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  • Language 06/11/2018  9:57am

    Hell All
    Now let me start by saying I am not getting down on anyone. I am a working Actress and luck that my show shoots in NYC!!!!. In the last year I have gotten a lot of work. To tell you the truth I am not so sure how. Now some of the same casting agents see me that saw me a year ago and they act like god came in the room.. Not that I'm God. What I am saying is there often seems like there is no rhyme or reason to work. That being said, I still follow this blog because I am still in the mix. I'm not going to tell you if I am young or old black/white/red/yellow. What I am writing about is this. I have been on the blog for about 2 months now. Reading /Posting (under another name) and when it is great it is great. It is actors helping and hearing one another. When it is not is loaded with so much of the frustration and other thing I felt and still feel often It is name calling ageist, sexist, accusatory , not all including. Often not helpful. Not even just Bitchy but dowright mean. I love when people really ask for something on this board and 3,4,5,people have offers of things they have done to get the task done. I don't like when we have to call people Garbage, Film schools Trash, Old Antiquated Get out of the way. That isn't who I hope actors are. Often that is what happens when all of our creative energy doesn't get used. We turn. I hope this is not what BackStage created this for. But, we live in sensational times and numbers count. So I am going to maybe take a pause and breath a second. Remember when someone presents something here be it a film or agent situation, it is their side. Hope you all are doing well.