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  • Cleared by The Production Team- QUESTION! 03/12/2018  3:46pm

    When a Director calls and offers you a job in a national touring production of a show, and then says that it is pending the approval of a large PRODUCTION company. He then tells you that you should be prepared to self-tape a little bit of the role for said production company.

    Question: What are they looking for in the tape?

    Should I be nervous?

    The director of the show said that I am their first and only choice for the role.

    AHHH. Freaking out. Excited. Help!

    Shall We Dance

    So two months after I sent my video for approval from the production/rights company for the National tour, I get a phone call from the director saying, we can't send it, and that they won't to re-do the video with some coaching (now that they are in town).

    I'm still freaking out.

    They haven't re-released the role, and I am still the number one choice, but why would they want to redo the tape?

    HELP :P

    Shall We Dance 06/04/2018  3:34pm