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  • NAB - Non-Eq Gig After Taking Eq Card 05/24/2018  10:25am


    You’re taking your card and have signed an equity contract giving you your card. You also have a non-eq gig that takes place after said equity contract. I understand you can do that non-eq contract if you go through some sort of process. Is the cutoff date for being able to take that non-eq gig the date of signing the equity contract, or the date of actually taking the card?

    Mucho Gracias.


    When you fill out your application for Equity, there is a section for any non-eq gigs that you are already in for, e.g. filling out application on May 24 but I have a non-eq community show from June 1-15. Those are permissible because you had already booked them before joining.

    If you have already joined Equity and THEN are offered the non-eq job, you can ask Eq for a non-eq waiver (better have a good reason) or ask the producer to apply for a Showcase code so you can do the show.

    iKruse 05/24/2018  12:08pm