think that’s why dancers are so LUCKY in today’s day in age. There’s a place for all of us- no matter what style you excel at.

    I think you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage by making the blanket statement about MT dance. You may not be right for EVERYTHING- nobody is- so I’d take some time to step back and really evaluate your type and what you bring to the table as a performer. Remember that certain shows need stronger vocals, while others need stronger dancing- and every director/choreographer has the freedom to decide which direction to go in terms of their own production. You don’t have control over that. There are lots of factors besides your technique and placement that go into whether or not you book a show.

    Be patient. It’s so hard, especially when you don’t feel validated- but the truth is that you chose to pursue musical theatre. And in doing that, you have to acknowledge it’s constant change, and it’s craziness. Trust what you have to offer. What’s right for you will come.

    And just so you know- this is all coming from someone who moved to this city with a concert dance background and has gone through the EXACT same thought process that you described above. So I get it. :)

    heyheywhataday 04/26/2018  9:42am

    I agree with the poster above in regards to acting classes. I have background in both MT dance and jazz and concert dance. I think you should take more dance classes that are Theater dance and jazz. There’s a bunch of different ones obviously and every teacher has their own style and what they focus on, so find which one works for you and that you’re getting your storytelling and character work out of!

    dance10looks3sing5 04/26/2018  6:14pm
  • Don't kill me 04/22/2018  4:51pm

    I know this question will spark a lot of controversy, but i need to ask. Is there anywhere that proves that, at least , in documented union statistics, that there are more unemployed POC than caucasian ? I will never disregard the hardships POC have and still go(ne) through, but i feel like to say POC have less opportunities in THEATRE may not be entirely accurate. Especially in today's climate. Just because there are more roles written for white people, doesn't mean more percentage of white people are working. I don't know everyone in the business, but all my friends who are a person of color don't seem to have problems getting work. I'm honestly asking if there are statistics to prove this. That's all. Here we go


    I think that’s a legitimate question to a ask . I don’t think anyone will “kill you” for it . I think it’s not really about how many actors are working , but the reason there’s become such a movement is more about how POC are represented . We don’t want to always be the house maid or the criminal .we want to be leading ladies and snow princesses , and play characters not only in all black musicals . There’s a lot to ask for

    noneq4eva 04/22/2018  4:57pm

    literally every POC I know is either working constantly or has TONS of auditions. much slower for white ppl (at least in TV right now) unless maybe if youre famous.

    fuzzletwit 04/22/2018  6:47pm

    THIS. All of my performer friends of color have been working non-stop for the last few years! Like, effortlessly. Considering the term "minority" in and of itself means "fewer in number", and casting is favoring POC rn, I would say the percentages are heavily skewed in their favor and will be for the foreseeable future. The rest of us that were not blessed with gorgeous melanin have to find other ways to make ourselves stand out these days because there simple arent enough parts for all of us in the current climate.

    YouGonnaCastMeOrNah 04/22/2018  7:09pm

    we also have to consider which POC we’re talking about. Because as an asian POC, opportunities are not abundant. it always feels weird to walk in a room, and your the only asian in a sea of black and white. (and yes, i still fit the character description, minus the ethnicity.)

    What Is Insurance? 04/22/2018  10:32pm

    So, there are two separate issues going on here...

    The first is, it’s a numbers game. It may *seem* like all your actor friends who are not white are working a lot, simply because there are less of them. There are 500 white gals all under the age of 30 that show up to every call. We are a dime a dozen...

    The second is, regardless of how much they work, YOU are probably considered for a bigger *variety* of roles. As someone mentioned above with Asian actors, it would get tiring being considered for ‘King and I’ for the umpteenth time, but never for say, ‘King Lear’.

    So, it’s both. Yes there needs to be better representation and a wider variety of roles for people of color. But also, everybody just wants to work....

    Rain On my Parade 04/23/2018  7:02am

    Got a question for the masses as a POC that’s been brewing in my mind. How do people feel about POCs playing other POC roles that aren’t their own ethnicity? I’m truly wondering because I see both sides. Like someone Hispanic in the ensemble of king and I or someone Asian playing a principal in ITH? On the one hand I’m like, sure we all have different stories to tell but we also understand the same struggle of immigration and discrimination etc. Especially wondering how other POCs feel about this

    Okayokay 04/23/2018  10:00am

    @okay For me, as an Asian, I won’t actively go in for ITH, WSS, etc. However, if I’m called in for them through a season call or by Management I won’t feel bad going since I’m still a minority.

    I can say for me and my Asian friends that it is a constant struggle for work and there are definitely a limited amount of opportunities for us. Most people won’t be open to casting us in traditionally white roles... and we’ve all gone in for the canon of 10 or so Asian shows again and again. I think progress is being made, and the fact that it’s being talked about is great, but there’s still room to grow.

    Bwayluver 04/23/2018  12:28pm

    I think color blind casting is great. I think the recent “forcing”’or “guilt tripping” of diversity is bad. Like very very bad . 100 white people walk into an audition . 7 African American and 15 Latino But they want diversity otherwise pitchforks all come out so , yea, I’m gonna say it, white people have a disadvantage in the theatre world these days .being white will literally stop you from getting roles and anyone who denies that is kidding themselves. All my friends who are POC are WERKing it. And good for them. But calls spade a spade . Diversity is being forced

    BFAinServing 04/23/2018  12:31pm

    Ok so just because there’s a “need”
    For diversity right now doesn’t change the fact that over 80% of NYC actors ARE white

    And the shows have casts of 80% WHITE actors.

    So I know we have five or six shows on broadway that are predominately “color blind”

    But we’re not going into a white people are at a disadvantage because ...nope.
    You may go not be going in as much as “all my POC friends”

    But guess what as a man of color who sees predominantly stereotypical breakdowns such as slaves, nannys, and maids that DONT represent POC at all.

    Let this narrative go. It isn’t real. You’re not disadvantaged. You’re now on an equal playing field.

    DontSpeak 04/23/2018  12:49pm

    @Rain - This.

    If you have significantly less POC friends than you do white friends, it's much easier to say ALL your POC friends are working.

    Also, many shows may include one or two roles that are traditionally a POC. That means every POC that wants to audition is competing over those one or two spots because every other role in the show is inaccessible. Good for your friends for being the selected ones.

    @okay - I've wondered (and am still wondering) this same thing, especially as it pertains to mixed race POC or "ethnically ambiguous" actors. Where do you draw the line?

    alittlelesscrazy 04/23/2018  2:17pm

    Oh boy... I have so many feelings about this.

    I've seen a lot of approaches to casting POC over the years, as I'm sure you all have seen, too.

    1) bit parts for POC -- non-white characters with no names in the script; usually providing some kind of service to the lead or principal character; sometimes production asks for an accent (ugh)

    2) parts for specific POC -- non-white characters with names (WOOHOO); usually supporting or strong supporting; sometimes lead or principal -- I've noticed this happens depending on who is part of the creatives, particular the writer; and a lot of these projects wouldn't be Western period pieces, which makes sense

    3) parts to be fought for by anyone -- get ready to rumble for "any ethnicity" (quick thought: I *love* how sometimes it says this, but the character description is for something a bit more specific.)

    I'm really curious about the stats for #2 and #3, like how many roles are there for specific races and ethnicities and how many POC do get cast for roles for any ethnicity? And what is the breakdown by ethnicity for those "any ethnicity" roles?

    I do feel like there are more opportunities now for various ethnic backgrounds, but that's just based on my own audition tracking and what I've remembered seeing. I'm glad people have been talking about this topic more, and I hope it continues to be talked about.

    I've come across some projects where the creatives were "really interested in casting a diverse cast," and I think that's great depending on the circumstance and project. I wish we had more pieces with diverse casts and fewer or the same amount of pieces with casts made of one race.

    Asian Prince 04/23/2018  3:06pm

    @DontSpeak, it isn't an "equal playing field" if there are less POC than whites and they are booking at a higher rate overall , and a larger percentage of them overall are working simply because of the color of their skin. Based on US demographics alone, there would be more white people in a show if it were based on ratios. If they have the chops then that awesome and I am glad POC are being represented more fairly. However, these imaginary quotas of "we need x amount of minorities or people will get pissed" isn't beneficial either. Pick the best performers, black or white. THAT is true colorblind casting. Instead of pandering.

    krd2c 04/23/2018  3:21pm

    The audacity of some of you on this thread... Don't use your "POC FRIENDS" as a scapegoat for your frustration with this industry. We work in a oversaturated market- sure but actors of color aren't taking away your roles. Not to mention the trends you've been seeing regarding inclusion and color blind casting in NY isn't necessarily happening in regional markets. This is a false narrative. Take responsibility for yourself as a performer and the work you want to do; create your own work, start your own theatre company but for the love of God don't take your casting woes out on us.

    JesusmissedtheQtrain 04/23/2018  3:49pm

    i never said my POC friends were "taking my jobs." Good for them that they are busy. But it is indisputable fact that there is a strong emphasis on POC on the theatre/TV breakdowns right now. And rightfully so! But the result is - more POC getting auditions, and fewer white people getting called in. There are a limited # of audition slots, and casting is under pressure to bring in a high percentage POC. This is fact.

    fuzzletwit 04/23/2018  3:55pm musician friends also seem to get a lot of work now-days because THAT is also trending. It makes me want to learn guitar, not get angry that they have a unique skill set. My dancer friends are all on cruises. Makes me want to take more dance classes. My curvier friends are finally booking print work and they just inspire me to live my best life and be like, it’s ok to eat that potato chip, Rain. And yes, many of my friends of color are also booking more work than usual. That does NOT MEAN there are less roles for me. There are the same amount now as there have been in the last 100 years. It just means the industry is changing in an already over-saturated market that also happens to pump out MT kids like a fucking dairy cow, and now we are finally starting to feel a little bit of the slump that actors have color have dealt with for yearrrrrsss.

