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  • Favorite Acting Studio/Class/Teacher 04/25/2015  11:13pm

    Does anyone have a favorite studio/teacher/class they like to go to for acting scene study work here in the city? Any and all suggestions are appreciated :)



    Ken Schatz.

    thejollyraja 04/26/2015  12:18am
  • Worked with KLJ Talent or Faber Talent? 04/25/2015  6:29pm

    I have been offered to sign with KLJ Talent and am 90% certain that Faber Talent is interested in signing me from what I was told at the ActorsConnection last night. However KLJ wants my answer by monday and I probably won't hear from Faber before then. So I am just looking for any sort of insights about either. Thanks!


    Most agents will ask you "Are you meeting with other agents?" and if you say yes they say "Great. Let us know when you finish your meetings." A deadline is not what I have EVER experienced.

    Contact them and say you still have a few other meetings, but that they are at the top of your list and you'll get back to them ASAP. (And do get back to them one way or the other. Keeping your word only shows you are a professional.)

    Next, contact the other agency and tell them you have a couple of other agencies looking to represent you. Tell them you are still interested in possible representation and for them to contact you if there is anything else they need to see from you. (another meeting, performance tape, photos, etc.) Hopefully they will get back to you!

    Also, remember you are hiring them to work for you! If they are really interested, they'll wait a couple weeks while you are weighing you options. I know it seems ballsy but remember you are in charge of your career and hiring an agent is about hiring a team you believe in. Like any other job, you want to know your applicants before you offer them the job!

    singinpretty 04/25/2015  7:01pm

    also remember that agents talk a lot of sh** at Actors Connection so I never believe anything until they actually call. Unless he actually said I want to sign you, call me next week, I would suggest you go with the bird in hand.

    dopplegang 04/25/2015  9:04pm

    I don't think it would hurt to ask Faber, but I agree with dopplegang...if you don't hear by Monday just take what you got. :) CONGRATS!!

    Fatniss_Neverlean 04/25/2015  11:50pm
  • NAB- Email from Theatre.. 04/25/2015  7:33pm


    I just got an email from a theatre that I had a decent audition for. They are looking for an actor to do two roles in back to back musicals. The breakdown says "Handsome leading man..." Which I am not. I'm more of a handsome character guy. BUT THEY EMAILED ME. I'd be happy to go in..but is this a waste of time??

    Adele Dazeem

    Not even remotely a waste of time. Fucking crush it, dude.

    thejollyraja 04/25/2015  7:35pm



    Rinse and repeat and so forth.
    NOW GO BOOK THE MUTHA FUQQIN JOBBB. #butchqueenemcrealness

    Fatniss_Neverlean 04/25/2015  8:21pm

    I seriously meant to type I will NOT for the third one...this got weird.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 04/25/2015  8:21pm

    Is this a serious question? Please go in for it. Who cares. Handsome is a subjective term. Obviously to them you're a "handsome leading man" because they called you in.

    NYCActor 04/25/2015  10:56pm
  • NAB - Stage Combat 04/24/2015  11:34am

    I didn't get enough stage combat training in school. I want to improve these skills and learn how to (pretend to) kick butt. Where can I do this in the city? A general google search delivers tons of results. What's good?


    I don't have any personal experience with training facilities in NY (I got too much stage combat training in school, haha), but I wanted to help you out since no one has answered yet. My suggestion would be to go to the SAFD webpage for affiliated training programs. Here's a list
    A quick google search found Swordplay, which is on that list, and it looks like the Barrow Group offers occasional classes. I'm sure there are more. I would recommend finding a teacher who is certified through the SAFD to ensure the best training. You could probably even call them and see if they have any info about specific classes in the area.

    Killertofu 04/25/2015  7:57pm

    Even better...a list of all Teachers, Fight Directors, and Fight Masters in the region. Clicking on their name shows where they teach. And there's a contact for the regional representative too!

    Killertofu 04/25/2015  8:02pm
  • NAB - Sublease 04/25/2015  10:33am

    Hi - for those of you the sublet your rooms when you go out of town - do you have a sublease you have your sublet sign? I have had some negative experiences in the past I'm looking into doing that and was just curious of others' experiences.

    If you do have a sublease signed did you come up with it yourself or did you get it from a source?

    And lastly, does anyone ever make their Landlord aware of the situation/ask permission?

    Thanks, I appreciate your input. Happy weekend!


