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  • NAB: Emailing Casting for Appointments 05/25/2018  2:07pm

    I'm a non union actress without an agent, but have gotten callbacks in front of some of the bigger casting people through open calls and crashing EPAs. If I have the emails to casting associates, how frowned upon is it to reach out to be considered for other shows that they are casting? I don't want to jeopardize anything by seeming unprofessional, but I would love to try and get appointments for some shows that haven't had open calls recently (like DEH, for girls at least). Any thoughts?


    Hey! Would not recommend. If you’re SUPER close with the casting associate and it’s something you’re perfect for, then maybe you get one or two free passes, but chances are if you’re close enough to feel comfortable reaching out to them then they’ve probably already thought about you for it.

    yolo 05/25/2018  3:16pm

    Sorry, should also add an alternative here; sending in a hard copy submission or post card to the associate at that office never hurts and can be a decent way to stay in touch between EPAs and ECCs.

    yolo 05/25/2018  3:18pm