    Now, if only we could get more female directors..but I digress.

    Rain On my Parade 04/23/2018  5:24pm

    please educate yourself before you ask us to educate you

    here are the numbers.

    numbers don't lie.

    MuchosMocos 04/23/2018  10:04pm

    Jonathan Reid Gealt
    September 5, 2017 ·
    If I have to listen to one more white actor whine about how difficult it is for them right now in this industry because creatives only want non-white actors in their shows, I'm-ma lose my mind.

    Work harder, get over yourselves, stop being lazy and focus more. And fucking be happy for all your immeasurably talented friends who are finally being noticed after struggling their entire lives with something you truly have no full understanding about what it's like to deal with on a day to day basis.

    And we still have such a long way to go so get used to it.

    With love,


    originally posted here:

    MuchosMocos 04/23/2018  10:09pm

    Muchos - ask any agent/manager in NYC who they want right now and they want more POC talent. Not more white people. Read the breakdowns for TV. This is a great time to be a POC. That's all I'm saying. As a white person, I have experienced a slow down in my auditions I'm sure due to a variety of factors, this being one of them. But I recognize that this is a GOOD THING for our business as a whole! We are heading towards an even playing field, versus one that has been so skewed for decades

    fuzzletwit 04/23/2018  10:12pm

    ps. reid's post is offensive and nonsensical. work harder? We're all working as hard as possible in this business and it is tough for EVERYONE no matter what color you are. he doesn't know how hard I or any white, brown, black, or other person works. and it's tough times, often due to forces beyond one's control

    fuzzletwit 04/23/2018  10:16pm

    I completely agree that that message was offensive. Nobody said people of color are lazy when they have trouble booking. If the idea is that fewer roles are available for white people now, then suddenly white people are lazy if they're not getting cast? Ridic.

    To be clear, I want to see our industry become more diverse. I just don't like the name calling in any direction along the way.

    I thought about responding to Steve's post where he has questions, but I don't know. There's a lot of AU history that is involved here.

    04/23/2018  10:38pm

    lol. people *still* call POC lazy. if someone is casting a show *for* POC and they "can't find any" they *ALWAYS* say:

    we can't cast you if you don't show up.


    no one had enough training. or experience. or a big enough name. or blah blah blah blah blah

    so LOL at "no one called POC lazy."

    MuchosMocos 04/23/2018  10:41pm

    This is one of the most heartbreaking posts I have ever read on hear. If you believe that there are more jobs for POC out there then white men and women, then my friends, you have some work to do. I have always thought an artsits number one job is to be socially aware of what is happening around them. You guys, really think about what you are saying. Scroll through Nextflix, a magazine stand, and tell me how many names of Asian, Black or Latino actors you know. These thoughts are no longer okay. There is social media. Google, and your own eyes. Man first the Robe and now this. My lord what community is this?

    Tashburgers 04/23/2018  10:47pm

    Well, for one thing, shows about POC that have been traditionally whitewashed are no longer being whitewashed, so I can understand how it must seem that way, WorkWorkWorkWork. After all, when you're accustomed to eating 97% of the pie and are suddenly relinquishing 5-10% of it, it must seem like something has been taken from you. It does seem that a conscious effort has been made to right some systemic wrongs in this industry. You can be bitter about it (as many of us POC have felt for a long time) OR you can see it as casting FINALLY reflecting the changing, diverse genetic landscape of this country. Either way, if it means I no longer have to be "typed out" of a production while having to endure someone's terrible, stereotypical portrayal of a POC role with their even worse attempt at an accent, I say "Cheers to that!" And also, read the comment above to disabuse yourself of the idea that white people are somehow now being underrepresented. That notion is absolutely and utterly false.

    SpaceCadet 04/23/2018  10:52pm

    Please read.

    NicelyNicely2004 04/23/2018  10:59pm

    Every POC i know is either working or at the Yale School of Drama...

    Igotya 04/23/2018  11:06pm

    ^^ehhhh i agree that a lot of friends who are POC are working. And I have friends in casting who are AFRAID to cast white people right now. these are their words not mine.

    casting has trends. and there has to be some kind of balance. what is happening isn't a solution.

    Warningsign 04/23/2018  11:15pm

    Wow... this should never have been posted. Y’all will never run out of things to complain about.... Can POC never have anything? They are getting a slice of the cake we’ve been eating for the last few hundred years, and we can’t just let them have it? Fuck, they can have my whole damn cake. The entertainment industry is HARD, but it’s what you signed up for. Sometimes you are not going to get seen, or get the job, and it’s not because casting POC is “trendy”. Think about the past - when we (white people) basked in the glory of employment, they were bit parts, payed 1/4 of as much $$$, and verbally abused - and tell me that it’s unfair that they are finally being seen at auditions for historically whitewashed (unnecessarily so) shows, and getting the jobs over us. It’s time for this industry to finally be as inclusive as it parades itself as.

    startingthehat 04/23/2018  11:17pm

    Its not about cake; its about watching someone who is right for the part be passed over due to a casting director's fear of being dragged on facebook. I've been the reader and I've seen it happen. What's going on right now is not a solution. It's not any kind of justice either. It's transference.

    Warningsign 04/23/2018  11:51pm

    The saying that has been said in many POC households especially the black ones is, you have to work ten times as hard to be at the same level as our white counterparts ...unfortunately that’s the truth. So just know that POC’s that are working have been working really hard to get to that level in spite of all the adversities. We aren’t just handed things because it’s the “trend” to cast POC’s. REPRESENTATION MATTERS!! Oh and for all those people who are saying all your POC’s friends are working...first congrats to them... second if you don’t know/have at least more than 20 friends/colleagues that are POC’s then please cancel that argument.

    nycgal24 04/23/2018  11:52pm

    Nope nope nope. This post should NOT EVEN BE A THING.

    b.b. 04/23/2018  11:52pm

    So much for independent thinking!

    Sillyrabbit 04/24/2018  12:03am

    Good to know all the work I've been putting in for the past 10 years and the little bits of success I've been having is all just a trend! Can't wait to go back to only getting called for Memphis and Hairspray once the trend ends!!

    This is embarrassing, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Shadowasders23 04/24/2018  12:06am

    Orrrr... Maybe the more talented actors are getting the jobs while the more marginal ones aren't? #SorryNotSorry

    SpaceCadet 04/24/2018  12:07am

    stop being mean yall. at the end of the day this business sucks no matter what color you are. just do it because you love the work. next thing you know were gonna get in on some classist bullshit. give me a ring when its time for that conversation.

    immaruinyoucvnt 04/24/2018  12:07am

    @warningsign Casting has never not been politics - but it’s working in favor of people who aren’t white, which is the only reason there’s fuss being made.

    It is about cake (I mean it’s not, because this is a metaphor, but let me live)... the casting directors, producers, etc make it... we all did the dishes and took out the trash, but they still choose whether we get the cake or not... that is out of our hands.

    startingthehat 04/24/2018  12:10am

    Dude, this is such a joke. Statistics have been posted above which literally prove this entire thread is a disgusting pile of bullshit. I am an Iranian American musical theatre Equity actor - and bitch, I'm fucking good. No appointments here for Tony in WSS, Link in Hairpsray, Seymour in Little Shop, Finch in H2$, Joe Hardy in Damn Yankees, Jimmy in Millie, all thise appointment go to WHITE BOYS. And that's not even a fucking fraction of the roles I miss out on in a season. You know what appt I do get, year after year? Ali Hakim. Not Curly or Will (or even Judd, yo) which I could SLAY because I can belt like a boss and kick my face. ALI, because FINALLY ppl have realized it's an inappropriate role for a white American to play. Yes I be booking them ensembl tracks because theatre companies want to show they give talented POC a slot now but don't you tell me white people are now *disadvantaged* bc the sad truth is that 90% of prinicpal characters in American Musical Theatre are for White people and 90% the time they will continue to be cast that way. And LORDT ensemble now are like 70-75% white instead of the usual 85% and you really complaining? BYE

    belterscreamer 04/24/2018  12:13am

    Dude, this is such a joke. Statistics have been posted above which literally prove this entire thread is a disgusting pile of bullshit. I am an Iranian American musical theatre Equity actor - and bitch, I'm fucking good. No appointments here for Tony in WSS, Link in Hairpsray, Seymour in Little Shop, Finch in H2$, Joe Hardy in Damn Yankees, Jimmy in Millie, all thise appointment go to WHITE BOYS. And that's not even a fucking fraction of the roles I miss out on in a season. You know what appt I do get, year after year? Ali Hakim. Not Curly or Will (or even Judd, yo) which I could SLAY because I can belt like a boss and kick my face. ALI, because FINALLY ppl have realized it's an inappropriate role for a white American to play. Yes I be booking them ensembl tracks because theatre companies want to show they give talented POC a slot now but don't you tell me white people are now *disadvantaged* bc the sad truth is that 90% of prinicpal characters in American Musical Theatre are for White people and 90% the time they will continue to be cast that way. And LORDT ensemble now are like 70-75% white instead of the usual 85% and you really complaining? BYE

    belterscreamer 04/24/2018  12:13am

    Dude, this is such a joke. Statistics have been posted above which literally prove this entire thread is a disgusting pile of bullshit. I am an Iranian American musical theatre Equity actor - and bitch, I'm fucking good. No appointments here for Tony in WSS, Link in Hairpsray, Seymour in Little Shop, Finch in H2$, Joe Hardy in Damn Yankees, Jimmy in Millie, all thise appointment go to WHITE BOYS. And that's not even a fucking fraction of the roles I miss out on in a season. You know what appt I do get, year after year? Ali Hakim. Not Curly or Will (or even Judd, yo) which I could SLAY because I can belt like a boss and kick my face. ALI, because FINALLY ppl have realized it's an inappropriate role for a white American to play. Yes I be booking them ensembl tracks because theatre companies want to show they give talented POC a slot now but don't you tell me white people are now *disadvantaged* bc the sad truth is that 90% of prinicpal characters in American Musical Theatre are for White people and 90% the time they will continue to be cast that way. And LORDT ensemble now are like 70-75% white instead of the usual 85% and you really complaining? BYE

    belterscreamer 04/24/2018  12:13am

    Very true. That’s a good way to put it.