    I ALWAYS have a written agreement. It's a business transaction, and basically, if you are legally responsible for something and you are putting it in the hands of others, you should make sure they are legally responsible too. I created my own agreement and the terms include: All current contact info for both parties so no one can just disappear!, exact terms of length of stay- so they cannot refuse to evacuate if they cannot find another place to live AND so that they must continue to pay if they leave early OR find another appropriate substitute, barring a verbal agreement between you two. Also, if I have to come back early for some reason (show closes early? I get fired? Break my leg? I get a better contract?), they are assured that I will refund their money for every day that they must vacate early. Make sure that there is a clause that says that any personal belongings or furniture, walls, etc that are damaged or missing will come out of their deposit (And make sure to get a deposit for this reason!!). Spell out what percentage they must pay per month for utilities and to whom. And anything else that you have had a negative experience with before!
    Basically, it's just to make BOTH of you feel safe and protected about everything.
    Also, I never tell my landlord, cuz as long as they get their check, they don't really care. Plus I don't want them to tell me no, lol.

    nyc_etoile 04/25/2015  4:12pm
  • Casa Mañana EPA 04/23/2015  4:23pm

    I never have issues with Accompanists they are normally great and I always have good auditions. For some reason on this particular day the accompanist for this EPA struggled through my song. Goodness knows I should have stopped I was just confused as to what was happening. At the end he did apologize and such. But in situations like these is it ok to stop and switch your song????


    "I'm sorry. We don't seem to be together on the music. Let me switch songs." ...or something to that effect.

    Past Tense 04/23/2015  4:37pm

    Thank you @ past tense. I was mortified I iust grabbed my book and left the room. Bless his heart he boldly stated " I was horrible I am sorry".

    5678Bookit! 04/23/2015  4:46pm

    Ugh, awful when that happens. I never know what to do either. I'm a pianist myself, so I'm always sensitive about offending the accompanist, but not sure if it's worse to stop in the middle of the song.

    onstage 04/25/2015  2:12pm
  • Helpful Bitch 04/25/2015  12:32pm

    YOU GUYS. It frustrates me SO much to see actors snipping away at their resumes at auditions.

    PRO TIP: FedEx will cut an entire ream of 8.5X11'' paper to 8X10'' for, basically, pocket change.

    PLEASE take this advice because it will change your life.



    Better "actor paper."
    Game changer

    Killertofu 04/25/2015  1:43pm
  • Stop Doing A Chorus Line 04/25/2015  11:25am

    If you are going to cut the characters of Don or Connie - or worse - BOTH. Big. Pet. Peeve. #Pulitzer


    WHAT?!?! I have never seen a theater do this before! That's ridiculous.

    I have seen productions of Hairspray cut up to 3 nicest kids. Imagine the roll call....

    littleeagle 04/25/2015  11:33am

    From the time I was five in summer stock summer stock #Alternatives

    Skiernc 04/25/2015  11:41am
  • NAB AGMA question 04/23/2015  7:32am

    I am curious about what happens if an AGMA member - having used their privilege to audition at an EPA - is offered a role. Are they allowed to work without becoming Equity? Or are they required to join?

    Just to be clear. I am not a member of either union and I am not interested in discussion of the issues of using AGMA membership to audition. I am merely curious about how this interesting situation plays out if someone is offered a role.


    I believe it works the same way it would if the actor was non-equity aka depending on the theatre/contract could get their card or points.

    playground91 04/23/2015  8:52am

    It's a magical loophole. You non-union, which means their are many, many more tracks available to you in the average regional house but you get to audition with all the paying Equity members.
    When each of us auditions, it's a cost vs. benefit analysis for the team. Can they afford to use one of their 5 Equity contracts on you? Casting requires a 50 year old man and a person of color, and then there's the AD's old friend and the local diva.... They are all union (ask any CD what is hardest to cast), and then hey, a talented non-Union member shows up. They are great and they cost half as much without any of the paper work.
    The three friends I have with it love it and say their callbacks have doubled.

    Water With Lemon 04/23/2015  9:01am

    I know AGMA people who are currently working at prestigious regional houses on non-Equity contracts. They haven't been required to join.

    r6 04/23/2015  9:28am

    I am glad they are able to take up an audition slot, and then book some work as a cheap alternative. That's awesome!

    redredrose 04/23/2015  10:49pm
    Fatniss_Neverlean 04/23/2015  11:21pm

    Don't like it? Me neither.

    Make sure you vote in the Council Election.


