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  • HELP PRETTY PLEASE 12/17/2017  9:23pm

    Okay, I have the Rent Replacement callback in the morning, and the email said we are going to dance first, "dance attire not required."

    What should I wear?? I have some black workout leggings, sneakers, and decent top. Do I bring a change of clothes for when we sing? What??? *nervous laugher*

  • So... 12/14/2017  11:57am

    Is there anywhere else one can submit for this? This has go to be the most expensive submission based site I've ever come across...


    Legit Disney auditions should be represented on their audition site. I am looking for you pumpkin

    whattheheck 12/14/2017  12:11pm

    Hold up, I guess I'm slow. It says it's free to audition/sign up. What am I missing?

    whattheheck 12/14/2017  12:14pm

    ^^ Am I missing something as well? Also, this isn't exactly "legit" Disney that you'd find on the website we all know and love, it done by Disney Concerts teaming up with someone else. This isn't the Parks and Resorts.

    Showbizdreamer 12/14/2017  12:18pm

    Oh, so form that page yeah you can submit for free but when I tried to start for the homepage, that wasn't the case...I think? I trie date actor sign up tab, but all it gave me were paid options. Someone who knows more about this site is welcome to chime in. This site has always struck me as odd.

    Showbizdreamer 12/14/2017  12:21pm

    I can't go through the entire process, tape, etc. But if they are saying it's free, and then charging, I would make a little call to Telsey and complain, not using your name, of course. It's fraud. I've used Cast It for years as a basic because a local CD I auditioned for uploaded all their auditions on it. It was free in the past. It's going to be a World Wide thing, which means it's going to get a lot of PR traction.

    whattheheck 12/14/2017  12:28pm


    Showbizdreamer 12/14/2017  12:58pm

    It seems signing in using Facebook is free, but it's the most basic level.

    Showbizdreamer 12/14/2017  12:59pm

    Sorry...also, am I the only one thinking that this site's tech requirements to be able to upload/embed videos is iNSANE...this is NOT streamlined or simple...

    Showbizdreamer 12/14/2017  1:00pm

    Telsey scamming young actors??? Never!! LOL hahahahahahah

    Mimimarquez 12/14/2017  1:53pm

    Mimi-Can you at least provide something constructive to the convo? That's what's being ask for.
    They posted it in their FB, so it's legit. And yes it's free, HOWEVER, I got the instructions/sides, and it has an email to ask questions, but can we not use that email to submit or does it HAVE to be through castit?

    Showbizdreamer 12/15/2017  11:47am

    Hi Guys -- It's Rachel Hoffman from Telsey...I'm one of the people here in the office working on this project. It is free to post your audition on CastIt. If you're having problems with it and don't feel comfortable calling us with questions, post them here and I'll do my best to get you an answer. ALSO, we haven't figured out a date yet, but we're planning to do an open call for it in January. The video submission through CastIt is the easiest way for us to get links to our team to watch, but we realize sometimes it's easier to walk into a room. So stay tuned for that info.

    Rachel Hoffman 12/15/2017  12:05pm

    ^^^Oh hey Rachel!! Do you know if we can use the Dcapellacasting@gmail address to submit instead since that just overall easier, or does 1000% have to be through castittalent?

    Showbizdreamer 12/15/2017  12:19pm

    If it's totally impossible to get CastIt to work, definitely send a link to the gmail account, and we'll figure out what to do from there.

    Rachel Hoffman 12/15/2017  12:25pm

    Hey Rachel! Thanks for your help with this.

    Is there a date you and the team would like videos submitted by? I didn't see a deadline on the page or the sides.

    dots 12/15/2017  4:30pm

    ^^Telseys FB post says January 12

    Showbizdreamer 12/15/2017  5:06pm

    ^^^ thank you!!!

    dots 12/15/2017  10:03pm

    Hi Rachel, thanks for posting.

    So the instructions for slating say to include our age. But that is illegal. Perhaps that requirement could be revised?


    Mossad Honeypot 12/17/2017  7:59pm
  • Destiny Media Entertaiment 12/17/2017  6:53pm

    Destiny Media Entertaiment



  • NAB war+lovers @ Theatre Row 12/17/2017  1:47pm

    Anyone get offered an appointment for this on backstage? Auditions Friday. Can’t tell if it is at all professional or worth my time. Thoughts?


    A friend of mine had a horrendous experience working on this show. She was constantly belittled/ treated like crap, and when she left because of that the director fired all of her castmates.

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 12/17/2017  6:44pm

    Out of spite (forgot to add that on).

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 12/17/2017  6:45pm
  • Sorry, this past Friday. And Happy Holidays!

    whattheheck 12/16/2017  1:52pm

    I'm sure some may be but definitely not all.

    BeMused 12/16/2017  2:14pm

    Correct about not all - I have an audition next week, and am also shooting a show. No need to post information when you're not 100% sure if it's even accurate.

    actor1 12/17/2017  12:54am

    Ok, maybe mostly commercial CDs and agents. Just wanting to let people know the pressure's off, enjoy your family and friends. Calm your huff, I didn't intentionally mean to mislead.

    whattheheck 12/17/2017  8:29am

    It's not like the Dow will drop 400 points.

    whattheheck 12/17/2017  8:31am

    my agency is closed from this past friday through new year, but that doesn't mean that appts couldn't still come in, as I know they check their email still. but it's true, it's holidays! enjoy! relax!

    dontnobodywantno 12/17/2017  10:44am

    Not all casting offices are closed. I have an audition this Monday (but it's a big office). And I imagine they'll pin someone the following day and either book them that same day or the following day for the episode. One of my agents said the office is closed as of Friday. my other agent's office is still open (different coasts). Not everybody is shut down yet. I would say a majority of the offices are closed until about January 4th though. Not all though.