    It is unsettling though to see a casting team vocalize their fears about social media’s reaction to casting the stronger actress. That’s showbiz though.

    Warningsign 04/24/2018  12:18am

    lol. Entitlement.

    pearshakes 04/24/2018  12:19am

    this is crazy shit. But @belterscreamer WSS ain’t your show, papi

    Not2daySatan 04/24/2018  12:22am

    um. sierra boggess just had to bow out of playing a latinx character.

    meaning, a white actress got a part to play a latinx character.

    how many shows with latinx characters are there? WSS, ITH, and we're still having to fight you for evita.

    AND YET. sierra boggess can still get a job in a latinx role while you all want to talk about how easy poc actors have it.


    MuchosMocos 04/24/2018  1:09am

    lol y’all suck and will do anything to get leverage for a job including being racist. goodbye.

    KimKardashian 04/24/2018  1:34am

    I can't believe this. I just can't. This is privilege if I've ever seen it. Every time I read something ignorant it honestly felt like a dagger to my heart.

    Just wake the f*^% up!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I am sick of this. "All your POC friends are working." Lol MAN. If you have the guts to say that — you probably have less than 5 POC friends. I am sick of "token" casting too. Your POC friends who are working are also probably one of the few POC in their cast. This is what we're trying to change: to have a cast that actually represents the diversity of the real world. Not only 6 out of 30 cast members.

    I was recently in a huge show & the majority was POC. My POC friends who ARE working currently, are in shows that are geared towards casting POC, I.E. Hamilton. Rarely anyone is Laurey in Oklahoma or Eliza in MFL. They are also usually the understudies, and never the actual leads.

    Let me make it clear that no one is taking anyone's jobs. It may feel that way to you if you're not in our shoes, but we are all just eventually striving to be on the same playing field now...which is how it should've been since the beginning. And if you can't accept that, maybe just shove your ego up your butt.

    A good friend of mine said to me recently "it's not fine if Sierra is Maria but it's fine if Billy (Bigelow) is black." YES THAT'S FINE. Let me remind you all folks, that if the show is about a specific culture or it has themes of racism, then it's not ok for a white person to take away from that story. That's where the line is drawn.

    I'm really sorry if you are frustrated with the industry because you feel like you're not getting seen, or booking. I fully sympathize and empathize. But guess what, this has been a struggle for POC for forever.

    I can tell you confidently that when I go to agent appointments, I'm still ALWAYS in the minority. There's usually less than 5 in a room full of 30. The rest of the actors are still white. Not in a bitchy way, but maybe you're just not one of the Caucasians called in for the role that particular day.

    But let's just put it this way... I would like to be called in for a show (that's not Asian) as many times as I have for The King and I the past year. 8 times. : )

    vivecachow 04/24/2018  2:31am

    I was using WSS as an example of one of many of the most popular shows that have a principal male chaacter than can only be protrayed by a Caucasian male. An example meant to illustrate that with so many roles like these available white people are in no position to complain. The irony in your comment is that I, a Persian musical theatre actor in America, have played a Shark in West Side Story. This should not have to be the case, but I need work and there can be Jets of color. How about that for a fact? And you know what - don't you tell me what shows are and aren't for me until you've lived my experience and seen my scope as a performer. Telling someone who has virtually no ethnic representation in this industry that they aren't deserving to be cast because of this fact is ridiculous and unfair when you don't know what they are capable of as a performer.

    belterscreamer 04/24/2018  3:26am

    That is to say that there *CANNOT be Jets of color.

    belterscreamer 04/24/2018  3:28am

    @vivacachow thank you for putting this so eloquently. I will never understand how white people do not get that a black man playing Billy Bigelow and a white man playing Coalhouse are NOT THE SAME EFFING THING. So tired of this lameass argument

    belterscreamer 04/24/2018  3:32am

    Alright. JRG telling white people to just "work harder" is some fucking bullshit though.

    Baby_Groot 04/24/2018  4:57am

    This thread is baffling , so let me get some of you together right quick. If you go to a casting call you will see less of POC then white actors. POC actors are not always considered for leading roles as much. I suggest some of you need to go on the equity site and look at the numbers. Now onto the person talking about Billy Bigelow and WSS.Ummm he’s a carnival worker not a Puerto Rican teenager. So Im not sure why bring that up. This thread is offensive and disgusting on sooo many levels. Look at cast list and see how many “tokens” are in them. Look back at theatre history and see how many POC have been cast in leading roles of classics. Some of you need to get it together and really look at the big picture instead of being envious of POC getting cast. Wow

    AeaPOC 04/24/2018  6:39am

    I’m a POC. I’m not working consistently. But I guess I have no friends according to the statistics “all my poc friends are working” man this sucks.... now I’m not getting cast AND just found out I have no friends. Dam.

    Moremoneyplease 04/24/2018  8:45am

    I’m a POC. I’m not working consistently. But I guess I have no friends according to the statistics “all my poc friends are working” man this sucks.... now I’m not getting cast AND just found out I have no friends. Dam.

    Moremoneyplease 04/24/2018  8:47am

    I tell ya... Its a great thing this thing is anonymous. I would love for someone to my face try to explain how being a white actor is now harder than being a POC actor in this industry. You're complaining because the 5 POC "friends" you have are working. Have you looked at the numbers? Do you watch tv? We are not the majority by far.

    And Ohhh, casting directors are scared to cast white people? I know Its hard to adjust to progress. I know in the good ol' days, white people could play any ethnicity they wanted and everyone kept their mouth shut. Now everyone wants proper representation. The nerve. Why can't it be like this show I was part of recently where a blonde woman out on bronzer to become Muslim. (Yes, that shit actually happened). No you can't have In the Heights, or Hamilton, or West Side Story, but you know what you can have?

    Audition season got you guys feeling a way huh?

    Actor12129 04/24/2018  8:54am

    Asian POC here. Have literally never worked consistently. All you white people complaining can actually STFU and open your god damn eyes.

    belt4daze 04/24/2018  9:12am

    As a white dude interested in social justice and highlighting societal racial division, I’m increasingly embarrassed by this community. It’s not progressive. Y’all wanna walk around with your ghost light signs talking about how the theatre is for everyone, but then complain about the numbers and the lack of appointments when the theatre is for everyone. Seriously, this website is an embarrassment and the look for our community is never cute here. I sure wish this wasn’t anonymous, it would be hilarious to try and have people explain in person how being white in this industry is a disadvantage. I’m white and have been working almost non stop for the past year and a half. The opportunities have been abundant and the majority of the projects I’ve participated in have been filled with very few POC. Also. Yeah. I have a friend whose been working for 2 years. Mind you, she’s done Miss Saigon back to back 4 times. What a wonderful range and variety of opportunity she’s been given! How creative those in our industry are! And also how dare she work consistently in, unfortunately, one of the only shows designed for Asian American actors. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is why I don’t fuck with this community. Because at the end of the day people are too invested in what’s going on with themselves to give a flying fuck about what’s going on in the real world. Wake the hell up. Black men and women were just killed at a Waffle House. Nothing about being a POC in America is easy and if you think your friends of color are coasting on some trend or riding a wave right now, you’re an idiot and more importantly, you’re a bad friend.

    boombox899 04/24/2018  9:36am

    Y'all motherfuckers are just thirsty.

    TommyWisaeu 04/24/2018  9:50am

    So is this a post about a white person asking for sympathy because she feels employment discrimination based on the color of her skin? However well meaning this thread was (and the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,) it has rabbit holed into something really shameful but not surprising. Obviously, statistically and factually white actors are still the majority employed in theatre and white people still enjoy majority employment in almost every industry in this country. Majority employment, more money, better jobs. End of story. Continue to argue it and you are ignorant as best, bigoted at worst.

    “Don’t kill me” but it’s my opinion that white mediocrity is what’s dying in the theatre. Now, in order to beat out the 300 other white girls in the chorus call and the people of color who got appointments when you didn’t, you truly need to be something special which has never been true in the past (and still isn’t true for white men.) The original poster probably touts herself as being progressive but not when it means she can’t half-sing, half-act her way into a job. It’s time to let other people have a chance at success who have traditionally had doors slammed in their face because of the color of their skin.

    Why is that so hard for white people? Why do threads like this exist in a “progressive” community? Is it because some white people have deeply rooted bias that they can’t get rid of to save their lives? I’d really like to know.

    JoanofAct 04/24/2018  10:28am

    I mean... just WOW. And some of you are still Stunting on this thread. Do your research. Don't ask for this free emotional labor from us.

    JesusmissedtheQtrain 04/24/2018  10:44am

    Um hi, white person here and this is all such bullshit.

    POC are not stealing your roles. POC are finally starting—STARTING—to be considered for roles in things besides maid, slave, etc and you think that is a threat to your career. It is not a threat to your career. If someone books a role and you do not, it was not your role. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity that person is. It wasn’t your role.

    Representation on stage is important and it is still lacking. Instead of posting anonymously on some forum about your POC friends, why don’t you go talk to them. Ask them when was the first time they saw someone who looked like them on stage. Ask them when was the first time they saw someone who looked like them playing a lead. I guarantee their experiences will be different than yours as a white person. Let it be a wakeup call to you and focus on your own damn career.

    birdie 04/24/2018  10:57am

    Read through that post last night and really wished that I didn't. But to ignore that there are people out here who are angry would be dangerous. POC aren't here to take your jobs. We aren't lazing around as they cast us for the sake of their diversity quota. Every day, we are fighting to bring humanity to the one dimensional and most times, offensive, characters that YOU allow us to play. We simply want the same privileges that you have been afforded since the beginning of time. We want to play real human characters with arcs too, not just the servants, prostitutes, caricatures that have been imposed on us. We're tired of doing reps of Miss Saigon and the King and I. We're tired of playing your sidekicks. We're tired of doing accents that have nothing to do with our characters. More than anything, we're tired of you blaming us for the system that you believe has turned its back on you, the system that you have been so happily benefiting from, now that we're fighting for the chance for our voices, our stories to be heard and more than anything, the right to finally tell OUR stories as opposed to you telling your version of our stories for us.