    Sid Solomon for Equity Council - #SIDforAEA 04/23/2015  11:56pm

    Ah...another AGMA vs Equity post. I completely understand why people feel the way they do and respect all the views that have been presented here, but there are several people I know who are classically trained opera singers or dancers who received their AGMA card for those venues...and when they crossover to Equity/Non-Union calls they feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are in a union for a field they are trained in. I do understand that people are mad at the actors who are just buying their AGMA cards for an easy in to auditions, but this isn't the case for all who have their card. Just please be respectful to your fellow performer in these posts and remember not everyone who has their card just bought it for Equity audition purposes. I do think there should be some sort of background check or audition process, to assure the artist who wants their card actually has talents/training in the classical field they are signing up for membership as. AGMA has different views on what their union means and represents, and celebrates performers doing both union and nonunion work. This completely contradicts with Equity. But for the performers who worked in opera houses or in professional ballet troupes please don't attack them for having their cards because they went to an Equity call. I do think there should be some sort of background check regarding the training/classical background that people applying for membership have, but other than that I don't think AGMA members should be ashamed/or shamed for their membership. If you bought your card and have no classical musician/dance/choral background, that should be a personal issue with your conscience and deep down you know it wasn't necessarily the most fair thing to do. But for those who are, they should be able to say they have their card and not feel guilty for it.

    SomewhereNextToNormal 04/24/2015  12:14am

    EVEN IF they earned their AGMA card being great opera singers, I still disagree with them getting audition slots . I've exhausted my view about this on auditionupdate , everyone is probably sick of me, but I don't like it one bit. And yes, even worse for those who bought just to audition. Yea I considered it once. But I didn't. And it's too many people now . THIS WHOLE BUSINESS IS TOO MANY PEOPLE. :::pops a Xanax :::

    BFAinServing 04/24/2015  12:46am

    You guys! I didn't mean to re-ignite the flame with that remark - simply meant to offer factual information.

    I have no public opinion on this. It's a frustrating topic from almost every angle.

    r6 04/24/2015  12:50am

    It's ok. No one has gotten dirty.... Yet

    BFAinServing 04/24/2015  1:26am

    Sorry but Equity doesn't work that way. It's a loophole that exploits due-paying members of Equity who can not accept non-Union work. As a member of a sister union, any AGMA member who would consider a non-Union contract is a scab. Why are we so afraid of that word? "You don't know their journey!" Put on your big kid pants and stand up for yourself as a member of a Professional Union. It only means something if we make it mean something. Or we can all just go back to standing in line at 5 AM and working for 300 bucks a week with no benefits or protections.

    Water With Lemon 04/24/2015  8:59am

    What if the rule were somehow changed, so that AGMA members auditioning at Equity calls could only be offered an Equity contract and not a non-union one? Wouldn't that solve a lot of problems? They would become dues-paying union members, which is awesome, and then could audition as Equity!

    la2nycexpress 04/24/2015  10:34am

    I think that's a reasonable compromise, la2nycexpress. It would have to be examined to see if it was legal or doable, but I like that thinking.

    Sid Solomon for Equity Council - #SIDforAEA 04/24/2015  11:28am

    "As a member of a sister union, any AGMA member who would consider a non-Union contract is a scab. Why are we so afraid of that word? "You don't know their journey!" Put on your big kid pants and stand up for yourself as a member of a Professional Union."

    Uh, didn't you just do non-union TV as an AEA member? And is this not you 1 month ago?:

    "A Serious Question: 03/20/2015 12:17pm

    Can anyone think of a reason not to drop your Equity card and join AGVA? (I don't need the medical.) ... is there a reason besides altruism? ... Me and altruism have a lovely time sitting on the couch, not working."
    -Water with Lemon

    Why be prickly with people with a stance you're not even attached to? It makes such weird discussions.

    SingingInMyLaDucas 04/24/2015  11:54pm

    i have no problem with it. good for them.

    Noname 04/25/2015  2:02am

    Wow, you follow me closely.
    I did start a previous discussion on this to form my current viewpoint. Asking on here led to several discussions online and off that convinced me it wasn't the way to go. I feel, especially with current and future Equity council members discussing, these are important discussions to have.
    Opinions and viewpoints on issues are supposed to change. Isn't that the reason we talk here?

    Water With Lemon 04/25/2015  11:13am
  • Hi Tom: Please look into this scam using Backstage Online. Thanks! 04/25/2015  10:40am

    Hi Tom:

    I just received this (see below) scam/ spam/phish email via Backstage Online. The grammatical errors alone was a huge tip-off that it was a scam. Please look into whomever it is who is phishing/spamming us with this scam, when you have a chance, thanks! (see below)

    "I have just been on your page, I must say I like your pictures.
    My name is Sarah Oconnor, I am a freelance agent and I scout for a modelling agency called elitemodel .
    We at elitemodel have a few campaigns in which we use pictures of people who would not necessary be a models.
    we have an Ultimate Advert for an international company and now I am interested in using your pictures for this Ultimate Advert.
    Would you be interested and also want me to use your pictures for this Ultimate Advert?
    Then reply back directly to my email:- so we can discuss the procedure and payment method."



    …were a huge tip-off. ;-)

    whyaskforthemoon 04/25/2015  10:42am