• NAB-Resume Template 04/16/2018  3:39pm

    Hi- can't face working on my resume in Word anymore. Anyone have other ways of easy formatting?


    Google docs.

    Then it travels wherever you go as well.

    Rain On my Parade 04/16/2018  3:48pm

    Thank you!

    tbillins43 04/16/2018  3:52pm

    Google docs is word and a little less user friendly than Microsoft word...

    Try making each Collumn a table and insert each thing. That way it will line up. Then you can eliminate the border but always have the table in place so that you can add and delete easier

    You can do the same for education and skills. You can put your name in the header section as well and then click “different first page”

    Hope this helps and wasn’t confusing thru text:)

    Moremoneyplease 04/17/2018  12:57am

    Thank you!

    tbillins43 04/17/2018  9:36am