    AsYouWish 04/24/2018  11:52am

    I think what the original poster is witnessing is a ratio issue. The market is flooded with white actors, and there are fewer POC in the industry. So the original poster feels as if “all my POC friends are working” because they have less competition. Let’s say there are 100 white girls and 10 Actors of color in a room and there are 10 roles available...if 2 roles go to POC and 8 roles go to white Actors, then yes it “seems” like there is more opportunity for the actors of color. BUT you cannot blame a POC for the fact that this industry has yet to inspire enough young POC to want to get involved. For years it has been notoriously pandering to white people and white audiences. Those white audiences take their children who are then inspired by the white actor on stage to become an actor. And the cycle continues. Equal representation is IMPORTANT. Let’s please think of the kids and inspire a new generation to become Actors. Then those audition rooms will be 50/50 and we can all stop complaining.

    And honestly, the 5 Actors of color in that example most likely fought kicked and screamed their way to get to the point to even be in that room. As opposed to the privelaged white people who waltzed their way through an MT program (me being one of them).

    Lucill 04/24/2018  11:55am

    Why did I read any of that? So many Marginally talented entitled people EXPECT to be hired off the strength of showing up and are looking for a scapegoat. So if their 4 black friends who are in the "black tracks" of some shows are working here come the tears. Take a voice class, take a dance class and if you need to see White People working go to 95 percent of Broadway shows or turn on your tv. Better yet look at all the stage managers, directors, choreographers, producers, agents and Casting directors. Monitors, merchandizing, security electricians, elevator operators, Grips Ad's. Hair and Make-up writers produced lawyers, accountants. It's a very very very white business and world in general. I think I have auditioned for maybe 4 non white casting directors in my entire career.
    Audit your talent and marketing before you use me as your scapegoat!
    I have to be 2x as good to get half and somebody would begrudge me said half? FOH!

    Shantiluv 04/24/2018  11:57am

    I mean #soundsaboutwhite This is the most white privileged conversation I have seen online in a while. This conversation is devoid of facts. Let me educate you, here are the facts from ACTORS EQUITY- THE UNION OF BROADWAY now sit ALL THE WAY DOWN!

    klynnz 04/24/2018  12:23pm

    That last comment was from a friend who read through all the comments and he is backing up his opinion with FACTS!! Not just hearsay on what you all think is actually happening!

    klynnz 04/24/2018  12:28pm

    To those who posted the links to the study data, thanks! Very helpful to see.

    Asian Prince 04/24/2018  1:16pm

    just saw a friend's reaction to all of this and it's IT:

    you know what's funny? when we point point out whitewashing of specifically non-white roles you typically tell us "well, shouldn't the best person get the job?" and now that you feel like you're not getting enough jobs, i have to ask "well, shouldn't the best person get the job?" or is it *soooo* impossible to believe that perhaps your POC friends and colleagues who are working more than you are *earned* those jobs by being "the best person for the job?" do you see how on some level you inherently are unable to believe that you are *not* the best person for the job in any context? that either way, you are incapable of believing a person of color was *ever* the best person for the job

    MuchosMocos 04/24/2018  1:56pm

    Hi everyone. Alison Franck, here.

    As a casting director who mainly works in the non-union field. My number one difficulty is finding POC. I would love to hire more actors who are POC. I do hire mostly caucasian actors... I work hard so that isn't the case, but unfortunately it is the case. I will search and search for the right POC when needed and I will continue to do so. I will also suggest we cast a POC as often as I possibly can. I am sorry many actors who are caucasian feel like they aren't getting the same opportunities, but... from my standpoint, it's just not the case. It truly isn't. It's actually the opposite that is true. I wish you all the best! I think that there are other reasons why finding work is difficult.... Acting is a very competitive profession and there are more talented actors than there are jobs. This is the profession. I am here to report that it's competitive for everyone.

    I will not accuse anyone of not working hard. I know you all are seriously doing it all. Showing up at as many calls as you can, and working with all the best voice teachers and taking dance classes and continuing your acting classes. I am sure you are meeting all the best people and making sure you are always prepared. I see it everyday. I know. Keep it up!!!

    Alison Franck 04/24/2018  2:00pm

    Hi everyone. Alison Franck, here.

    As a casting director who mainly works in the non-union field. My number one difficulty is finding POC. I would love to hire more actors who are POC. I do hire mostly caucasian actors... I work hard so that isn't the case, but unfortunately it is the case. I will search and search for the right POC when needed and I will continue to do so. I will also suggest we cast a POC as often as I possibly can. I am sorry many actors who are caucasian feel like they aren't getting the same opportunities, but... from my standpoint, it's just not the case. It truly isn't. It's actually the opposite that is true. I wish you all the best! I think that there are other reasons why finding work is difficult.... Acting is a very competitive profession and there are more talented actors than there are jobs. This is the profession. I am here to report that it's competitive for everyone.

    I will not accuse anyone of not working hard. I know you all are seriously doing it all. Showing up at as many calls as you can, and working with all the best voice teachers and taking dance classes and continuing your acting classes. I am sure you are meeting all the best people and making sure you are always prepared. I see it everyday. I know. Keep it up!!!

    Alison Franck 04/24/2018  2:01pm

    It looks like the link to Equity statistics on employment were posted, but not the actual statistics, so let me do that here:
    During 2013-2015:
    - National Principal Employment in Plays 65.88%: Caucasian, 18.44%: Not provided, 15.67: POC
    -National Principal Employment in Musicals 79.82%: Caucasian, 14.04%: Not Provided, 15.13%: POC
    - National Chorus Employment
    65.4%: Caucasian, 11.23%: Not provided, 23.35%: POC

    kkinnyc 04/24/2018  2:18pm

    At the end of the day, doesn’t this all boil down to the fact that Rashaan is insane and shouldn’t be an elected official in the first place?

    yourmom 04/24/2018  3:40pm

    > hears about juicy AU thread
    > clicks the link to see what all the fuss is about
    > reads this nonsense
    > nopethefuckoutforever.gif

    thejollyraja 04/24/2018  3:59pm

    genuinely confused about something....are these numbers supposed to illustrate the POC are being passed over for employment? But aren't there in general more white people in the union (ie. POC are the minority demographically) so it's partially a ratio thing ? Obviously, another piece of this is that we need to train more POC actors, directors, writers, starting at an earlier stage....

    fuzzletwit 04/24/2018  5:14pm

    POC here, well sort of. I am full blooded hispanic and have some white features. I make it to finals for every hispanic or ethnic show on the planet and never book becaue casting is literaly terrified that I am not brown wtf? My problem with all of this is not that POC are booking finally, but it has given others the idea that they have the right to strip me of my ethnicity, one that I am very proud of!

    needadrink 04/24/2018  6:45pm

    In my humble opinion, I think that it’s worth mentioning that there’s a lot of math that’s being ignored in the conversation.

    So, as some of the other posters in this thread have shared some statistic from the union, I’m going to work from there.

    In the 2015-16 Season there were around 18,000 members working in union houses. According to the union the percentage breakdown for 2015-18; 81.1% of the Union is Caucasian, 9% African American, 4.2% multi racial, 3.2 Hispanic, 2.2 Asian American, .2% American Indian and Pacific Islander.

    So, my conclusion looking at these numbers and observed experiences I’ve had an an actor actively auditioning right now is that as we move forward into an age where there is an ethical push (and a financial market) for seeing diversity on stage, the number of roles being written SPECIFICALLY for POC is at an all time high, keeping an understanding that there is a very limited casting pool for POC to pull from is very important. I personally believe that the reason this is is because when a group of people don’t see themselves represented on screen or stage, the mere idea of going into musical theater is diminished and snuffed out because it doesn’t occur to people that they could do that because they’ve never seen anyone who looked like them on stage. Not to even mention the financial situation that one must be in to enter into a life in the arts. This may account for the situation that Alison brought up, where there are simply a lack of POC for the nonunion world because young talented men and women who are POC get snatched up by equity theaters and equity tours.

    With all that being said, I think it’s worth now looking at the content of the shows that many of the POC are doing and how it’s a very limited scope with what KINDS of shows they are booking, one of my dearest friends has played or understudied Effie in Dreamgirls 9 times and she’s not even thirty, while she is working, she is doing the same 3-4 shows over and over. I think it’s worth acknowledging that there is a much greater breadth of show that the average Caucasian actor is more like to book than any other race of actor.

    So, it seems that what some white people are perceiving is that the number of roles that were accessible to them has become minutely smaller and suddenly there’s more competition for roles than ever before and that’s why you’re perceiving that your POC friends are working all the time, when in fact there are simply fewer of them for an expanding market of roles that you are not viable for, hence creating the illusion that it’s easier to be a POC in theater right now.

    That all being said, you gotta suck it up and deal with it. I’m not going to tell people to “work harder” because frankly that’s just mean and cruel considering how hard I know we all work. I’ll just say that booking does not define success and the faster people understand that, that sooner you won’t feel desperate and try and lash out at people who are different than you.

    Icanseeyou 04/24/2018  6:56pm



    TommyWisaeu 04/24/2018  7:03pm


    Although definitely controversial and problematic at places, I’m not sure this actually goes against any of the guidelines.

    Also, emailing them is easier than just yelling into the void lol.

