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  • Online EPA Sign Ups 01/24/2017  12:04pm

    Absurd. I'm sorry, both yesterday and today for SMC I was ready and clicked on the sign up the second it turned 12pm, and both days by the time I got in the system all the spots were taken. I would say this has happened for 6 out of the 8 EPAs I've tried to sign up for. Ive tried on my iPhone, ipad, Dell computer, at home, out and about, on other people's wifi... clearly some people are getting through. Is anyone else having as much trouble as I am with this?! Really over the stress and frustration! Argh.

  • Torn ACL 01/24/2017  11:42am

    First of all, I have the worst luck. Im in class this morning, and my knee pops in the middle of across the floor. *cue What I Did For Love scene* Cant bend or straighten it whatsoever and pathetically limp out of class. All the pain.

    Anyone ever deal with this? Is it my acl? Is it that serious? I'm seeing a doctor soon but I'm nervous to hear "no dancing for X amount of time", which knowing myself, I'd go to every class and audition anyway

    Additional info: after about 20 minutes of movement incapacity, I'm able to walk with slight discomfort, so nothing's broken.


    Listen to what your doctor says. Better to hear "no dancing for x amount of time" than to hear, "you fucked it up worse by not resting, no dancing again ever."

    eroseb 01/24/2017  11:59am
  • Kind of a bitch, more just confused by Actors Access. I think I may have turned into my parents...? 01/23/2017  3:30pm

    What's your bitch?

    (Comments mentioning other websites will be deleted... lawyers... arg.)Could someone PUH-LEASE explain to a very mystified me as to what increases visibility for Actors Access? I used to get appointments all the damn time with my puny $2 submission with nothing but one of my two free photos, a short cover letter and links to YouTube videos and my website in the Notes field... And no more.

    So is it:

    A) A Showfax subscription? I let mine lapse about two years ago and have been paying a la carte, is that why?

    B) A SlateShot? I do not have one of these 'cause it seemed superfluous, but is that why?

    C) Demo reels? I DO have a few 1 minute clips of contrasting songs (classic uptempo, classic ballad, contemp. uptempo, 50's/60's uptempo, 50's/60's ballad, comedic monologue clip), but even though I dropped a butt load of dough on these, I don't feel like they've helped on iota.

    In addition, some projects - especially in commercial and print - are RIDICULOUSLY specific. Do people REALLY spend all that cash to directly upload a picture of themselves dressed as a pinup girl/punk rocker/hipster/hobo/circus animal for each individual submission? I haven't generally been interested in this avenue in the past, but I'm wanting to try it, yet feeling overwhelmed by the cost of it.

    It seems as thought I turned 30, and all the rules suddenly changed. Feeling all at sea here.

    Old and Broke


    The slateshot and the clips of your reel do physically bump you up on the list.

    โ€กโ€กโ€ก 01/23/2017  3:36pm

    It's all of the above probably..

    You HAVE to have media. It does bump you up. You should also really just get the Showfax subscription (once you get media). It will save you money in the long run....

    Rain On my Parade 01/24/2017  11:38am
  • not sure if this is a bitching post but it is a real question 01/23/2017  7:51pm

    Anybody going in for the Asian tour of sister act? I got the tina/ deloris/ ensemble packet but id like to have an idea of what song they are gonna actually have us singing. I'm sick of preparing everything just to sing amazing grace

    Queen of the nobodies

    Talked to a girl who went in for Mary Patrick and they had her do all three of her songs.

    texicalyorker 01/23/2017  9:40pm

    Went in for a different role and did entire packet. But I got to choose which song I wanted to start with.

    iwontdance 01/24/2017  10:13am
  • Dating 01/16/2017  8:58pm

    Can we just say that having a stable relationship and a successful career is literally IMPOSSIBLE?! Especially if you refuse to date within the theatre community...



    Even if you are willing to date in the industry, it's super duper fucking hard.

    Boo, I feel you.

    thejollyraja 01/16/2017  10:33pm

    *twirls hair*

    ooooohhhhh Raaaajjjjjaaaaaaaaa

    SteveRogers 01/16/2017  11:28pm

    Y'all...NYC is full of mathafuckers who are just as busy and career oriented as us..there is sommmmmmebody for errrbody. Trust me. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and GET DOWN WIT YO BAD SELF if you know what I'm sayiiiin...

