• Dear Backstage 04/16/2018  3:05pm

    Stop deleting posts calling out abusers in this industry.

    Get out of the garbage bin and believe women.


    Here's the thing....
    The post in question, at least from what I read, wasn't giving any accounts from victims. It was just bashing the abuser in question without stating facts. That could get Backstage into legal trouble.
    Do I believe that the CD in question has abused his position of power (however much power one thinks he does or doesn't have)? Yeah. I'm inclined to believe the multiple reports I've heard from third-parties even though I personally have not experienced it. I am inclined to believe victims first and foremost.
    I want his victims to have a place to come forward. I want them to be able to report to a reputable news source so that charges can be filed and/or the public can be made aware.
    But I don't think anonymous sites provide any credibility to victims, nor do they result in...well, results.

    ‡‡‡ 04/16/2018  3:25pm

    Yeah see here's the thing... ya'll could do something worthwhile like reporting the issue to the NYT or to SAG-AFTRA or something but instead you come on an anonymous message board to commit character assassination. There are appropriate channels for this sort of thing to ensure justice is served but instead you guys do the one thing that will ensure nothing official gets done, which is a very strange strategy to me.

    New idea: actually try and protect people by getting people who misbehave removed from the business instead of trying to get Backstage sued. It's probably a better use of your time and energy.

    CorinthianAge 04/16/2018  3:29pm

    Also thanks to SESTA, there's a real good chance all you're going to do is force Backstage to close down this message board for good. Food for thought.

    CorinthianAge 04/16/2018  3:32pm

    ^you promise? cause if that is what it takes LET IT RIDE

    Fatniss_Neverlean 04/16/2018  3:34pm

    Yup shut this bs site down for good please

    J-- 04/16/2018  3:40pm

    redredrose, in your opinion should people be able to make unchecked accusations here potentially smearing people's reputations/careers? Where does this end? Can I post about my bad boyfriends? Do you see how it can be a slippery slope? I agree that this is not a proper channel and is a very scary precedent. Has a crime been committed? Go to the police. Has the person behaved unethically? Call the CSA, AEA/SAG, etc.

    fuzzletwit 04/16/2018  4:10pm

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to address the valid concerns raised in this post. It certainly can be frustrating to attempt to discuss important issues facing you and your community and to have those posts get removed by a moderator.

    The important thing to note is that, in order to have a constructive discussion on the rampant abuses in this business, we have to do so in a way that does not violate anyone's rights. It is important to believe victims while also holding that people must be treated as innocent until proven guilty, one of the most sacred principles of the American criminal justice system. Sexual harassment is a crime, and so we must treat it as such in public discourse.

    As we’ve said in the past, Audition Update was created to give actors a safe place to discuss the issues we face in this business, but it is not a platform suited to ensuring justice is served to those who have suffered. We recommend professionals who feel that someone has acted inappropriately towards them or someone they care about to contact the following organizations:

    Equity: www.actorsequity.org
    SAG-AFTRA: www.sagaftra.org
    CSA: www.castingsociety.com
    The Actor’s Fund: www.actorsfund.org

    If for whatever reason you do not believe that these organizations are in a position to advocate on your behalf, we encourage you to contact the following organizations who can work to substantiate allegations like these:

    NY Times: tips@nytimes.com
    Washington Post: lockbox@washpost.com

    The above resources are equipped to help victims of abuse, whereas Audition Update or Backstage are not, since we do not perform investigative journalism.

    As always, we want to encourage the discussion of important issues, but we must do so without naming names either directly or indirectly, as it violates the ever-important presumption of innocence I mentioned earlier.

    Feel free to reach out to us with questions, we’re available Monday - Friday from 10am to 6pm EST at customers@backstage.com

    Hopefully that helps clear things up. Thanks everyone!

    BackstageAdmin 04/16/2018  4:19pm

    redredrose - I would love to talk/vent about this with you in a safe space. If you (or anyone else who has had a bad experience) is interested - email me at notaloneAU@gmail.com

    YouAreNotAlone 05/12/2018  11:13am