    Icanseeyou 04/24/2018  7:09pm

    Hello Everyone.
    My name is Khori Petinaud and I started a group called Open Hearts that I would like to invite you guys to. The premise behind the group is providing a safe space to have these very nuanced dialogues regarding race, social/political issues and many other things; in the business and beyond. I’m breaking anonymity here because, in my opinion, we’ve got to start having more open conversations about this in order to truly make progress. I am a black woman. I’ve had varying experiences regarding my treatment as such in this business. I’m trying to be more brave as well; speaking my truth but also admitting when I’m ignorant. Open hearts has helped me to do that. These discussions are hard. No one wants to be labeled. We all have things (prejudices, biases) that cloud our ability to empathize with other people but I think face to face dialogue is the start to progress. The link to join the mailing list is below and there is also an open group on Facebook called Open Hearts where I will post information on our next meeting. I hope you’ll join. All the best to you all. Feel free to reach out to me/friend me if you have any more questions. Peace and Love.

    Khori Petinaud 04/24/2018  8:02pm

    Just to bring up a question that was originally asked and then pushed aside: How do POC feel about another POC representing them? Because I'm honestly curious. Like, since the whole Sierra Boggess playing Maria thing is happening, how would you feel about Ruthie Ann Miles playing the part, and how is that different? What if it were an out and proud lesbian? Would that make a difference? Just trying to understand!

    Smactor 04/24/2018  11:17pm

    "Is there an official study saying POC don't get hired and aren't treated fairly in any given career field?"

    *Picks up American history book and gestures vaguely*

    Fatniss_Neverlean 04/25/2018  9:34am

    Here’s the gag, how many all white productions have you seen on stage. How many majority white productions have you been in? How many all POC calls have you been to? Stop yourself. Performers often look for excuses to why they aren’t working and this can’t be the new one. Your POC friends are working because they research the shows that are their type and then they show up and show out! My POC friends from the south are also booked but, it’s because we literally are on Playbill everyday, submitting to everything. On MTI and RNH to see when and where there is another show that we can book. Emailing and emailing, working hella hard to be seen. It’s not just the color of our skin, it’s the consistency. Most people who consistently work, regardless of color, are hard ass workers with bomb ass talent. For most of these shows that call for POC, there are still more white roles in the show than POC. Y’all sound ridiculous. Dig into yourself more. EVERYtime POC get stuff done, people discredit them by calling it easy or a handout which is essentially what y’all are saying. Wake up. Disgusting. This disgusts me. I hope none of you are in my friends circle.

    nola2broadway 04/25/2018  12:02pm

    I think it’s safe to agree that the majority of people on auditionupate are relatively early-career, myself included. I’m not claiming that’s the case with EVERYONE, but I think it’s a fair bet that the bulk of us are not 10+ year vets of the industry.

    To that end, it’s important to remember that for a lot of young actors of any race, 90% of the challenge feels like it’s just getting in the room. Yes, at the tippy top of the profession, it’s a white, white world. But for those of us scraping the bottom, all we want is to work. It’s true that a lot of roles available to POC’s - whether it’s a supporting lead/recurring guest or spear-carrier/under-five, are stereotypical and derivative. No one is arguing that the quality of writing for actors of color isn’t always the best, especially when the writers are predominantly white. But to a starving storyteller, work is work. I recognize my own privilege in that being white means the variety of roles available to me is virtually limitless, while also noting that the actual availability of those roles is much more finite.

    It’s nothing short of messed-up that a lot of roles being booked by POC’s are smaller or tokenish. But everyone has to start somewhere, and if more and more bit parts are being cast as non-white, that does present a challenge to white actors to simply get their feet in the door. A career needs momentum, and inertia is a vicious catch-22.

    All that being said, I don’t think that as a young white actor, I should be looking at actors of color as the reason I’m not booking as often as I’d like. My own deals aside, there are factors outside of my control, and racial equity in casting is not really one of them. The group that is the most consistently bookable, the most prominently featured, and the best-paid is...drum roll: 40-70 year old WHITE (or passing) STRAIGHT (or passing) MEN. Yep. Not coincidentally, a lot of the directors and producers in theatre as well as film/tv fall into this same category themselves. Personally, I think this group is vastly over-represented across the board, particularly in theatre. The best way to change this on a grassroots level is to write/workshop/showcase our own material and support the self-made work of our contemporaries. If you can’t/don’t want to produce your own work, make a habit of attending more theatre that is by and for people under forty. Put your (limited) money and time in the hands and hearts of people who are telling our stories, not just the stories of mid-life crisis Shakespearean kings or midcentury salesmen or cynical Connecticut WASP’s.

    drm342 04/25/2018  4:39pm

    To comment on Alison Franck's post above about how she wants to cast more POC but she can't find them at the rate she would like speaks volumes to the essence of this convo. This statement leads me to believe that if a POC auditioned for a casting director who was specifically hoping to cast a non-white, they would have a leg up simply because of their color. If a black actor and a white actor come in for Alison Franck and are of the same level of talent, the black actor would get it. Isnt this the definition of racism? Making a judgement on someone simply because of the color of their skin?
    Basically, POC of actors are in high demand right now, and there are less of them. So they do not have as much competition as a 25 year old white ingenue. I know that isn't PC to say, but it is the truth.

    lalalaland 04/25/2018  6:01pm

    I bet you guys are the same ones posting about "Feel the Bern" and are all Anti-Trump and protect DACA, but then spout this bullshit when you feel mildly inconvenienced. I really hope I don't know any of y'all in real life. Please believe I will set you straight with statistics, history and personal experience. Trust me, what you go through is nothing compared what we've gone through and continue to deal with.

    Actor12129 04/25/2018  6:31pm

    Full disclosure, I'm white. But I need to clarify something to you because plenty of POC are tired of having to say it.
    Reverse racism is not a thing. One more time for the people in the back.
    "if a POC auditioned for a casting director who was specifically hoping to cast a non-white, they would have a leg up simply because of their color. If a black actor and a white actor come in for Alison Franck and are of the same level of talent, the black actor would get it. Isnt this the definition of racism?"

    No. It wouldn't be racism. That person of color was not stealing that job from the white person, and if the director decided they wanted a POC for the job, then they're gonna cast them, just like if they decided they wanted a really tall person to play the leading man, they're gonna go for the most talented really tall person there. That's just what this business is, looking for the person best qualified to fulfill the director's vision.

    Now, on to the more important part of your question about the definition of racism.
    Racism is systemic. A lot of white people think that racism is just thinking one's own race is superior to other races. That is actually the definition of prejudice.
    Racism is any prejudice against someone because of their race WHEN those views are reinforced by SYSTEMS OF POWER.
    It's easy to complain about your lack of jobs, but you were born into privilege and to not acknowledge that is foolish. When were you passed over for a job interview because your name didn't sound white enough? When were you followed through a store by an overeager employee who thought you might steal because of the color of your skin? Did your parents ever sit you down to talk with you about how to act if you ever get pulled over by the police for a broken taillight? Nuh uh.
    When you walk through a CVS makeup aisle, what's the default foundation color?
    In the US, white has been the default for so so many years.
    You are undoubtedly privileged.
    Check it.

    Arrietty 04/25/2018  9:59pm

    so much white guilt on this thread.

    stupidfingbird 04/25/2018  10:18pm

    I mean, duh.

    Arrietty 04/25/2018  10:22pm

    im talkin about you too boo.

    stupidfingbird 04/25/2018  10:25pm

    yeah I know boo.
    Genuinely interested if you care to answer, what do you recommend be the response by white people to white people when this type of thing comes up?

    Arrietty 04/25/2018  10:31pm

    If you're white and complaining about how you feel you don't have as many opportunities or anything related... You're probably not that good and that's why you're not booking. This is a joke of a post. don't blame your mediocrity on people seemingly booking more over you bc they're black. Good lord. It's 2018.

    yourblankpaper 04/25/2018  11:39pm

    @yourblankpaper, I'm not mediocre and I've got the credits to prove it. Sorry not sorry, but it should be about talent and who is the best person for the job. Fear of being seen as problematic by a bunch of raging fools should not dictate who gets the gig.

    Why is it so difficult for any of you to admit that there is an obscene amount of pressure on industry to cast POC? Sit down with your agents and have an honest discussion with them about WHO AND WHAT industry wants right now.

    getoffyourhighhorse 04/26/2018  1:07am

    "Casting more POC" means casting more POC than in the PAST, which means more than zero. In other words, instead of all-white casts, or all-white with one token POC, they're trying to include more POC so casts can be diverse and actors of all races can have opportunities instead of being shut out because of race, the way it was in the past.

    However, that does NOT mean they're casting more POC than white people, or that they're casting POC INSTEAD of white people. It means that instead of a show being 100 percent white, maybe it's 75 or 80 percent white. The vast majority of roles STILL go to white people. You are NOT getting shut out because you're white.

    So your complaint ISN'T that white people are being discriminated against, because they're NOT. They're still getting most of the roles! You're complaining because mow whites are only getting MOST of the pie instead of the ENTIRE pie.

    Get over it. Diversity in theater l, TV and film is LONG overdue. And still has a VERY long way to go.

    actorsmom 04/26/2018  6:01am

    This thread is so upsetting. Y’all are basically saying that you are ENTITLED TO ALL THE ROLES AND IF A POC TAKES IT THEN THAT MEANS WE ARE TAKING AWAY FROM YOU????
    Have several seats.

    It’s called having a diverse cast and representing people. So no white ppl. You are not obligated to every role.
    The comment:
    “Let’s say there are 100 white girls and 10 Actors of color in a room and there are 10 roles available...if 2 roles go to POC and 8 roles go to white Actors, then yes it “seems” like there is more opportunity for the actors of color

    The most privileged thing I’ve ever read!! NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR YOU

    I would love to hear some of you say to this to our faces. Let’s meet at Pearl.

