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  • All Hispanic Guys & Dolls 03/12/2018  6:11pm

    So, I'm confused. All the characters are latinx, but the officer/bad guy is white? How does that not just perpetuate stereotypes?


    Gurl! It’s been 60 years of the same
    Guys and Dolls. I think is ok if after 60 years they change the show a bit. Is not that deep!! Relax!

    CalltheBitchOut 03/12/2018  6:12pm

    There's a stereotype that white people are bad? News to me. Seeing that white people are the leads of 90% of musicals and plays, I don't think your claim is accurate.

    n0pe 03/12/2018  6:20pm
    SteveRogers. 03/12/2018  6:28pm

    I can’t! I can’t! LOL he has to be trolling right?

    Mimimarquez 03/12/2018  6:37pm

    Because at that point historically the cop would have been actually white.

    Not to mention that you can't be racist towards white people.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 03/12/2018  6:40pm