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  • How to get agents to notice your submission? 05/19/2018  3:23pm

    Hello! I've been submitting to a lot of agents over the past few months..via email and mail (following their guidelines on their website about what they prefer). I haven't heard back from a single agency. I'm feeling stuck and I'm not sure how to get them to notice my submission. I feel like they don't even open my submission. I send a cute little cover letter, headshot, resume, reels..etc. I'm a SAG member, eligible to join equity, and have credits on my resume. Just really need good representation but can't get anyone to notice me! Any advice?? Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!! :)


    The best way to get an agent is through a referral. Ask your friends - who reps them? Would they be willing to recommend you? If you can use someone's name when you reach out, ie: Referred by _____, an agent is more likely to consider your submission.

    kreau 05/19/2018  3:58pm



    Shall We Dance 05/19/2018  6:40pm

    and how does one get credits without an agent? chicken or the egg man. ridiculous

    peasandcues 05/19/2018  6:51pm

    i honestly feel like cd's have an obligation to cast unknown actors with no credits for 1 line co-stars. because we're all more than capable of 1 line. this is why most actors quit, because they are never even given the opportunity to START. ridiculous

    peasandcues 05/19/2018  6:52pm

    No joke.
    When I’m close to booking a role, 99% of the time I lose out to someone with bigger credits.
    Recently, it’s to someone who was on broadway once upon a time.

    Shall We Dance 05/19/2018  8:11pm

    It's the classic catch 22 for sure. The people I know who have good agents have them because they got great credits on their own by sheer luck. Yes, they are incredibly talented and skilled, but most performers don't ever get that kind of shot and not for lack of talent and skill.

    I also know people who have gotten bad agents through self submissions or school showcases. Not to say that's always how it goes, but it does seem to be a trend.

    There's no clear path to the top in this industry. We're always close enough to success to taste it, but it only serves to frustrate us when we're at the bottom.

    Dr. Steve Brule 05/19/2018  9:59pm

    In response to a lot of the above comments, there are plenty of agents that will sign you with no credits, the problem is that everyone always aims for agents that are out of their league. If you don't have anything noteworthy on your resume then you should be going for small starter agencies. I've seen of people review agencies on here and say "they don't have a lot of pull",

    MyKingdomForARole 05/20/2018  12:11pm

    ^ shoot, sent before I was done. Some small agencies may not have a lot of pull, but if you have nothing for them to pitch you with, then you don't have a lot of pull either. Be realistic about where you're at. A small agent sending you out a few times is how you get started. It's a long road but that's how you get to the bigger agents.

    (of course there are exceptions if you're extremely rare and unique, which in the eyes of the industry most of us aren't)

    MyKingdomForARole 05/20/2018  12:16pm


    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/20/2018  3:45pm

    Referrals do work.

    I think I was the only person in my class to leave showcase without an agent. It took a year of busting my butt for cd's to refer me to my first reps. Just do it for the craft and the rest will fall into place.

    confusedandbaffled 05/20/2018  10:56pm

    referrals absolutely work and are the best way to get a meeting. whoever said otherwise doesn't know what theyre talking about

    fuzzletwit 05/21/2018  8:20am

    I personally never really wanted an agent (I know blasphemy right??) but after sitting in equity calls as Non Union for the longest and found out they see people with representation by appointment after those open calls I was like "Oh hell nah I will always be behind the 8 ball! I booked a tour and end up getting my card from it which allowed me to audition waaaaaay more. I then tried for a few agents through some networking businesses but didn't work out so I'm still unrepresented. I just focused on booking work whether it's theater or film. I try to give consistently great performances when I go to the open calls because this is building relationships with casting and it doesn't take long if you go in as often as I do just keep a notebook of who you saw and when. They will notice you by good work initially but really start to pay attention after seeing you consistently. I don't have representation but Telsey and Co has called me in multiple times for appointments for huge shows and it's because they see me out a lot and they like what I am giving I guess...agent or no agent.So hopefully just a matter of time!(fingers crossed) I now know what agents and managers mean by you go in the room to make fans of the casting NOT to be cast in that particular project! If you are cast fine but that's NOT your objective. T.V. and film is a little harder they dont have open calls like equity. So you may have to take a class with casting directors who are casting stuff you see yourself in.(This can be pricey) Just be strategic and smart about it. I know you asked about agents but the truth is nobody is gonna work harder than you are!I have multiple friends who are signed but not being sent out or the agent doesn't have the pull to get them in the room. Also have a friend who was with a mid-level agency and seeing casting on his own and he booked multiple costar on different shows and was ready to move up but he felt he had outgrown the agency because they couldn't get him in for bigger stuff. He left them and just was focusing on casting and huge networks have been calling him in not because of the agent but because of the relationship he has built with them on his own merit. You do the work and get the work and agencies will fall in suit and be knocking on the door. In the meantime referalls absolutley do work! Also starter agencies will take you on quicker too if you are new to representation. I always say the perfect storm is when your representation has a good rapport with casting and when you yourself do! When you are submitted it's like "ohh I know such and such and she was submitted by such and such, oh let's bring her in!" I pray all of this helps a bit and wish you well on your journey(sorry for the paragraph ...or two just passionate about this stuff and helping anyway I can:) All the best!

    AnExtraordinaryLife 05/21/2018  8:49pm

    i could not agree more with the above post. i've been trying it a different way, trying to break into tv/film because that ultimately is more my long term goal, but i've realize it really is just abotu building longterm relationships with CDs. showing them YOU. you may not be right for the role, like today i came off really green seeing a theatre CD for the first time but guess what next time I see them I'll be even better and know the little nuances you pick up from experience and i bet they have respect for my IMPROVEMENT. now i understand why people say theater is a gateway to film and tv. do what you can with what you have. baby steps forward. leverage one thing for the next, eventually agents will come to YOU. and YOU have the power, instead of emailing agents and coming off desperate. most agents are assholes anyway, you want one that believes in you and that you have as much of a relationship as possible.

    lkjefbglkjbsdfg 05/21/2018  10:29pm

    What are some decent "starter" agencies? I just don't know where to submit.

    Smactor 05/21/2018  10:35pm

    IMDB pro and personal research

    lkjefbglkjbsdfg 05/21/2018  10:53pm

    take a look at AEA's list of franchised agencies and ask your friends

    dopplegang 05/22/2018  7:37am