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  • An Actress and Teacher 06/12/2018  6:06pm

    Hello to all
    First let me say I am not yelling telling proving or "bitching"(no offense). I am Simple saying what I see and do. I am a working actress and a teacher at a "famous" Grad school. I have worked for a pretty good time in my life on stage and both screens. Of course it has slowed down. Nobody needs too many old bags(joke, kind of) I must tell you I follow this blog quite often. I do because I want to have some sense of how to deal with my Grad students and young actors I meet. I often hope I can offer them some advise with out the insane price of school. I have work with great tough teachers Lee, Stella, Sandy and even great dance teacher like Graham.

    In reading so many of the thread I often laugh at some of the things that you all get so flared about. Not at you but at your rise of passion. How political you get. Reading some of the things about what teachers say or do, I think, Oh my what would they think about Stella telling an actor, (as Stella) Now after that work go home and Kill yourself. Or Where's the Jew or Italian Or even worse... in you?" Or Lee calling someone "Mentally Retarded" when they were so thick. Or Sandy telling a know junkie(who he still allowed in the class, when he wasn't using. But who did use in the class once...."At least clean up in there". How do people watch The Honeymooner's Do they think Alice is a battered wife? Do they really not know that Bitchy is not meant to offend anyone? What would they do when the great Martha Graham grabbed my leg and said "Darling , the muscle should be doing this, if I could feel the muscle through all this fat." I have to tell you I was fat and I was honored that Graham at least even thought of me. See I get it the world has changed and the way a lot of you have to be reached in a different way. But, I must tell you as a Woman. Yes I am female. I won't use my name on this board. I don't want to be subjected to attack. So what happens is this I just keep what I know to those who enter the school and are there for all of the learning and life and experience that I have to offer. Sad. But, when I see names of Actors, some who I taught being brought up for no reason. Or people fighting over the word Bitchy, I must say, I find all this hard. Much harder than Lee or Bobby or Stella or Martha (oh God) etc. I am not looking for response and really hope I don't get any. I just saying what I see.
    Please Be Creative. It is so hard I know.

    An Actress And Teacher

    Hello, friend.

    I went to a “famous” grad school too. And I have friends and colleagues from the other two “famous” grad schools. Should you be on faculty at any of these institutions, I think you’re aware of the fact that you’d be fired if you spoke like that in a class room.

    There’s a reason that sensitivity training has been brought into the classroom.

    We should continue to be mindful of how we invest our energy, very true. But we must also hold our teachers and fellow actors accountable when it comes to outdated terminology and practices that no longer serve the creative process, like the ones you’ve described.

    danac 06/12/2018  6:18pm

    Your entitled to your views as I am mine. That's what can make and vivid world

    An Actress And Teacher 06/12/2018  6:20pm

    The year is 2018, and we’ve learned that artists no longer need to be berated and abused in order to create. It’s the very reason we’ve done away with the cut-system.

    danac 06/12/2018  6:21pm

    You’re very much entitled to your views. While I may not agree with them, I respect that they are in place. And I know that being a woman I. This industry is hard enough now. I can’t imagine the injustices you faced while you were cultivating your own career.

    danac 06/12/2018  6:24pm

    For someone who works at the university level, your grammar is that of a third grader...

    littleeagle 06/12/2018  6:26pm

    Tbh this kinda reads like one of the trolls from the Tony Greco post...

    itsalmostseven 06/12/2018  6:29pm

    Totally the same person as MT. In my years on this site, I have never seen someone refer to this website as a "blog"...both of them have.

    anenigmawrappedinbacon 06/12/2018  7:40pm

    Not saying it’s him, but there was a very similar Martha Graham story told in the January session...

    itsalmostseven 06/12/2018  7:50pm

    This post does not read well to me. I think you’re describing OLD SCHOOL mentality. Times are changing because there are certain ways you should not be allowed to speak to people. Acting is acting. Just because someone is an acting teacher does NOT give them a right to berate, bully, or do anything to take away their humanity. I had a very very famous teacher and she treated me TERRIBLY and it did nothing for me as an actor besides make me feel terrible about myself. Yeah we need a thick skin in this business but just because you’re listing famous acting teachers doesnt give them an excuse.

    JustTryingToBook 06/12/2018  8:41pm

    I don’t know or care whether this post is legitimate or not.

    What I do know is that the craft of acting evolves. And the modalities employed at Juilliard, NYU Grad, and YSD are not those that this woman speaks of.

    If you were one of my professors, I thank you for keeping your opinions to yourself. And I encourage you to partake in any and all sensitivity courses offered by whichever institution you are a part of.

    danac 06/12/2018  8:58pm

    Yeah and doctors used to cut out peoples
    tongues to cure them from stuttering but Shesh - Try to do that today and you'd get fired or dragged online- people today, so sensitive. We really should only stick to the same archaic practices and not evolve at all ever. Hear! Hear!

    TenorTwink218 06/12/2018  9:38pm

    danac You are pretty 😄

    Lady Miss Cookie 06/12/2018  9:59pm

    im gonna safely assume that this person is not a grand dame of the american theatre.

    itsalmostseven 06/12/2018  11:40pm

    Tho I do believe people in general are overly sensitive today," I mean politics wise.) Sometimes it also feels like whoever hurts the most is the winner in society. IE. if you thought the gypsy robe should still be named that you must be evil. That being said when it comes to acting teachers theres just no reason for belittling, emotionally recalling dead parents, being told ur fat. Its really unnecessary sure people prob got a lot out of it back then but its not a needed environment to learn. I think there's a line, and for some that line is hard and others not so much. As a teacher you should navigate with each student differently. So i agree people are too sensitive in society in general today, but not in regards to acting.

    wontsingbeforenoon 06/12/2018  11:58pm

    The people you're talking about have been dead for decades and the world has moved on. Not from their teachings, which still hold up for the most part, but from how they treated people and spoke about them. Not a bad thing.

    actingactor 06/13/2018  12:21am

    pay no attention to this fool. the posting style, grammatical errors, and disjointed thoughts are too similar to several of the screennames on the Greco thread... and this post was created almost immediately after the admins at backstage refused to remove the post.

    itsalmostseven 06/13/2018  12:43am


    Soon the only people you’ll have listening to your lectures will be your poor cats. I feel bad for them.

    Good luck!

    JackieKatz111 06/13/2018  1:58am