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  • Cap 21 BFA Program 06/25/2018  9:06am

    Anyone know anything about it? I have to make some choices and heard mixed things. About the teachers? I cant't find anything online or when I call. I would like real NYC training not a bunch of grad school students (no offense). Just a lot of money. Any better programs? Thanks


    They think they are Hamilton more like Guffman!

    In the no no no 06/25/2018  10:01am

    I don't know anything about the program now, but when I was looking at colleges, Cap21 was a branch of NYU Tisch and was extremely prestigious. I personally know two girls who went to Cap/Tisch and had to drop out during their first year because they booked Broadway shows. When Cap and Tisch broke up a few years later, they basically lost their stellar reputation. I wasn't even aware they had a BFA program.

    bwaylvsong 06/25/2018  10:27am

    BFA program is kind of a place for MFA students that can’t get much work teach. They don’t pay much doin Oklahoma in Poudunk

    FirstHand 06/25/2018  10:36am

    Schooldayz, as always, take each piece of advice with a grain of salt. I deeply regret that I listened to hard to people's "advice" when choosing what schools to go to/NOT to go to.
    Please just use your own instincts and go to the school in person, observe, talk to existing and former students.

    FinallyGettingThis 06/25/2018  12:44pm

    They're connected with Molloy College now.
    There should be a list of faculty on either the CAP21 website or the Molloy website. So go through the list of faculty and see if they're experienced/reputable. Hopefully there are bios on the site, but if not, you can Google the names.

    actorsmom 06/25/2018  1:28pm
  • Job opening for the summer 06/08/2018  8:49am

    Hi there,

    I posted 2 months ago about needing to pick up some flexible hours for work, through someone here I got a referral code for VIPkid (Chinese online tutoring company).

    I thought it was bullshit, it wasn't and I'm making over $1500 a month setting my own hours. I'm able to ALMOST pay all of my loans and rent off of ONLY VIPkid.

    I have a referral code blah blah blah, but honestly just wanted to share that it's not BS, it actually is a VERY real and VERY logical option for actors.

    Shoot me an email at - I can guide you along the way of getting hired (it's genuinely not hard) and answer any questions you have.


    Hey Beltbox, sent you an email!

    kdaily 06/11/2018  9:28am

    Me too!

    smoked87 06/11/2018  5:55pm

    YOOOOO this is TRUE. I've been teaching for them for a while and keep wondering why there aren't more MT peeps on this site.

    I used Hayley ^^^ to get hired and she was awesome and super helpful. The hiring process is a touch intense but it's cake after dat. I'd post my referral code too, but I'm not as experienced as H and I want you to get hired lol.

    You have to have a Bachelors degree, but I had only babysat (never tutored) and got hired in 4 days.

    whatareyousinging 06/12/2018  8:58am

    I don’t understand what I have to speak

    Sassyone 06/12/2018  1:58pm


    Sassyone 06/12/2018  2:37pm

    Hi! Nope, you are teaching English to chinese kiddos. They have basics "Hello", "Goodbye" but you're teaching them how to read. There's a curriculum that you follow. It's pretty straight forward.

    Beltbox 06/13/2018  1:50pm

    Emailed her and got hired within 4 days. Teaching my first 3 classes this weekend.

    TBH I hear a lot of people fail because they don't have someone helping them through the steps. Hayley was super helpful and I'm pretty sure I would've failed if she hadn't helped.

    Great for ADDITIONAL income, I wouldn't say it'll my primary source, but def. will help with loans (ugh).

    simplelittlefigs 06/13/2018  1:53pm

    I'm very interested in applying to this job! I've been looking for something that allows me to work at home, still make a decent wage, AND audition. Can you describe exactly what kind of work/teaching this job requires? Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

    GalindaWithAGah 06/14/2018  12:16pm

    just watch it with your taxes! same with Wag.

    since you are an independent contractor, you will get a 1099 and if you don't save appropriately, you will get fucked come tax season.

    fml 06/14/2018  9:25pm

    Just taught my first class! the kid was adorable and more polite than maybe any child I've ever met?! H is the best about emailing/support

    Def. true about taxes. I got fuuuuucked over 2 years ago when I was babysitting a ton for one family.

