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  • NAB: family vacay...or...contract 05/24/2018  9:47am

    Hey guys!

    I'm waiting to hear back from a summer gig, but i've found myself in a tight spot. I was an idiot and didn't check the dates of the production when i first got called in for it...because usually i am so free to do anything i never have to worry about it (Lesson learned). but this year my family is supposed to be going on a vacation...which would now fall right in the middle of this 9 week contract...what do i do??? It's with a creative team i've been wanting to work with, and a show that should absolutely be on my resume...but


    Can you somehow change the vacay plans/meet up half-way with your fam?

    Personally, I would regret not taking a meaningful contract in order to go on a family vacay, but YOU have to make that decision..

    Good luck boo.

    Rain On my Parade 05/24/2018  10:40am

    With luck you'll always have family, but even with luck the work you genuinely want will not always be offered to you regularly.

    The choice is entirely yours, of course, as it should and must be, but please keep this in mind when you make your decision.

    Ron Gielgud 05/25/2018  1:28am

    For me, personally, it'd be a no brainerr. I'd be taking the contract. Everyone is different, though, and values different things. There's no right or wrong answer.

    dudeactor 05/25/2018  10:07am

    I think a decision you need to make for yourself based on your own situation, but I will share some things I've gone through.

    For family vacations, I usually tell my family "I can't commit because I might have a gig. If I'm not in anything I will go with you. If I book something, I can't join."

    With my friends, last year they were buying plane tickets in advance for a summer vacay, but I had a lot of auditions lined up for projects I wanted to be a part of. So I had to tell them no. I ended up booking a project that started right after they got back from vacay, so it sucked that I could have gone with them, but at least I saved money by not going away, plus I was able to work more at my day job before I left it for the contract.

    ^Because I said no to that trip with friends (and missed out), I made the choice to say yes to the next trip. Maybe that means I missed some gigs that conflicted with that next trip, but I wanted to have balance.

    So maybe if you miss family vacation for this gig you really want, make plans to do something else with your family in the fall, or go away with them next summer.

    Typical Chorus Girl 05/25/2018  4:44pm

    You said you’re still waiting to hear so I wouldn’t freak just yet. Have a plan of action but don’t freak about it. Wait to hear about an offer first. However if it were me...CONTRACT. These opportunities hardly come these days. My opinion only though. I’ve skipped enough family things (mostly just for day job work because it’s still hard to make trips work on our small ass budgets) for the fam to not understand.

    Showbizdreamer 05/25/2018  5:14pm