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  • One EMC point short 06/11/2018  3:32pm

    I just completed a contract that should've pushed me over the 25 EMC points mark to finally join Equity.

    Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding on my end about a contract I did 4 years ago, I actually only have 24 points. This was before Equity e-maileld you after every EMC form they received, and I never thought to call and check my points.

    This is incredibly, incredibly frustrating. I am more than ready to join the union. The thought of having to complete another low paid EMC contract to finally hit 25 makes me sad. I'm tired of fighting tooth and nail for basic protections.

    On my most recent EMC contract, the Equity Deputy and Equity Stage Manager consistently went to bat on behalf of the non-eqs because management was trying to cut some major corners. I'm so grateful they did that.

    To me it's not a matter of "Is there more work one way or the other?" It's about having a system in place that gives me the support to be the professional that I am.

    I called Equity with several questions related to my situation this morning and the woman I talked to was super helpful and kind.

    Still, the whole thing is a major bummer.

    Anyone else finding themselves one point short like me?


    I was sitting on 24 weeks when they changed to rule to 25. I was thrilled and furious that I was one short.

    I think I booked my next 10 weeks the following week. Hang in there.

    In the mean time, have you talked to Equity about that missing week? It could be too little too late, but I’ve had entirely missing EMC weeks taken care of by talking to them and then directly to the theater in question.

    VorpalDormouse 06/11/2018  9:16pm

    I did. The contract with the questionable weeks was four years ago. I contacted the theater and they didn’t have any of the paperwork on file. The admin I knew at the time have since left. They were a logistical mess when I worked there, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

    I assumed everything was OK at the time because I got the card in the mail. Never occurred to me to check the weeks. My own fault I guess.

    I know everything will be fine. It just sucks to think it was going to happen and then it didn’t.

    I’ll get there eventually. I just need to book the world’s shortest gig. :)

    DoYouHaveAnythingElsePrepared? 06/11/2018  9:24pm