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  • Dance Belt Alternatives 12/06/2017  8:32am

    All right, boys... important stuff. As a singer who moves well, I've found myself "dancing" in shows far more than I ever expected! Definitely not complaining about that... but I do need to bitch about dance belts. Super uncomfortable and not cheap. I have like two and when I'm in a show that does any kind of normal performance run, I find that I'm hand washing them several times a week. Not fun! And because they're definitely not cute, I'm wearing underwear over them anyway because guys who walk around in dance belts are disturbing.

    So... obvious fix, find a good and cost-efficient pair of underwear to wear instead. Except, I haven't found that yet!!!

    Boys... what do you do!!! There's got to be something basic but looks good and keeps all the bits and pieces in place. I'm definitely open to trying different cuts to see what works. I'm sure there's some kind of thong by 2(x)ist or something that doesn't cost $50. Or a trunk. Anyone?

    Mr. Noodles

    You know they have dance belt trunks right???

    The Capezio dance belt trunk is the best. You can get in Amazon way cheaper.

    Letsmakeithappen 12/06/2017  9:33am

    Interesting... I'll have to check those out! Especially if I can find them cheap!

    Any other suggestions???

    Mr. Noodles 12/06/2017  12:17pm

    I've taken several dance classes in my younger days, and always found the object in question to be a fiendish contrivance designed by and for eunuchs.

    "I'm wearing underwear over them anyway because guys who walk around in dance belts are disturbing." Actually my ballet dancer wife says she rather enjoys watching the boys strolling around in theirs backstage, as happens on occasion. I'm genuinely happy she's enjoying herself.

    Anyway, when it was reliably established by all of my teachers that I posed no threat to Nureyev's career, I left off attempting my incompetent plies et al, but still remember that vile concoction of canvas and rubber with distaste. I can't offer any suggestion of an alternative, but good luck getting used to the damned thing.

    Ron Gielgud 12/06/2017  3:17pm

    As someone who enjoys men’s butts and can appreciate a thong on the right body... I have never seen anyone pull off a dance belt! Truly a torture device!!!

    Ordered my dance belt trunk off Amazon. Let us see!!!!

    Mr. Noodles 12/06/2017  9:09pm

    Okay, don’t judge... I just bought a pack of Joe Boxer thongs from K-Mart on 34th... They’re awesome! Super cheap and they look/feel great!!!

    Still excited to try the dance belt trunk, but these could totally work. The black ones are like professional cute. Anyone else ever try these???

    Mr. Noodles 12/07/2017  9:47pm

    Suck it up, be professional and wear a dance belt. You're probably wearing the wrong size if it's THAT uncomfortable.

    persia17 12/09/2017  5:57pm

    “Guys who walk around in dancebelts are disturbing”


    Have you ever worked professionally?

    JustHowItIs 12/15/2017  2:44am

    JustHowItIs, that was my first response too. Also, perhaps those guys aren’t trying to look good for you, OP...maybe they’re just, you know...getting ready for a show.

    In response to your actual question (and as a fellow singer who dances more than he ever expected to), I have two options for you. First, if the dancing in the show isn’t tons of jumping around and such, I find that I can feel perfectly safe and supported in a good pair of tight briefs. It probably also depends on your...ahem...anatomy, but I have worn regular underwear for several dance shows and been fine. The other option (as long as you aren’t wearing tights that would show VPL) is a full seat dance belt. All of the support, none of the thong. Dancer dancers will give you side eye for wearing them, but just shrug and say, “I’m more comfortable in these.”

    Also: If the theatre you’re working at isn’t doing laundry for you, you need to raise your standards or raise some hell. In the interest of everyone’s health (and SMELL), your undergarments should be getting washed between every use. It’s reasonable that they might not have time to do laundry between shows on two show days, but that’s why you should have two sets of undergarments. A theatre allowing you to wear a dirty, sweaty dance belt, tee shirt, or bra is unacceptable, even on a bare budget.

    TenorGuy 12/15/2017  10:10am