    Rain On my Parade 01/17/2017  12:26am

    Try being married and in the business. It's the most fun when your partner sleeps with someone 10 years younger on one of their out of town contracts.

    Lost 01/17/2017  1:39am

    It's possible! My bf is not in the biz, but has an intense career with crazy hours. We've made it work.

    #imlistening 01/17/2017  10:10am

    My boyfriends in the biz! Not musical theatre, just straight acting! It actually is fun! I teach him tap, he runs sides with me. It's doable!

    Ijustwannawearmypajamasintheroom 01/17/2017  10:26am

    Read Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance. It literally changed my life and how I:

    1.) View being single in a cyber world
    2.) encounter and interact with other singles through various mediums.

    and I mean, it definitely comes from a very heteronormative standpoint, but he acknowledges that the way gay men interact is very different from gay women and then straight people. But even as a gay dude - it was super informative to acknowledge the things that are beyond my control. I refuse to use dating apps - so I severely limit the interactions I have with other people since that is the predominant form of meeting like minded individuals. But I think understanding the culture we are apart of and contribute to is the first step. When we change behaviors in ourselves, behaviors we may not even know we exhibit, we can change how we interact with one another in a romantic capacity and evolve the whole idea of relationships and dating into something much healthier.

    2460noyoudidnt 01/17/2017  12:59pm

    There is hope! I've been with my boyfriend (a lawyer) for 5 years and I think one of the most important parts of our relationship that makes it all possible is how accepting of eachothers independence we are. We have a home together and share finances and we make all of our big decisions together but we aren't attached at the hip in our daily lives, often we'll go days at a time where our only time together is the few hours of sleeping that overlap due to work/classes/auditioning/maintaining healthy friendships with other people and that's ok! I'm definitely really lucky that he has never blinked an eye at taking really long contracts or even the long term uncertainty of life that comes along with being an actor and I don't think just any person is gonna be able to roll with those punches so well but I do know that they exist.

    hkmac728 01/17/2017  1:10pm

    I've somehow fallen into a trend of always running into exes at auditions...because apparently auditions and exes needed to be more stress inducing...

    dolcevida72 01/17/2017  3:13pm

    The best is when you're at an audition and you see from across the room someone who ghosted on you after a one night stand even though you TOTALLY wanted the relationship to go way beyond a single night of passion and intimacy and deep emotional connection. So instead, every time you see her at an audition or networking event, all you can think of is what could have been and take solace in your unwavering belief that the universe knows what it's doing and always has your best interests at heart.

    Or so I've heard.

    thejollyraja 01/17/2017  3:53pm

    @jollyraja, I feel you, boo.

    GeneralKnowledge 01/17/2017  6:11pm

    It's just a bitch to get regional work and have someone who you're just beginning stuff with be like, "yeah, nah I'm not into long distance".

    Well I ain't interested in choosing a man over my career, boo !

    Bklynnative 01/17/2017  7:10pm

    He....does he not understand that regional gigs are usually super short term and temporary? Like, national tour, okay, fair. But like, regional gigs are as little as a month. Calm down, dude.

    thejollyraja 01/17/2017  7:23pm

    * can be as little as a month.

    thejollyraja 01/17/2017  7:23pm

    Just broke things off with a guy because he was "too career oriented for a relationship" ....?.... But the gag is, you MAKE time for those you want in your life. No one just "has time" for a relationship. We all have jobs, class, auditions, etc. If you and him/her/they want it to work, it'll work.

    Ag_dancer 01/18/2017  1:52am

    Do people not just like, bone anymore?? What am I missing...

    Rain On my Parade 01/18/2017  9:00pm

    ^^^ further to boning, has anyone considered swingers' parties? A lot of people there are in "busy" lives like we are. Could be good matches there.

    beentheredonethat 01/18/2017  9:05pm

    Maybe I'm alone in this, but I find it ALARMINGLY difficult to find people to bone. #mystandardsarenteventhathigh

    thejollyraja 01/18/2017  9:20pm

    but like, 'swingers' parties' aren't for single folk...

