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  • TIps for staying happy while in between shitty survival jobs 11/12/2017  8:52am

    How do you manage to stay happy in between gigs?About 5 months ago I was ready to quit had a full time job lined up and was going to enjoy having steady income for a change. Then as fate would have it I booked a gig and then another which I took instead of the job.Flash forward five months and I am in the same position I was in before! Frustrated about this business looking for another survival job and very unhappy. I can take a low paying job full time but I don't want to be depressed and miserable. I went from going to dance class every week to not wanting to go to any. The only good thing is that I have savings but sitting around my apartment all day looking for jobs and not actually earning income is killing me and my spirit. The back and forth of now I'm a fucking working artist and now I'm not is also killing me!I want to avoid going any further down this black hole that I am traveling down.


    I still struggle with finding things that make me happy in between gigs and auditions. And it's important to find something that makes us happy between auditions and gigs, because that most of our energy and time will be spent during this "down time". I also notice that every time I find myself busy and working on something that is when my auditions heat up big time. I know somebody who volunteers at an animal shelter and walks their dogs. I work on a side business I am trying to launch. I also work with a writer trying to produce my own content. And then I have hobbies I engage in - ones I can do at home - drawing and stuff. I also audition for tv and film so I use the time to catch up on all of the tv shows shooting in the regions I am primarily repped. And then I spend time with family. I also go to the gym a lot now - and that has been helpful. Helping actors on these boards is another way to kill my time haha. Hope that helps.

    JackSkellington 11/12/2017  9:36am

    There plenty of server jobs in restaurants that will make you happy. Not every restaurant job sucks. Find one that you like. Where you actually enjoy going to see your coworkers, where the boss isn’t horrible and where the customers are decent tippers. Remember, servers make the most out of any survival job and it’s flexible to switch shifts for auditions and shows. Servers make an average of $30 per hour depending on what kind of food and price range. No retail gig will pay that much.

    EpaMonitor 11/13/2017  11:14am

    where are these special places you speak of? every serving job i've had in this city has been a complete nightmare and make horirble money

    simba09 11/13/2017  11:17am

    I have some tips. Find local family owned places, not corporate restaurants. Find one that doesn’t close too late at night. Some places close at 10pm. Don’t work somewhere that closes after midnight. You’ll never sleep and you’ll get depressed. Make sure the menu is at a moderately priced level, appetizers are about $15, entrees are about $25. Don’t go lower than this or you won’t make as much. Go higher if you can. Find a neighborhood/restaurant where the customers know how to tip at least 20 percent. When you interview, let them know you’re an actor and will need to go on auditions. Talk to the employees and find out what they like about it. During training find out if you like the environment, the customers, your coworkers, your boss. You cannot stay somewhere that will make you miserable. Last but not least? Make sure it’s enough to pay rent

    EpaMonitor 11/13/2017  11:24am

    thank you that is a fantastic guide. i actually do all those things, but i'm telling you, finding a good place these days is really really REALLY hard. ive interview at no lie, about 20 places recently. every single manager wants open availability and wants to give you 3 shifts, and they get really nasty when you try to be assertive about how much money you need to make, etc. obviously that's reflective of a place I wouldn't want to work at in the first place, but every single place I've been to has been like this.

    simba09 11/13/2017  11:30am