• NAB - group work 01/13/2018  3:59am

    Would anyone be open to doing weekly or biweekly get togethers where we work on audition stuff with each other, maybe do a little potluck or something? I'm not making enough money for rent/bills and classes but I still want to work on my craft and get feedback. Plus I've been in this city for four months and have yet to make a new friend....but I digress. Think of it as a weekly salon type deal. Just putting it out there


    Come to the Shakespeare Forum! Drop-in workshop and most wonderful tribe of artist humans. Shakespeare not required, we work on whatever. Suggested $5 donation. Tuesdays at Clinton Cameo, Thursdays at El Barrio Artspace, 8-10pm.

    iKruse 01/13/2018  11:31am