    UnitedStatesOfAudra 06/18/2018  11:19pm

    ^Also, my friend failed the interview portion, so it's definitely not a guarantee you'll be hired. They're pretty picky about who they choose. But if you have a degree and teaching experience (I was a camp counselor) that seems to help.

    Hayley (original poster) has more infooooo

    UnitedStatesOfAudra 06/18/2018  11:21pm

    Thanks for all the sweet words everyone!

    They are actively seeking teachers for the Fall, so applying now and getting into the swing of thing would set you up for some success in the fall.

    Email me and I'll be happy to help!

    Beltbox 06/25/2018  1:14pm
  • NAB VIPKID 06/08/2017  8:13pm


    Someone a week ago posted on here about working for VIPKID. I have an interview and a mock class for it coming up and I have TONS of questions. If that person or anyone else knows someone who works for them, could respond and then we can exchange emails that would be GREAT!


    My good friend works for them and is always saying he would talk to ppl who are interested. If you email me, I can give you his email

    Moremoneyplease 06/09/2017  7:10am

    I don't have a throwaway email but if you post your email I can get back to you and help you out!

    Galapagos9 06/09/2017  11:21am

    Hi! That was me

    Happy to help!

    Beltbox 06/25/2018  1:13pm
  • Voice Teacher Recommendations 06/25/2018  11:51am

    Looking for voice teacher recommendations in Midtown, ideally no more than $100 per session. Someone nice and very patient!

  • metropolitan playhouse 06/22/2018  10:56am

    Any experience working here? I have an audition appointment and wanted to know any insight.


    The last time I had an audition there, someone walked in the room (coming in from a door) during my audition and it threw me off. I did not get a callback.
    Good luck.

    FinallyGettingThis 06/22/2018  12:05pm

    Worked there a few times. Wonderful people. Small space. The shows can be hit or miss, but it's a great community of people, and they're passionate about treating actors right.

    twirlinggirl 06/24/2018  10:01am

    Incredibly kind people. I auditioned and had a callback there earlier this year and just had a lot of fun in the room. Alex (the Art Dir) is a really warm guy and I would totally audition for them again.

    iheardtheresfreecoffee 06/25/2018  11:01am
  • NAB - Dance Classes 06/23/2018  12:54pm

    So I am a Singer - Actor - used to be a mover. I always kept up in the back row, but never really had any formal dance training past age 9. I tore my ACL 2 years ago, and after 1.5 years of PT and personal training I think I am mentally ready to take a dance class.

    What do people recommend in this city for true beginners? Especially ones who may need to take it slow at first.

    I'm looking for type of class recommendations (ballet? Jazz? modern? tap?) and where to take them. Some of the beginner descriptions say that the class is meant for someone with at least one year of dance class experience. Looking to improve myself for the next audition season!


    Motivated movers! Check out their fb page.

    thecherrylady 06/23/2018  1:40pm

    I always recommend Dorit's ballet class at BDC. She has a basic and a couple beginner classes as well. I'm a singer as well and it's such a joy to learn from her.

    Also- It might too much too soon, but I know the Growing Studio is doing a dance series for movers in July. Check dem out!

    Rain On my Parade 06/23/2018  2:50pm

    Yes to motivated movers!

    BDC has a few rounds of Absolute Beginner classes coming up which lay a great foundation.

    For basic ballet classes at BDC I recommend Jessica Epting or Kate Loh for Ballet. Really sweet women who really encourage and break things down. I like Dorit too but her classes are often overcrowded and filled with people who take her class for exercise instead of professional training. Barry Kerollis and Josh Kolberg are great but move a little quickly.

    For Tap beginners I suggest Katherine Ponza, April Cook and Jill Kenney. There are tons of amazing tap teachers at bdc but those are the ones that truly teach at a basic level.

    For theatre I suggest Lizz Picini, Natalie Malotke, and Katy Zelon. Katy is probably going to give you the best basic foundation. Natalie often teaches adv beginner but don't let that scare you away.

    I also suggest considering a Jumps and Turns class at BDC. It will really condition you and give you a solid technique foundation you can use for all styles. Stacie Webster teaches an amazing basic jumps and turns class. Emily Bufferd is also great.

