• Paid/Unpaid - Playbill 01/10/2017  3:05pm

    So over producers, or their interns, listing their gig as "paid" only to open it to see it is actually "unpaid" in the body of the post. Like, I get you want people to click... but (intentional) misrepresentation is not ok. i know it happens all the time especially on playbill, but come ON.


    Oh I've seen big EPA's listed as unpaid...so I daresay it's more typos than anything.

    Showbizdreamer 01/10/2017  3:37pm

    you have to click the box that says "paid" so it makes sense some people may miss it. but it doesn't make sense that someone would click "paid" when they know it isn't... it's not like they can select paid or unpaid and they click the wrong one

    galliegirl 01/10/2017  3:46pm