• Audition Classes 04/15/2018  8:58pm

    Anyone have recommendations for good musical theatre audition classes?


    I've found the Actor's Connection classes and seminars with CDs very helpful... instant feedback, opportunity to work with them on your material, and getting to see what works and doesn't, both for you and other people. Plus, you get to establish a connection with people who are the ones casting. It's led to appointments for me.

    Rose4386 04/15/2018  11:02pm

    We offer classes as well. We currently have a HAMILTON class (starts on Wed) and a MEAN GIRLS class offering, both with an Associate Director and Associate Music Director from each creative team.

    Working on some more stuff for May. Excited to have Rachel Hoffman teaching a class or two again very soon. There are lots of good studios with great classes out there, shop around some!

    Check us out at www.SaveMyAudition.com

    SaveMyAudition.com 04/16/2018  12:22am

    MaxTheatrix' Advanced Build Your Book.

    All day, every day.

    muppetino 04/16/2018  10:18am

    Bob Cline’s class through Actor’s Loft.

    Rain On my Parade 04/16/2018  12:33pm