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  • Playwrights Horizons 05/22/2018  2:45pm

    This is not a bitch. Just wondering what people think about doing shows at Playwrights Horizons and if it's worth it to be a small/medium role in a *potentially bad* show, choosing that over a role at a regional *small* equity theatre, or my non-theatre job that makes me a lot more money than this job at PH would make me. Opinions?


    um.... take the PH job.

    meeshoo 05/22/2018  4:26pm

    I'm not sure many people would consider anything upcoming at PH to be "potentially bad."

    A couple are "potentially Pulitzer," but surely not potentially bad. Congrats on whatever of these it is.

    Snarky 05/22/2018  4:32pm

    is this a rental show? Or something being produced by PH? If it's actually produced by PH, you'd be mad not to take it. Bad or not.

    dopplegang 05/22/2018  5:56pm

    It’s a rental show at PH, produced by other producers. It will be in the Jerry Orbach Theatre

    Sweetcaroline321 05/22/2018  6:48pm

    Sorry, the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre in Playwrights Horizons ***

    Sweetcaroline321 05/22/2018  6:57pm

    Are you just super confused or am I an idiot?! The Jerry Orbach Theatre isn't at Playwright's Horizons. What on earth does PH have to do with your potential show in the Jerry Orbach Theatre?

    Snarky 05/22/2018  7:00pm

    So you're doing a NYMF-y type thing? If it's just renting the space, it's not "Playwright's Horizons" show...just FYI.

    Toss up--some of these festival shows go on to great things...most don't. If the stock gig is a role you really want to play, do that. If not, then take the chance and stay in the city.

    Just don't list it as a PH show on you resume lol.

    AFTC 05/22/2018  7:42pm

    Great- thanks for helpful info! Glad I posted!

    Sweetcaroline321 05/22/2018  8:13pm

    OK. First of all isnt the Jerry Orbach in the old Snapple space? That has literally nothing to do with PH. And for god's sake don't put PH on your resume. It sounds like you're doing some kind of showcase. Would research the people involved before taking it over a regional theatre gig at a good AEA theatre.

    dopplegang 05/22/2018  10:55pm

    Do you people even READ through before you post? THANK you dopplegang for just repeating everything that's already been said. My mistake I posted Jerry Orbach before fixing and posting the corrected Peter Jay Sharp directly underneath. Again- thank you for the helpful information, super appreciated and I am using everything that has been said as a productive way of making my decision.

    Sweetcaroline321 05/22/2018  11:39pm

    As people have said, if it's a rental show, it's not AT Playwrights Horizons. But even as a rental, the venue has prestige.

    Decide based on the project and the other offers.

    actor1 05/23/2018  2:40am

    a prestigious venue?? Anyone can pay to rent any space in the city. There are plenty of rich crazies who have produced embarrassing stuff. No one cares about a venue. Only about the underlying production, producers, creative team, etc.

    dopplegang 05/23/2018  7:51am

    Do not let the fact that it takes place at that theatre effect your decision at all. Sounds like pay is bad and script is bad. It being produced at that venue is irrelevant to its value. Personally, I'd take the equity contract elsewhere, as it sounds like this is a showcase.

    dudeactor 05/23/2018  12:39pm

    Thank you all for your info- it’s a 3 week run with 8 shows a week. Not sure if that makes it a showcase, but sounds like it’s definitely a rental show if it’s produced by a different company but is using a venue inside PH.

    Sweetcaroline321 05/23/2018  6:51pm

    look at your contract; that'll tell you what type of show it is. If you *don't* have a contract, i.e. if it's non-union, then it's just what I would consider "New York Theatre" (which are a dime a dozen) and I'd honestly take the equity gig.

    But it's your call. Do whatever will inform you the most artistically—but also if you're quitting a day job you like which makes you a ton of money it might not be worth it to take either gig if you're not too passionate about them at all. I've def turned down work before and I'm doing just fine ;)

    AFTC 05/23/2018  6:58pm

    how do you not know if it is or is not a showcase? Are you getting paid or not? Is it Equity or not? Is there a salary or a stipend? Did you read the agreement??

    dopplegang 05/23/2018  10:32pm

    Thanks for all your questions but I think I’m figuring it all out now!

    Sweetcaroline321 05/24/2018  12:53am

    It really depends on the show and where you are in your career.

    immaruinyoucvnt 05/24/2018  1:02am

    And let’s be real, playwrights has had plenty of bombs y’all

    immaruinyoucvnt 05/24/2018  1:04am