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  • NAB Callbacks for Chorus? 05/22/2018  10:43pm

    So let's say I went to an EPA to sing, it went well and after they asked me to come to the dancing ECC. I dance very well and they make a cut, ask me to sing another song. I sing again and they seem into it.

    I'm trying not to get ahead of myself but is it possible/likely I could get cast in a pretty major regional theater just off of that? Do people do callbacks for dance chorus? I know it probably depends. I've heard if I don't hear within a week it's probably a no. I'm really excited just to not get cut, but can't help fantasizing that I actually booked it. Will being EMC maybe help or will they choose an equity guy if they have one?


    People 100% get cast from EPA's/dance ECC callbacks. Especially for regionals--typically no more than two to three rounds in my experience.

    Being EMC will probably help you because you're cheaper for a a theatre to hire—I'm sure the theatre offers points...but I'd double check so there's an additional bonus for you.

    AFTC 05/23/2018  1:29am

    follow up-- a week is typically a good timeframe for "letting it go"; though I'd encourage you to let it go immediately after the audition.

    I just worked on a contract where *I* found out I booked it a week after my callback...but someone else didn't know for a few MONTHS. It's all insane, so moving on to the next as quickly as you can is the healthiest way to audition IMO.

    AFTC 05/23/2018  1:31am