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  • Taping 03/12/2018  3:05pm

    Does anyone know if Actors Launchpad does tapings for non members for an out of pocket cost rather than joining?

    Anyone else do regular tapings quickly, as in tomorrow night Lolz??!


    I know a few people who have used Helen Abell

    Best of luck!

    lili 03/12/2018  3:38pm

    I am pretty sure they don't, but isn't the membership fee actually just cheaper than booking a place somewhere else?

    schnarff 03/12/2018  4:41pm

    We can help you.

    Self Tape Express NYC 03/12/2018  4:53pm

    Gurl it’s $20 a month...

    And yes that’s DEF cheaper than virtually any other place when you add up costs..

    Rain On my Parade 03/12/2018  8:32pm

    Just join! It's the best- $20/month- and you can even take the classes too if you want- it's all included in the price! Try it out for the month and see how it goes- you got nothing to lose!

    ThePineapplePrincess 03/13/2018  3:11am

    Try Theselftapespace they do great work and they are affordable

    Bwayhereicome 03/13/2018  3:02pm