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  • Disney Cruise Lines - Character Tracks 02/14/2018  12:09pm

    Anyone have any experience with this? I'm a tall male, so kind of interested, but they don't really say much. What do the roles do, etc? It says they start with a movement call?


    Characters are the princesses, marvel characters, some star wars characters and, of course, Mickey and the Gang.

    Tall males are typically Goofy, Baloo, Beast, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Groot, etc. Which characters a ship has varies from ship to ship.

    Performers (especially those in full costume i.e. goofy) have to do lots of big movement because the costumes are so large. A small movement isn't noticeable by the audiences.

    Some character tracks include performances in the main stage shows (in Golden Mickey's their is a waltz with the Beast and Bell, sebastian is in under the sea.) There are various shows, dance parties, meet and greets etc. that all characters participate in.

    I worked on DCL's Dream for a contract as a MainStage performer and i have many friends who have done the character tracks. Pretty much everyone on my ship loved their jobs and i know 3 that have been doing it consecutively for 3 years. They literally have jumped contact to contract and have been on multiple ships. Ship life is a great way to see the world and be paid for it, make life long friends and bring the magic of Disney to everyone. It's hard work though. Especially for the characters, it is very physical work and you must take care of your body but for many this is worth it.

    Hope this helps!

    Kinky&Wicked 02/15/2018  10:36pm

    Working for DCL is an amazing experience, but you must be prepared for the work as a character performer.

    You WILL work 70 hours a week as a character, and you will not be paid well compared to the mainstage performers (half or even less than that). It can cause a lot of resentment sometimes. Especially added on that characters share rooms while mainstage get their own, and characters get less privileges than mainstage (like signing on guests, and being able to leave on port days each time). But the ship tries really hard to make the two groups as one unit, and its great if it works.... but it didn't really in my cast.

    Not to say it's a bad job at all. If you are willing to accept that you will get paid significantly less, yet work significantly more than those around you, and can put your ego aside and know what you're signing up for, then go for it.
    If you are stubborn, think you deserve to be treated really well, or have a tendency to think you are above others (like reallllly ask yourself that question) then it might not be for you

    finnthehuman 02/16/2018  8:01pm

    Too much work for basically no money. Run.

    causeimablonde 02/17/2018  9:25am