• Voiceover class reviews/insight 05/22/2018  1:48pm

    So I've been looking into voiceover classes for the summer and would love some insight before choosing between the following classes.

    I'm thinking about taking Marla Weber-Green's beginner 3 week class at Ripley but I can't find any reviews about it anywhere. She's an agent, which seems like a cool connection to make but I'm unsure if she is a great teacher. Anyone taken this class? Any insight?

    On the flip side, many people have taken Paul Liberti's BEG 3 week VO class thru Actors Connection and loved it but I haven't been pleased with the classes I've taken at Actor's Connection (not voiceover classes btw).

    Any advice/reviews/insight on these two classes would be great!


    I’ll bump this for info but for what it’s worrh, I took Andy Roth’s intensive and LOVED IT. He’s such a fascinating and transparent person and knows his stuff. He inspired me to go into VO. You also get a professional studio demo recording from sides he suggests for you.

    LittlebigCharacter 05/24/2018  1:04pm