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  • NAB - Timing of submissions 11/14/2017  3:02pm

    So my DREAM show is starting to be produced a lot this year and I'm keeping an eye on the MTI website about who is doing it when. The info shows up on MTI before it's announced that a theatre is casting for the show or they make a season announcement. If I'm trying to time my submission so that I'm not so early that I get forgotten about, but also not get lost in the shuffle with all the others submitting for it, what time would be most effective to submit? (I know it probably varies depending on the theatre but in general, what do we think? Does it even matter?)


    Honestly the new MTI site stills bothers don't list everything like it used to, and unless it's a lesser done show, it CAN'T list every upcoming production.
    If it's one that's done a shit ton, you have to go within a longest radius but still have to enter something like "500 miles from this city" about 3-5 in different major parts of the country to even START hit all of them IF you can. I keep seeing theaters doing my dream show/role that MTI for whatever reason isn't even listing so I don't find out until too late...os I'm just warning you of that.
    as for the actual question, I'd wait until the theater itself actually announces the season/show at least. Some places will indeed have a listing saying "submit for this show" when it's not announced just yet, but they're already starting to cast it, so obviously submit then, BUT if the show/season isn't announced not are any casting notices up yet, I'd wait.

    Showbizdreamer 11/14/2017  3:30pm