    Rain On my Parade 01/18/2017  9:24pm

    I stand corrected - I should have said Play parties - which many swingers (and singles/partnered people who are open minded) go to.

    beentheredonethat 01/18/2017  9:33pm

    So this is apparently a thing that exists? But like...damn, man. Is this what we've come to? Really?

    thejollyraja 01/18/2017  9:58pm

    Skip the paid clubs. They're lame. The apartments are where the nicer (in all senses of the word) people are.

    beentheredonethat 01/18/2017  10:02pm
    SteveRogers 01/18/2017  10:12pm

    YAASS @beenthere. Usually the apartment parties have the LADIES in charge as well....:-0

    Rain On my Parade 01/18/2017  10:39pm

    Is this a good time to tell you I have a little crush on you, Raja... or... ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

    sosayethi 01/18/2017  10:47pm

    Ive entered into dating athletes and they definitely understand the lifestyle but aren't connected to the bizzzzz

    Moremoneyplease 01/18/2017  10:48pm

    Ahh yes Rain... you might be thinking of the naked women, clothed men ones ;-) So would anyone actually like to try parties out? If you're lacking an intro, I can certainly help, just don't go shouting it out to the entire holding room when you see me at a call.

    beentheredonethat 01/18/2017  10:53pm

    ^BAHAHAHA Can you imagine?

    'Now calling numbers 1-20 for BDSM. Callbacks for gagging and polys held at 2pm. Thanks all!'

    Rain On my Parade 01/18/2017  10:56pm


    thejollyraja 01/18/2017  11:14pm

    Raja, that made my morning โค

    sosayethi 01/19/2017  9:27am


    so uh like, if you wanted to shoot me an email i would be super down to like chat and stuff or whatever

    thejollyraja 01/20/2017  10:37pm

    @Raja -- I just might.

    sosayethi 01/20/2017  10:44pm


    SteveRogers 01/20/2017  11:05pm


    skippin 01/22/2017  12:56am


    Rain On my Parade 01/22/2017  8:24pm

    A couple of years ago, I started to date someone who is not in this industry. She had a lot of misconceptions of what an actor's life was like. I patiently explained what I go through and the uncertainties that come with this sometimes very crazy (but overall fulfilling) life. Thankfully, she was willing to try and understand. I think a willingness to understand and join in on the adventure is most important.

    We're now married. =) Of course it's not always sunshine, rainbows, and sparkling unicorns (because who doesn't like unicorns? Especially sparkling ones!). However, it's been great that we can share in each other's adventures.

    Asian Prince 01/23/2017  12:25am

    Awh! I hate when I see this! It is totally possible to be in a relationship in this business. It's not easy but what relationship is? My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years in February and we spend the almost the first 10 months of that relationship 800 miles apart because I was gone for a contract. We got lucky and got to work together at a contract for a while, but it is totally doable. If you find the right person you can get through anything. Taking it one day at a time and adjusting your expectations to make things work for you and bae specifically. If you want to find a person you will, there is someone out there for everyone.

    Okay, that's my wisdom for the morning... damn it was so early for that.

    halfrican 01/23/2017  8:26am

    Yess this. It's even harder when your long term BF is military & stationed at the opposite end of the country when he's not deployed. Kinda hard to be like "hey I know we haven't seen each other in 6 months & you're coming home from overseas but I booked an out of town gig, sorry". Ugh

    Sassycat7 01/23/2017  8:22pm

    Y'all. Thanks so much for posting and making me laugh. I needed this. Since this is the bitching post, I'm just gonna bitch.

    This was prompted cuz I traveled 200 miles to see a friend's show, but stayed an extra day to go out with a guy who I had gone out with before and who I've talked to for a while. Made a cute date and got reservations at a NICE place in Georgetown (in dc if y'all know it)...

    Completely. Flaked. And then blamed it on my wanting to "move too quick"... like, I wanted to take you out, not ask to marry you. And then blamed the possibility of me being gone a bunch of months of the year. And then I just gave up listening to the douche's excuses.

    So. Y'all made me laugh. Thanks. Much love to all of you. I hope you all book your next audition/callback.

    Bklynnative 01/24/2017  12:47am

    You were going to take them out on M Street and they flaked?!?!

