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  • do non union peeps get seen at EPAs? 11/12/2017  7:28pm

    im pretty new here and ready to jump into some theater, but I'm wondering how is it like for non union actors at these open calls? do they usually get seen? thanks in advance!!!


    Once in a blue moon.
    Get there early to sign whatever list you can but be prepared to stay until 6pm.
    With the ever increasing emc, equity situation, this season has the promise to be worse than any other for future union members.

    Shall We Dance 11/12/2017  7:38pm

    This sounds silly, but if someone non eq could walk through the process of attending an epa or ecc as a non eq, that would be greatly appreciated. New to this and just want some guidance

    wine5678 11/12/2017  8:12pm

    Non-eq 101

    1. wake up.
    2. go to the studio the call is being held.
    3. list is posted by one of us (or you even) outside the building. Sign up!
    4. When building opens, list gets moved by one of us upstairs. repost in holding room on the table if set up.
    5. pray monitor honors the unofficial list.
    6. list gets transferred
    7. Check if your name was transferred. if not, resign.
    8. Wait.
    9. Wait.
    10. wait.
    11. go eat lunch.
    12. wait some more.
    13. maybe do a little singing and actin

    Then you gotta hope its not precast or they are reserving the role for whatever purpose (university partnership, Directors daughter etc)

    BariToxic 11/12/2017  8:41pm

    you're the best! ❤️

    wine5678 11/12/2017  10:10pm

    i really dont understand any of this. i've been to like 5 open calls and never got seen. I submit to backs stage actors access casting networks, i never get auditiosn. what is the point of even being in NYC to "act" if every single acting opportunity is so closed off it's imposible to access? being an actor doesnt even seem like a real thing that people can actually do, how does this work?!

    pickleback112 11/13/2017  8:44am

    For clarity, it's important to use the right terminology. An EPA is not an "open call." An EPA is an Equity Principal Audition for Equity actors; non-equity are seen only if time permits. Also, at an EPA, there are individual time slots of several actors each - so if a specific time slot isn't full, a non-eq actor might be called then. (In other words, it's NOT a simple case of "All Equity actors get seen, and then at the end of the day if there's time left, they'll see non-Equity." Non-eq could get seen any time in the day IF a specific time slot isn't full.)

    An Open Call is an audition where EVERYONE is on the same footing - Equity members don't get preference. And usually, there are no specific time slots - everyone just signs up, and they get called in order, first come, first served.

    actorsmom 11/13/2017  8:54am

    You have a better chance being seen for a play vs. musicals. If you are not an Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) you're chances of being seen at a theater's full season EPA are pretty much 0%. Spend your time on more fruitful endeavors. If you are going to an EPA make sure you are Really right for one of the roles. Occasionally they will type the non-eq folks. You have a better chance at Equity Chorus Calls (ECC). Good luck, and don't get discouraged. The path is long and winding. You won't reach the end tomorrow.

    Artemis1 11/13/2017  9:57am

    Thanks you actorsmom.

    I've heard open call used in reference to Equity calls WWAAAYYYY too much. Being new to this is one thing, that's ok we all learn eventually, but let's get it straightened out. Equity calls ARE NOT open calls. At least not in their purest form.
    Literally someone said to me recently, "I don't pay attention to the letters, I just show up" after I had to tactfully remind said person that no they aren't "open calls", they are indeed Union calls. OI VEY. I wanted to say "Oh honey, you SHOULD pay attention especially if you're not a Union member, it's NECESSARY, because you aren't guaranteed to be seen in any way if it's an EPA/ECC, etc.". I did say, with every degree of love and respect, that to be prepared to not be seen since it's a Union call. Granted said person has been away from the theatre world for a while, and being new to it is one thing, but if either of these are the case, learn right now that Equity auditions ARE NOT open calls.
    Sure anyone can technically show up, but if you're not a Union member, you are not guaranteed to be seen at all in any way.

    Showbizdreamer 11/13/2017  10:29am

    Also to Artemis-Honestly, I don't agree with the "better chance at ECC assessment AT ALL. It's actually switched over time I feel. Why you ask? Why, let me tell you!
    ECC's are 99% of the time those calls done by gender, one each half of the day, right? Yes. And they're even treated by Equity like two separate calls. Men's ECC v Women's ECC.
    So pile on a couple of things. Not only are they online sign ups now, but they have to get through all those men/women Equity members in those short three hours (barring no shows of course, but there's still a lot who signed up who WILL show), and THEN add that a creative MUST be ITR at all times at ECC's, so union and non union alike will sswwaammppppp the ECC. This has actually lessened the chances for any non union person, and over time I've noticed I've been right. I've only been seen at two ECC's my entire time in NYC thus far, other's I'll skip because of the very above reason I mentioned because I know I won't get seen. And almost every time I've followed my gut in that respect, I've been correct. I slept in/worked instead, and my time wasn't wasted.
    I do EPA's more these days because they're not as swamped as ECC's because no creative has to be there, plus they're not trying to cram one gender in three hours. Plus I'm EMC so my chances there are better anyway, but I've seen more non union seen at EPAs WAY more lately, at least when they HAVE been seen.

    Showbizdreamer 11/13/2017  10:39am

    Adding to what everyone has said: you're more likely to be seen at a monologue audition than a sides call, and any time they're looking for a specific age range / ethnicity / type.

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