    Hope that helps!

    musicalwarrior 06/25/2018  1:04am
  • NAB: Primary Tuesday 6/26 for District 14 06/25/2018  12:46am

    Districts voting this Tuesday: NYC Congressional Districts 5, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16

    I'm shouting out District 14 because it includes Astoria (aka Actoria) and y'all know that, with elections still on Tuesdays, you've got to MARK YOUR CALENDAR (and sometimes request off work...) to vote. If you've got to-- do that. And check out Alexandria Ocasio‑Cortez's very very impressive campaign. If you're left-of-center or progressive, she's your candidate.


    If you're a registered Democrat and you live in District 14, do not forget to vote this Tuesday.

  • NAB- Mental Health and Medication 06/21/2018  9:47pm

    Hey hey Just wondering what everyone here does as far as mental health. I am going to see a therapist and psych soon and its been a while- Im hesitant though to take medication for depression for fear that it would affect me as an actor in anyway? This might just be completely foolish but I wonder what y'all do for your mental health that works for you...and if you do take medication do you find that it has any effect of your acting.


    i’ve been on all sorts of medicines for anxiety and depression for like 8 years.

    some of them WILL make you feel sort of blah/indifferent and will make it harder to channel your truthfulness and connect with that vulnerability in your acting. but the right medicine, in due time, will (hopefully) not only alleviate your depression, but also give you that boost/motivation to get to work. it can legit take years to find the right medicine, or the right combination of medicines. do not lose hope that something will work for you. also—the most effective results come from those who are on medication (IF need be) and are ALSO seeing a therapist.

    even if you do have some signs of blocked emotion with your medication, let me tell you... it’s much better than feeling suicidal, lacking all motivation to do ANYTHING and having zero energy for this industry. my depression is my biggest barrier. i want to succeed out here but it’s really really hard when you feel this way all the time.

    take care of your mental health first, and THEN worry about your acting. your life is more important than anything, my love.

    beltingbadass 06/21/2018  11:56pm

    I found this helpful:

    usernamesmakemeanxious 06/22/2018  1:00pm

    Just smoke weed. Don’t take SSRIs or anything psychotropic. They will change the way your brain works, and you will never have the same glimmer in your eyes that you probably do now.

    Don’t listen to psychiatrists — they all have mental problems of their own and are just encouraging the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

    Fungshway 06/22/2018  1:23pm

    ^-- man that is some of the worst advice ever. ex-pothead here, and also anti-pharmaceutical industrial complex. HOWEVER, weed is a fucking drug. i don't care what anybody says. everything effects everybody differently and you can 100% abuse marijuana just like you can abuse prescription drugs. i don't think SSRIs should be taken longterm, but jesus christ, if you are in a pit of depression and you need help, TAKE ANTI DEPRESSANTS, if you've tried everything else, and you have a good doctor / psychologist that works with a psychiatrist. develop a plan for your mental health that includes eating the proper amount of food in a day, drinking adequate amounts of water in a day, exercising, meditation, staying away from social media and garbage sites like this one, having healthy interactions with family and friends, SAVING MONEY IN A JOB THAT DOESN"T MAKE YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF, etc. etc. so that SSRIs are a temporary booster to get you out of the pit you may feel you are in. Most importantly, do NOT listen to people like the above poster. in fact, don't be easily swayed by ANYBODY elses opinion besides your own. talk to mental healthcare professionals, not idiots on anonymous websites. people that have 10+ years in their fields of study that genuinely want to help other people and are knowledgable about this stuff. you can get help, it's out there, you are NOT alone. sending you positive vibes!

    growupkids 06/22/2018  8:46pm

    First off, I don’t know who that poster has seen, but not all psychiatrists are like that. My mother was a psychiatrist for over 20 years and was a fucking badass.


    I had the exact same thought before going on medication. I was really nervous that it would affect my acting, but I was so sick and tired of feeling sad for no reason that I had to get help. I’ve been on anti depressants for two and a half years now and seeing a therapist. At one point it did get in the way of my acting, but it was due to other situations during the run. It led to a small increase of dosage and that made a great change.

    I hope this helps. You have to put your health first. Always always always.

