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  • Audition Nerves (will they ever leave?) 11/12/2017  11:12am

    Yup, the audition grind. I feel like by now I should be at the point where I can go from one audition to then next confidently and calmly. But there are still A LOT of times where I'll be on deck, headshot/resume in hand practically shaking because I'm so nervous. How do others deal with this?


    Honestly? Keep going to them. Of course unless the anxiety is way beyond anything that's considered "normal" then seek pro help, but I remember my first audition season here, and I was plagued with it almost every damn night before an audition, and I woundn't sleep well. I was riding too much on every audition at the time, and not that I can pick when exactly the anxiety began to stop, but the more I auditioned, the less it happened. I'm hardly all that nervous anymore, I think the last time was for a callback rather than an actual audition, but that was mostly because the callback was 1000% unexpected but was also for a dream job at that point.

    Showbizdreamer 11/12/2017  11:38am

    Eventually (hopefully) you'll get to a pt. where you've encountered so many types of auditions as well as developed a familiarity and possible rapport with casting that the audition nerves are minimal or at least much easier to control. Because I've now auditioned for every type of role (non-speaking costar to series regular), in different languages (not necessarily languages I speak), to auditions where they want no movement to auditions where they want you to act out the action to different genres to empty rooms to rooms with a larger team inside, etc. From auditions you over prepare for to those you get hours before you're in the room. That you've been put through the ringer but grown as a result of it.

    It comes from experience. And also from let down. The more you audition and don't book that it becomes a job. And when you do book you get some added confidence. Not to mention, after you've been on a set with 50+ people for a tv show or film or in a large theatre for a huge audience, auditions start to feel pretty easygoing.

    And there will be auditions you kill and then auditions you fuck up. Believe it or not, the ones you fuck up will help you move on and realize it is all in your head and that you can overcome anything.

    JackSkellington 11/12/2017  2:42pm

    Diaphragmatic breathing helps a whole lot believe it or not!

    Tinker-nuts 11/12/2017  4:07pm