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  • Othello Shakespeare in the Park Line?? 06/12/2018  2:12pm

    Has anyone seen Othello yet? If so how is the standby line. Trying to gauge how early I have to be there.



    Ya girl is really trying to get dumb drunk off of a carton of wine and watch 3 hours of Shakespeare.

    ganymede 06/12/2018  9:35pm

    Did you wait???

    Lady Miss Cookie 06/12/2018  9:39pm

    No they are resuming performances on Thursday because Runaways had a show last night.

    ganymede 06/13/2018  8:33am

    Hope you still have the wine :)

    Charliechipp 06/13/2018  8:38am

    bump on this

    BlackJacket44 06/15/2018  11:50am

    Yo they have a digital lottery as well...

    Rain On my Parade 06/15/2018  3:09pm

    The best way to get tickets I think is to go to the lottery down at the public in the afternoon. I haven’t tried it in a year or two but the last time I did, they basically had like 20 people there for a lottery for 50 prime seats. You’re pretty much guaranteed to go there and get a seat in the front two rows.

    Trynaball 06/16/2018  9:19am