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  • NAB contract wording 06/11/2018  4:09pm

    Maybe not the best place to ask this, but I'm unrepresented and feel a little foolish asking the company manager who sent me my offer.

    I recently received an offer for a regional theatre and reading it again just now realized that it states "Salary: $---/week; AEA chorus." I don't want to put the number itself, but it's slightly higher than the AEA minimum at this theatre as stated in the initial breakdown (it's LORT-B), and certainly higher than what I'd think I'd be getting for a non union minimum.

    I'm non union, previously have only worked at non union theatres, and assumed I'd be getting my first EMC points. I'd think this to mean I'm being offered an equity contract, though, and have the option of joining the union.

    Bottom line, I've just never seen this wording before as I've never received an offer from an equity theatre before and was curious if anybody who has received offers from equity theatres can attest that this means I'm being offered an equity contract and will have to start getting my ducks in a row to pay up for a membership.

    I feel dumb and know that I can probably call the AEA office to ask but I've never had to call them before and don't even know what office I'd have to speak to.


    Honestly I don’t know the specifics of the contract wording. I would just be frank and ask the person offering you the contract. Asking if you’re getting your card versus points isn’t embarrassing or anything. Just ask!!

    colormearab 06/11/2018  5:12pm

    If you are getting your card, then congrats, first of all. And if not, congrats on booking anyway.

    Second of all, remember that Equity gives you a pretty nice chunk of time to pay your initiation. It’s a big number overall, but you can treat it a lot like a new utility bill when its broken down.

    VorpalDormouse 06/11/2018  9:14pm

    Don't be embarrassed. Just ask the company manager. That's their job and they'll be happy to help. Just say "Hey, I'm a little confused by the wording in the contract you sent me. Am I being offered an Equity contract? Or just a salary that's above the Equity minimum?"

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Regional Vice President - #SIDforAEA 06/12/2018  7:37am