    Chaplin93 06/23/2018  2:48am

    everyone here NEEDS to watch Hannah Gadsby's "nannette" special on netflix. She's hilarious, but she also talks a lot about mental health and how the public says creative people shouldn't medicate themselves because we wouldn't get the creative thing if we were medicated...she pretty much says it's a crock of horse crap, but in the most brilliant way! Absolutely take care of yourself. If you feel like medication is going to help you live a fuller, healthier life, do it, if you want to do therapy, do it. If you want to try the meditation apps, do it. This business is hard. Life is hard. We want to be healthy above everything, and mental health needs to be a priority.

    YouShouldTryItInHeels 06/23/2018  7:10am

    Honestly Zoloft AND therapy have helped my acting because now I’m not constantly distracted by intrusive, depressing thoughts all the time. I feel more like myself with these treatments than I did before I started them; so now I can connect to the full breadth of my emotions instead of just the dark/sad ones. The right psychiatrist will work slowly with you to find the right dose and the right medicine. Be completely honest with him/her about your concerns and how you feel on it- nothing is too trivial. It takes patience.
    Also I highly recommend a cognitive therapist. While talk therapy can feel great to “vent,” I have found that cognitive therapy has actually helped me find the tools to rephrase my thinking and gain more perspective.
    Best of luck and I hope you find the right solution for you soon! 💛

    Suiteofjacks 06/23/2018  10:45am

    I am on all the medicines for all the things and now I can actually get myself out of bed and out of the house to attend auditions and classes. Do what you need to do, find a psychiatrist and/or a therapist you trust. SoHo MD has plenty of therapists who are available for virtual medicine management appointments which can be super helpful for a busy schedule.

    BroadwayBlackSwan 06/23/2018  5:37pm

    Worrying about depression medication taking the spark out of you is like worrying about putting on weight with birth control pills. Bad things are going to happen, eventually. Find a therapist first, talk over what's going on, find out if you are anxious, depressed, unfocused. There is different kinds of medicine for different situations. Good luck to you.

    whattheheck 06/24/2018  7:24pm

    thank you so much to everyone, you all have truly helped so much.

    -much love <3

    boomchicapop 06/25/2018  12:14am
  • How to leave your current agent/manager? 06/21/2018  7:18pm

    Hey guys,

    My contract with my manager is ending and they’re asking if I want to re-sign.

    They haven’t done much for me since signing and I don’t want to re-sign. I’ve only gotten two appointments with them and I got zero during actual audition season, and this is over the course of a year long contract. What’s the most professional way to tell them I’m no longer interested in being represented by them?

    Also, I’m away on a summer stock gig and was wondering when a good time is to submit to agents and managers again?




    newtothisbiz 06/21/2018  11:28pm


    newtothisbiz 06/22/2018  11:15am

    Honestly I would say something along the lines of "I hope this email finds you well. At this time, I do not wish to re-sign with [company]. I need to take some time to assess my aspirations and career goals and make sure that the representation is a good fit. I appreciate the work you have done for me over the last year and I thank you for it." Or something along these lines so you give them a firm answer but not in a hostile, bridge burning kind of way.

    I just def wouldn't bring up the fact that they only got you 2 appointments because "TECHNICALLY" that is not in their job description and they could bring that fact up in a bitter way.

    Bb1234 06/24/2018  11:41pm
  • NAB Chorus Line Cut Dancer Track 06/23/2018  5:58pm

    Hey y'all

    So the 8 or so dancers cut after "I Hope I get it" do they come out in gold outfits to bow and dance in One reprise? Do they always have specific people to understudy? I know they sing backstage.

    Any experiences playing a cut dancer?


    You do not bow. You do understudy 1-4 tracks and will hopefully go on for them, in which case you would get to bow then.

    lululemming 06/23/2018  8:22pm

    It honestly depends on who is setting, what level you are performing etc... In my experience (after a few productions and doing the tour) They do sometimes dress two swings or cut dancers in gold incase someone doesn't make the change, but you never bow.

    And while it isn't written who will understudy who, if you are working with an original there are trends: like Lois is usually a Cassie Understudy
    Butch is typically Ritchie or Paul
    Vickie is usually Maggie
    But none of that is written in the bible from what I remember.

    DorothyMichaels 06/24/2018  9:54pm