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  • I KNOW-UHHH... 🙄

    Showbizdreamer 02/13/2018  9:35am

    ^ And to think we're members of a profession traditionally providing a living via the spoken word...

    Ron Gielgud 02/13/2018  10:32am

    I found out I was casted in the roll while drinking expresso and eating panini's.

    bwaylvsong 02/13/2018  10:35am

    ^And it's for the principle roll. Yay!

    Asian Prince 02/13/2018  1:07pm

    I love you all. This was needed today. LOL.

    CompensatedPaperweight 02/13/2018  1:26pm

    Your one of me and my friends favorite posters for all intensive purposes!

    bwaylvsong 02/14/2018  2:10pm


    CompensatedPaperweight 02/14/2018  6:01pm


    But also... is it text or texted?

    Like... ‘he text me’


    ‘He texted me’

    Felix9137 02/14/2018  6:25pm

    If he’s gonna be doing anything, he better have “sexted” at the very LEAST.

    YouSayPotatoISay...Nah 02/14/2018  6:42pm