• I agree. It is not how people get real jobs. It is an old idea that is just out of touch and allows things to get out of control and responsibility in the matter or have changing rules. Like I listed above one of the definitions of bitch is ABUSE ....next

    cheye 06/12/2018  3:05pm

    The metrics surrounding the increase of users on our site on both the acting side and the casting side, plus our expansion into the UK, Austrailia, and other countries suggests otherwise. There are more people using Backstage than ever.

    However, for the sake of a useful conversation, what in your opinion would be a more "updated" way to cast and get cast? How do you hear about and get jobs in your community? We're interested in learning new ways that people are getting work.

    BackstageAdmin 06/12/2018  4:06pm

    The casting segment is as good as the market provides. Actor 101 is kind of lame. Not much has been updated since 2016. The forum is no good. Filled with pay for play writers giving advice. Now I understand why teenage posters from Dubai are asking about how to get an agent in America, since your global expansion. But, since I've been at this awhile, I don't really read the advice, just looking for auditions, so there's that.

    whattheheck 06/13/2018  9:25am

    And have you seen those Secret Agent Man columns lately? LOL

    MacDog 06/14/2018  1:39pm

    LOL The auditions are often on a low level.

    Saltybet 06/14/2018  6:18pm