    JackSkellington 12/17/2017  6:10pm
  • #MeToo 12/17/2017  4:24pm

    Hi guys,

    I just need some advice on how to deal with something that happened to me recently.

    I was dancing at a holiday party gig. I was leading the cast of 16 dancers, so I was in charge of the order and how long the dancers would be out dancing on the podiums (go go dancer style). Long story short, the costume designer over threw the planned order of dancers that me and my counter part had, and made some of my dancers dance on the bar and on the podiums for a half hour straight. Not in the contract. There were many things that we were made to do, but we took it all in stride cause the gig was actually very fun, until the costume designer drunkenly grabbed my ass...i told him to stop (im a guy btw im not sure which profile this is) then while i was dancing on the bar, he proceeded to grab my privates, in front of the entire crowd. I freaked out at him, went back stage and talked to the creatives, as that was the last straw. And i had them pay us in full and finish the gig early.

    I dont know why, but im still shaken up...I dont like being the center of drama and i feel like i messed up the whole thing because i said something. The creatives ended up fighting very intensely and made the whole crew go home cause of the incident. Since we all got the gig through the school i am at. I have to now explain the whole thing again and im scared it will get blown out of proportion. The guy was nice but couldnt hold his alcohol and made a mistake. I dont want him to loose his job like that...i dont know...i dont know how to process it and if its a big deal or not...

    thanks guys

    MFA in Serving

    It is a big deal, and I'm sorry you had this happen. Don't feel bad, doubt yourself. This is why companies are not serving liquor at Christmas parties now. This is why women don't come forward. They are too afraid, they make excuses, they worry their careers are over. It's called privates for a reason. Nobody has the right to objectify you like that. If you got the gig threw your school, talk to someone. They will side with you.

    whattheheck 12/17/2017  4:46pm

    I really hope so...and i know i shouldnt care, but the school is small and people talk and im just super embarrased for loosing my temper like that. Im in europe too so i dont have that many people to talk to...i kinda feel like im dealing with it alone. I have some very good friends back in the states that have been getting me through it...but know one here physically you know. has anyone else been through something like this on a job? how did you handle it?

    MFA in Serving 12/17/2017  5:28pm
  • REMINDER 12/16/2017  12:12pm

    I don't meant to hijack the website; but this week I want everyone to:

    Watch 10 minutes of MSNBC. Just 10 minutes. Challenge yourself to, instead of replying to a thread with a sassy comment, just watch 10 minutes of the news.

    Our country is in dire need of help, and our community of diversity will be the first to go. If you're of age to vote, PLEASE vote in the 2018 midterms.

    Thanks, all.


    Why MSNBC? I love CNN. My favorite is to get the "news" on CNN, then flip to Fox and see how they spin it. It's way dramatic and quite hilarious. It's just a thing I do now. Nothing much else on tv, except Good Behavior, which is done for the season after tonight. ;(

    whattheheck 12/17/2017  11:50am

    Oh yah, of course CNN. I just meant actual news! :)

    I turn to MSNBC because there are specific reporters I like-- Katy Turr, Nicolle Wallace, Stephanie Ruhle, Joy Reid, etc.

    AFTC 12/17/2017  1:18pm

    Just to clarify, I think whattheheck means Fox News, the republican cable news channel. Plain old broadcast Fox Five News is fine, and what I usually watch (love the anchors on that channel).

    bwaylvsong 12/17/2017  1:58pm

    ^^^That. All new outlets distort to some desgree, just others do it worse. #breitbartisactualtrash
    I still can’t believe I see people on my feed post their articles...

    Showbizdreamer 12/17/2017  2:11pm

    Yes, Fox News. Sorry.

    whattheheck 12/17/2017  4:47pm
  • NAB coaching with Brad Garside 12/17/2017  4:28pm

    Has anyone ever coached with Brad Garside? I see him at auditions quite a bit and I have to say the guy is phenomenal, he's played things that other accompanist have been unable to play. Anyone coached with him and do you like him? Is he expensive? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks

  • Chest cold 12/17/2017  12:41pm

    Let’s say you have an audition coming up that requires you to belt Bb’s but you have a really bad chest cold. Is it worth telling the casting director that you can hit those notes normally and that you’re sick?


    My mantra is if you're going to the audition sick, don't let it on. If they ask you, answer honestly. Either they'll notice, or not, but being sick isn't in your control and making excuses before you audition is in your control.

    iamironman 12/17/2017  3:48pm

    Also, some hard to accept advice: If you’re sick enough that you genuinely don’t sound good, cancel. They can’t cast someone who they’re not confident can perform the material, and they can’t know for sure that you can normally do it just because you tell them. Going in is just wasting their time (and getting in the way of your recovery!). Casting might be sad that you can’t be there, but they’ll respect you for knowing your limits and not wasting their time.

    TenorGuy 12/17/2017  4:27pm
  • NAB- Kate Boka thank you 12/17/2017  4:24pm

    Does anyone know of a physical mailing address for Kate Boka in terms of Book of Mormon casting or should I sent it to Carrie Gardner's address? I just want to make sure she definitely gets it. Thanks!



    wintour92 12/17/2017  4:25pm