• JOB @ Actors Connection/ONE ON ONE 04/16/2018  11:50am

    Hey has anyone ever had any jobs at these places? I was thinking of asking if theyre hiring. Does anyone know the standard rate per hour? Or if they get discounted classes?


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    actor525 05/08/2018  8:44am

    i literally just called them about this. it's very very competitive. and you only make minimum wage to work the front desk or to "volunteer" to be a reader, probably wait years until somebody ahead of you drops out. honestly though, i think it's more hassle than it's worth. i also think CD's tend to think certain not so nice things about you if you "work" there vs. a super busy actor who's just taking one workshop.... kind of like the negative stigma of having done background a few times. you don't want that association.

    seriously though 05/08/2018  10:09am