• What are the odds 01/12/2018  3:50am

    I guess this isn't really a bitch per se but..... Obviously mamma mia is the show du jour right now; a lot of theaters are doing it. I'm not familiar with the show - I saw the trailer for the movie 10 times and used that and Wikipedia to piece it together - and I'm only vaguely familiar with the music of ABBA.
    I know that the breakdowns say "any/open ethnicity" but I want the real tea. Is this a POC / blackfriendly show? I'm not going to auditions expecting to get called back for a lead. Just given the source material I'm wondering if casting directors are looking for a truly diverse ensemble or just one or two tokens.


    I hope this answer doesn't seem obvious and/or offend, but here's the way I see it. While you are correct, Mamma Mia has for the most part been a predominantly white show on Broadway, London and in the film version, it can ABSOLUTELY be done with a diverse cast, and some of the character's origins have been changed from production to production (London all the characters were english, except for Bill. Broadway/ US Tour, characters were mostly American except Harry (British) and Bill (Australian). In the film, mix of American and English and Bill was made Swedish.) The sad truth of the matter is, it is in the hands of the various theatres' casting departments. Again, there is nothing, i repeat NOTHING in the script that mentions ethnicity, so there is no reason at least one of these companies can't have a diverse cast. Casting teams: i leave it in your hands...

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 01/12/2018  6:25am

    And I should say, as I didn't read your post all the way through and my response was mostly about leading roles, the ensemble absolutely can and should be diverse, so if that's not the case there's no excuse.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 01/12/2018  6:34am

    It can and should be!!! Lisa, a young supporting character is usually cast as a non-white lady

    qwertybelty25 01/12/2018  8:17am

    @Thisclose I don't consider your answer rude. Thank you for your input. Like I said, I've never seen the show before so I'm not familiar with its casting trends. The only drawback I would say is that in about half of my experiences, "open ethnicity" is code for "well see all who came to audition but in our minds, this character is white"...and the other half, it's code for racially ambiguous. Doesn't mean their minds can't be changed though!
    @qwerty Thank you for your input as well!

    Trap_music_n_showtunes 01/12/2018  10:40am