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  • Tax Season Roll Call 04/16/2018  3:26pm

    Roll Call! Because we are all gorgeous, relentless #grinders and have a million different jobs, how much did you owe in taxes this year? (partially because I'm curious, partially because I want to commiserate )

    I had five W2s and two 1099s and owe the government $2600. Goodbye cruel world....


    I don't know what my accountant did, but the wizard has managed to get me $1200 back. Though I did save the receipts of literally EVERYTHING I COULD.

    Quietkid7 04/16/2018  3:34pm

    Two 1099s which accounted for more than 99% of my income and one W2 for next to nothing.
    I owed about $4K. I fucking hate 1099s...

    bwaylvsong 04/16/2018  3:38pm

    ^^^Thats why I always suggest putting away AT LEAST half of 1099 income away in’ll need it. I have all W-2 income, I don’t seek out 1099 jobs for this reason. Maybe I’m not as risky with day jobs as others for it...but I HATE 1099 even when I was putting away all that income.
    I SHOULD save receipts but I know I still don’t spend more than 6,300 on business/work related things. but I still have decent refund coming. Not super high but decent. I’m SO not looking forward to what this will all look like next year...

    Showbizdreamer 04/16/2018  3:49pm

    ^you should try doing ‘estimated taxes’ for the following year if you have a lot of 1099s...

    I OWE NY state $400 dollars, but my second state return owes ME $450, and the fed owes me $100, so it *allllmost* evens out. I try to get my returns as close to 0$ as possible...

    Rain On my Parade 04/16/2018  3:54pm

    I had over $6,000 in 1099s and my tax guy was able to basically make it all disappear with write-offs. I ended up only owing NY over $200 and got $45 back from federal.

    baritnr 04/16/2018  7:39pm

    According to my accountant I was getting a return of $2000 between my federal and state (only one 1099, vast majority of my income from W2s). Then I got a letter in the mail that said I actually owe New York State almost $1200. Sooooooo... yeah, my accountant is apparently challenging it, but in the meantime zero badly needed and expected return (even for federal). Cool. This is fun.

    A girl has no name 04/17/2018  12:43am

    I did my own (TurboTax) and got back $410 total.

    I took a really aggressive strategy with expenses so I’m nervous I might get audited.

    BariToxic 04/17/2018  2:42pm

    Did you guys hear about this?

    divadinnah101 04/17/2018  4:24pm