• NAB- penalty for missing online sign up? 01/10/2017  11:36pm

    I've tried to find the info but simply cannot. Can someone please provide the link to where the rules/information is posted about equity online sign ups? How many are we allowed to miss? I tried to cancel two reservations tomorrow and apparently missed the window. I don't want to get docked with two marks. Thanks!


    You can miss two without cancelling with no penalty.

    But you can cancel up to an hour before. The website has been having issues this week with this. Keep trying and if not- screenshot, time and date stamp and call

    SteveRogers 01/11/2017  5:09am

    I'm not Union but this is just me being curious.

    Sign ups close the day before the call. Ok, cool.
    But the paperwork is printed soon after because most of my monitor friends pick up the paperwork the day before the call because it's difficult to get ahold of it the day OF a call when no one is in the office quite yet.
    I'm sure that yes one can cancel and hour before, but then how is that relayed and consequences avoided when the monitor is already on their way to the audition space with paperwork in hand that printed before someone canceled and hour beforehand?
    This is just my former monitor self talking and looking out for my Union peeps.

    Showbizdreamer 01/11/2017  8:01am

    Afaik, the monitor will just skip you name, and then the AEA staff will cross-reference their list of cancellations to make sure you didn't just bail. It's mildly inconvenient for the monitor, but ultimately inconsequential.

    thejollyraja 01/11/2017  9:32am

    ^^^Ah ok. Good grief...this honestly make same glad I'm not one anymore, especially with all these changes coming at them at once.

    Showbizdreamer 01/11/2017  9:58am

    I just want to remind everyone that the penalties for no shows are for EPAs only (NOT ECCs). This is because everyone shows up at the same time for an ECC, so it doesn't matter if someone doesn't show, whereas no showing up for an EPA means that that slot isn't available for someone else to use.

    TenorGuy 01/11/2017  2:49pm