• Thoughts? 05/26/2018  11:35am


    What are your thoughts on this? I ask mostly because the title and the actual article seems contradictory. Title is why we should be off book for every audition and in the article it’s says “be off book as much as possible”...these are two different ideas. And having seen more than one person I know be given HORDS of material for a first appt/first callback with barely a day to prep...this is is just one thing about this biz that frustrates me. I know this business is always changing and moving fast, but being told suddenly that “You have an appt tomorrow, here’s 20-20 pages of material”...even I who can learn and memorize quickly would have trouble with this, and we all know when this happens, it’s likely we won’t do all of it...maybe one side.


    With sides in hand, psychologically it's still seen as a work in progress by the creative team, and improvement is thought possible. On the other hand, not holding your sides transforms your audition into a performance, and you'll be judged on that, as if it's Opening Night.

    INHO, you'll give yourself a better chance if you keep the sides with you.

    Ron Gielgud 05/27/2018  12:01am

    ^^^Oh that just something we’ve all agree on already. But this article doesn’t address that, it just says “BE MEMORIZED” and some might take that to mean to not have sides in hand.

    Showbizdreamer 05/27/2018  8:17am