    I am going to lose my mind. That makes me so angry, bae. You are right -- don't listen to that douche's excuses. You're a fucking star and it's seriously their loss.


    sosayethi 01/24/2017  10:03am
  • NAB - Bringing Your Phone ITR 01/23/2017  11:20am

    Hey guys! Forgive me if this is a redundant topic, but what is the general consensus about having your phone on you (pocket, Airplane mode) while ITR? Girls, I know a good chunk of you wear dresses, so this may not be an everyday concern, but for those with pockets: is this considered bad manners/ a faux pas? For some reason I don't feel comfortable leaving my phone in the waiting room all the time. I know this may be irrational, as my wallet and bag are usually left in the holding room (I never carry cash, but still), but my phone is a bit harder for me to part with. Any thoughts? Am I insane?


    As long as you're not recording anything, and it's not sticking out above your pocket, I don't think it's a huge deal. Front pocket is probably better than back for discretion, but it's up to you.

    sosayethi 01/23/2017  11:58am

    I take my phone ITR all the time. Not really for a dance call, but if I'm just singing and doing sides I go in as is. If it's not distracting from my performance then there's not problem in my opinion. Sometimes that feeling of just having it in my back pocket is comforting and actually makes me feel less pressure to do my job and so i can be more human and less robot in the room.

    Robokidd054 01/23/2017  11:58am

    This is only a single case, but I know of a director who HATES to see phones in pockets because he feels like it indicates that the auditioner can't stand to be away from their phone long enough to sing 16 bars, so how could they be away from it long enough for rehearsal?

    TenorGuy 01/23/2017  11:59am

    Leave your phone. Be present in the room.

    Ag_dancer 01/23/2017  1:14pm

    Leave the phone outside the room...period...if you have that much of a problem leaving your phone for the few minutes you'll be in the room, then you have a serious problem..sorry not sorry ;)

    beltress101 01/23/2017  2:26pm

    Agreed, especially if it's a Union audition. Any phone sightings will be suspect of recording and we all know it isn't allowed.
    I understand the paranoid of leaving a valuable thing away from us for too long, but I think we're all to concentrated on out audition to think about swiping someone else's stuff. And if you DO...JUST LEAVE.

    Showbizdreamer 01/23/2017  2:59pm

    ^To the above few responses... really?!?! I keep my phone in my pocket because that's where it lives, just like my wallet and my keys. I always turn it off or put it on airplane mode before walking in the room. I would never think it could possibly be an issue (especially since my pockets are large enough that the people behind the table would not see it), and frankly the train of thought of the person TenorGuy mentioned sounds completely ridiculous.

    bwaylvsong 01/23/2017  8:48pm

    I always bring it in the room. Unfortunately, stealing is real. Stealing is even more real in NYC. I wish I could trust all actors, but I do not. I have had someone steal something from me while in the audition room. I try not to bring valuable things with me to auditions, but my schedule does not always allow for that. I don't come in waving my phone around, but I may set it to the side somewhere or have it in my purse. I usually set it down behind the piano, so no one sees it or knows I even have it in there.

    SteppinToTheBadSide 01/23/2017  9:35pm

    You're not insane.

    I'm a guy, so I don't have the dress problem. I always put my phone on airplane mode in my back pocket. If for some reason I need to sit down, I transfer it to my shirt pocket.

    I know someone who has one of those pencil pockets that's in her song binder and she puts her phone in there during auditions.

    This is NYC. People get stuff stolen all the time from studios. Protect your expensive property.

    LangdonAlger 01/23/2017  9:53pm

    "I don't trust anybody here."

    ^ The answer I got from a friend after I asked him, "You're taking your bag into the dance call?"

    It goes beyond just a phone, I know, but suddenly made total sense to me and I pretty much live by his mantra now.

    BroadwayKiwi 01/23/2017  10:54pm

    I'm starting to think lockers would be a great idea...

    newintown13 01/24/2017  9:59am
  • NAB-Frozen Live at the Hyperion 01/22/2017  10:31pm

    I'm a little confused by the audition posting on Disney's site for this. It says "especially seeking performers with a diverse look" and "the director is interested of casting women of color for these roles." Sooo are they just in general encouraging all ethnicities to attend, or are they ONLY looking for non white actors? I just want to make sure I'm reading it right so I'm not the only white girl there lol.