    Moremoneyplease 04/26/2018  7:48am

    whoever said you're mediocre if you're not getting called in right now is an a**. Outrageous. Also a friend was just told today by a REP that they are not taking on any non-diverse talent. So there's that. The industry is under pressure right now, why can't we admit it? No one wants to hear white people complain and I get that, but this is the bitching post after all and this industry is tough for everyone!

    fuzzletwit 04/26/2018  5:24pm
  • Leaving a project 04/26/2018  12:27pm

    Almost two years ago I submitted on Backstage for a small role in a web series. We filmed almost immediately, and I was told that it would be live later that year, and SAG eligibility available to me. Cut to April 2018, and nothing has come out, and the producer/director/lead actress is STILL writing scripts and still filming. I am no longer interested in the project, as I really don't think it will ever be finished, and the quality of work I have seen is less than great. I have tried many times to leave the production, but have been unable to do so. I hate to do it, but should I just ghost the production team? I should mention that my role was small, and my story line completed with the first filming day two years ago. I know it's not MT, but hoping someone has some experience with this!


    Did you sign a contract and/or are they paying you? If there is no contract or money involved, then legally they have no grounds in the event that you decide to leave this project. :)

    ThePineapplePrincess 04/26/2018  12:34pm

    Should have specified... No contract, and no payment. It's a SAG New Media project, but I am Non-Union.

    typedoutandstayout 04/26/2018  12:39pm

    I haven't been in this exact situation but hoping to help - is your character done with filming? If so, there is nothing for you to "leave" - you did your job, filmed your bit, and that's that. It sucks if they're still filming other people and you never get to see the results of your work, but it sounds like you're done. Sounds like there is no need to formally leave the project.
    If they ask you about filming some more, that's when you can say "I'm sorry but those shoot dates/times don't work with my schedule and I'm unable to come in." You commited to a few shoot days 2 years ago, and you did that. They can't expect you to leave every day open for 2 years in case they add scenes.

    Typical Chorus Girl 04/26/2018  12:40pm

    I'm confused by this: "I have tried many times to leave the production, but have been unable to do so."

    What does that mean? They have you chained up on location and you've made several attempts to escape? Do we need to send help?

    Springfield 04/26/2018  12:53pm

    Lol not chained up thankfully!

    Basically on multiple occasions I have tried the "I'm not available to film" route, also the "I'm working on other things" route. I even told her that I was done filming, and was looking forward to seeing the filming from two years ago. She still emails, calls and texts saying that she's got scripts for me to read, and tries to schedule rehearsals and filming. I don't know if she's really persistent or just doesn't get the hint. She also loves to mention that she's doing me a "favor" by including me because I'm non-union and she's SAG. I've seen her put other actors who left on blast before, which is why I'm hesitant to ghost the project.

    typedoutandstayout 04/26/2018  1:03pm

    sorry, it was confusing cause you mentioned that your character's storyline was complete in first few days of filming.
    So now she's trying to make your character have a bigger role and wants you to film more scenes?
    Personally, I see two options:
    -Quit. Tell her that you don't see yourself being able to film in the near future, since you thought your filming was completed.
    -If you're worried about that, then give her a list of the days you are free. I'm talking about days when you literally would be doing nothing at home - no auditions, no work, whatever. Don't move your schedule around for her. But if there's a few days where you know you have 0 conflicts, maybe just give them to her and say "These are literally the only times I am available, take it or leave it." Either she says yes and you film, but at least you get it over with and can finally be done. Or those dates don't work for her and that's it.

    Typical Chorus Girl 04/26/2018  1:41pm

    THANK YOU. That second option seems like a very classy way of dealing with the situation that doesn't step on anyone's toes. I hadn't thought of that before, but I think I'm definitely going to go that route.

    typedoutandstayout 04/26/2018  4:01pm
  • NAB: DCL Audition Process? 04/25/2018  6:53pm

    Can anyone enlighten me on what usually happens at Disney Cruise Line Agent Appointments?

    Is there accompaniment? Do you actually do the material?

    Give yo girl the 411 pls



    MichaelScott 04/26/2018  3:43pm
  • FAKE Broadway DEBUTS! 04/25/2018  4:14pm

    No The Easter Bonnett, or Steven Schwartz’s 70th Birthday was NOT youre broadway debut. Come on now. Especially you non eq’s.

    Posting “I’m making my debut ect” devalues what it means to really work on Broadway , working 8x a week , at the highest level in the world.


    *your lol.

    Alto2FLgirl 04/25/2018  4:14pm


    So annoying.

    RockofStages919 04/25/2018  4:15pm

    ^^ This got me this week.

    AND also-- when you make your BIO in the show program sound like you've got CREDITS, but it's mostly non-eq, community theatre work.

    Shall We Dance 04/25/2018  4:21pm

    you are correct. but as someone who participated in one of these events yesterday, it certainly was the first time i performed, and solo’d on a broadway stage and it was exciting as fuck and people are allowed to feel pumped about it.

    nicetoseeyoudearie 04/25/2018  4:34pm

    The Easter Bonnet Competition...really??
    No it’s not...Nor was Rocktopia, nor was anything similar.

    ^^^And were NOT saying uouncant be pimped and exited...we ARE saying quit calling these “Broadway debuts”

    Showbizdreamer 04/25/2018  4:35pm

    Ha. Jealous much? I’m sure they are fully aware that it’s not a legitimate broadway debut... calm. Down. Stay positive. I’d clearly an exciting event!

    Hay5678Lye 04/25/2018  5:09pm

    Also what program are you referring to? I saw the bonnet program and there weren’t bios?!

    Also it’s pumped. Not pimped. Although I’m sure they were also.... pimped.

    although what the hell do I know?! I’m just one of those pathetic “YOU non eqs”.

    Hay5678Lye 04/25/2018  5:14pm

    i had several friends in the same number in the Easter Bonnet and went to support them. they were kidding about it being their “broadway debut” and were clearly using the term in jest, or to mean that it was the first time they performed on broadway. Not many shows outside of broadway or off broadway get asked to perform a number from their show at an event of that caliber. How about we just be happy for others and worry about ourselves? I’ll also inform you that the announcer said “and making their broadway debut...” introducing two students from Stoneman Douglas. So, perhaps take your gripe up with BCEFA as well?

    openspace14 04/25/2018  5:41pm

    Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!

    playbilllala 04/25/2018  6:50pm

    Ok, I’ll admit using in jest is fine. Even I find it’s humor. But I already know too many people who were using it in seriousness.
    And yes I meant pumped, thank auto correct for that one.

    Showbizdreamer 04/25/2018  7:03pm

    1st- Your*
    2nd- Y’all just hating that you’re (used correctly) not performing ON a broadway stage! Bitter bitter bitter
    3rd- it’s sad that you took time of your day to post this. Ridiculous!
    4th- yes ! I made my broadway debut on Monday AND Tuesday !

    Bdcthres 04/25/2018  7:12pm

    To that last commenter.... bless your non broadway starring heart. You did not make your broadway debut, and also, you cannot make a “debut” more than once, so Monday AND Tuesday? Do better. Lol. Congrats on the gig, but u ain’t on broadway hun.

    lalalaland 04/25/2018  7:31pm

    I was a part of that group of non eq no bodies that you are so clearly bashing. I did not post that this was my broadway debut however the people that did happen to be some of my closest and dearest friends and casemates. Don’t forget you used to be non eq at one point in time and it takes one chance to change that and everyone’s path in this business is different. Now I have never in my life been so disappointed in my theatre community as I am right now. If anything those that have experience where others do not should encourage and help others grow within this world that should be the most supportive artistic place where people can come to feel safe to express themselves. I am sorry for you actually. The people that were a part of that group are some of the most talented and beautiful humans I have ever met. Keep in mind you have zero clue what I have done leading up to this point in my career. Now thank you for making it clear we aren’t a part of your little “club”. Trust me I have zero desire to be a part of the world you live in. Luckily I know that’s not the entire broadway community. I will have you know I feel sorry for you bc you clearly don’t have the courage or heart to open your self up to what I have found to be the most incredible people in this business. I’m sorry that you have so little in this world to care about that this mattered that much to you. I hope that what I have to say helps put into perspective that you missed the entire message behind Easter Bonnet. That’s clear bc you were capable of coming onto a public forum such as this and saying such awful things about your fellow actors who btw got nominated to be on that stage with all of those equity actors. Some of our cast mates came from Puerto Rico after the hurricane with nothing but their dreams to share that stage with fellow actors who they admire. How dare you try to belittle their experience and diminish their belonging as creatives in this business because of their union status. Your union status doesn’t make you not a shitty person. Just FYI.

    Spashn! 04/25/2018  7:57pm

    Stop being bitter and learn how to use to correct form of "your". I feel like that's going to better serve you on YOUR journey.

    itsalmostseven 04/25/2018  10:30pm

    especially you non eqs? i think you meant “what an equally hard working group of professional performers”.

    juliegalorenzo 04/25/2018  11:13pm

    *SMH* theatreworks probably gave this b their equity card.

    Warningsign 04/25/2018  11:26pm


    juliegalorenzo 04/25/2018  11:27pm

    Dear Alto2FLgirl,
    1. You are mocking people for participating in a charity event that provides millions of dollars to help people living with AIDS receive lifesaving medications, health care, food, counseling and emergency financial assistance... Please just let that one sink in for a moment.
    2. Why do you care? Seriously. How does it delegitimize any performer currently working full-time on a Broadway show if someone posts on FaceBook that they are making their Broadway debut? Are people sending back their Tony awards because a handful of people had the audacity to share with the world how excited they were to be performing on an iconic stage? It does not devalue the work of anyone for people to refer to their experience as their Broadway debut. It just doesn't.
    3. There is a massive difference between someone posting on social media that this is their Broadway debut, and someone putting this event on their resume as a Broadway credit. Should their participation go on their resume? F*ck yes because the Easter Bonnet is a big deal and people in the industry KNOW what it is. These performers are old enough and smart enough to know the appropriate place to put a credit.
    4. Quit yucking other people's yum. I know that sounds childish, but your post was childish, condescending and just downright nasty. These performers are future equity members and, more importantly, current members of our theater community. Treat their hard work and dedication to the craft with the respect it deserves.
    5. I'm sick of these posts. Get something else to be angry about. How about the lack of gun control in this country? Or the impending new travel ban Trump's team is cooking up? Or the motherf#cking MTA? Seriously there are so many other shitty, crappy, horrible things to be mad about. Please pick one and leave your fellow actors alone.

