• Equity and Unifed auditions 12/05/2017  9:07am

    Does anyone know if its worth it to audition for Strawhat or any of those other group auditions if you are an equity member?


    definitely don't do Strawhats

    RockNRoll 12/05/2017  10:30am

    I can't imagine it would be worth it- I know both Strawhats and NETCs have mostly non-union theatres to begin with, and the union houses are there specifically looking for non-eq interns.

    bwaylvsong 12/05/2017  1:26pm

    StrawHat Auditions are non-Equity only, stated in their information. So you should not apply.

    KLynnTRS 03/06/2018  11:38am

    Unifieds really don't do Union members any favors. Even the theaters that are Equity that end up attending, are usually on the low paying end even for Equity. No Union member that I know who's done Unifieds where Equity could attend found it worth it.

    Showbizdreamer 03/06/2018  11:43am