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  • CASTING DIRECTORS: Must we really PAY YOU $150-450 just to get a chance to read in front of your holy presence? 05/19/2018  6:59pm

    honestly. if you care about actors so much you should be giving people that have clearly been doing this for a while but still havent gotten a single break yet, like perhaps, a chance. like 1 line costars. local hire stuff. you should be allowing people opportunities to break in, to get a credit, to move up. instead of giving it to the same people over and over and over and over and over again. cut us a break, will you? IF, you care about actors like you say you do.


    Why would you pay someone to get noticed? You should take class because you want to learn, not to get noticed. It sounds like you have a lot of frustrations, but I think you’re wasting your money if you’re taking class to get noticed. Why not just go to an audition? And if you’re nonunion and can’t get in front of big casting directors, most regional theatres use a lot of non union actors, that’s how I got my card and now I get seen all the time.

    You sound so angry and frustrated, I really hope you find a way to succeed and stay happy! Otherwise why do this as a career?

    Antonio95 05/19/2018  10:45pm

    I agree with peasandcues I think that's actually a pretty fair idea. antonio i'm pretty sure OPs talking about film and tv casting directors, and, you're false well wishes are reflective of THE most annoying kind of person. what we used to call dorks in my day.

    314dude 05/20/2018  9:29am

    I'm sorry me wishing them well is annoying to you. I guess I'm a dork! If you thrive in looking at things half empty and complaining instead of doing something about your unhappiness, it seems this site is more your playground as well. Good luck to you in the most non annoying way!

    Antonio95 05/20/2018  11:42am

    antonio go read a book or something

    transgenderformers 05/20/2018  2:40pm

    I wish I could, but I’ve got a really busy summer. I’m an avid reader though, so if you have any suggestions throw them my way!

    Antonio95 05/20/2018  11:18pm

    how else are they going to know that you're not a crazy person or a bad actor? this business is littered with both and time is valuable.
    just take a class and learn something. if you're actually talented and right for a role, they'll probably call you in.

    howdoyouspellorange 05/20/2018  11:22pm

    ^^^^^^Dark skin tone praise hands emoji

    Antonio95 05/20/2018  11:25pm

    Some of us are working class and can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on CD workshops just for the hope of getting called in in 6 years. That’s the point of this post. I’m glad you guys can afford it but most cannot. Talent has nothing to do with it I’ve seen plenty of untalented people book costars and guest stars because of: money.

    Qweitnwbeifjgbf 05/21/2018  8:34am

    Or because they’re right for a role and book it. You clearly don’t know how the industry actually works as casting directors don’t actually cast anything. No body is booking a job because of money, don’t discredit fellow actors because you’re not finding happiness in your own career.

    Annnnnd being an actor is a business like any other. You have to invest in your brand. Things don’t come free because you are some all talented all amazing actor. This is New York. EVERYONE is talented. Stop getting those seamless orders, or pick up an extra restaurant shift and pay for headshots or class or a ticket to a show. Or just keep complaining on an anonymous website and don’t do anything to help yourself and continue to wonder why you’re stuck in your career

    Antonio95 05/21/2018  9:46am


    Antonio95 05/21/2018  11:26am

    You’re all correct and you’re all pretty. Now shut the eff up.

    EpaMonitor 05/21/2018  1:47pm