• NAB: Married and MFA 12/07/2017  3:47am

    Anyone get married before starting or during an MFA program for acting? How did you do it? Worth it? Ruin your relationship? Hold your acting back? Make everything easier?

    Would love to hear thoughts! Thanks so much!


    I had friends who got married while getting their MFA's, luckily for them, they were getting them at the same program, so i'm guessing this answer is of no help.

    But at the risk of sounding cheesy or presumptuous, in this horrible business i have found that you should always put your life and happiness first, so if getting married is what you need in life right now, then don't let getting an MFA worry or stop you from doing that (which i know wasn't part of your question, so i apologize again for over stepping). But you will find a way to make it work.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 12/07/2017  6:07am

    My friend did and his wife was depressed the whole time cause she had to move to the south for two years and she’s an actress so there’s no opportunities to act there and no jobs she liked. You have to be ready for sacrifices. Th third year is an internship so he was away an entire year and she didn’t wanna come to the other place. That was the first 3 years of marriage. If u know u wanna be with that person forever then marry them. Not gonna be any different in a relationship at least marriage you’re makinf a comittment to making it work.

    wontsingbeforenoon 12/09/2017  2:38am

    Thanks for the replies!

    In my case, she's a non-actress (teacher). She been super encouraging of grad school, but I don't think she fully understands how hard it is going to be and the sacrifice made on our relationship/marriage.

    baseball-dude 12/13/2017  2:20am

    A girl in my class got married after second year. Totally doable.

    Hieeee 12/13/2017  12:05pm