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  • Anybody know any DINNER restaurants hiring? 06/11/2018  2:59pm

    I just walked out of my job because I’m so beyond tired of the ridiculous inconsideration of my managers who constantly schedule me outside my dinner availability for no other reason then they are nasty bitter people. I’m tired of these shitty low paying jobs getting in the way of my auditions and stuff, it’s so so crazy to me, these jobs are SUPPOSED to be flexible since they are low paid, but not anymore, these fucking monsters want “open full availability” for minimum wage jobs, all in the name of “business”. It’s beyond inconsiderate, it’s sociopathic. Quite literally forcing people into slavery so they cannot do anything else with their time / get ahead in life. I don’t know how they can ask for that and sleep at night. Blah end rant. Anybody know of any restaurants for just PM shifts and weekends? Thank you guys in advance, I truly do not know how you manage breaking into this industry in the early stages, it’s everyone outside the industry that seems to make it impossible


    Go to and see what pops up. Then go to that spot directly (rather than using Harri) and if you continue in the interview process, make sure you are CLEAR with what your availability is. Also keep in mind the outer boroughs- I tend to find more relaxed spots with regards to schedules. Have you checked out your local bar/cafe in your neighborhood?

    Lastly, have you tried seeking other jobs? I've often suggested catering on this site because it really does work more with actor schedules...just a thought.

    Rain On my Parade 06/11/2018  3:13pm

    "Quite literally forcing people into slavery"


    singingelf 06/11/2018  6:33pm

    try to look for more things to get offended by for no reason

    flubbershmuck 06/11/2018  8:16pm