• UGH. Okay, idk what I did, but I spazzed and somehow this got posted. I was trying to ask best places in NJ to live to commute for auditions. Looking to leave the city. Also wondering what NJ professional theatre scene is like. White fences are calling me, as much as I hate to admit it. Thoughts on the "cities" near the city like Hoboken/Jersey City? I might try it out there before going too far West. But, would love insight from my friends in the suburbs as well. Thanks!

    rollingrollingaround 04/15/2018  3:36pm

    We live in Harrison, NJ (right outside of newark) and it's perfect! We have a pool, bocce ball, a few bars, ping pong. bbq pits, doorman, etc in our building. It takes me 28 mins to get to 33rd/herold square or 18 mins to get to world trade center if you need to be downtown. It's all on the PATH which take MTA cards. Hope this helps!

    sohoguy 04/15/2018  4:12pm

    I second Harrison. I'm currently in Brooklyn but my boyfriend is originally from Kearney (right next to Harrison) and we are consistently amazed by how cool and developed that industrial area right outside the PATH station is getting. Everytime we visit his parents we are tempted to schedule a viewing of those new apartments on Kearney ave.

    JesusmissedtheQtrain 04/15/2018  4:20pm