    Who cares? 04/26/2018  12:29am

    I’ve never worked on a Broadway stage or contract. I’ve yet to book any off-Broadway work. But when I was in my NYC conservatory, I performed scene work and shows at the Lucille Lortel, Linda Gross, and Atlantic Stage 2.

    ...So, technically, I’ve performed “off-Broadway.” But we all know - myself especially - that these were not my off-B’way debut. I’m not sayin’ there’s no room for excitement and maybe even a little bragging. I don’t think anyone is saying that. But the people who ARE upset about it are justifiably irked at what comes across as ignorance of the way our industry works, as well as all the hard work that it takes to get to what is regarded as the highest level of professional success in the theatre.

    As for the last commenter ^^^ who itemized her grievances against the parade-rainers: Consider your last gripe on the list. Recognize that it’s possible to be upset about different things going on in the world today. This is a message board for actors about auditions. The name of the website should be a good indicator of that. It’s not called It’s not called It’s not called

    These would all be amazing websites. But their purpose would be well beyond the brief of And perhaps some of the people who are complaining here are getting a little bit extra with their moaning, but if they can’t vocalize their frustration on this forum, where can they?

    That being said, I think someone earlier in the thread was putting down non-eq’s who dare to list their existing credits in the programs of these benefit concert performances...what do you expect them to do? Are they simply supposed to say something to the effect of, “I’ve only ever worked in community theatre, which the industry perceives as ‘less-than,’ and since my hitherto ‘amateur’ exploits are of trivial consequence, I’ll simply say I’m happy to be here, and I thank Mr. Schwartz for the opportunity, as well as my mom and dad back in Rhode Island, and my cat, affectionately named New England Clam Chowder before I moved here and now rechristened Manhattan Clam Chowder. In addition to performing, I enjoy walking home late at night from my survival job and not getting mugged or raped or murdered along the way. Happy Birthday, Steven!”

    drm342 04/26/2018  9:56am

    ^Thank You :) 🎉🎂

    SteveRogers. 04/26/2018  10:12am

    You are allowed to be proud and excited for any kind of achievement. But when you lie about it, that makes it harder for other people to be excited for you.

    My friend did background work on a show she likes. She told us it's just background work and you won't even see her, but she was excited and we were excited for her! Another facebook friend posted about being cast in a tv show (things like "guys the tv show I'm in premieres tonight you should watch it) and we later found out he was just background. I would have been excited for him (because even if it's just background work, it's still cool to be on set with celebrities) but he chose to lie about it and make it sound like he was cast in a larger role. If he was just honest, we still would have been excited. Him lying diminished that.

    TL;DR People will be excited for your achievements, no matter the size of them, as long as you are honest. People are mad about the lying, not about non-eqs singing on a B-way stage.

    Are You Kidding Me 04/26/2018  10:25am

    I am an actor who is currently working on Broadway 8 shows a week. This is my 4th broadway production. I am equity. And I am disgusted with the majority of the posts on here. I am not offended that people referred to their participation in the Easter Bonnet as their Broadway debut because it doesn't matter. It doesn't take away my hard work or accomplishments.

    If any of you that are so butt hurt about it can give me an honest reason or example of how these social media posts have negatively impacted your day-to-day life or cause you to have some existential crisis or somehow taken work from you or threatened your status as an actor... then please share with us and I'll walk back what I said. It's a social media post, not a resume, not them lying to network or steal your jobs.

    And to the above poster, yeah you're right this is a place to literally bitch about stuff that is irking us, but it's not a place to cast shame or hate at others. The main point of this website is to help each other get ahead in the industry--why else are we sharing information on casting calls, epas, etc. So to everyone I say, leave your negative crap at home. If these social media posts are really bothering you that much then maybe you should figure out why, because they shouldn't. I shared this thread with members of my cast today and they were all ashamed that people were getting so bent out of shape about someone's facebook post.

    Let's end this thread now. Unless someone can honestly tell me how said postings have negatively impacted their life....

    oh hey there 04/26/2018  10:44am

    @AreYouKiddingMe THANK YOU. That perfectly explains what our frustration is! It is so difficult to book anything, so it is wonderful that these talented folks are working, but it is lying/stretching the truth in an attempt to be braggadocios... and those outside the theater community do not know the difference, so yeah it does diminish those who are currently in Broadway shows. It is lying and makes y'all look bad. Has nothing to do with being non-eq or not, it is about being fully honest with yourself and others.

    lalalaland 04/26/2018  10:45am

    And to drm342, the proper place to voice these grievances is to a trained psychiatrist to figure out why you care so much about something so small, and why you feel the need to make others feel bad about something incredibly trivial. Not on a public forum where you know said people will see it. It's malicious and not what this website is about.

    oh hey there 04/26/2018  10:47am

    Wow "oh hey there" you need to CHILL! It is about people lying about achieving something all of us are striving for. And for them to brag about reaching that level when they didn't really sucks and belittles what we all work hard for. I'm sorry if you can't relate to that since you are already on Broadway, but we can absolutely feel this way, and guess what? our feelings on the topic are JUST AS VALID AS YOURS! Imagine that.

    lalalaland 04/26/2018  11:05am

    whocares - EASTER BONNET should absolutely NOT be listed as a Bway credit. That would look very green and disingenuous. It is a charity concert that rents space. Not a broadway show.

    dopplegang 04/26/2018  11:51am

    I don’t get it. I honestly don’t understand why You are so upset to belittle fellow actors and You care enough to put people down... how is it effecting your life? The post wasn’t just “bitching” it was fucking rude. We are all in this community together. What someone posts on their social media honestly shouldn’t effect the work you do. Are you working any less hard now that someone posted a picture of a program or them ready to perform for an incredible cause that benefits the community so greatly?! They aren’t going up to casting directors and saying “so I just made my broadway debut”. It’s a social media post. And it’s an AWESOME project that everyone should be excited for in the community.

    Also, those who do lie to casting directors do not benefit from it... and I’m positive anyone chosen to participate in such a beautiful show such as bway cares knows that. So take care of yourself, spread love and support and keep on the grind.

    Hay5678Lye 04/26/2018  11:55am

    Swooping in to remind everyone that non-equity performers work on Broadway all the time and that you don't have to take your card if it is offered to you in order to work under a union contract so it's stupid to pretend you're better than someone based on union status!!

    And these people are performing on Broadway. Doesn't matter if it's for a charity, they are performing on Broadway. Is it a Broadway credit? No, but it IS PHYSICALLY a Broadway debut. Let people be excited. Let people be happy about their accomplishments.

    I also recognize that sometimes, there are people who really grind our gears. Perhaps OP really really can't stand someone who posted on their feed about making their "Broadway Debut" - and listen up, kids, I get it. When Cheno was doing her concert on Broadway, a program I am an alum of was asked to sing with her and I was not invited. I was jealous and hurt and sad and felt very similarly towards the people I saw posting about it, but I recognize that it was a personal problem I was having. You should let yourself have these feelings - it's okay to feel this way and it's important to understand the anger you're experiencing as long as you learn something from it. What's not okay is taking away from someone else's accomplishments simply because a specific person or group is bothering you.

    Can we all please calm down and decide that we're going to be better to one another? This is so not a union vs. non-union debate, that has been done to death and is just so hack at this point.

    We're better than this entire argument, y'all. Just let people have their fun.

    Unless you're a CD and you keep seeing like, walk on roles people won from BC/EFA (ie Rent - idk if they even still let people do this anymore, remember when people could win walk on roles in shows???) under Broadway Credits, it's a really silly thing to be SO upset about.

    Love y'all, especially Queen Julie Galorenzo (this is your favorite Paulette understudy, Bri, calling)

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/26/2018  12:10pm

    Oh hey there -- I have no doubt that if we all were consistently grossing over $2000 a week, we could each afford to visit a trained psychiatrist every. damn. day.

    (Except a visit to a psychiatrist is pretty much limited to discussing medication. In this case, having a medical degree actually decreasess patient contact for therapeutic purposes because time is $$$$$. So it's more likely we'd all be seeing clinical therapists. It's an important distinction in their profession, much the same way that there are important distinctions between types of contracts for actors...)

    But, sadly, not everyone earns a Broadway salary and has a fixed schedule, so paying for therapy and fitting into our daily lives isn't always easy. But you already knew this, because you know everything, and you've taken time out of your busy agenda to literally do exactly the same thing you're bitching about, which is anonymously screaming into a void.

    Please go enjoy your career and don't worry about anything else, because in all sincerity, you've clearly got things pretty well sorted for yourself, and you deserve to be happy about that. Let people bitch. If you think they're not hugely affected by how other actors represent their accomplishments, imagine how even less you're affected by this entire discussion.

    drm342 04/26/2018  1:10pm


    I’m the only one allowed to parade rain, mmkay?

    Rain On my Parade 04/26/2018  2:25pm

    Let them call it their broadway debut. It’s super cute. As long as they label that under BROADWAY on their resumes. It would be an amazing conversation starter at auditions. Lol. And stop letting this affect your life. Go live.

    EpaMonitor 04/26/2018  3:29pm
  • motivation of actor boo 04/25/2018  7:53pm

    Hi all,
    My hubs. We are both actors. I’ve been going strong for the past coupla years, and he took a bit of a hiatus because his side gig paid him pretty well and became time consuming.
    Present day: he wants to get back on the horse, still works his side job, only much less But, he’s still having a hard time wth self motivation. (Ex: had self tape sides for a show he could totally do and chose not to film them). Im trying to find a good balance of understanding and realizing this is not MY career, but also tell him if he wants it he’s gotta push and do the dirty work.
    Be gentle with us, we are all humans getting through life, but any advice or words welcome please!


