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  • Relationship with Agent/Manager 06/12/2018  1:27pm

    I’m curious of other people’s relationship with their agents and/or managers. I’d like to think that you can have a friendly relationship, but it’s hard to remember that they are working FOR YOU, and that it is a business relationship first. Lately I have felt uncomfortable with my agent, as they give me sort of cold responses to my emails, or don’t respond at all. Is this how all representation is for people?



    boomchicapop 06/12/2018  4:33pm

    it depends on how you are contacting them. Have you book in the recent past. Remember they are working for you and others. It doesn't help them if you don't book. So they are trying to get you work. Try to see if you can broaden how they see you. If they represent you for stage, try getting a showcase that offers other ways of seeing you. If they are for film and tv, try doing a well done student film that offers more of you. What I am saying is this, sometimes you have to spark their interest again.

    Lillilisa 06/12/2018  4:58pm