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    Motivated Movers is holding their winter "Face the Fear" workshop and I cannot speak highly enough about it. It's a five week class and worth every penny. It teaches you how to be confident on and off the dance floor and how to assimilate that into vocal/acting auditions too. It's such a loving environment and community! You can PM me for more details and discounts if you're interested. makeboldchoices (a) gmail


    I'm assuming this is a call outside of NYC?

    This just my pure speculation, so take this with a grain of salt. NYC is the ONLY city in this nation that needs a monitor at every call, Union or not. Many in Chicago and L.A. also have monitors but not all.

    If this is a call outside of NYC, I wouldn't worry about getting seen too much, as NYC is also the only city that non-union always sits on pins and needles wondering if they'll be seen. They can get seen pretty damn easily at a Union call anywhere else because they're no where near as busy in other cities, so a producer should, in theory, be able to run those calls easily.
    I wouldn't trust that same producer to run a Union call here in NYC, not at all, because they, heck even the CD's behind the table much of the time, don't know Union audition protocol. No joke...

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