• Spongebog 12/07/2017  2:04pm

    So... who expected that?! My crew and I went in to hate watch... and it was... brilliant??? Has anyone else seen it yet? Let's talk about something positive! One of the most magical pieces of theater I've seen in a long time! And I did a TheatreWorks tour!!!

    Mr. Noodles

    lol you're like Trump. Your first post wasn't popular so try a new one and see if it sticks...

    AFTC 12/07/2017  2:07pm


    coldbrew 12/07/2017  2:41pm

    NOODLES! STOP! You can’t sit with us.

    “Let’s talk about something positive!” Bitch, please!
    You don’t get to post a bunch of hate speech, get people fired up, and then gaslight us. YOU STARTED IT.

    Nowayjosefina 12/07/2017  3:23pm

    I found it offensive. Wasn't even directed by a real sponge.

    ProfessorSnugglebutt 12/07/2017  3:33pm

    Wow... not a troll. Just trying to have real conversations about things we encounter in this industry with actual actors and not the fansies on BWW.

    But thanks for showing your true colors with your "can't sit here" business.

    There's more to this business than non-union people complaining about Equity... i.e. the normal convos up on here. I'd rather have more colorful dialogues!

    Mr. Noodles 12/07/2017  3:37pm

    @ProfessorSnugglebutt I am crying at this comment. Thanks for this LMAO!

    WhereTheDreamTakesYou 12/07/2017  3:47pm

    Wow... first of all- it’s “YOU CANT SIT WITH US”!

    Second of all... are these the more colorful conversations you’re you’re looking to have?







    Nowayjosefina 12/07/2017  3:50pm

    ^^^ yup. That says it all. Go away

    coldbrew 12/07/2017  4:34pm

    I Skyped the sponge to discuss his background because he seemed too yellow for my taste.

    Mossad Honeypot 12/07/2017  5:36pm

    I don’t know who the fuck you people think you are but you don’t own this dumb ass website and the fact that you all post here and feel that you have some sort of false sense of entitlement reflects how fucking deuchey you people really are. Mr noodles, post all you want, these people can go fuck themselves. This is an anonymous website, You people need to get fucking LIVES

    You people are LOOOSERS 12/07/2017  6:11pm


    Nowayjosefina 12/07/2017  6:14pm

    Have any of you actually seen this show though??? I can’t get over how good it was! I’ve been talking about it all day! I remember seeing Seussical as a kid and being disappointed... THIS is what Seussical should have been!!!

    Pure musical theater joy!!!

    Mr. Noodles 12/07/2017  9:51pm

    I'm glad you all liked it, but it's awful. The music is sketchy. Some work and some don't. The build out of the theater is impressive, but the actual set sucks. The performances are forgettable.

    Smactor 12/08/2017  12:17am