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  • Advice for a newbie on sides 03/13/2018  5:41pm

    Hi all! So I’m a super green refent bfa grad and I’m just beginning to audition for epas. I’m non union and I’ve only ever been seen at auditions that require a monologue. I’m wondering what the protocol is when the sides for the audition are posted on the wall, but I don’t receive a copy until right before I enter the room. Is it ok to copy the sides down onto a piece of paper so I can sit and read through the lines? Or is that a big no no and I should just stand and look at those posted on the wall to familiarize myself? Any advice or experience is helpful! I really don’t want to make an ass of myself

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    Take a photo of them. Then you can sit and look them over. :)

    lili 03/13/2018  5:48pm

    They'll be posted on the wall once the call opens and you can take a picture of them to work with before you get the paper copy. AEA actors will receive a paper copy of the sides they choose 20 minutes prior to their time-slot. Non-eq actors will get a copy once their name is called. Most important - don't mark up the paper copy since they're reused throughout the day. The monitor will remind you of this too before they hand the sides out!

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    ActCam 03/13/2018  5:55pm