    The current cast is VERY diverse. There are at least 1 black and 2 Asian Elsas. So not just a ploy, they do hire POC

    taybay 01/22/2017  11:28pm

    Excuse me for not reading to the end, there are also white people in the show, so it wouldn't hurt to attend

    taybay 01/22/2017  11:29pm

    It's def pretty diverse, there's a black Anna AND Elsa, Aisian for both as well, and the one Hispanic girl who I've heard left?

    But I have a different question...answerable? No idea.
    Since we all can see, thought it doesn't make it super clear, it's a joint audition with DCL for ONLY Elsa. The DL show has always auditioned here at least once a year so that was bound to come, but its obvious DCL had to have this one as they didn't find an Elsa that last round, so they joined it.
    Are they having a difficult time casting her? Because this is the second time DCL has had to look for only an Elsa.
    I've been debating whether to even go. DCL called me back for her a year ago when they were casting the whole show from the ground up, but wasn't that last round in November (which left me confused) so I'm just of the thought of whether it's a waste of time to keep trying.
    Ooffff....Id just rather sleep otherwise.

    Showbizdreamer 01/23/2017  2:16pm

    If you were called back for her before, I think it would be a good idea to go.

    The post on the Disney site says they're looking for Anna and Elsa. Is that wrong?

    Bwayluver 01/23/2017  3:15pm

    ^^That's the DL listings, which IS looking for both, but the cruise also put up a listing for JUST Elsa. DL comes to NYC once a year anyway for whatever the Hyperion show is (from my observation), but I guess the cruise never found one back in the fall or someone dropped, and both listings are at pearl 500 next Monday, so obviously the powers that be decided to join the two to make everyone's lives easier.

    Showbizdreamer 01/23/2017  3:48pm

    If you were called back for her before, I think it would be a good idea to go.

    The post on the Disney site says they're looking for Anna and Elsa. Is that wrong?

    Bwayluver 01/23/2017  4:10pm

    GURL I noticed that too!

    Like, literally the same room.

    And yes you should go boo!

    Rain On my Parade 01/24/2017  12:50am
  • NAB: Space to record monologues? 01/23/2017  8:33pm

    Hi all!

    I attended URTAs today and some of the schools are asking me to send them videos of the monologues from my audition.

    Is there anywhere in the city where I can record these? Nice studio spaces with a good backdrop? Or someone I could hire.

    I am hoping to have these done by Tuesday the 28th.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    And by Tuesday the 28th, I mean Saturday. Can you tell i'm exhausted?

    fakingit 01/23/2017  8:34pm

    Hey fakingit!

    Head to and select "Acting Coach / Videographer" and "This week" -- either Ahren & Tyler or Cameron would be perfect for this, and they both have their own professional studio space! You can view samples of work in each bio.

    Any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail: elyssa (at) auditionherohq (dot) com

    Hope to work with you soon and break a leg!!

    --Elyssa at

    AUDITION HERO 01/23/2017  9:43pm
    zendesk 01/23/2017  10:35pm

    The erics at are great!

    musicalwarrior 01/23/2017  10:43pm

    Second I used Tyler and Ahren. The end result was amazing.

    UnderfedOverWorked 01/23/2017  11:00pm
  • NAB Gregg Baker 01/14/2017  3:15pm


    Potentially signing. Anyone have opinions on him? Love? Hate?


    Auditioned for him here in NYC back in...October I think that call by appt was?

    Short time obviously, but I liked him a lot from interacting with him that. Him and his team made us all feel comfortable :)

    Showbizdreamer 01/14/2017  3:26pm

    He's really good but you'll definitely be paying him for everything that you book...whether he got you the audition or not. But if you're okay with that...he's really great at what he does.

    kitchencounter 01/14/2017  4:13pm

    Is always a warning when you a manager Post "sponsored" Post of Facebook advertising his agency. No no, tacky tacky.

    In my experience he pushes you to do cruise ships and theaterworks tours.

