• NAB - Actors Theatre of Louisville Professional Training Company 01/11/2018  1:32pm

    Hi I have a question regarding this.

    I applied for an appointment for the PTC in NYC last year and wasn't given a time, but this year I was given the option to be added to a waitlist the day of. Is this offered every year or was I just lucky enough this year?

    Also.... anyone have an idea the likelihood of being seen from the waitlist? I'm just tryin to see if I should plan to attend a different audition location or wat



    ganymede 01/12/2018  1:02pm

    Hi, former apprentice here! Spots tend to fill up SUPER QUICKLY. Once they fill up, they will offer the next handful of people spots on a waitlist. Definitely take the waitlist. If you show up and are willing to hang out for a bit, I'd say there's a 90% chance you'll get in.

    whatamidoinghere 01/17/2018  12:26am