• How to properly use online EPA sign up? 01/11/2017  12:20pm

    I tried to sign up for an EPA online for the first time today (just got back into town). I clicked on the EPA right at noon, but it took quite a long time for the page to appear. There were still several time slots available by the time I got there, though, so I clicked on one. Nothing happened. I clicked on another one. Nothing happened. I tried refreshing the page, and after another long wait, it was revealed that most of the time slots were snapped up. That's okay! I am sure everyone was doing exactly as I was. So, I clicked on whatever was left, and again nothing happened. And within mere seconds, all were gone.

    Did I do something incorrectly? Was my computer too slow? Is there some kind of proper technique that I should know about? Haha! I certainly don't mind if others beat me to the punch, but I am not sure how I could have been punchier. I would love to know how to avoid this same issue in the future, or whether it is inevitable.

    Also, how to the "walk-in" slots work? Do they function the way EPA's used to? Arrive early in the morning and sign up? Does an alternate list still exist?

    Thank you so much to anyone who can help out this newcomer! :)


    Today was particularly bad for me also, regarding the AEA/EPA Online sign up system. I think that whenever there are multiple theaters with multiple shows listed for the same date one week away, and musicals are a part of the seasons, all 50,000 of us (or however many live in/around NYC) are trying sign in/sign up simultaneously, and the AEA computer just can't handle it. I too was unable to get any time slot today for the EPAs on 1/18. I would also like to know if there is a trick to getting in right at the stroke of Noon. Anyone who got a time slot today for the EPAs on 1/18 willing to share their tips?

    whyaskforthemoon 01/11/2017  2:33pm

    I was lucky and got a slot for 1/18. I wait to see which call I want at 12pm and then I click on refresh and "signup", usually takes around 20-30 seconds for it to load, but just wait and let it. If you keep hitting refresh it just slows it down. This has worked for me almost every time I've tried to get a slot except for yesterday it took my computer at least 4 minutes to refresh and then all slots were taken. Still seems to be luck, but this method has worked pretty well for me. Hope that helps!

    SlytherinScrelter 01/11/2017  3:33pm

    I felt the need to add to this to see if a lot of people are experiencing this....I was logged on ready to go at 11:59, refreshed, then the page simply froze until, upon finally loading, told me all slots were full. How will the server handle all these people logging on at once??

    sing_happy 01/12/2017  11:58am