    Bumping for input for myself. I had a similar situation as your hubs. I started strong but had a side job that slowly started becoming all consuming, which was partially necessary to pay down some debt, then had a son so took time off for that. I'm now trying to get back in the game but often times feel very overwhelmed by it. I know I get in my own way a lot by having those situations where I know I would be a perfect fit for a role but just don't manage to get prepared in time. It's definitely getting better but if anyone else has experience with coming back after taking a couple years off I'd love to know what did or didn't work for you and what advice you would give.

    Monstersmom 04/26/2018  9:09am

    Maybe taking a foundations class? I find that the occasional acting workshop can be a good reminder as to why I wanted to pursue a life in theater to begin with. The business side of things will follow. I can understand how it would be hard to want to jump back onto a horse that does almost nothing but buck you off.

    JesusmissedtheQtrain 04/26/2018  9:51am

    Unfortunately this business has two sides. These are (a) having performance skills and (b)being a professional performer. The former's obvious, and the second involves the dichotomy of combining 'artistic sensitivity' with the rhinoceros-like hide required to survive in this ghastly business. Factor the incredible luck necessary for continued success into an already volitile mix and you can see why the odds are so slim. Find your way somehow, and keep on going, somehow. That's unfortunately the best advice I can offer.

    Ron Gielgud 04/26/2018  9:59am

    Try taking a class or workshop together? I know I’ve offered that to my partner..

    And yeah you’re right- he’s a big boy. There is only so much YOU can do. You are allowed to live separate and fulfilling lives while also wanting to continue being with each other, but ultimately it’s gotta be *his* deal...

    That’s all I got.

    Rain On my Parade 04/26/2018  2:30pm

    Don’t take care of him too much. He has to want it, or it won’t happen - he can’t feel like you’re the one doing the work bc 1. It will make him resent you and the whole process bc he will feel controlled and 2. It simply has to come from within.

    My advice is to not mention it at all and just talk about/enjoy/be enthusiastic about your OWN process. This is not your problem to solve. You are simply there to walk beside him and give him help when he asks. 🙏🏼

    cclpiglet 04/26/2018  2:51pm

    The only reality is that if someones not motivated they won't be motivated by any external influence in this business. Every person who isn't motivated by some deep desire to carry on of them quits. I've seen it happen without fail. There's a difference between having moments of doubt and and deep down knowing you're going to gut it out even when the goings tough. If he's choosing not to follow through on some pretty simple and basic things, unfortunately he doesn't want it and he has to either find his motivation on his own or come to terms with the fact that he just doesn't really actually want it.

    thelordvarysofacting 04/26/2018  3:02pm
  • NAB Temping 04/26/2018  12:42pm

    Anyone have any thoughts on switching from a restaurant job (server) to temping? I know I would have to work more days a week to make the amount of money I make at the restaurant, but mentally and physically I hate serving so much and I also like the idea that I could be more in control of my schedule and turn things down or not work a week if I needed to.

    Did anyone make this switch and find it a good choice?


    I honestly Wouldn’t suggest making a FULL switch, at least not right away. I don’t think I’m
    The only one who’ll say the following, but temping has been naught as of late. I don’t why know. I contact my agencies/coordinators constantly when I know I’ll be available for a good amount of time, and I never get contacted any more, and yet when I DONT do this because I’m not available is when they call me asking if I can work...IRONY. Especially when I’d proven my myself with the two I work with most very quickly back in the day.
    At the very least I’d say, ease yourself into it. Don’t up and quit serving cold turkey to temp, I tried similar things and it didn’t go well for my bank account.
    I don’t know how you feel about catering instead, but I’m with GP, and I know for fact they’re still hiring.

    Showbizdreamer 04/26/2018  1:15pm

    I love temping! Ask your friends to refer you to their agencies. I never really switched over- just switched from doing all sorts of random work to temp work. The work is enjoyable and fun- often very simple too!! :-D

    ThePineapplePrincess 04/26/2018  1:24pm

    I have had really awesome luck with temping since I've been here! I've been here about 7 months and have been doing it the whole time, getting enough work.

    The trick is that you have to prove that you are reliable and a good worker. That's how you get the cushy 18 an hour reception jobs where you can browse AU all day. I've even gotten more long term, 3 day a week reception jobs that are super flexible and pay well.

    Obviously that's just my two cents, but I love it. The temp agency I'm with even has a program where they send out an email the day before, so you can sign up to wait in the office the next morning to work- so if you have an open day last minute, you still have a chance to work. Plus they pay you while you're sitting around in their office!

    Ultimately, it's up to you, but I think it's definitely worth exploring!

    madelinepurr 04/26/2018  2:12pm

    Thank you guys! I appreciate all your perspectives.

    madelinepurr- Do you mind if I ask which agency you're with?

    pembroke_ 04/26/2018  2:17pm
  • Agent/Manager Showcases 04/25/2018  10:09pm

    From your experience, what are the showcases like at Actors Connection vs One on One vs Growing Studio or any other platform?

    Also, what would you guys say is the best time of year to do one of these? Would it be nowish during/after the college showcases? Or later in the fall? Or would it even make a difference?

    Just overall very curious with everyone's experience/ success rate at one of these.


    I’ve only done stuff with one on one and actors connection. It’s been a mixed bag between the two of them, but all in all, I’ve pretty much stopped going to actors connection completely in favor of one on one. My reasoning for this was simple, but perhaps things have changed, in which case I would be willing to give actors connection another crack.

    The reason I don’t like going to seminars/meetings with them is because of their check-in/attendance procedures. Basically, when I was going, you had to check in at the front desk before the session (not a problem) AND attend a really awkward Q&A before getting to sit down individually with the agent/manager/cd. Everyone is there for an obvious reason: To meet someone who will help us book work. We’re not there to hear the same questions and the same spiel hashed out over and over again.

    Plus, you never really had a guaranteed set appointment time, because the order of seeing people was based on when they signed up for the seminar online, and if the guest was also seeing actor-singers, those peeps would ALWAYS get to go first, because the accompanist was booked for a limited window. It got so bad that one night I remember being there for like...4 hours. Kind of absurd when you’re paying money.

    The one good thing they offer(ed) (that one on one doesn’t) is a monthly rate that includes unlimited seminars, up to two a day for 30 days. It was a good deal, financially, and much more cost-effective than one on one. But the time spent can start to outweigh the savings if you view your time as money.

    I feel like people have said that industry professionals “respect” one on one more because it’s “audition-based,” but I also think that some actor probably just made that up. There’s no difference in my opinion in how the industry views the people they’re being paid to meet. They’re either looking or not. They either need you right now or they don’t.

    drm342 04/26/2018  1:29pm

    Also, fwiw, I just think that one on one is a nicer environment to be in several times a month, whereas actors connection always feels a little dirty, dated, a little seedy even. That’s not really big deal, obviously, but since the meetings pretty much cost the same at either of them, I’d prefer to feel like the money I’m spending is being partly reinvested in the business I’m choosing to use.

    drm342 04/26/2018  1:37pm
  • Budget Vocal Coaches in NYC? 04/26/2018  12:37am

    Any good vocal coaches in NYC that are $100 or less per session that are good? I understand there's a reason vocal coaches charge $150-$200, but like that can't be the only way to get ahead...right? Thanks in advance!


    check out new york vocal coaching right in midtown! they do a sliding scale, I pay $80. They have a lot of beginners, but the teachers are experienced (and they associate with a team of really wonderful ENTs) so I don't see why all levels couldn't get something out of it. I've been singing professionally since I was a kid and I enjoy studying there for technique brush ups. And I love that it fits in my budget so I can put money elsewhere like dance class, etc. Highly recommend if you're looking to save money.

    little_lady 04/26/2018  9:32am

    Are you looking for a voice teacher (technique with a dash of acting) or a musical theatre coach (acting, repertoire choices, career guidance, a dash of technique)?

    Usually coaches will cost less but if you are looking for technique, better to go to someone who specialises in that. I recommend Susan Eichhorn-Young, she's 125 an hour and worth more.

    Second favourite is Jean-Paul Bjorlin - teaches voice at Barnard College in Columbia, opera background, sliding scale if you just let him know your budget.

    I actually haven't found a COACH that I like yet, so if you find one, please post! 😀

    iKruse 04/26/2018  12:38pm

    Are you looking for a voice teacher (technique with a dash of acting) or a musical theatre coach (acting, repertoire choices, career guidance, a dash of technique)?

    Usually coaches will cost less but if you are looking for technique, better to go to someone who specialises in that. I recommend Susan Eichhorn-Young, she's 125 an hour and worth more.

    Second favourite is Jean-Paul Bjorlin - teaches voice at Barnard College in Columbia, opera background, sliding scale if you just let him know your budget.

    I actually haven't found a COACH that I like yet, so if you find one, please post! 😀

    iKruse 04/26/2018  1:32pm
  • NAB Going back to school. 04/26/2018  11:43am

    I’ve been debating on applying for a graduates degree this fall. Just curious, to those who went back to school, what made you decide to go back?


    Not me, but several friends of mine have gone back. The most common thing I hear is that they

    A. Really want to teach, just a passion of theirs.

    B. Really wanted to do classical work, and felt this would give them a leg up.

    C. Were reaching a slump in their career in terms of type (He was a leading man, grew out of that type, but wasn't yet mature enough to play older- falling between the cracks, persay), and decided it would be a good time to go, just to have the training, and the option to teach for $$$.

    Dunno if any of that helps, but that's what I've heard!

    madelinepurr 04/26/2018  12:23pm

    I went because I felt that I did not get sufficient training in undergrad, plus I wanted the option to teach acting at the college level when I'm older.

    bwaylvsong 04/26/2018  12:28pm