    Mimimarquez 01/14/2017  6:14pm

    You SHOULD be paying your agent/manager for every job you book, whether they got you in for it or not. That's how an agent/manager works.

    eroseb 01/14/2017  7:05pm

    I've never seen him do that. He does have an FB page where posts recent client successes/bookings. Today he posted that a client booked the national tour of Hamilton.

    Completely untrue. Totally depends on the office. Ever heard of 'freelancing?'

    kitchencounter 01/14/2017  7:46pm

    If you're freelancing, sure. But the OP said signing, so that's what I was going off of.

    eroseb 01/14/2017  9:07pm

    There are also agents and managers in NYC who sign exclusively but don't require you to pay them for jobs you don't book through them. Unless, of course, you ask them to work on the contract on your behalf. Not unusual.

    kitchencounter 01/14/2017  9:30pm

    I freelance with him and am definitely a fan!
    Yes there are a number of cruise ship opportunities he gives you, but I have also been sent out for 1st nationals and really good regional gigs.

    MargoChanning 01/14/2017  11:00pm

    Thanks guys!! Have a meeting this week

    Ijustwannawearmypajamasintheroom 01/17/2017  10:10pm

    Kitchencounter, you're misinformed.

    There are also agents and managers in NYC who sign exclusively but don't require you to pay them for jobs you don't book through them. Unless, of course, you ask them to work on the contract on your behalf. Not unusual.

    itwillbeme1day 01/18/2017  7:53am

    ^^whoops, typing a reply to quote you and posted early.

    Agents and managers are separate things. Agents only get money when THEY get you the job. However a manager is *supposed* to be paid no matter what. If you have an agent and a manager, the agent is the one getting you jobs, how else would the manager make money? They are being paid for managing your career which presumably helped you book the project. They may not all chase you down about it if you book a webseries and make $50, but they are supposed to get paid on everything you book.

    itwillbeme1day 01/18/2017  7:56am

    Not true. I've had several managers in NYC (including Gregg Baker himself) who I didn't pay a dime for things I booked on my own. So, no, I am not misinformed. Totally depends on the agent or manager.

    kitchencounter 01/18/2017  11:55am

    Kitchencounter, you just wrote in your above post that Gregg Baker DOES take commission on everything you you're saying he doesn't?

    I'm not pulling this out of nowhere, look it up. Managers take commission on everything. They may not always BOTHER, especially on something low paying (they're not going to pursue a ten dollar check) or they may not always know that you did something, but any standard manager contract will say that they take commission on anything you book, and you're supposed to be paying them.

    itwillbeme1day 01/18/2017  8:57pm

    I freelanced with Gregg Baker. And, thus, was not required to pay him for anything that I booked on my own. However, he rarely freelances and everyone else that I know who works with him pays his office for everything that they book. Although an above poster said that they also freelance with him so maybe he is doing it more often now. I don't know...I am no longer represented by him. He's awesome though! Plenty of managers freelance including my current one. I am not in the habit of paying people for things that they didn't help me book. Sorry if you've had to! And I have an agent and manager who send me out constantly.

    kitchencounter 01/18/2017  10:12pm

    I freelanced with Gregg and was not required to pay him for work I booked through my agent. He came through with some big appts. I didn't get many, but I got the ones that counted.

    SteppinToTheBadSide 01/23/2017  9:39pm
  • NAB - It's okay 01/23/2017  8:47am

    Today I'm giving myself permission to not go to an audition simply because I should.

    Because it's okay to not go to every audition that has ever existed and instead just focus on the ones you're right for.

    Because sometimes reading the breakdown and being truly honest with yourself about your dance capabilities and the skills required for a character is hard, but necessary for good mental health.

    Here's to allowing myself some human time so my actor self can rock it out tomorrow.

    Not a bitch - just a reminder that it's okay to sleep or treat yo' self instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in line. There's always tomorrow :)

    Happy Monday, y'all!


    There's always tomorrow is right! You're allowed to relax and rejuvenate. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

    #imlistening 01/23/2017  10:00am

    Amen! xoxo ;)

    beltress101 01/23/2017  2:27pm

    Not only is it okay to focus on the ones you're right for--I think it's better.

    StayInspired 01/23/2017  8:39pm