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  • THIS WEATHER... 01/11/2018  12:37pm

    I can't imagine I'm not the only one who's voice has been WRECKED by this insane weather...I got sick a month ago, and I'm still not 100%...LAWD HELP. I'm pretty sure I'm not sick anymore, but this weather is still wreaking havoc on my voice, and the constant nasal drip, which I can only assume is weather related at this point, is still keeping me from being at 100%...anyone have fun remedies I don't know about?


    I would definitely invest in a high quality humidifer/mister. I have a ultrasonic cool mist one I love because I can use it year round and its portable so its great for contracts.
    Also, a personal steamer and steaming once a day helps to loosen the mucus.
    A nasal rinse bottle definitely helps my PND when I have a bad cold or allergies.
    Keep hydrating because you're losing hydration in your mucus (gross, I know) and also the more hydrated you are the thinner the mucus is which is easier to deal with.
    Take zinc and vitamin C+D. eat as many veggies as you can!
    If you can, sleep in an upright position. if your bed is in a corner this is easier. It prevents the mucus from pooling on your vocal folds.

    musicalwarrior 01/11/2018  1:20pm

    I'll paste my reply from a recent thread on a similar topic:
    -I usually alternate between acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil)- for example, if both medications contain instructions to take every four hours, I'll alternate what I take every two hours.
    -I make really strong [black] tea using lemonade instead of water, and add a dash of orange juice and a dash of hot sauce.
    -I limit but don't entirely eliminate dairy.
    -Cardio is good for you, assuming you're well enough to get out of bed.
    -If you have a sore throat, I recommend Yogi brand Throat Comfort Tea over Throat Coat.

    bwaylvsong 01/11/2018  2:30pm

    @musicalwarrior great advice

    (if you'd like to know more in depth info on staying healthy or anything I bring up, just let me know, I'm here to help and make sure people don't get the wrong information when it comes to health)

    Do not do cardio, or any exercise really if you are sick. If you must, do strength training very very short amount of time.

    Most important is to make sure your body has the tools to heal it's self. Taking ibuprofen etc takes away the body's natural healing process, so don't take over the counter stuff that masks symptoms (only time would be if you are about to audition or perform and you need something to get through, but know it's counter productive)

    Like first person said, Vitamin D3, C, and zinc are your BEST friends. Your body can handle 10 GRAMS of vitamin C normally in a day, and up to 100 throughout the day if you are very sick, so don't be scared of overdosing on quality vitamin C.

    Two other things that will cure you quicker than youd think possible are colloidal silver ( liquid, zero taste, just take a few drops in your mouth every few hours)
    And wellness formula ( you can find this at most any vitamin store or healthy grocery store)

    Lastly and just as important. Limit/no sugar or carbs when you are sick. This will prolong your sickness. Stay away from pasta, pizza, rice dishes, etc. You may think youre good having a salad, but make sure the dressing isnt drowning in sugar either. Eat lots of veggies and fat!! (Fat is so good for you, and many nutrients you need to get better are fat soluble only.)

    Baldur 01/11/2018  5:13pm

    ^Listen to Baldur. My intention was not to give wrong information, but to say what has worked for me personally. Light cardio helps get my mucus moving and the only thing that helps mask my symptoms are combining ibuprofen and acetaminophen.
    Also, a whiskey sour helps cut through my phlegm, but that's high in sugar 😉

    bwaylvsong 01/11/2018  5:48pm

    I too, steam a lot.

    And I actually do try and still excersise. Not my normal routine, but hot yoga yaaass.

    I take throat coat tea. Someone recommended the yogi brand, but I just prefer the taste of traditional medicinals..

    I also make my own ‘immunity shot’. I muddle raw ginger and lemon, mix with an ounce of apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and garlic powder. And yess its a gross as it sounds but helps me in a pinch...

    And although I’ve also heard you should not be eating a lot of carbs and shit, sometimes mama just needs that spicy pad Thai to feel better yo 🤷‍♀️.

    Rain On my Parade 01/12/2018  12:33am

    grapefruit and pineapple blended together with a little bit of honey and a pinch of ginger and cayenne to taste has always helped me. This past summer I was performing and caught a summer cold during tech week....while it didn't heal my cold completely, this mixture helped me get through opening weekend without feeling like I was pushing

    Trap_music_n_showtunes 01/12/2018  10:47am

    Since someone mentioned grapefruit: If you are on an antidepressant, check with your doctor or pharmacist. Most of them interact with grapefruit. And doctors forget to mention it all the time.

    usernamesmakemeanxious 01/12/2018  1:02pm

    I had this thing for four weeks - scary. My ENT suggested getting a bottle of Ayr Nasal Spray and adding one drop of Oregano Oil. Spray morning and night. It really cleared up the post nasal drip. But it burns like a bitch!!

    altosrule 01/12/2018  2:43pm


    Do the exact same thing but with colloidal silver. Both it and oregano oil are strong antibacterials, (silver a bit more effective), but the silver won't burn at all. It's safe to go into your respiratory system as well.

    Baldur 01/13/2018  11:44am